"Well," Sagara Sanosuke said as he tossed a coin into the wishing well on the outskirts of Tokyo, "here goes nothing." A moment later the coin hit the water and sent ripples splashing into the walls at the bottom of the well.

'Pull up the bucket,' a voice echoed from nowhere. Sanosuke immediately jerked around, checking to see if there was anyone else around him. To his surprise he found no-one. 'Hey!' the voice echoed again. 'Pull the bucket up. It's not polite to leave a lady hanging (in this case literally) after you call for her.'

So the voice was coming from the bottom of the well. Reason told him that it probably meant there was someone trapped down there, so he cranked the handle for all he was worth. When it finally reached the top, there was only a bucket.

"What kind of crap is this!" he shouted. He peered over edge of the well, to see if there really was someone down the well to begin with.

'In the bucket, Stupid! Why do you thin?' He looked in the bucket and saw the image of a woman floating on the surface.

"And just who are you suppose to be?"k I had you pull it up

'Most people call me the Time-Space Witch, but you can call me Yuko.'

"OK then, Yuko, could you please tell me WHAT IN HEAVEN'S NAME IS GOING ON!"

'You were going to make a wish from this well, were you not?' she asked, undeterred by Sano' sudden outburst. 'Well, I'm here to help with that.'

"How are you going to help with my wish?" he asked. "And how dom you even know I have a wish to make, anyways? I could have just dropped the coin in be accident."

'You're a practical man for the most part, correct?'

"I guess." Unless of course you ask the Vixen or Kaoru.

'So then it stands to reason that you don't believe in magic,' she stated.


'Which means you must be really desperate to use a method like this to solve this problem of yours.'

"Get to the point," he said, starting to get irritated.

'I can help you with that,' she stated.

"So you grant wishes?" he asked skeptically.

She grinned evilly, 'For the right price.'

"What price?"

'First tell me your wish, then I can set a fair price.' Then in a barely audible whisper she said, 'And milk you for all you're worth.'

"What was-"

'Nothing. So anyways....'

"Well," he began. In truth, he didn't really know why he was telling this to a stranger in a well bucket, who could just as easily be the product of his nigh-invincible head taking one or two beatings too many. But he had also exhausted all his other options, and he just couldn't stop thinking about her. If only there was a way to show that stubborn Vixen that this "Bird Head" could be just as gentle as Kenshin could, "there's this girl that I like..."

'Wonderful, I can hear the wedding bells already! Watanuki, break out the sake!' she called to someone elsewhere in the room she was in.


'I'm sorry, you were saying?' she asked, looking exactly the same as before her outburst.

"I really like this girl a lot, but she doesn't like me back."

'Any particular reason?' Sano decided to ignore that.

"She says that I can never be gentle, not like that stupid Battosai does all the time."

'The Hitokiri Battosai? How's the little runt doing?' How did she know who Kenshin was? Never mind, it wasn't important.

"For one, he goes by Himura Keshin now. He and Kaoru have been together for a while now, and the Tanuki has been harassing me to find a girl of my own for months."

'So you're here because you have absolutely no skills at picking up ladies of your own, right?'

"YOU WANNA HEAR MY WISH OR NOT?!" She let him cool down for a minute and let him continue, "I just want some way to show her I'm not just a loose canon looking ofr a fight, that I can be sensitive."

'Although that "loose canon" remark wasn't to far off...'


'Fine, here's what you do....'

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