Title: From Nerd To Hottie.

Rated : T

Pairing: Sasuke x Sakura, Naurto x Hinata, and other small pairings.

Summary: [AU] Sakura was the school nerd. Sasuke was the school heart throb, He played with her feelings, She left town, Now she's back 4 years later to show them what's up.




Emeral eyes shone with determination. Exotic pink hair bounced up and down. The pink haired girl jogged on the treadmill. She couldn't be any happier with her life. She sighed. She wasn't a nerdy little shy girl anymore. She changed. A lot. But she was proud of what she had overcomed. Small drops of sweat began to form on her forehead. She heard a wolf whistle.

"Hey Sakura" said a deep voice. Sakura stopped the treadmill and turned around to be face to face with her best friend. She smiled sweetly and wrapped her arms around him.

"Hi Ryo, Back so soon? I thought you wouldn't be back for another few days?" She looked up, unwrapping her arms from him. The black haired guy laughed. Ryo was her best friend for 4 years now. They lived together, But not in that way you little perverts are thinking. He was an orphan. So since she lived alone, she offered for him to stay with her.

"Aww, Didn't you miss me?" He joked, his cerulean eyes shining with amusement. She laughed as he looked down at her innocent face. He knew she's been through a lot but he still thought of her as a little innocent child, who he swore to protect with his life. She got on her toes and pecked his cheek.

"Of course I did." With that she turned around and resumed her jogging. Ryo just shook his head and walked out, claiming that he as hungry.




Sakura got out of her shower, wrapping a big fluffy towel around her body. She got to her room, looking around for her school uniform. Then her phone started ringing. She picked it up and answered it, putting it on loud speaker. She began to put on her undergarments.

"Hello?" Sakura said and put on her school skirt.

"Sakura, How are you?"

"Oh hi dad, Fine and you?" She didn't know why he wasn't already asking if she was OK and if Ryo did anything to her.

"Good but busy. Actually I want to talk to you about something…." Sakura froze.



A few minutes later

Ryo just got dressed in his uniform and decided to go down stairs. Then he heard Sakura scream. He quickly ran as fast as he could to her room. He saw her phone in her hand, her finger on the hang up buttom. Shock was written all over her face, she sat on the floor. Ignoring the fact she was shirtless, he walked over to her and crouched down to her level.

"Sakura.." He whispered. "What's wrong?" She looked at him blankly.

"Dad called and he wants me to.. to.." She started off desperately looking around in disbelief. He knew her father hated him, but what could he have said to shock her this much?

"To..?" Ryo encouraged her to go on.

"To go back to that horrible school!" She shouted suddenly standing up. Ryo stood up as well. He hugged her.

"Sakura, you're better then them."

"I don't want to go back" She said and buried her face in his chest, desperately hanging onto him. Ryo looked up at the ceiling. If she went then what would he do without her. He knew he could get his own house and could afford his own life but to him, without her, he had no life.

"Let me come with you" He quickly muttered. She looked up at him in disbelief.

"Really?" She whispered, he nodded. She grinned and jumped him.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!" Sakura said and kissed him on the cheek. She got up.

"Now you can go, you little pervert" She joked, giggling. She continued dressing as he left her room. She sighed and looked down.

She was the luckiest 14 year old alive, She couldn't believe who asked her to a party! THE Sasuke Uchiha. She dreamily sighed. They've been friends for about 2 weeks now.

Sakura went downstairs, sitting down on the kitchen table as Ryo went on and on about some random stuff, probably to get her mind off topic. Too bad it wasn't working.

He picked her up and smirked

"You look nice" She prettily blushed.

"You too" she said shyly as he chuckled and they walked to the party.

When they got there she saw that Karin girl smile evilly but shrugged it off as nothing. Sasuke walked in first. Usually he lets her in first, even if he was a jerk. She raised an eyebrow. The door was wide open and she was getting in. She saw Karin walk over to Sasuke and hug him. Sakura continued to walk in. And then Karin started to make out with him. As Sakura took the first step into the house. And everything came crashing down on her like thunder as she watched them. Literally. Some gooey substance and feathers were splattered all over her from a bucket above the doorway. She saw Karin and everyone else laughing. Everyone but him. Karin walked up to her.

"Did you really think that he liked you?" She laughed. "Of course not pinky!"

"It was all a prank, Everything!" I looked at him in disbelief but he just looked away. I quickly turned around and ran away, tears streaming down my face. So the past 2-3 weeks were nothing to him? Not even a bit? She couldn't believe she fell for him. Not for his look but for his personality unlike other people… But now… She hated him… well that was what she was trying to tell herself.

"Sakuuuraa!" Ryo said waving his hands in front of her face. Sakura quickly pulled her head back. She laughed sheepishly.

"Sorry, dazed off, Oh my look at the time, lets quickly go to school!" Sakura said really quickly, getting up and out of the door before he could say anything. Ryo sighed but followed her none the less.




Sooo, How was it? Btw I know its short but it's just the prologue! =] I know I should finish my first story first but this idea just came to me o.o I don't know if its been used before or not so yeah.. =O

And for anyone reading my other story, Im really sorry im taking so long to update but i'm going to try to have it updated soon. I've wrote some of it but im trying to make it nice and long xD And i cant really think of anything, Maybe i should get to the point already? I dont know.. xD


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