LOvE sUcks WhY Me!

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I just sat down with her in my arms, and I was ecstatic because being with her even if she wasn't conscience was something I dreamed of doing. Just holding her and protecting her in my arms. I couldn't wait to tell her how I felt. I knew it was risky loosing her friendship considering that she might not feel the way I feel for her, but I just wanted her to know. I didn't want her to just think of me as a friend I wanted much more than that. I wanted a relationship for the first time since the accident.

With Bella it was different then with Tanya. There is no doubt that I felt something for Tanya, but Bella's pull to me was much stronger, I wanted her like air to breath.

As I sat down with her I couldn't believe my life had changed completely because of her. I changed my view in life I actually wanted a beautiful family and I just wanted to make her happy, I wanted to love her every single day of my life. Even though it wouldn't be enough. I wanted her for a longer time than just forever I wanted her for an eternity.

There were possibilities that she possibly feels the same way I do, but I know that she's stubborn. She's might neglect that she feels something for me but I'm not going down without a fight, if she's stubborn then so will I.

I mean she has to feel something if she's kissed me before, she has to feel the same electrical current I feel when I'm with her, she has to feel something.

I just sat there waiting for her to come to her senses, I couldn't help but feel adrenaline run through my veins and so did the realization of many different outcomes…

Being Bella she would probably spit in my face, or slap me, or she might even kick me where it hurts, or simply run away. All of those possibilities hurt but the truth was eating me inside I had to tell her.

I was so entranced in my thoughts that I didn't realize that she was trying to make her way out of my arms. I sighed and I let her go.

She looked up to see me and her brown eyes were wide with shock. I couldn't help but smile. She seemed to realize something because she started to tame her beautiful brown locks, well she tried and I was happy it didn't work because it just made her look so much more beautiful. She had and unmistakable natural beauty.

"are you alright Bella?" I asked.

She sat down next to me.

"yes, I actually am and I'm relieved that someone found me I thought I was never going to get out."

I snorted I would search for her anywhere.

"What?" She asked.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that Bella we would never let you get lost."

"Right." I heard her mumble. I didn't want to argue about that so I changed the conversation to something I was curious about.

"So Bella how did you escape Alice."

"I um ran away." She stuttered

"Why did you run away?"

"Maybe because I was drunk, not because I wanted to bu-"

I cut her off, "What how did you get drunk what in the world happened. Bella you're underage." I was furious not at Bella but Alice. How could Alice get her drunk.

"No Edward don't get mad it's just that I went well forced is the better word. Well the forced me to go to a club and-"

"What they made you go to a club, how did you get in? Well, never mind Alice has her ways, but why didn't you call me." I was mad didn't she know that I was here for her. I would do anything for her. The answer was no she didn't know that.

"I uh I was mad at you, so I just drank my night away." She stuttered.

She was mad at me.

"Why were you mad Bella?"

"Because you lied to me Edward!" She burst out as she stood up and walked toward the trees. I stood up also but I ran and I gripped her waist to turn her around.

"What are you talking about Bella! I've never lied to you." She was staring at me and her eyes were accusing me.

"Edward just stop lying take me back home."

"No not until you tell me what the hell you're talking about!." I was mad how could she ever think that I would hurt her.

"Okay, here goes Edward remember that night of hide and seek. Remember you supposedly didn't know you're way out. You just had me there all night and then you kissed me! And Edward I am not your toy. I not like one of your whores!" I intently froze. I didn't mean to lie to her that way but I just wanted to spend time with her. I didn't know she would be so upset. If I could go back in time. I would, I would do anything that wouldn't make her think that way. I wouldn't lie to her like that time. I would do it right.

"Bella listen I'm sorry but"

"Edward just shut up you lied to me all along you just wanted to use me didn't you!" She was staring at me in away that looked like hate and it stabbed me deep inside didn't she realize that I had feelings for her.

"Bella no I-" She interrupted me again by slapping me across my face. I was impressed because it hurt.

"Edward you're just a lousy guy that doesn't have a life."

When she said that I feel down to my knees. I didn't have a life. Did that mean that she was going to leave me. I didn't realize a tear fell down my cheek until I felt it in my palm. Bella didn't love me she hated me, she detested me, I ruined my life. Without her my life had no meaning.

She was right I didn't have a life but if it was without her, I needed a life so I had to tell her. I stood up and she was staring at me with regret.

"Edward I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you feelings but I-"

"Bella just shut up." I said it as mad as I could, it worked because she didn't say anything she just stared at me. I walked up to her and I pulled her hands in mine.

"Don't you understand anything…" I whispered in her ear softly.

She shook her head. I pulled back to look into her eyes.

"Bella I have feelings for you. I lied because I just wanted to spend time with you. I love you."

Bella POV:

Did I just hear right! Or is it me. Edward just looked at me I couldn't say anything I just stared at his face. He looked at me like he was waiting for me to tell him something but what was I supposed to say that I loved him when I didn't. Seconds passed and sadness spread across his face. I reached out to touch his face a smile spread swiped the sadness in his eyes he looked hopeful.

"Listen Edward." He nodded his head and waited for me to respond.

"I, well first of all your really nice and you have a lot to give but it's just that I don't know what to say. Its just overwhelming but I-."

"Listen Bella," he interrupted me. "Don't you feel something when you're near me. Don't you feel something when you kiss me!" He looked desperate like he wanted to realize feelings that didn't exist.

"Edward please don't…"

"Bella you have feelings for me and you don't realize that!"

"Edward I'm sorry but I don't feel anything!" I burst out. I had to bite my bottom lip because I knew I actually felt something when he kissed me, I did feel that current when he was near me, but how was I to believe him when he used to be a player.

"Bella I can see the doubt in your eyes and that you just lied to me. You know I'm right Bella please lets at least try."

I shook my head, I didn't want to do anything that had to deal with guys I just wanted to be alone.

He let go of my hands to secure my face. I tried to push him away but his grip was to strong.

Then he kissed me. I felt the passion the love he tried to show me, but I just didn't want to give in. He stopped kissing me and he looked into my eyes.

"Bella just kiss me once and if you don't feel anything I'll just walk away." He whispered roughly. His scent intoxicated me I knew I wanted to kiss him but I wasn't ready to love.

I nodded my head and before he kissed me he gave me his crooked smile.

He closed his eyes and he attacked my lips. I started kissing him also I just followed his league. When he was kissing me flashes of my past showed up. I saw me and Edward when we first met, I saw when he protected me from Lauran, when he confessed his past to me, I saw when he told me how he was scared that Jacob would harm me, I also saw the meadow this exact meadow where we kissed. Then I saw something unknown to me. I saw my future. I saw Edward smiling at me, I saw us going to college together, and I saw us with a family. I pulled away in shock. What did it mean! I instantly started to sob. I was lying to myself, I did have feelings for Edward, since the first moment I saw him.

"Bella!" Edward gasped. He intently held me in his arms and I felt safe. I needed Edward but why was I fighting it.

"Bella listen I'm sorry for causing you so much pain. I'm sorry for making you kiss me and I'm sorry for moving here."

"Edward shut up." I managed to say between sobs.

I looked up to see the sadness in his green eyes. I tried to calm down before I spoke to Edward.

I stood up and pushed his arms away he looked so vulnerable.

"Edward what's the point of loving if there isn't pain."

He looked up at me shocked.

"Edward when you love there's pain, and you're pain is my pain so please don't be sad." he stood up to stare at me. He looked confused.

"Edward I do have feelings for you but I-.

"What!" he said in shock. Guess he thought he lost the fight.

"Edward Masen I've had feelings for you but it just isn't love yet, but if you're willing to wait for me." I paused, "we might be able to work it out."

He stared at me and then he pulled me close to him to hug me.

"Bella, I'll wait an eternity if that's what it takes for you to love me." I

I sighed in relief, "Thank you."

"Bella don't thank me I have to thank you, you just made me so happy."

I just stayed there in his arms, it made sense being there it was like I had to be there I couldn't live without him. My feelings started to make more sense.


"yes." I sighed.

"I'm sorry that I lied to you." His eyes were earnest and sincere. I wanted to say some lame joke but when I saw his eyes I got lost in them. I grabbed his face and I kissed his soft lips. He started kissing me back and I rationalized something in my head.

I realized that Love Sucks because you don't know when it's going to hit you. Why me! I might ask myself…well maybe because we all deserve to fall in love. Despite everything anyone goes through they deserve happiness like the happiness that Edward wants to give me.

I pulled away and then Edward pouted and I giggled.

"Edward you know what I realized in just these few minutes."


"That I love you too." He grinned and he gave me a quick peck.

"I know." He whispered. "I love you too…"

I laughed and he pulled my hand as we made our way out our meadow…

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