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Hojo tapped his fingers lightly on the top of his desk. He was annoyed and has been getting that way for the past two minutes.

Two minutes late.

Sephiroth was due two minutes ago for his monthly tests and the silver haired man was nowhere in sight. Hojo knew something was wrong because Sephiroth had never been late to an exam before. The man had always believed in reaching early so he could leave early. Now for the last three visits he's been coming later and later.

Hojo was a very impatient man.

Amidst the clutter of needles, reports, beakers, other small equipments and a lamp stood the desk phone and he dialed impatiently his secretary.

"Call Sephiroth," came the stern instructions when the frightened woman answered the phone. He didn't wait for a response and hung up, knowing that the next he heard would be that the man was on his way or already here.

His secretary buzzed him back a few minutes later and reported in a meek voice that Sephiroth was not answering his phone.

"Stupid!" Hojo muttered darkly after slamming down the receiver. The lab techs around looked at him briefly before continuing what they were doing. Everybody knew to stay out of his way when he was in one of his moods. He peered over his wire rimmed glasses at a blood sample on his desk. He smiled darkly and moved from said desk.

Grabbing his lab coat he walked out the door, deciding that if Sephiroth wasn't going to come to him, he would go for him himself. He hoped there was a valid reason for the silver haired General to hold him up, or else he'll make his next round of tests more painful than they had to be.


Hojo walked down the hall of the SOLDIER's quarters, smirking when everyone he passed backed themselves up into the nearest wall. They were all afraid and he enjoyed feeding off their fear. As long as they thought that way he would have control over them all. He walked right by reception, even the guards on duty didn't question him when he entered the facility. He entered the elevator on the ground floor and rode it up to the last, the floor that housed only 1st class SOLDIERS.

Walking down the silent hallway Hojo pulled a small bunch of keys from his pocket. He had a key for Sephiroth's door, all of them and even one for the secret drawer in his bedroom that housed confidential things. There was no way his prized possession, his creation; his….son would be able to hide anything from him.

Hojo didn't bother knocking or announce his presence in anyway. He just opened the door and let himself inside the man's apartment, letting his eyes wander around for any sign of the silver haired man. There was none so he moved towards the kitchen, growling when he realized the place was empty.

He knew if nowhere else Sephiroth would be in his bedroom, so he made his way down the hall, spotting the closed door and walking up to it.

Hojo had no intention of knocking or giving any warning he was mulling about. He was about to barge into the room when a loud noise stopped him in his tracks. He placed his ear by the door and listened as harsh breathing and moaning could be heard.

"S…Seph, AH!" Hojo knew that voice, he'll be able to place it a second.

"Open your legs……" It was Sephiroth and he sounded a little out of breath. Intriguing.

"Oh sweet gaia Seph, not so hard." There was harsh panting and the sound of skin slapping against skin. Hojo wasn't oblivious, but it never occurred to him to take Sephiroth's reading during intercourse.

"Zack, your ass is so tight." Yes, Lt. Fair, the younger SOLDIER that was always by Sephiroth's side. He took out a small notebook from his pocket and started scribbling notes. The sound of skin slapping against skin got increasingly faster while Lt. Fair's moans elevated.

Hojo wished he was a fly on the wall. Or at least have a camera inside so he could see Sephiroth's behavior during the act. It would be easier to figure out body temperature, pressure and response to stimuli if he was at least seeing what was happening.

"Seph, Stop…..No, Fuck."

"Zack…" There was the sound of kissing while Lt. Fair kept pleading for Sephiroth to slow down. Hojo smirked.

"Ah Seph, Sephiroth, make me cum…please," Zack's cries were nothing more than broken, piteous whimpers. Sephiroth had a tight grip on the base of his cock while he spread his legs like a whore so the man could fuck him any which way he wanted. He tried moving his hips to meet the man's thrust, but he was moving so fast all he could do was lie down and take it. Getting fucked by the most powerful mako enhanced SOLDIER in all of Gaia was a bitch. Zack felt like his ass was being pile drive by a machine.

Sephiroth stood kneeling on the bed and he pulled Zack up with him so they were still joined at the waist. He widened his legs a little a slightly leaned his upper body back with Zack straddling his waist. He grabbed those firm hips and made Zack ride him at a fast pace, moving his hips back and forth while he looked into the flushed, pleasure ridden face of his SiC.

"That's it Zack, ride me," Sephiroth encouraged, never allowing his gaze to wander from the beautiful man before him bringing him so much pleasure. With Zack, he could let loose and be himself because they were both enhanced. He often hurt his lover but within seconds mako would heal the wound and Zack liked it rough anyway. Protests were just for show and a little spice.

"Fuck you," Zack ground out before locking there lips together and kissing passionately, moaning loudly when they broke apart. He felt Sephiroth's cock like a spear trying to puncture his gut and he loved every second of it even if it hurt like a bitch. He howled like a broken animal whenever Sephiroth hit his prostate.

"I think I'm the one doing the fucking," Sephiroth hissed, mainly because the pleasure was coiling in his stomach and ready to let loose like a tsunami.

"I'm going to cum Seph, touch me," Zack moaned and the pleasure shot through him like a canon fire when Sephiroth pumped him twice, causing him to arch his back while screaming loudly with both hands in a death grip around Sephiroth's neck.

Orgasm was intense and Sephiroth released inside Zack's body with a loud grunt when the brunette's muscles clenched around him tightly, forcing out the pleasure that left his body.

They rode out the wave of their release together, Zack shooting all over their abdomen while Sephiroth filled him to the hilt.

Breathing harshly, feeling utterly spent and satiated Zack collapsed backwards from his straddled position, landing boneless on the soft bed. It took a lot to get him to such a weak state with his enhanced strength but Sephiroth knew just how to work him, inside and out.

The silver haired man collapsed on top of his lover before rolling to the side and wrapping an arm around him, spooning their bodies together.

"That was amazing," Zack breathed harshly, closing his eyes when sleep threatened to overtake him.

"You are amazing," came Sephiroth's reply before he planted a kiss on the sweat coated temple. Even Zack's spikes dropped a little from the dampness.

"I love you Seph," Zack muttered sleepily, already halfway to dreamland.

"I know," Sephiroth answered coyly.

A few minutes later the telltale light snoring that indicated the brunette was sleeping escaped his lips and he as quietly as he could rolled out of bed and slipped on a white robe. He tied it at the waist before walking out the room to head to the kitchen. He was thirsty.

Sephiroth was so shocked when he was greeted by the sight of Hojo on his couch he jumped in fright. A reaction only the scientist could get out of him.

"What are you doing in my apartment Professor?" Sephiroth asked dangerously low while resting a hand on the bedroom door knob. He didn't trust the smarmy man in front of him an inch and now that he knew about Zack, it would spell trouble for his lover.

"I came to find out why you would miss your treatments," the man cackled in that high pitched voice of his, clearly amused.

"Well, as you can see Professor, I was busy," Sephiroth answered, an uneasy feeling coiling in the pit of his stomach.

"That you were, my boy," Hojo answered before standing. He noticed Sephiroth had fully blocked the bedroom door from his view as if that would do him or the man behind it any good. "Well, your treatment as been moved to the next two days, I expect to see you there on time," the man whispered dangerously.

Sephiroth glared.

"I'll see myself out." And with that Hojo walked away, slamming the apartment door behind him.

Sephiroth released the breath he didn't know he was holding after the man left. 'Shit.'


Hojo hummed while he sat around his desk. It plagued him that Sephiroth's intimacy he wasn't being allowed to observe but he had a plan to change all that. He was obsessed about knowing everything about Sephiroth, even the brand of tissue he used to wipe his ass. He could fuck anybody he wanted, but it should be under his supervision and guidance.

He always knew Sephiroth was sexually active. But hearing him deal with Zack that way actually had him more curious than he'd like to admit.

They had tried jacking the man off when he was a teen in the lab, but nothing came of it because Sephiroth wasn't interested. Even though he'd managed to ejaculate the readings on the machine hooked up to Sephiroth were flat. So he didn't put anymore thought into it.

But this.

This was different. This was actual feelings and emotions, something Sephiroth had made sure to keep away from the labs. Now when Hojo really thought about it, he's never known anything about Sephiroth at all expect is blood pressure, vital signs and any other laboratory essential information.

The pencil he was holding snapped under his assault when he realized this bit of info. Zack probably saw more of the real Sephiroth in their time together than he did in the man's lifetime.

That was about to change though.

The next day, Hojo had his plan all sorted out.

"Marcus," Hojo called out and one of his lab technicians scampered over. He took up a small clear bag with small button-like items inside and handed it to the short, fidgeting man.

"Sephiroth will be in training for the entire evening. Make sure these devices are planted—discreetly, mind you—in each room of his apartment."

"Y…yes Sir," Marcus acknowledged before scampering off.

Hojo smirked. There was no way Sephiroth would be able to escape him, no way at all and a cackle of a laughter escaped his lips.


The next day Zack cracked his eyes open and looked around. He had spent another night sleeping in his lover's quarters and he yawned before stretching his stiff muscles. He turned around to realize Sephiroth wasn't in the bed, so he lazily dragged himself out the door, wanting to feel the man first thing in the morning.

Sephiroth sat on his couch, reading a book when a totally naked Zack walked out and dropped himself into his lap.

"Morning Zackary," Sephiroth greeted before placing a quick peck on the soft cheeks.

Zack smiled warmly and nuzzled into the older man, unaware that he was being gazed at like meat to be eaten.

"When's breakfast coming?" Zack asked lazily while he found a comfortable spot on his back.


"Mmmm, I want to eat right now." Zack nuzzled his face into Sephiroth's crotch seductively and the man instantly hardened.

"Well, I believe a bit of protein before breakfast would do no harm." And with that Sephiroth placed the book down and freed his erection.

Zack greedily sucked the man into his mouth.


Within the next hour both men had eaten—Zack twice--then showered and was ready for their daily duties. They both left together and separated down in the lobby to go to their respective work for the day.


That night, still unsettled about Hojo's presence the day before Sephiroth dragged a bewildered Zack back to his apartment. He had a bad feeling coiling in the pit of his stomach, an intuition and he just felt like fucking it away. Zack was always a good distraction.

"Seph, wha…?" Zack's words were cut off when his lover pinned him against the wall and proceeded to kiss him hard. He melted into it and wrapped both his arms around his lover's neck before wrapping both legs around his waist.

Sephiroth walked with his lover back to his bedroom with their mouths still locked together. He unceremoniously dumped him on the bed when they reached their destination.

Zack had a mischievous glint in his eyes when he watched his lover from his position on the bed.

"Strip," Zack commanded and Sephiroth complied, working himself out of his uniform.

Zack made a show of wanting to take his clothes off too before Sephiroth grabbed him and ripped said item away.

"Too slow," Sephiroth whispered before kissing his lips and stroking his already dripping length. Zack moaned before lying on his back and opening his legs, feeling the heat rush to his brains, both of them.

Sephiroth nestled himself between Zack's thighs before sucking a pert nipple into his mouth which caused his lover to grind against him. He stroked Zack's cock slowly while he did this, driving his lover to near insanity before Zack started begging.

"Please, fuck me and stop teasing," Zack moaned. Sephiroth licked the expanse of flesh in his path down to his navel, dipping his tongue inside a few times which caused him to moan out in pleasure. A few kisses lower and he was being sucked off by the most talented tongue in all of Gaia.

Sephiroth started working a lubed finger inside Zack's body while he deep throated him, listening as his lover's pitch got higher in cadence while he held both legs up to his chest.

Everything about Zack screamed sex, his 'come fuck me' aura was so potent he had to ward molesters off when he realized he wanted the man. And Zack was clueless to some of the advances sent his way. The first time they had sex Zack was like a wild animal that needed taming. He could tell the kid hadn't gotten any in a while and he treasured the pleasure of bringing him to a higher state of bliss.

Zack called the man's name over and over when his prostate was hit and he was given no warning except the loss of hot, talented lips on his cock before Sephiroth climbed back up and started fucking him mercilessly.

Sephiroth only knew that this was right, this was what he wanted and he would never let Zack go or be hurt by anybody else, especially not Hojo. Zack was perfect, Zack was his and if the whole world needed to know for his message to get across, then so be it.

Feeling a strong possessiveness wash over him Sephiroth put more power into his thrusts, listening o Zack's voice while he screamed and moaned for him, digging his nails into his back.

By the end of the night Zack was another boneless mess and Sephiroth felt satiated, but a little bit paranoid because something didn't feel right. Shrugging it off as nerves due to Hojo's presence the day before, he cleaned his sleeping lover up before falling asleep himself beside him, gently stroking the soft black spikes.



That's how Hojo felt watching the two on a monitor in the privacy of his office. Lt. Fair as he imagined was a total slut in bed, a total wild thing that he knew would be able to hold the 'hard to satisfy' General's interest.

He noted in a blank folder the different sexual acts that caused different reactions in the silver haired man. Having the Lt. perform fellatio caused him to become possessive but he seemed relaxed. Being inside the man brought out a beast inside the General Hojo had never seen before. Not even in his stamina tests in the lab.

He didn't want to admit it but the two were captivating together and they complimented each other perfectly in bed. Hojo could feel something tingling below his navel and he tried to ignore it but the more he watched the more it got stronger.

It took him a while to figure out, but the scientist was surprised he was finding himself in a horny state watching his son—no—his greatest experiment and life's work perform such lewd acts.

Hojo didn't want to stop watching but when the confines of his pants became too unbearable he reached into said pants and started stroking, clumsily trying to get himself off. He used quick, hard pumps and got the act over with as soon as possible because he didn't want to feel it in the first place, it was just there.

Wiping away the cum with his hand that splattered on his abdomen, the scientist wiped his sticky hand in his lab coat before picking back up his pen.

He resolved he had to find a way to get them together in the lab, drug them both probably before reading their vitals in a professional manner. Sephiroth especially had never given his all to stamina research in the lab and now he saw the perfect way to do it to full capacity.

Zack Fair was his ticket to making sure Sephiroth did his bidding and he planned to make full use of the opportunity he's been given.


The next day Sephiroth felt more uneasy than he's ever been sitting in Hojo's office. Too many bad memories were associated with the man and the place but for some reason this time it felt stronger. Zack was inducting some new cadets, introducing them to the facility and outlining the run down of their lessons for the year.

Only his mind on Zack could keep the General's thoughts from straying…mainly to decapitating a certain slimy scientist. Both his arms and legs were strapped down to a semi reclined chair and he gazed at the man as he moved about, getting his equipment together.

"So, my boy…" Hojo started and Sephiroth's brows knitted, he hated that name because he wasn't anybody's boy. Especially not Hojo's, despite him using? his…thing?…to get his mother pregnant?

That thought was wrong on so many levels.

"…How have you been lately?"


"I have a new formula I want to try on you."


"You don't mind? No objections today?"


Hojo decided to push his luck. "I also want to try it on your friend, Lt. Fair."


The scientist turned around when he heard the sound of the restraints snapping. The look in Sephiroth's eyes would have affected him if he was a lesser man. Fortunately he wasn't and he raised a brow questioningly at the silver haired man.

"Zack Fair is off limits," Sephiroth said in a tone so cold Hojo faltered for a second.

He then scrunched his nose before pushing his glasses up on it. "Lt. Fair cannot be off limits, he is a first class SOLDIER."

"I don't care," Sephiroth sneered, cold cat slit eyes staring the man down.

Hojo smirked before twisting the six inch needle he held behind him.

Sephiroth screamed.


It was near the end of the induction and Zack gave the newbies a final welcoming speech. He didn't miss the star struck glares he received from some and grinned widely. There was one in particular that sparked his interest because the cadet resembled a wet, baby chocobo. He loved chocobos, was very fond of the big birds. He had managed to find out the kid's name from the files piled on a desk close by.

Cloud Strife.

He rounded them all up and issued the teens bunk numbers and other general information they would need to settle in.

It was by the end late evening and Zack decided he needed a bath, some rest…or better yet a good fuck. Walking back to both he and Sephiroth's apartment, he hummed lightly to himself, excited at the thought of seeing his lover again. He knew Sephiroth had an appointment for his mako shots earlier and he did feel a little worried but deep down he knew his lover could take care of himself. There was never a time he had seen Hojo do anything to deter the man, other than making him angry and letting it be known he hated him. He also couldn't wait to tell him about this sweet, new cadet.

Reaching the door and finding his way inside, Zack shouted his lover's name loudly.

"Seph, where are you?" The apartment was eerily dark and Zack's enhanced hearing picked up the sound of breathing. It must have been Sephiroth but the place was dark, his lover hated the dark.

Fumbling with the light switch on the wall, Zack turned it on before noticing silver hair from behind the couch. He walked over to his lover and gasped, his eyes going wide when he saw that he was unconscious and there were huge puncture marks all over his arms and welts on his skin.

"Sephiroth, Fuck! who did this to you?" He knelt before his lover and felt for a pulse. It was faint and he listened for a heartbeat and found one but that was faint too.

"Fucking….," Zack cursed, desperately trying to pull himself together. Panicking, he ran to where Sephiroth kept his materia. He fumbled around in the box until he found the heal materia and ran back to his lover, casting level two Cure and Esuna for good measure. Only Gaia knew what kind of shit Hojo could cook up most times and put into people's body.

The wounds on his arms disappeared and Zack breathed a sigh of relief when Sephiroth began to stir.

"Zack?" Sephiroth blinked the blurriness away from his eyes before taking in the state of his lover. He didn't know how he got back to his own apartment but that was secondary to waking up to a scared and trembling Zack.

"S…Seph, you were….and I thought….." Zack mumbled into his lover's chest in a scared tone, trying hard to calm himself.

"Shhh, I'm ok Zack, I'm sorry you had to see me like that," he tried to console, running his fingers through the soft black hair.

"I don't know what…." Zack started but was cut off when Sephiroth placed a finger lightly on his lips. He brought his head up and his violet eyes met the green of his lover and he melted when the man locked his lips on his, kissing him passionately.

Sephiroth pulled Zack up to straddle his lap while their kiss deepened. The worst thing about all this was that Zack had seen him so vulnerable, so weak and that is how Hojo had hurt his lover. The look on Zack's face cut deeper than any of the scientist's sharp scalpels.

The slime would pay.

Breaking apart a few minutes later Zack buried his head in his lover's chest while wrapping both arms around him and holding him close.

Sephiroth relaxed while he held his lover also, enjoying the companiable silence going on between them both.

There was just so much on their minds.

Zack took a deep breath and Sephiroth could hear the rumble of his stomach. "Are you hungry?"

"Yeah, I'm starved," the brunette admitted. He had lunch hours ago.

"Want me to call for something? What do you want?" Sephiroth asked, reaching for his phone nearby.

"Just tell them to send everything they have," Zack groaned.

"Everything it is," Sephiroth answered before picking up the phone and dialing the auxiliary staff. When he was through he turned to his lover and gave him another passionate kiss. He could never do this enough because Zack was like his drug and he would gladly overdose. There was just something about the young SOLDIER that pulled him in more than any other previous lover ever had.

"Oh!" Zack gasped when they broke apart, a wide grin on his face and Sephiroth raised one eyebrow in curiosity.

"I met a new cadet today, looks just like a chocobo with bright yellow hair all over the place! His name is Cloud and he's a sweet kid Seph…."

Sephiroth had to chuckle at how hyper and animated Zack was being over his intro of this new cadet. He had to pull him into a kiss to shut him up some minutes later.

Zack melted and Sephiroth was so in the mood but just then there was a knock on the door.

"Food!" Zack shouted before bounding out of Sephiroth's arm and making a beeline for the door. When he opened it three trays of food were wheeled in and he took a deep breath, savoring the delicious smell.

"Thanks," Zack beamed and the men left. He and Sephiroth brought the trays over to the table and began eating.


Hojo balled his fist in anger while watching the monitor. Sephiroth was never suppose to recover so quickly, nor was the two suppose to take this so lightly. He realized Zack must have had a stronger hold on Sephiroth than he originally thought, a hold so much stronger than his it seemed unbreakable and this did not sit well with him at all.

Sephiroth's his experiment, his to mold and his to break, not some slut of a SOLDIER 1st. 'I'll get rid of Lt. Fair if it's the last thing I do.'


Zack swore when he saw Cloud get knocked on his butt by a bigger cadet. Everybody was a bigger cadet compared to Cloud but that wasn't the point. Zack knew the kid must be feeling just like he looked… small and he didn't like the way his instructor shouted at him for it. He stood on a balcony over looking the training rooms below, wanting to see how Cloud was faring his first month in ShinRa. He wished he could have helped the blonde but he knew nothing good would come of him sheltering him from the harshness of military life. Well, not the basic of it anyway.

His thoughts drifted to his lover, the man sitting some twenty floors above him in an office with paperwork up to his eyeballs. He knew he should be helping but he wanted to see Cloud, make sure the small blonde was alright and somehow the aura that Sephiroth emitted at his statement to go felt awkward, a bit weird like he was contemplating something important… or wanted him to stay.

Overreacting maybe? There was just something there in Sephiroth's behavior whenever he mentioned Cloud lately and he just couldn't place a finger on it.

But that aside, since thinking too much hurt his brain Zack watched the cadets pack up to leave. Their training had ended for the day.

Zack caught up to Cloud before the cadet could slip away.

"Hiya Spike!" Zack beamed when the others had filed out and he walked up behind him.

A bit startled, Cloud turned around and smile when he realized who it was. "Hi Zack, what are you doing here?"

"Just came to see if…SPIKE!" Zack shouted, his eyes wide when he saw the blood in Cloud's hair. He immediately held the crimson tresses in his fingers, trying to determine if the damage was severe (even though Cloud seemed fine)

"Zack, go easy…please," Cloud grinned while ducking his head and pulling his hair out of the man's grasp. He did find Zack to be similar to a restless puppy like the rumors said. In the one month he'd gotten to know the older man he was the person he was closest to. A friend.

"B…but," Zack stammered, feelings rising in him at the thought of Cloud being hurt. He thought of him as the kid brother he never had and wanted to be close to and protect.

Cloud broke out into a laugh at the look on Zack's face. "It's not serious, honest." The 1st Class SOLDIER was the only one who got him to smile and just be himself with his own bubbly persona.

"Why you…" Zack started, raising a finger threateningly that had Cloud backing away and grinning.

Cloud tried to run, but he wasn't fast enough to get away from the brunette who was on him in a flash with his fingers tickling his side. It was the worst when Zack found out he was afraid of his sides because the man always tried to punish or cheer him up by getting him to laugh.

Zack yelped when he was grabbed by the collar and pulled off Cloud before he was crushed against a strong, muscled chest. The next thing he knew his hair was grabbed to keep him in place while Sephiroth ravaged his mouth with a possessiveness he hadn't shown since the first time they met.

Cloud looked on in horror. The General and Zack?

Zack was aware of the shuffling of feet behind him, of Cloud getting his things to leave and no matter how hard he tried to get Sephiroth to ease up, to let go the man wouldn't budge an inch, and he honestly didn't want Cloud to leave like this. He had to listen to the sound of the blonde leaving while struggling in Sephiroth's arms.

"STOP!" Zack shouted, panting harshly when Sephiroth finally decided to let him breath. He looked deep into those green eyes he loved so much and noticed they were a darker shade, a sign that whatever emotions was running through him was extremely strong.

"Why did you have to scare Cloud like that?" he asked in a low voice, not understanding why Sephiroth felt the need to claim him in front a cadet he barely even knew. He didn't get an answer, but Sephiroth grabbed him by the arm tightly and dragged him away to their quarters.


"Wha…!" Zack shouted when he was unceremoniously thrown on their bed. Sephiroth was on him in a heartbeat, pinning him to the bed with his body weight and giving him a very intense stare.

Zack struggled to sit up but was effectively held down. "Seph, why are you…?"

"You are mine, Zack Fair." And that's when the man kissed him demandingly once more, nearly tearing his tongue with how hard he was being. Confused, Zack just allowed the man to do what he wanted because sometimes that was safer.

Sephiroth kissed along his jaw, working his way down to his neck where he bit him, causing a cry to leave his lips. The man was rough, like they always were but this time felt different. In a few seconds he was minus another uniform with Sephiroth buried deep inside him and him closing his eyes from the pain. His lover didn't even prepare him properly.

"S…Seph," Zack moaned before he was lifted and turned on his hands and knees. Sephiroth had a hand pressing against his face, burying his head into the pillow while the other held his hip in a bruising grip. All he could do was grab the sheets and cry out, moan and curse while his lover marked and claimed him over and over again.

Fast, hard and perfectly painful Sephiroth fucked him in the doggy position, not relenting until he had loads of sperms inside him.

Breathing harshly, the brunette was rolled over before Sephiroth took him into his mouth and gave him a blowjob that had him coming in minutes from the intensity.

"W…what was that…for?" Zack panted while he lay on the bed, boneless, sore and satiated.

"You belong to me," came the possessive reply.

"I know, so what the hell was that for?" Zack narrowed his eyes at his lover.

Sephiroth looked away before answering. "Stay away from Cloud Strife."

Shocked? No, there must have been a stronger word that could explain what he was feeling. "What?" the brunette asked bewildered. Sephiroth was jealous of… Cloud?

Hello Bellevue.


"You're becoming too attached, I want you to stop seeing him," Sephiroth said with an air of finality.

Luckily for Zack that had never scared him.

"Stop seeing….. him? Too attached…?" Zack started confused. " Seph, are you listening to yourself?"

"You talk about him way too much, you leave me alone to go be with him and whenever you see or hear him your body temperature rises." Childish. Sephiroth knew, but it was the truth. He was jealous of Cloud.

"You're…" Zack laughed a sort of manic laugh, a far cry from the loony grin he normally sported because he honest to Gaia could not believe this was happening, that he was hearing those words passing those soft lips. Sitting up he cupped Sephiroth's cheek and forced his head around so he could look him straight into those cat like eyes with all the love he held for him in his own.

His features softened incredibly when he started speaking. "It's you I want to spend my life with, only you I've wanted Seph. Cloud is like the little brother I never had, somebody I can be friends with, laugh and cry with but will never sleep with. Please Seph, I know you might not understand the concept of family but think about what you had with Angeal, you loved him, right?"

Sephiroth nodded his head once. If it was something similar to that he understood, he just never thought it was the same.

"…And you never tried to sleep with him even though you loved him, right?"

Another nod.

"Well it's the same with me and Cloud, k? Please understand," Zack said softly, pleadingly.

"I do," Sephiroth muttered under his breath, a bit of regret coiling inside him. He just couldn't explain the rage he felt when he was walking pass to see Zack with the blonde in his arms. They looked so happy together it hurt when he saw them.

"I'm glad you do," Zack responded before planting a chaste, loving kiss to his lips. The kiss deepened and before they knew it they were both tangled together in bed once again.


Hojo smiled darkly to himself at the latest exchange in the bedroom. He remembered to wash his hands this time before grabbing his things because he remembered having to throw the sticky pen away from before.

He saw the perfect way to get Zack Fair out of his prized experiment's life for good and that cadet would help him do it.

"Finally, finally!" Hojo cackled in the dimness of his office, the room mostly illuminated by the light from the monitor. There was now an obstacle he could wedge between the two.

The scientist rolled his eyes in disgust when Sephiroth jumped Zack once again.


Zack found Cloud the next day after training, waiting quietly by the door for everybody else to leave. He knew Cloud didn't see him, so when the blonde turned around and jumped scared he wasn't surprised.

"Hey Cloud," Zack started nervously, rocking back on his heels while he had both hands in his pocket.

Cloud twitched while avoiding his gaze. "Um, hi Zack. Look I have to…"

"Please hear me out?" Zack pleaded, rubbing the back of his head lightly. He knew Cloud's fight or flee instinct was firmly on the latter and he did understand but he couldn't let him leave without explaining. He breathed a sigh of relief when Cloud dropped his equipment before turning around to look at him.

"I'm sorry," Zack started.

"Why? it seemed all that was directed at me yesterday. What did I do Zack?" Cloud bit his bottom lip. Angering Sephiroth, the demon of Wutai was the last thing he ever wanted to do.

"You didn't do anything Cloud, honest," Zack tried to reassure the blonde while staring into his wide blue eyes.


"Look Cloud, Sephiroth's just different and he made a mistake. We talked about it and he knows he did…and…that's why we want to invite you over for dinner," Zack smiled at the last part.

Cloud raised an eyebrow in question. "He said that?"

"Yeah, well I suggested it and he agreed," Zack answered.

"But I…"

Cloud was too cute for his own good. Zack ruffled his hair and gave him a reassuring smile. "Trust me Cloud, he wants to apologize."

"O...ok, um," Cloud nodded, smiling when he saw the blinding grin Zack sent his way.

"Great! How about tomorrow at 7?"

"Sure, Zack." Cloud didn't know how he felt about intruding in the General's home, but he guessed if the man said it was alright he could be hospitable and show up.


The next night at 6:45pm…..

"Is my hair ok?" Zack asked, running his fingers through it while looking in the mirror. There was this one spike that just…spiked.

"Well it is spiky," Sephiroth teased and that earned him a pillow to the head. He chuckled before wrapping both arms around his lover's waist and placing chaste kisses to his exposed neck.

Zack tilted his head to allow better access before a moan slipped past his lips.

"Not now Seph…" Zack could feel a hand snaking down his torso and he tried to stifle the moan that wanted to escape his lips, enjoying what was happening and momentarily forgetting they were expecting a guest.

A few more minutes of fooling around and both men were broken out of their trance by the sound of a knock.

"Shit, Spike is here," Zack cursed, pushing Sephiroth away and buckling back up his pants. He took one last look at himself before heading out to get the door with Sephiroth close behind.

Cloud smiled sheepishly when a flushed Zack and a cool looking General greeted him at the door.

"Sir," Cloud saluted immediately at the sight of the man.

"At ease cadet, none of us are on duty," Sephiroth replied amused. Zack was right about one thing, the kid was cute.

"Yes sir."

"Come on in Spike!" Zack chimed, dragging the smaller teen inside by the hand while Sephiroth locked the door.

Cloud was surprised when he was led to a table filled with so much delicious food he hadn't eaten in ages his mouth started to water.

Sephiroth didn't miss the happiness on both their faces and he smiled. As long as Zack was happy he was too.

"Sit here," Zack instructed, placing Cloud to sit close to him and Sephiroth. Cloud looked like a kid at a candy store.

"Is that real roast?" Cloud asked bewildered and Sephiroth couldn't help but chuckle. What were they serving them in the mess hall?

"Dig in," Zack beamed and they all did, eating until they were full.


A too full to move Cloud collapse on the couch an half an hour later while the two men stood removing the dishes.

"I think he enjoyed the meal," Sephiroth mused, gaining an amused nod from his younger lover when they brought a pile to the sink.

"Yeah Seph, so did I," Zack smiled before rewarding him with a quick kiss. "Think he'll watch a movie before he goes?"

"He has time," Sephiroth answered. They both walked over to the couch where Cloud sat comfortably.

"Up for a movie Spike?" Zack asked and Cloud smiled.

"Sure Zack, Sir," Cloud answered with a haughty sigh. He felt like a stuffed chocobo.

Sephiroth took a seat beside Zack before the man took the remote and turned the tv on. Cloud beamed and he didn't miss this either, he remembered they weren't allowed such luxuries because of their accommodation.

Twenty minutes later Sephiroth's ear rung because of all the laughing and talking Cloud and Zack were doing. They were watching a comedy program and he honestly couldn't see what was funny about a man getting hit in the face by pies or falling on his butt and getting hit with different objects. He was completely enjoying the atmosphere though, he'd never remember seeing Zack laugh that much and he was happy, even if he looked bored.

Cloud sat half reclined; clutching his stomach and laughing so hard tears were falling out his eyes. "Did you see that Zack?!" More laughter. "I can't believe he did that!"

Zack couldn't stop laughing either, he was practically bouncing all over the couch.

Another twenty minutes later and the kid had to go back to the barracks.

"Thank you Zack, Sir," Cloud smiled when he was at the door, watching the hand Sephiroth had around Zack's shoulder and wondering how he could have been so wrong about the silver haired man. He might have been a bit stoic but he wasn't mean or cold like others said. And if he could put up with Zack that said a lot.

"You're welcome Spike," Zack beamed, really happy about everything.

"And I apologize for my behavior earlier ca….Cloud," Sephiroth corrected.

The blonde nodded his head and smiled. "It's ok Sir, I was more surprised than anything."

"Hurry before you miss curfew," Zack instructed and in realization Cloud gave them a warm smile before quickly slipping out the door. The brunette made a happy sigh before turning and throwing his arms around his lover while the man held him around the waist. "This night could not have gotten any better."

Sephiroth quirked a silver eyebrow. "I think it could."

"Huh?" Zack yelped when Sephiroth suddenly had him slung over a shoulder, carrying him towards the bedroom while he put up a weak fight. "Stop thinking with your cock Seph, I doubt Cloud would appreciate that," Zack grinned.

Sephiroth smiled before sitting on the bed with Zack straddling his waist.

"With you Zack my appendage always take control," Sephiroth mused while Zack grinded his crotch against his own.

"Appendage?" Zack furrowed his brows at the term. "You know if you said, cock, dick, ass shredder, lolli…."

"Zackary, stop," Sephiroth muttered while placing a hand over Zack's mouth. He drew in a breath when Zack started licking his hand, a lusty expression on his face.

They kissed deeply, causing Zack to moan while he rubbed a darkened nipple into hardness, feeling the shiver that coursed through Zack's body.

They were both hard and Zack kept grinding his hip suggestively against his lover's.

Sephiroth was so hard it was near impossible to hold back "Free me," the older man instructed, groaning when Zack's warm hand enveloped his heated flesh and exposed it, looking at it and stroking as if mesmerized.

Zack loved the way Sephiroth's cock pulsed with warmth radiating from the appendage. He couldn't keep his eyes away from how the tip got redder while leaking precum. The skin felt soft but the muscles were hard, and Sephiroth was huge, just the way he liked it.

Breathing hard and watching Zack's beautiful face Sephiroth palmed his crotch, loving the way those soft pink lips parted in a soft gasp. Pulling the brunette into another heated kiss he allowed himself to lie on his back when Zack pushed him down.

"Now…" Zack teased, a mischievous glint in his violet eyes while he stripped. "Time for us to get busy."

"Ride me."

"With pleasure."


Six weeks later Zack was due for mako treatment in the next two days. He had hid that little fact from Sephiroth because he knew his lover would get angry and would probably pull rank to try and stop his treatment. It wasn't that he feared Hojo knew about their relationship but just the plain fact that he had hurt the man he loved and said man was itching for an excuse to skewer his ass. As awesome as that sounded he didn't want to get him in trouble. Besides, he'd been a 1st class for a year now and was kinda getting use to the procedure and being around the scary character.

He resolved that as long as Hojo didn't know about he and Sephiroth's relationship, they would be alright. Nothing to worry about.


"Cadet Strife!"

Cloud stopped sparring and looked at his instructor when his name was called. He saw another man standing close by and he dropped his weapon and jogged over, saluting when he was in range.

"Cadet, you're needed at the labs in the next fifteen minutes. Report directly to Professor Hojo when you get there and the lab is located in building A," his instructor informed him.

"Yes Sir," Cloud saluted before leaving the training room.

Walking down the halls of building A Cloud felt scared. He had heard many stories about the man and his experiments, mutilations, monsters and ghosts. He'd never seen him in person but Cloud was already scared and if it wasn't a direct order he would have turned back and ran with his tail between his legs.

The halls were eerily quiet and before long, he came upon a reception area. He walked up to the middle aged woman and stammered out his name.

"Mr. Strife, Professor Hojo will see you in lab C down that hallway," the woman informed him after checking a roster laid out before her.

"T…thank you," Cloud said before throwing her a nervous laugh before walking off. This was so not good.

Seeing the door labeled lab C Cloud knocked lightly on the wood, entering when a muffled 'come in' drifted to his ears.

The white room smelt strongly of antiseptic and chemicals. Looking around he noticed there were scientific equipments in every corner, some he'd never seen before. There were two doors leading off to another room and he just knew that's where all the evil things happened, he just knew it.

There was a man with his back to him wearing a white lab coat and sporting a ponytail. He knew from pictures this was the professor.


"Aaaah, cadet," Hojo cackled after he turned around to see the blonde standing there looking nervous. He took a file from off the desk and opened it, reading while he walked over to the unsuspecting cadet.

"You're file says you're from Nibheleim," the man started.

"Y...yes Sir," Cloud responded, feeling for all the world like a trapped animal.

"Well, my boy… there is a reactor close to that area and from what I've seen of your blood sample you might have traces of mako in your system," the man continued.

"Mako…sir?" this shocked Cloud.

"Yes my boy, I just want to run a few tests to confirm the level of it in your system."

"Y…yes Sir." Cloud didn't understand why he had to be so unlucky, but an order is an order.

"Follow me," Hojo cackled in that high pitched voice of his and Cloud cringed while following the man into the next room, which, in his opinion looked worse than the first.

"Lie over there and roll up your shirt sleeve." The man pointed to a half reclined table and Cloud did as he was told, all the while being scared shitless. Metal items could be heard clinking together while Hojo searched for something on a desk and when he turned around with a needle in his hand Cloud shuddered.

"Don't worry my boy, you might feel a bit woozy but this wont hurt a bit," the man said while tapping the syringe to get out any air bubbles before walking over and tying a small hose to his upper arm.

Cloud looked straight ahead when the man told him to ball his fist and he hissed when the needle slowly penetrated his vein.

There was vision and then there was none.