The sound of an alarm clock caused him to jolt up, sitting straight up in bed. Ichigo looked around, he was in his room. Light streamed through the window next to him. He could smell the mouth watering scent of Yuzu's cooking from down below. He slowly started climbing out of bed when he noticed his closet door was opening by itself. He looked up to see Rukia smiling at him with a look of pure joy.

"Ichigo." She said softly before she leapt down from the shelf she had been sitting on in the closet and tackled him, shoving him back down onto the bed with a kiss. When she finally pulled back, Ichigo looked at her with a smile.

"Rukia." He whispered as Rukia stood up off of him. She then started to cradle her left hand, making sure he saw the ring on her finger.

"So I take it your answer is yes." Ichigo said as Rukia nodded. Then they heard…


Isshin then bounded into the room but was quickly punched in the face and to the floor by Rukia.

"Come on Ichigo, the others are going to want to see that you're awake." Rukia said as Ichigo waited until she had dragged Isshin from the room before changing. Soon Ichigo emerged down in the family room. Masaki, Kaichou, Retsu Unohana, and Yoruichi were sitting and chatting around the coffee table, Hanashiro, Chad, Karin, and Renji were playing Rock Band with Hanashiro on guitar, Chad on Bass, Karin on drums, and Renji on microphone. They were playing Sky (A/N: That's Renji's song from the Bleach Breathless Collection 03). Orihime, Tatsuki, and a recovered Nel were acting as the "mosh pit" for the rock band players. Neko, Yuzu, Uryu, and Nemu were hurriedly preparing breakfast and Rukia was sitting patiently at the table. Things ground to a halt when Ichigo appeared.

"Ichigo! You're awake!" Yuzu exclaimed as she collided into her brother with a hug.

"Man for being practically comatose for two straight weeks you look pretty good." Renji said as he put down the microphone.

"I was out for two weeks?!" Ichigo asked.

"You had to replenish your strength." Unohana said with a smile.

"What did I miss? Anything good?" Ichigo asked.

"Unless you count the fact that you're awake again then I'd say no." Masaki said. There was then a knock at the door.

"I've got it." Neko said as she scampered off to answer the door. She returned with Byakuya, Toshiro, and Angela.

"Ah Kurosaki, you're awake again. Good." Angela said as Ichigo looked at her curiously. He recognized the uniform but not her.

"Have we met?" he asked.

"Once when you were at the Soul Reaper Academy with your sisters. I went by the alias Angela Skullini but my real name is Major Angela Morrison of the Royal Guard." Angela explained.

"Oh, I see." Ichigo said somewhat nervously.

"Relax Captain; I'm not here for anything negative. In fact I'm here on behalf of the Soul King to say…thank you. Thanks to you, Sosuke Aizen is finally dead. We have confirmation as the only remains we could find of him was his severed head…now proudly displayed from the top of Sokyoku Hill." Angela said.

"What about the city? Is it alright?" Ichigo asked.

"The city is fine. Curiously though, the number of Hollow attacks has dropped completely to zero. They seem to have lost their aggressiveness with Aizen's death. It's possible that he had been the one who caused their aggressiveness on the city in the first place." Angela explained.

"It would make sense. He sends Hollows to attack the city, prompting the Soul Society to send a Soul Reaper to deal with the increasing number of them. Aizen banks on the possibility that the Soul Reaper would need a Gigai and that Kisuke would try and use that Soul Reaper to deplete the Hogyoku of its power. He then delays the recovery team long enough for it to become a criminal case for the Soul Reaper staying too long. He then manipulates the Central 46 into sentencing the Soul Reaper to death by the Sokyoku so that he can be there to retrieve the Hogyoku. He never quite counted on Ichigo interfering." Kaichou said as Uryu pushed his glasses up.

"It would be ironic if it was Aizen who inadvertently brought Ichigo and Rukia together." Uryu said.

"It would be one of the few good things that ever came of him." Hanashiro said as Orihime took hold of his hand.

"Like you?" She asked, causing Hanashiro to blush. He had changed his hairstyle slightly to match Aizen's before his betrayal.

"Well…I was being modest." Hanashiro replied.

"So what happens now? If Aizen's dead, then what do we do now?" Yuzu asked.

"You continue performing your duties as you have been. But in all truthfulness Ichigo, if you wanted to take a break, I can arrange it where you can be given oh say…thirty years worth of downtime?" Angela said, causing Renji to look at her curiously.

"Thirty years of downtime? That's not very long." Renji said.

"Maybe not to us full time Soul Reapers, but it is to humans." Toshiro replied.

"I could use a rest. I feel like I've missed out on being a normal human for so long. I would like to try and remind myself of what it means to be human again." Ichigo said as Angela nodded.

"Very well. If anyone deserves a rest, it's you. You've earned it." Angela said.

"So I guess its back to the way things were huh?" Ichigo asked.

"With a few exceptions." Renji said with a grin.

"What do you mean Renji?" Ichigo asked.

"Oh that's right; you weren't awake when it happened. Renji's being promoted!" Rukia said as Ichigo looked at Renji in surprise.

"Renji?! A Captain?!" Ichigo asked.

"Yep. Last week after I recovered, General Yamamoto asked me to return to the Soul Society where he administered the Bankai Test, which is one of the methods one can become a Captain. I passed and they're promoting me to Captain of Squad Three with Kira as my Lieutenant." Renji explained.

"Well this is going to be hard to get used to. I've kinda relished my ability to pull rank on you." Ichigo said with a smirk as Renji grinned.

"Tough luck Kurosaki." He replied.

"I guess that means you're without a Lieutenant now huh Byakuya?" Ichigo asked. Byakuya shook his head.

"Not necessarily." Byakuya said.

"You've got someone in mind already?" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah well…I guess now's as good a time as any." Karin said nervously.

"Karin?" Ichigo asked curiously.

"I've been offered…and I've accepted to become a full time Soul Reaper. Captain Kuchiki offered to make me his Lieutenant should Renji be promoted. I've thought about this long and hard and I feel like this is the right choice." Karin said.

"Karin, you're leaving us?" Yuzu asked as Karin nodded.

"I know that by accepting this position that I essentially have to leave everything here behind. It was a hard choice but this just feels right to me. It'll be a difficult transition but I feel up to the task." Karin said.

"She won't be alone though." Masaki said, earning a surprised look from Ichigo.

"Mom, you're not staying?" Ichigo asked.

"I can't. How strange would it be if I suddenly reappear after being dead for so long?" Masaki asked.

"There's always the old "Witness Protection Program" excuse." Kaichou said but Byakuya shook his head.

"The law won't allow it. She already died as a human and she's not a Shinzui-chan so she cannot be allowed to stay here." Byakuya said as Ichigo's heart sank.

"I'll be living in the Clan Estate so that Karin at least has a parental figure watching out for her. You can still come and visit me whenever you like Ichigo." Masaki said. That thought brightened Ichigo up a bit.

"So if Karin's moving to the Soul Society…wow it's going to be kinda lonely." Ichigo said.

"Not necessarily. Neko's a Shinzui-chan. Tseng and Leona is her biological parents so she has a legal advantage for being allowed to remain her. She is not native to the World of the Living so she is allowed to stay here if she wishes." Angela said.

"What about you Hanashiro?" Ichigo asked.

"Me? I didn't think you'd want me to stay." Hanashiro replied.

"We're blood aren't we? Besides, I remember someone telling me a little philosophy that they lived by. Family is family, and family sticks together no matter what." Ichigo said with a smile.

"If that's the case…then I accept." Hanashiro said.

"Ah so happy." Gin spoke up, finally being noticed sitting in a chair in the corner.

"How long have you been here?" Ichigo asked.

"The whole time." Gin replied.

"Gin, shockingly, is also a Shinzui-Chan. The Ichimaru clan was a noble clan that pretty much just faded away into obscurity. Gin's the last of his clan. The King has also decided to show mercy to him for his acts in helping to stop Aizen and therefore has shown him clemency by simply sentencing him to four centuries of probation but at the cost of his rank and title. He can never again become a Captain or even a seated officer at that. A permanent limiter has been placed on him that prevents him from using his Bankai also." Angela explained.

"Kisuke Urahara's offered him a job as a stock boy." Rukia snickered.

"It's quite fun actually." Gin said.

"Then of course there's you Ichigo." Kaichou said, earning the attention of the young Kurosaki, "You aren't just the normal teenager you were a year ago. You've grown up a lot. You've become a Soul Reaper, become a Vizard, become a Captain, and now a hero. You've also found the love of a good woman, now your fiancée. But you've also become something more Ichigo."

"What's that?" Ichigo asked.

"At the age of Four hundred and twelve and after four hundred and two years of being the Clan head of the Kurosaki clan, I am finally ready to concede that I am no longer the strongest living member of the clan. That title, and with it the title of Clan head, now belongs to you now Ichigo. We're going to be looking to you now for guidance and final decisions in clan matters." Kaichou said as Ichigo looked stunned.

"This is a lot of responsibility Aunt Kaichou. Are you sure you want to trust me with it?" Ichigo asked.

"Tradition dictates that the strongest member of the clan be its leader. Please remember that I was only ten when I first had the job thrust upon me when my father died. It wasn't easy but you'll find that leading a Squad and leading a Clan aren't that different." Kaichou explained.

"Then I'll accept the position with pride and honor." Ichigo said with a humble bow. Just then they heard a knock coming from behind the Masaki Forever poster. Tatsuki opened the trap door to show Apache wearing a party hat.

"HEY! We heard Kurosaki's awake and we've been waiting to start this party for two weeks! So get your sorry bums down here and let's party!" Apache ordered. When they had reached the underground training area the room was packed with people. All the Captains, Lieutenants, Visoreds, Arrancar, plus Kisuke, Tessai, Jinta, and Uluru were present and largely mingling. Kiyone, Sentaro, and Hanataro were also present.

"Hey Hanashiro!" Shinji said as he approached with a smile on his face.

"Captain Hirako." Hanashiro greeted with a bow.

"We've kinda all decided that we need something to liven things up a bit. My suggestion for a game of mega strip poker was shot down pretty quick but everyone agreed on some music. Would you mind?" Shinji asked as Hanashiro drew his Zanpakuto with a smile.

"I'd be glad to. In fact I have just the song for the occasion. Sing for me Kuroseika." He said as music started playing. (Music Cue: Bleach Rock Musical: Live Bankai Show Code 002: BLEACH). The entire crowd turned towards Ichigo who smirked.

"All of this started a year ago and it's changed the lives of so many. Only one word comes to mind when I try to think of what to call it." Ichigo said with a grin before the entire crowd shouted…


Then Ichigo shouted…


Then everyone started to sing…

"Mou dare mo kizutsuke wa shinai (I don't want to see anyone get hurt anymore)
mou nidoto mayoi wa shinai (I won't hesitate anymore)
taisetsu na mono mamoreru nara (If I'm protecting those I love)
osoreru mono wa nanimo nai" (then there's nothing to fear)

"Mou yume wo kowasare wa shinai (No more dreams shall be destroyed)
mou namida nagashi wa shinai (No more tears shall flow)
afureru omoi toki hanatsu toki (When our overflowing emotions are released…)
osoreru mono wa nanimo nai" (there's nothing to fear)

Then Ichigo turned to Rukia and they both sang in unison…

"Ai suru inochi sukuu tame dake ni" (Just saving the lives of those I love)

Then everyone replied…

"Shinjiru kokoro mamoru tame dake ni" (Just protecting hearts that believe)

And Ichigo and Rukia sang…

"Kizutsuitemo" (Even if hurt…)

And then they all started singing…

"Taoretemo (Even if I fall down…)
Hashiri tsuzukete iku dake (All I can do is keep running!)
Shinjiteiru ai mo mirai mo nanimo ka mo
(I believe in love, the future, and everything)
Shinji tsuzukeru unmei ni tachi mukau chikara wo
(I will continue to believe! That I have the power to face destiny!)

With that the green measures exploded into confetti as the music stopped and the lights faded out.

The End.

The Song above was "BLEACH" originally from the first Bleach Rock Musical but this version is the abbreviated version from "Live Bankai Show Code 002."

And now an expression of gratitude from the cast and crew of "Children from the Dark Night…"

The entire cast was still on the set from the last scene of the final chapter and the rest of they were still excited from the job well done. The entire cast, including Aizen, Tosen, Wonderweiss, and the Espada, had joined them for the cast party. Gin Ichimaru and Hanashiro stood next to each other and then looked towards the readers, Kuroseika still in Hanashiro's hands.

"Hyah there readers." Gin said with a wave.

"We decided to show our gratitude by performing one final piece for you. Back by popular demand, from the Bleach Rock Musical: Saien, with myself substituting for Kisuke Urahara, "Hona Sayonara!" Hanashiro declared as the cast let out a cheer and the music started. The crowd quickly took their places on the stage. Then they started singing…

"Hona sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Kyou wa wasurenasai nara" (Forget about today)

Then Hanashiro sang…

"Tabi no haji wa kakisute (A man away from home doesn't need to feel ashamed)
Kane wa tenka no mawari mono (Money makes the world go round)
Kahou wa nete mate (Sleep and wait for good luck)
Kutte mate" (Sit and eat)

And Gin replied…

"Kaze ga fukeba okeya ga moukaru" (It's an ill wind that blows nothing good).

Then Hanashiro answered…

"Suteru kami areba hirou kami ari" (When one god deserts you, another one will pick you up)

Then they both sang…

"Ningen banji saiougama (You can't predict the future)
Ataru mo hakke ataranu mo hakke (Sometimes fortune-telling comes true and sometimes it fails)
Dou ni ka narimasu (Things will get better)
Mata kondo" (Until next time)

Then the entire cast started singing…

"Hona sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Kyou wa wasurenasai nara" (Forget about today)

Then they started singing…

"Oh yeah! Oh YEAH! Alright! ALRIGHT!
Oh yeah! Oh YEAH! Alright! ALRIGHT!"

Then Ichigo stepped forward.

"Our final message is from the OC, Major Angela Morrison!"

Angela quickly stepped forward…

"Don't pass up on your dreams! Let fate and destiny take its course! AND THANK'S FOR READING!!!" Angela shouted before falling back in line with the rest of the cast as they all sang…

"Hona sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Asatte mo kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be a clear day after tomorrow too, Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Ashita wa kitto HALLELUJAH (It's going to be clear tomorrow Hallelujah)
Sayonara Hona sayonara (Goodbye, Goodbye)
Kyou wa wasurenasai nara (Forget about today)"

Then the music came to a close and the cast and crew let out a unison shout of…


Then amidst a chorus of farewell biddings, Gin knelt over as the curtain closed and waved…



And again, thanks for reading…