Two weeks later Sano returns to the wishing well to give "that stupid Time-Space Witch" a piece of his mind.

"Hey, Witch-lady," Sano yelled into the well, "show your face already! I know you're in there!"

After a few more hours of shouting (and looking completely ridiculous to any passers-by), he remembered that the witch hadn't appeared until he threw a coin in.

He dug in his hands into his pockets and found the last two coins he had on him. He grunted.

"Shoot, I was gonna use these at the dice game tonight," he muttered. "Oh well, at least I'll still have the one left."

He tossed the coin in and watched it fall to the bottom. As the ripples it made when it hit the water settled, he could begin to hear a woman's voice come into clarity.

'...And then he said, "So why bother telling me at all!". I know! But trust me, he's even funnier in person. He even wore a pair of ridiculous headphones that looked like ears, just because I told him to!'

"Hey, Witchy, you just gonna leave standing here all day or what?" Sano asked.

'I have to go now, a customer is calling. OK. OK. I'll call you again soon. OK. Bye now.' She hung up the ornate phone she was using and turned to Sano. 'Welcome back Sagara Sanosuke. I trust you and your girlfriend had some, ahem, "Quality time"?' she asked, a mischievous glint in her eye.

"Waddaya mean, 'quality time'!? Because of your stupid advice, Megumi ended with an injured shoulder and she and I ended up trapped in a cave because some punk decided to knock us off in some idiotic act of self-righteous vengeance! I don't see how any of that can be considered 'quality time'."

'What advice?' shen chuckled. 'I only told you to help her out some time, I had absolutely no control over what happened as the result of that.'


'As for your time not having any value, let me ask you this...,' Her face became serious. 'Did anyone die?'

Did anyone die? What kind question was that?

"I don't think so," Sano answered uncertainly, "but that might have something to do with the fact that I was TRAPPED IN A FREAKING CAVE FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS!"

'That's good to hear. Now, are you two still together?'

"Well, yeah, she comes by the dojo at least once a day to see me."

'Then I'd say the time you spent in the cave fostering your romance had much more quality to it than if you hadn't.' Yuko was now grinning like a Chesire cat.

"I guess when you put it that way-"

'Now about your payment.' Sano went pale.

"Maybe I could possibly open a tab with you?" Sano asked pathetically.

'I don't think that would be possible,' Yuko stated, 'at least if your tab at the Akabeko is anything to go by.'

" did you know about that?!" Sano asked nervously.

Yuko chuckled again.

'Oh, I know a great, many things about you, Sagara. Including a few interesting tidbits that I'm should you'd rather stay buried.'

Sano gulped.

'But if we settle the matter of the payment, I won't go into any of them...maybe.'

"Fine," Sano said dejectedly, his head hanging low, "let's just get this over with. How much do I owe you?'

'Oh, just whatever money you have on you right now will do just fine.' She looked him over, 'But by the looks of you it doesn't look like you have that much.'

"WHAT WAS THAT!?!" he shouted into the well. "Here," he said, throwing a coin in, "take this and good riddance! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to a dice game."

'With what money?' Yuko asked.

Sano froze in mid-stride.

"You knew this would happen, didn't you!" he shouted back.

'Maybe,' she answered coyly. 'But don't worry, I'm sure you won't see me again.'

"Aw, who needs you anyways!" he shouted as he threw a rock into well at her face.

And with a splash she was gone.

"Stupid Time-Space Wtich," Sano grumbled on his way back to the dojo, "Who does she think she is? Robbing me of my last penny like that. Now I'll never be able to win enough money to pay for a meal tonight."

"Like you could win anything to begin with," Megumi said, suddenly appearing to his right.

"Oh, Hi Megumi," he said. "Where did you come from?"

"Um, I live here, remember?" He then noticed that he was standing in front of her house.


"So what are you doing here?"

"I was out by the old wishing well and I lost the last of my money there. Now I have no way to get a hot meal tonight."

"You mean you're not going to eat at the dojo?"

"Have you tried Kaoru's cooking? Besides..." he trailed off.

"I was actually just about to make dinner myself, would you like to join me?"

"You really mean it?!" Sano said, immediately perking up.

"Of course, don't couples share meals all the time?"

"You do have a point there," he agreed. "Uh, I'll be in in a minute, there's something I need to do first."

"Alright, just don't take to long."

"No problem," he said, "be back in a second." And with that he raced back to the wishing well as fast as he could.

When he got there he stuck his head down the well and shouted, "Hey Witch, I don't know if you can here me, and I'm still mad at you for skiffing me like that, but I think I'm starting to like this "Hitsuzen" of yours, whatever it is!"

Meanwhile, Tokyo, preasant day...


"Bless you," Watanuki said as he brought Yuko's dinner into the room.

"Bless you, bless you!" Maru and Moro echoed in perfect synchronized stereo.

"Thank you," Yuko said, "but I'm fine. It's probably just someone talking about me somewhere."

"Are you sure you're not coming down with something? It has been getting rather cold lately."

"I already said I'm fine, not shut up and bring me another bottle of sake."

"Another?!" Watanuki shrieked. "But you've had three bottles already. You're going to destroy your liver in days if you keep this up."

"Oh, I've destroyed my liver years ago, just bring me the sake."

"Sake! Sake!" Maru and Moro chanted, dancing around Watanuki's legs and almost making him drop his tray.

"Fine," he grumbled as he put the tray down in front of Yuko, "but you're taking an extra dose of Eki-Kyabe tomorrow."

"As long as I get my sake!"

Watanuki groaned, it was going to be another long night at the wish shop.


Layman here, with my very special guest host, Yuko Ichihara! What's up, Yuko?


Ok, I see you've already been in the mini-bar. Why don't I do the disclaimer this time. We'll see how you are after that, OK?

Sure. *nods head* Ow.

Hey Watanuki, bring that Eki-kyabe in here, pronto! Now where was I? Oh yes. Ahem, I, The Layman, do not own, or own anything related to, Ruroni Kenshin or xxxHolic. How you feelin' Yuko?

Better. And I have some questions for you.

Well, go ahead and ask. That's what I'm here for.

OK, why did you make me out as a two-timing con artist who always gives her customers the short end of the stick?

...And the next question? *sweatdrops*

Do you have any sak-


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