Title: From Nerd to Hottie.

Rated: T

Pairing: Sasuke x Sakura, Naurto x Hinata, and other small pairings.

Summary: [AU] Sakura was the school nerd. Sasuke was the school heart throb, He played with her feelings, she left town, now she's back 4 years later to show them what's up.

Disclaimer: I Don't Own Naruto!

Chapter 13:Confused feelings.

Sakura p.o.v

The concert had been fun, though I had been dead tired before it suddenly hyped me up. I glared at Sasuke's motorcycle.

"I don't want to go on that" I muttered, still freaked out by it. Sasuke sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

"It's either the motorcycle or the subway" He said. I put on a tiny smile of hope.

"Well then why didn't you say so before" I said cheerily. He raised an eyebrow.

"So the motorcycle..?" He said unsurely. I shook my head.

"Of course not, silly, come on!" I said before grabbing his hand and dragging him towards the stairs that went underground.

"What about my..?" He asked. I stopped.

"Ask one of Itachi's friends to bring it home for you?" I asked. He simply looked at me with disbelief. By coincidence Hinata and Naruto had been walking towards the subway.

"HINATA!" I shouted causing them both to look over. I excitedly waved at them before looking back at Sasuke.

"I have a plan" I whispered to him before running up to the couple.

"Hey you guys! How are you? Good good. How did you guys get here? Oh Neji? But they ditched you or uhh... You ditched them? Well Hinata, Naruto why don't you guys take Sasuke motorcycle home instead? I mean Naruto can drive so it should work out. Yeah... Yeah, I'll see you guys later!" was all Sasuke heard between Hinata's quiet replies.

I walked back up to Sasuke. I tried not to notice the way Hinata's gaze lingered on us for a while longer before she left with Naruto. Trying not to wonder what she was up to I let it slide.

"Problem solved" I grinned as he simply shook his head as he mumbled something about Naruto, his new motorcycle and danger. We walked in silence and then took the train leading towards my house.

We both just made it in time. I grinned at Sasuke as we sat down. I looked around and noticed that not many people were on it at the moment seeing as rush hour was around 5-ish. I looked back at Sasuke to notice him staring at me. I fidgeted but he didn't stop staring.

"What?" I whispered as he silently shook his head before slowly turning away. I simply stared at the back of his head for a bit before sighing. God only knows what goes on in his head.

"Sasuke..." I started off causing him to look at me, I looked up at him. "What are you thinking?"

There was silence after that and we stared at each other for God knows how long but when he replied I have to admit he surprised me.

"About us" was his reply, not once wavering in his gaze.

"Oh" That was all I managed to say before he started leaning down towards me.

Then his lips touched mine. And I think I might have forgotten who I was.

At that moment I couldn't remember anything as he pulled me into his lap to deepen the kiss.

Karin... who? Ami... who? Sai... who?

And at that moment I don't think I very much gave a damn.


I stared at the TV in front of me. I couldn't believe myself, really.

Sasuke was engaged.

And I just let myself go and make out with him. On the subway!

It had been quiet after that but he held my hand as he walked me home. Though nothing else after that. I bit my lip.

Damn, he probably regretted it so much. I mean him and Karin..? I mean he cheated on her, technically, with me!

Oh boy. And what if Karin found out? I can only imagine one thing.


I wasn't scared of Karin or anything, I desperately wanted to go up to her and rub it in her face like "CHA! YO FIANCEE JUST TOTALLY DISSED YA, WORD!"

Though I did feel slightly guilty, I couldn't say I regretted it. Though I still couldn't figure it out.

Sasuke started it by leaning down, never mind that I instantly responded, but why?

Was he jealous? Of Sai hanging out with me all the time? Did that make him do it? Technically, if that was it I would have to abort Mission: Forget Sasuke. I was a woman of my word. But unfortunately he didn't utter a single word after that except for "Goodnight".

I grabbed the cushion next to me and screamed into it, out of pure frustration.

Ryo stared at me; he had been sitting next to me. His hand frozen from putting a chip in his mouth before he hesitatingly put it back down.

"Uhh... Sak... you okay?" He asked unsurely.

"NO" He put his arm around my shoulder and my head automatically went to his neck.

"What's wrong?" He asked. I was quiet at first before I simply burst and told him everything. He slowly nodded, taking in the new information.

"Well I think you should go have a nice long talk with Sasuke" He advised before mumbling something about Sasuke and mixed signals.


Let me tell you, that 'nice, long talk with Sasuke', it never happened. I simply avoided him like a plague at school. Now I know what you're thinking, she always runs away from Sasuke after some kiss but have you seen him? He's intimidating, dude. And he makes me flustered very easily, especially now that I was no longer, as Ryo puts it, 'in denial about my feelings'.

Though what pissed me off was that Sasuke acted so casual around me when he got the chance. And I saw him with Karin, oh so casually having his arm around her waist. The same arm that was around my waist pulling me into his bloody lap not too long ago! I grit my teeth; if he wants to flaunt his little fiancée well let me give him a piece of his own medicine!

"No other guy can have you..."

Oh, Sasuke-kun, how wrong you are.

Also Hinata had been acting very strange lately and then the others slowly started acting strange too... except for Naruto, who seemed oblivious to anything unrelated to ramen.

Apart from that, the winter ball was tonight and I was really nervous. Ino was about to come over in a few minutes and we were going to go together. She had Kiba as a date, surprise, surprise. I know, I was shocked when I heard as well.

Hinata and Tenten were getting ready together at Hinata's place where Naruto would go and they'd take Neji's car.

We were going to take Kiba's car. I immediately stood as soon as I heard the doorbell ring. I ran to the door and opened it. Ino had been constantly bugging me and asking why I was avoiding Sasuke and so on. Naruto had been constantly making couple jokes about Sasuke and me, adding to Ino's suspicion. Did that idiot not see Karin at Sasuke's arm? Though I promised to tell Ino before we left to which she agreed.

I sighed as I looked at Ino and two words escaped her.

"Confess up" I brought her inside and told her the same story I told Ryo, though her... reaction was a bit... different.

"WHAT! I'm going to kill him! AND THEN CASTRATE HIM!" Ino growled out, standing up as I attempted to calm her down. I couldn't ignore the way Ino seemed to whisper with venom that "Hinata's plan is the only way..." before calming a bit.

"It's okay Ino, I'm just going to ignore it." I mumbled.

"No! Forehead! Come on! No! Talk to him and ask him what that was about!" Ino shouted angrily as I simply groaned.



"I-I just..." I started off lamely as Ino impatiently glared at me "I don't know, I'll try okay.." At that Ino softened her gaze and nodded as we sat there for a while.

Then after a small span of silence we decided that we might as well start getting ready now.

Ino then started doing her make-up while I took a shower. I then started on my own after my shower. I didn't put on too much.

I put on black eyeliner and mascara, green eye shadow and pink lip gloss. After that I put on my emerald halter dress. It was fitting on my chest and then flared out until my knees. It also had a black belt under my chest. I curled my hair and put on my black stilettos. I then put on my necklace, which had a small cat on it.

"You look amazing!" Ino gushed as she fixed me up a bit. I looked in the mirror and I had to admit I didn't look too bad.

I glanced at Ino, who let her long hair down and straightened it; she wore a black strapless dress that went down until a bit above her knees. It was fitted all the way and had a grey designs on it. She wore dark grey smoky eye shadow and black eyeliner and mascara. She wore pink lip gloss and a lot of black and grey bangles. She put on black heels, which had a lot of straps on them, and were huge!

"Ino, I never thought you'd look that nice in black" I said. She simply shrugged.

"Wanted to try out something new" We didn't have to wait too long for Sai and Kiba to arrive, both wearing suits. I have to say I was baffled when I saw Sai wearing an emerald tie to match my dress.

"How'd you know...?" I mumbled. He simply gave me a fake smile.

"Ino" I glanced at Ino who shrugged.

"He only asked for the colour." I nodded and with that we were on our way.

We eventually got to the place where the dance would take place and met up with Naruto, Hinata, Tenten and Neji. When I heard Naruto asked Hinata, I have to say I was surprised Naruto had the guts to ask Hinata, though she was obviously in love with him he was just an idiot at times.

I was glad that Neji and Tenten were going steady though. Neji kept asking if there was anything he could do to help me but seriously that guy looks too much into a favour, I just wanted to help and... sortakindamaybelook for a reaction in... Ohh... I don't know... Sasuke? But enough about that, moving on..!

And Ino's date, Kiba? Well let's just say Ino wasn't too happy to find out Shikamaru and Temari were going together. Kiba wasn't too happy Naruto and Hinata were going together. So as you can see they decided to go together. When I first found out Shikamaru was going to go with Temari and not Ino I had to suppress myself from laughing but then I saw Ino looking so unusually down and got a bit annoyed at Shikamaru.

But I guess I was so caught up in my own little love life I didn't notice Ino hurting so much. I bit my lip. I would make her enjoy this night without Shikamaru.

When we were there at first everyone were greeting each other but then I started getting bored and just noticed random things...

...the hall was starting to fill up really fast.

...Kiba and Naruto were hanging around the punch bowl; no good could come out of that.

...Gaara seemed to have bothered to actually come and didn't look pleased with the girl clinging on his arm, Matsuri was her name, I think.

...Sasuke and Karin seemed to have entered.

...Ino seemed to be glaring at Temari and Shikamaru, I sense trouble.

...Sasuke was looking super hot.

...Sai was waving his hand in my face.

...Hinata seemed to have gathered Naruto, Shika, Ino, Kiba, Neji and Tenten and was talking about something serious. It made me wonder why she didn't gather me and Sasuke as well...

...Now Sai was looking at me with a weird expression on his face.

Wait... What?

I blinked.

"Sakura...?" He said unsurely. I sheepishly smiled at him.

"Sorry dazed off." I mumbled causing him to nod.

I saw Sasuke out of the corner of my eye. He looked amazing... and Karin seemed to be appreciating that too. He wore a red shirt with the first three buttons undone and a black vest, instead of a blazer. He wore black dress pants and red converse. He was leaning against the wall with Karin in front of him, who promptly blocked my view making me look back at Sai.

Trying to distract myself I decided to stop Ino, who had stopped talking to the group, from doing anything reckless so I went up to her.

"How's it going pig? I don't see Kiba anywhere." She pouted.

"I don't know where dog breaths gone." She said annoyed. Then I noticed Kiba walking up to us.

"Speak of the devil..." I muttered as Ino giggled.

"Hey..." He started off but Ino cut him off.

"Kiba, I'm kind of thirsty, could you get me and Sakura a drink?" He just nodded before walking to get the drinks. I raised an eyebrow at Ino.

"What? You don't like him?" I asked Ino as she scoffed.

"Forehead the only guy I like is currently off with a whore" Ino mumbled glancing at Temari. Kiba came back with the drinks before saying he'll be right back and going god knows where.

"This is surprisingly good" I said taking a sip as Ino nodded. We then went for refills and again...

And again...


"DANCE...!" I dragged Ino to the dancefloor, giggling like mad. We danced to an upbeat song before Ino suddenly became depressed.

"I MISS SHIKA!" She wailed as I attempted to comfort her.

"Uhh...Let's uh... sing! We'll sing and everyone will notice you!" I slurred a bit waving my arms like a maniac as Ino looked at me with teary eyes before grinning and grabbing my wrist.

"LET'S DO IT!" She dragged me to the DJ. I noticed the two teachers that had been watching us mysteriously disappeared.

"Everybody!" Ino shouted into the microphone.

"WE...!" She pointed at us before sloppily grinning "Are going to sing you a sooongg..." I nodded dumbly. I saw Shikamaru staring at us confused before shaking his head and muttering something.

"YOUR HOT!" Some random guy shouted as Ino giggled

"THANK YOU! Now..." Ino whispered something to the DJ as he nodded. I was tipsy but it seems Ino wasn't very tolerant to the obvious alcohol that had been mixed with the drinks. Suddenly familiar music began to play and all eyes were on us.

I stared at Ino in disbelief as she grinned back at me.

"HEY HEY YOU YOU I DONT LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" Ino sang as I just shrugged and joined her as we both danced like idiots on the stage.


After a few minutes of off key singing and random cat calls Hinata managed to get us off the stage. I had just giggled and went along with it unlike Ino who protested and shouted until Shikamaru calmed her down. Sai came up to me.

I noticed couples had started dancing on the dance floor, Temari and Shikamaru, Naruto and Hinata. It seemed Karin was trying to drag Sasuke to dance too.

"I don't know if you're in the mood or not but...Would you like to dance?" Sai asked me causing me to look at him. He put his hand in front of him and I smiled, taking his hand, trying to calm myself.

"Sure" I said coolly, surprising myself. The song was slow now and we danced to that until they changed it to a more upbeat one. I danced with Ino, who was still tumbling around the place, and Hinata, jumping up and down. Sai came up behind me, putting his arms around my waist. I simply went along with it, hoping Sasuke was looking.

When I glanced back to see Karin successfully drag him to the dance floor and his eyes on us, my suspicions were confirmed that he was looking.

I turned around to face Sai, pretending to laugh causing Sai to fake smile, like he always does. I put my arms around his neck, pretending to enjoy it, though my eyes kept darting towards Sasuke.

But then I felt Sai's hand on my thigh, moving up and down, with his other arm around my waist, pulling me close. I let that slide as I saw Sasuke watching. Though as his hand kept going higher and higher, I slowed my dancing a bit to look at Sai's face. He simply gave me a fake smile as I hesitantly smiled back.

He put his hand under my knee and pulled me closer causing my leg to slightly wrap around his waist. His other hand kept going higher until it was directly under my ass. I stopped dancing and looked at Sai confused.

"What...?" I said over the loud music, just barely heard. He put his mouth to my ear as I started to pull away.

"Come on..." He whispered tightening his grip on me. But when his hand went to rub my ass, I had enough. I pushed him away roughly, forgetting about Sasuke. I stumbled a bit as well.

"Sai! What are you doing?" I shouted. He looked at me with a blank face as some people around us slowed down and watched us.

"What's wrong, Sakura?" He asked tilting his head to the side. I looked at him in disbelief.

"What? You're the one who's..." I started off confused. He simply put his arms around me and whispered in my ear so no one would hear.

"You don't want me?" I pushed him away again.

"No!" I said angrily. What was wrong with him? He suddenly glared at me. Everyone around us stopped what they were doing to watch.

"STOP THAT, OKAY?" I shouted, annoyed as he raised an eyebrow at me.

"Sakura" He started off. "You know the only reason I went with you to this dance is because I knew no one else would go with you. When you asked the only reason I didn't say no was because I pitied you. And now instead of being grateful you act like this?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. What happened to the sweet Sai who took me out?

"W-what..?" I muttered shocked and frozen.

"You're pathetic, look at you. No man in their right mind would ever look at you twice and I went with you here. You're a naive clueless girl, you don't even realise what people say about you behind your back. That you don't even have any self respect. And here I am doing you a favour and risking my reputation." He continued bitterly. All I could do was stare at him shocked, frozen.

Why everything he said seemed so true to me, I had no idea.

I had really thought Sai was a sweet guy and suddenly this..?

Because what? Because I wouldn't let him feel up my body?

What was I? A whore?

Tears filled my eyes as I desperately tried not to shed any. I stood there, speechless. What do I say to that? I felt as if I should defend myself but I couldn't find the words.

I tried to find my voice to say something back, anything, but the lump in my throat prevented me. Was this what people really thought of me?

As a tear managed to slip down from my eye, silence filled the room causing a tense atmosphere to slip in.

A cold, husky voice chuckled disrupting the dead air though it sounded anything but humorous.

"Is that all you have to say?" I heard the same voice say, the words laced with venom. "Big talk for such a low half-minded imbecile. It's ironic how you say no one would come to a dance with Sakura when I'm positive most guys in this room wouldn't mind. I don't exactly see girls lined up for you."

I looked up shocked. Teary emerald eyes clashed with hard onyx.

"Don't tell me you have a soft spot for this... thing. Have you forgotten what happened four years ago, Uchiha, or shall I revive your memory?" Sai said mockingly. I flinched as the last part made me waver a bit though I stood my ground, pretending to be unaffected but I couldn't stop the tears in my eyes.

Sasuke looked as though he was about to reply but suddenly he was interrupted by a loud voice.

"SAI, I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, YOU BETTER FUCKING BELIEVE IT!" Naruto shouted as he jumped Sai, trying to punch him as Sasuke sweat dropped in the background muttering something about idiots. I couldn't help but let a small, weak smile slip at Naruto's antics.

I noticed Karin, looking unusually angry, had started marching up to Sasuke though I was whisked away by an angry Ino and concerned Hinata to hear what was being said.

"Oh my god, are you okay, Saki" Ino asked, concerned. She frowned as I didn't respond. I really didn't want them to worry.

"...don't frown, pig, you'll get wrinkles..." I managed to mumble as she playfully glared at me before bear hugging me.

"Come on, let's bring you home" Hinata mumbled as Ino moved away from me. Ino held my hand, comforting me as we walked to the car with an angry Naruto, who was finally pulled off Sai by Shikamaru and a few other guys, and Kiba.

"Where are Tenten and Neji?" I asked quietly. Kiba glanced at me before unlocking his car.

"Tenten and Neji had left after the slow dance because Lee dragged them to go eat out or something" Kiba said as I nodded.

Silence filled the car. I was in the back with Ino and Hinata at my sides. I looked down at my lap.

"I'm sorry for ruining your night..." I meekly mumbled.

"Sakura-chan! No, it's not your fault Sai turned out to be a jackass!" Naruto said as he turned around in his seat. I was really glad Naruto wasn't saying I told you so. I made a mental note to actually heed Naruto next time I decide to pick a guy for a date.

"Yeah, forehead, we don't blame you" Ino said reassuringly as Hinata nodded. Naruto's eyes softened as he watched my eyes fill up with tears. He grabbed my hand.

"We're here for you..."Naruto said softly. I tiredly smiled at him.

"Thank you..." I whispered as I put my head on Ino's shoulder, who in response simply stroked my hair.

"You want to stay over for the night?" Ino asked as I shook my head, taking my head off Ino's shoulder.

"No, its okay you guys. Sai was a douche bag, end of chapter. Don't worry about me, 'kay? I'll be fine!" I said trying to reassure them as they wearily glanced at me before nodding.

"If you need anything, just call me, okay?" Ino said, not believing me.

"Same" Hinata said patting my shoulder. I smiled at them.

"Don't worry, I have Ryo remember?" I said cheerily. They only nodded. Naruto grinned at me.

"So you'll be in good hands!" Naruto said trying to cheer up the atmosphere. They dropped me off at home, albeit hesitantly.

I walked into the empty house and smiled bitterly as I whispered to no one.

"I'm home..."

I felt as if all the alcohol I drank to loosen up a little had been drained out of my body.

The truth was that Ryo was actually gone for a few days. He had left this morning and promised to be back by Sunday. He wanted to go meet some of his old friends, though they lived about 5 hours away so he decided to stay the weekend at their house since he wasn't going to the dance.

I didn't think to tell the group because I had been too excited about the dance and rubbing it in Sasuke's face.


I was so surprised when he insulted Sai and defended me. He shook everyone from their shock, I guess, including me.

Now I really felt like a bitch. There I was trying to make Sasuke jealous, it turns out my date was a moron and Sasuke helped me. Sure he didn't run up to me and wrap me in his arms, complimenting me a thousand times like I guess Lee would've but he helped me in his own way.

I couldn't help but curl myself into a ball as a choked sob escaped my throat.

"...Sasuke... Sasuke...!" I chanted that name over and over again like a mantra as tears continued trying to slide down my face. "...S-Sasuke!"

That guy... he confused me so much... I just didn't know what to do anymore...

I didn't want Karin to have him but I somehow felt the need to push him away for everything he's ever done to me.

I sighed and headed up to my bedroom idly wiping away my tears with the back of my hand, deciding on getting changed, washing my face, tying my hair, getting some ice-cream and watching some good old movies.

Sasuke p.o.v

Karin kept annoying me after I had insulted Sai. What was her problem? I told her that this thing meant nothing. She seemed okay with it at first but now...I don't know...

I sighed as I stared at the house in front of me. I walked up to the front door and raised my fist to knock on the door though stopping a few centimetres from the door.

Slowly I put my hand down and backed away from the door.

What was I doing? I had no idea nowadays.

Nothing seemed clear to me anymore, and this just frustrated me.

I watched the pink haired girl move about her living room, trying to find something. Unconsciously I let my gaze soften and I couldn't stop a small half-smile from making its way to my face.

Ryo had told me he wouldn't be at home this weekend. I was surprised when no one talked about it, I guess they didn't know?

But I was even more surprised when I came by Sakura's house and didn't see anyone's car in the driveway and then no Ino in the house with Sakura.

'She really should close her living room curtains at this time...' was all I thought as I watched her facial expressions change at the movie.

"But you can have all the girls you want, hmm? You can have Karin. You can have Ami. You can have every girl. But I can't have Kakashi or any other guy?"

I couldn't stop thinking about that conversation... and how I kissed her last weekend. She felt so good in my arms, a perfect fit...

"No Sasuke-kun. I'm sorry but I can't do that. It's not fair and I'll tell you this because it'll make it easier for me so stay away from me. Okay? I don't want anything to do with you anymore. I can't take any more of this bullshit with Karin and so on so just forget about it, okay? It'll do us both good."

Sometimes I just want to tell her that I didn't care less about Karin.

Just wanted to tell her the only person I'd consider really being with would be her.

With that made up in my mind I decided on one thing.

"As soon as this whole deal with the business is over, I'll ask Sakura to be with me." I muttered into the quiet night.

'Maybe I should talk to her about it...'

Her response depends on how she feels about me. Though if the way she responded to me kissing her was anything then I think I have a small chance. I smirked.

Sakura p.o.v

I was really glad there was no school for two weeks. Hopefully people would forget about it until we came back?

I woke up Saturday morning a mess. My hair was all tangled from sleeping on the couch and my back was sore. My face was tear-stained and my eyes were red.

Yes I had been watching all my favourite movies last night. And yes I had laughed/cried several times.

I sighed as my mobile phone started ringing. I stared at it for a good minute before deciding to pick it up.

"Hello...?" I mumbled.

"SAKURA!" I heard Ino shout over the phone. "You're okay, right? Not feeling sick or anything?" she said quickly.

"Uhh yeah I'm fine" I said confused.

"GREAT! Well me and Hinata had been thinking last night that maybe we should go somewhere for the 2 weeks of freedom we have? Then Hinata remembered Naruto telling her about this old Uchiha mansion up the North near this ice skating rink and skiing place so we could go there for a week or something? What do you think?" She said.

I blinked. Best go along with it; she'll find one way or another to drag me.

Knowing Ino, emotional blackmail.

"Sure, sounds great" I said regretting that I had said I was feeling fine. She squealed.

"Okay now the only thing is..." She started off as I sighed interrupting her.

"You didn't ask him did you?" I said as I heard a quiet 'yes'.

"Sakura, could you, maybe, ask him? Pretty please? With a cherry on top?" Ino said in a baby voice.

"I don't think he's going to agree" I told her. She let out a unladylike snort.

"Oh come on, the only person he would ever listen to is either you or Naruto, and that's when Naruto constantly bugs him and anyway...It's worth a try, right? So that means you'll ask right?" Ino said hopefully as I giggled.

"Fine" I knew it was better than sticking around town and hearing rumours about me floating around the place.

I decided to text Sasuke.

Hey, could we meet up 2day sometime? Jst want 2 talk to u abt something. :)

I clicked send. This also gave me an excuse to see him so I could thank him for last night. I got a reply a few minutes later as I was preparing to take a shower.

Sure. When and where?

I smiled at that. So Sasuke of him to even keep his text's short and simple.

How about in an hour at the cafe that Ino dragged us to for lunch the other day? :D

See you there.

I simply took my clothes and went into the shower feeling a bit nervous after realising that I had a mini-break down yesterday and had been screaming for him. No pressure at all.


As I walked up to the cafe I tried to think of a way to ask him and a way to thank him. I wore black skinny jeans with a long black sweater that had a pink heart on the middle of it. The sleeves were really long so my hands were hidden. I put on a pair of pink converse with that.

As I neared the cafe I spotted Sasuke waiting for me outside. I weakly smiled and waved causing him to smirk.

"Hi" I whispered, all of a sudden feeling very shy, when I reached him. He, still smirking, simply replied with his signature 'Hn'. We walked into the warm cafe and took a seat. I ordered a hot chocolate while Sasuke ordered coffee.

We sat down in silence as our drinks came. Sasuke looked at me expectantly.

"Well" I started off glancing away before turning back to look at him. "First of all, I just... uhm... I wanted to... thank you. For last night. For... defending me." I blushed looking down at my lap.

I couldn't help but feel shy and embarrassed. I mean my whole objective of going with Sai was to make Sasuke jealous.

Though I didn't know what to expect, what did happen, I would've never guessed for it to happen in a million years.

I glanced up at him to see him staring at me. He blinked before putting on a small smirk.

"Sakura..." I inwardly melted a bit at his husky voice but then reminded myself. THIS. IS. NOT. THE. TIME. TO. GO. INTO. FANGIRL. MODE.

Plus I was way over my fan girl obsession when I was determined to prove to Sasuke that I wasn't annoying.

Though I have to admit with Sasuke standing up to Sai last night and everything it did... "woo" me a bit. And with Sasuke using that You-know-I'm-irresistible voice well... yeah.

I didn't know what Sasuke would say, or what I expected him to say.

"Anytime" As I looked at his face I noticed something.

Sasuke wasn't wearing a full smirk.

It was a half-smirk half-smile.

My heart fluttered. I know. I know it was only a half-smile. But that meant...

It meant I was on my way...to making Sasuke smile again.

I couldn't stop myself from grinning at him.




Though he ruined the moment by getting cocky and just putting on a full out arrogant smirk.

"Oh and another thing" I said as I sipped at the hot chocolate before taking a deep breath "InoandHinatawerewonderingifwe,asinourgroup,." I mumbled super fast.

Sasuke stared at me.



"What?" He said, dumbfounded. I inwardly gushed at the adorable face Sasuke was making as he was confused. I giggled.

"Okay, Ino and Hinata wanted to know if we could go to your family house in the South for a week since it's near an ice rink and a skiing place. I'm not sure who wants to go or who can because I need your permission first" I asked confidently. He thought about it for a moment.









"SASUKE! SAY SOMETHING!" I shouted, frustrated, causing a few people to stare, though I ignored them. Sasuke smirked. Okay now I definitely knew he was saying 'Hn' to piss me off!

"Hn" He mumbled before finishing off his coffee and getting up. I automatically stood up as well, having already finished my drink. Sasuke quickly paid before I got a chance to even protest.

As we walked down the streets in town I glanced at Sasuke.

"So I'm assuming that's a yes?" He rolled his eyes.

"...ah" He started off. Hope rose in my heart as I looked up at him with stars in my eyes. "Annoying."

I froze as he continued to walk.

"UCHIHA SASUKE! GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!" I shouted running after him as he smirked back at me.

And I couldn't help but let a grin etch itself onto my face despite what happened last night.


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