Love Sucks Why Me!

DISCLAIMER: I don't own any Twilight characters this was created by the awesome Stephanie Meyer. I just created this story with her characters. I Don't take any credit.

Summary : Bella Swan life was the best then Jacob dumped her she was in a depression until Alice's cousins arrive from Alaska even though she doesn't realize it she's falling for Edward what will she do. Accept the love or deny it. We all know Bella is stubborn.


Bella POV:

"Bella! Get out of that room now you can't stay there forever." What did she mean? If I set a goal I could reach it besides getting a better fashion sense obviously...

"Alice, leave me alone, I want time alone besides you know I can stay here forever, so leave me alone!" Ha, let's see what she does now! She won't want me to stay here forever so that pixie might just leave.

"Bella open this door this instant you have been in there forever please get out now or get over it I swear if you don't come out I am going to knock this door down!"

I sighed, "Fine Alice." I opened the door then suddenly the pixie ran in full force and gave me a hug that knocked my breath away. She looked at me full force with her green eyes. She was giving me a happy smile but it didn't reach her eyes.

"Look Bella I know your suffering because that stupid Jacob left you for that whore named Tanya but you can't let him see how much that effect's you." I hadn't heard that name in a while it just send a punch in my stomach. " Bella, listen I know you love him but get over it he left a beautiful smart girl for a whore like Tanya he went that low, I mean he cheated on you Bella he doesn't deserve your tears." I am not beautiful I thought to myself.

"Alice you know I am not beautiful how many times do I have to tell you that."

Alice looked mad now, no not mad but livid, "Bella what do you mean look at yourself."

She turned me around to see myself in the mirror, I looked at myself and all I seen were boring brown eyes, pale reflection, and brown hair, average height. But Alice had stunning green eyes, black spiky hair, and an angelic beautiful face unlike me I was just plain boring.

No wonder Jacob left me for Tanya she had curves, strawberry blond hair, and the most stunning blue eyes, she gave him what I wouldn't give him. She was everything I wasn't.

"Bella look at me your beautiful, sometimes I'm even jealous of you. Your taller than me you don't wear makeup and your still very pretty. You have nice brown eyes Bella your beautiful don't ever doubt it." I don't know but that's what Alice think's...I think I'm plain.

"Bella we are starting our senior year in two days we need to go shopping and give you a makeover to show that Loser named Jacob what he lost." Alice said.

"Alice you know I hate shopping and plus I don't want a makeover." I whined.

"Bella makeovers are something every women needs so you better come with me now please." She begged. I Continued saying no until she gave me her puppy eyes. She knew I couldn't resist how was that fair.

"Fine let's go." I answered. She tugged my arm and pulled me down stairs. Charlie was eating in the kitchen then Alice danced toward him.

"Um Charlie Bells said yes I will bring her back tomorrow." Charlie was starting to speak when I interrupted.

"What! I thought we were just going shopping not having a sleepover at the Mall Alice!"

Alice laughed it sounded like bells.

"Silly Bella, well you see my two cousins just arrived here from Alaska and they are going to live here permanently and they wanted to meet you so ya." Oh I understood then. Coming here was a new experience especially since we lived in rainy Forks. My mom divorced my dad and moved to Arizona when I was three but when I was ten and my mom got remarried I decided to move back here to keep Charlie some company. When I arrived here I was all alone. That was when Alice came toward me and talked to me. Ever since then we became the bestest friends.

But what had me unsettled was that when Alice talked about her cousins she had some sort glint of mischief in her eyes. That pixie was planning something I knew that look.

"Well bye Charlie I can't keep my cousins waiting!" I just waved at Charlie when she pulled me into her car.

As soon as we reached the car I quickly put my seatbelt because I didn't want to be unprepared when the car was on. Alice was a maniac when she drove.

"Bella I know you didn't feel like shopping so before I picked you up I chose the clothes." Yay, I internally screamed now I don't need to go shopping. "But I am still giving you a makeover." Ya I knew it! This dream was too good to be true. We arrived at the Cullen mansion when she suddenly tucked my arm and pulled me upstairs to her room.

"Alice why are we running?" She didn't answer we reached her room and she locked it. Alice turned around and I seen that look again.

"Well Bella I need to give you a makeover before my dear cousins arrive." She replied.

"Alice I thought you said they had arrived." I stated.

"Well I kind of lied they are on their way." This pixie was hiding something. Alice sat me down in her chair and started fixing and pulling my hair. Why, why me I hate makeovers they are horrible how could any girl like that. She takes forever and it is so boring.

After about an hour she sent me to the bathroom to change. As I walked in I noticed a very nice dress it was like a peach color. I tried it on and I loved it. The dress has long sleeves that puffed around my wrists and the dress ended at about my thigh. I didn't like that but the dress matched with my pale reflection. My hair had loose curls that framed my face, my eyes looked bigger, and my lips were a soft pink that looked soft. I actually looked stunning. But why did Alice go through so much work. I decided to put on the heels Alice gave me because I wouldn't win an argument against her. I steadied myself and looked at myself one more time. I was actually pretty for once. I got out of the bathroom to Alice had also changed into a nice dress.

It was black with long sleeves that went a below her thighs. Her spikes were now straight she looked very beautiful, she put me to shame.

"Bella you're stunning you know that right." I didn't know what to say so I mumbled a thanks. Then the bell rang and Alice pulled me along as we ran downstairs. Well...I stumbled downstairs.

Alice opened the door to show her parents. Alice's mother Esmé walked in first. She made her way to me to embrace me. That was something I truly needed after breaking up with Jacob.

"Hi honey, I haven't seen you in a long time I thought you forgot about us." She said sadly.

"How can I forget you guys, you're my family, how can I forget you mom. I just went through a bad break-up." Esmé loved it when I called her mom. Ever since I came here Esme's been there for me when Charlie wasn't able too. I truly loved her like my mom.

Esmé gasped, "Honey I didn't know I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you." I held back the tears that wanted to come out and I gave her a weak smile instead.

"It's okay mom he was a jerk." I whispered. She held me tighter until my favorite doctor came in. He always helped me out when I tripped and for that I was grateful with this beautiful couple.

"Hey Bella I haven't seen you in a while what's been of you and Jacob?" I instantly felt lonely and betrayed that tears wanted to come out, did I have to answer. I looked at Esmé with a panicked look, she gave me an understanding look and she scowled at Carlisle.

"Honey you know better than that!" She exclaimed. Carlisle looked confused.

"What?" He asked.

"Bella went through a bad time so be considerate so please it's not time for those type of questions." He seemed to understand he gave me a warm smile and apologized.

"Sorry Bella." I gave him a nod and I walked to the front porch to wait for Alice.

I heard laughing and screaming but especially from Alice. It was dark so I couldn't see anything. Out in the darkness I made Alice's small figure next to a big figure.

They were walking my way then as the front light's hit them I could see there faces. Alice was walking with a guy. He was muscular, with curly hair. As he came closer I could actually see his face for the first time. He had green eyes with dimples. He looked up to see me and he asked Alice something I think it was something like, "Is that Bella?" But I wasn't sure. Alice looked my way and she nodded her head. He made his way toward me to give me a bear hug.

"Hi Bells!" He said excitedly. He was taking my air away I couldn't breathe but I didn't want to be rude. He was hugging me like he knew me ages ago, which was scary considering he was big.

"Emmett, let her go." I heard a beautiful musical voice. It was velvet and strong with confidence. Emmett instantly let me go and he apologized.

"Sorry, I always seem to get carried away." I gave him my signature smile and I outstretched my hand.

"I'm Isabella nice to meet you but, I would prefer if you called me Bella." He took out his hand and shook mines.

"Well, Bella I know I might have scared you but I'm Emmett, Emmett McCarthy." He gave me a dazzling smile that would have made me swoon but my feelings were out of control now so I just nodded and turned around to see were the beautiful voice came from.

As I found the person I was looking for I stunned to see a Greek God staring back at me. He had tousled bronze hair and very beautiful green eyes they didn't even compare to Alice's, Emmett's, or even Carlisle's eyes. His were different they had so much more. He was tall slightly muscular, but his face was just so glorious he could put any actor to shame. He had a strong jaw line with high cheekbones, he looked so handsome.

What! Handsome! Where did that come from. Jacob just dumped you. Bella just don't think. Shut-up!

He was looking at me with so much intensity it was like the way Esmé looked at Carlisle. But that can't be I must be imagining things.

I looked away from the intensity of his stare to see Alice staring at me with a frown. What did I do wrong?

"Well, Bella you just met my cousin Emmett and over there is Edward." She pointed at the adonis and I couldn't help but stare again.

Edward walked forward to me and he outstretched his hand.

"Well, Bella it's a pleasure to meet you." I also outstretched my hand to shake his but he took my hand to his lips and he kissed it. To say I was shocked nobody does that anymore.

"Likewise Edward." I responded. I was sure I was blushing different shades of red was an understatement. He was still holding my hand in his. I suddenly felt an electric current flow through me. I instantly let go and I mumbled a sorry. I looked up to see him smiling at me I couldn't help but grin back. In that second his smile turned wider. I just blushed pink again and looked at the ground.

Nobody was speaking so the awkwardness grew. I looked up to see Alice staring at Edward and I back and forth. What's with her today. I made eye contact with her and I signaled her to say something. I didn't want to be the first one to speak.

"Well," Alice began, "we should go eat Bella and I didn't dress up for no reason." I looked at Edward to only catch him staring at me again. He seemed to be staring at my outfit and I instantly became self conscience of what I was wearing. I just walked next to Alice and I stood behind her. I knew it was foolish but I felt the need to. I looked to see Edward frowning at the sky. What's with him and Alice?

"I want tacos." Emmett said enthusiastically.

Alice frowned, " No Emmett no tacos, we're going to a restaurant in Port Angeles. Last time we went for tacos you puked all over me. And I do not want that to happen again!" Alice stated.

I just looked at Alice's car I didn't want to look at Edward but I felt his eyes staring at me. But I couldn't help it. I looked out of the corner of my eye to see him staring at me with so much intensity it scared me this time. What's with him and the staring.

"So 'la Bella italians' it is. Let's go eat because I'm starving." Alice said.

Emmett's booming laughter brought me out of my stance.

"Well, pixie I Officially love you because they sell Tacos I bought them on my way here!" Emmett said excitedly. I looked to see Alice fuming.

Well, all she needs now is her wand and her wings to turn Emmett into a frog.