Okay this is the first thing that popped into my head right after I read Generation Dead. I know this probably isn't right with what happens in Kiss of Life, but as of right now I haven't read that yet. xD Please no spoilers.

The first day Adam went back to school after the accident was torture. Everyone in the school stared at him the whole day. No one could believe it. The one question that was repeated over and over again was the one answer Phoebe knew:

Pete killed Adam. Adam saved her by taking his own life.

She put on a brave face, trying to be brave for Adam and optimistic that everything would be okay to everyone else. But inside she was a wreck. It was her fault Adam died. If she hadn't gone into the woods with Tommy and almost kissed him, Peter wouldn't have found them. But she did. And now Adam, bright, sweet, wonderful Adam was a zombie. Or differently biotic, or whatever the crap they called it. Phoebe vowed to herself that she would bring Adam back, by any means necessary. But . . . how?

"Adam, it's time for lunch now…" Phoebe said to him after the rest of the class had filed out. It took a few minutes for his head to stiffly creak towards her and shift his eyes up to her face. She could've sworn she saw his look soften, but it was probably the lights or something. Phoebe hated the vacant look he wore nowadays. She wished Adam could give her some sort of sigh; something, anything to let her know that he was in there, trying to get out.

"Lun . . . ch. . ." Adam said slowly, in a monotone, staring at Phoebe without blinking. Even his voice didn't sound right anymore.

"That's right Adam, lunch," Phoebe finished for him, trying to sound cheery, but knowing the wasn't doing a good job at that. She took his hand and helped him to a standing position. The look on his face as he tried to get up made her want to cry. She could see the frustration he was feeling radiate through the air as he slowly got to a standing position. But she could understand it. Whereas once he was on his way to getting football scholarships and making the major leagues, now he had trouble just moving. Blinking back tears, she pulled him out of the classroom and walking with him down the hallway towards the cafeteria.

"Pheeb . . ." Adam moaned as they were walking. Phoebe stopped dead in her tracks and spun around, eyes wide and glistening with the threat of tears. He'd said her name. Her heart squeezed and beat faster.

"Yes, Adam? What is it?" She asked softly and squeezed his hand affectionately and encouragingly. He could do it. She knew he could. 'C'mon Adam . . . you can do it . . . I know you can . . .' She chanted in her head like a little prayer.

They stood like that for the remaining fifteen minutes in the lunch period. Phoebe was patient and understanding as Adam tried to talk, his jaw locking and not cooperating with him. But it was only after the bell had rung, Phoebe took him to his class and with a clearly sad voice told his goodbye, and was long gone to her own class that his mouth decided to would and he uttered one single word filled with a world of sadness, and at the same time, hope.

"Love . . ."

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