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Megaman Starforce: Hades' Resurrection

I made a love rival

"Geo, are you ready to go?" Sonia called from the door along with Luna, Bud, Zack, Jack and Sasha. It was 7:00 and they want to be early, on their first day of school.

"Yeah." Geo answered back. Then he came down the stairs along with Hiro, Sky and Seiji in their school uniform. Also Taran came down, in his regular clothes. Ivan already went early to his college for a head start with Geo's motorcycle.

"So guys, how does it starting school in a new country?" Luna asked.

"Not bad actually, but we might need a tour." Hiro answered.

"Don't worry as High School President; I'll help you on what you need." Luna said.

"Don't forget about us, we're friends we'll help you out." Bud said for the group.

"Thanks." Sky said.

"So why are you guys going so early? You guys go later than us.' Seiji asked to Sasha and Taran.

"Well, I want to have a look of the school I'm attending to, before class starts and Taran offered to give tour." Sasha explained.

"Oh did he." Geo grinned and Taran blushed. Then he cleared his throat.

"Anyway you guys should go and get your tour started soon." Taran said eagerly.

"He is right; some students will want come early so we have to hurry before the halls are crowded." Zack said.

"Then let's go." Jack said.

Then older group walk to their high school while the two kids walk to their school.

"Taran, I have to admit that I'm scared." Sasha confessed as she started the conversation. "I mean that this is my first time going to a regular school."

"Don't worry, you have me, I'll help you in anyway I can." Taran said softly.

"Thanks, Taran." Sasha smiled.

"You're welcome." Taran said.

"Come on, I'll show you around the place." As Taran and Sasha enter the school gates and into the school grounds.

Echo Ridge High School

"Okay, you guys got your schedules, now what classes you have?" Luna said as the group of Greek transfer students got out of the office.

"Well what lunch period do you guys have?" Geo asked.

"We all have 8th period lunch together since most of the seniors have them." Sonia answered.

"Really, us too, it looks like we can all sit together at lunch." Hiro said.

"Just like old times." Sky grinned.

"But it is the last period of the day, why is that?" Seiji asked.

"Because it helps seniors go home early to study to get them into a good college." Zack answered.

"Well, it looks like we all got the same homeroom, history class, gym class and have study hall together." Geo said comparing all their schedules.

"Yeah but look some of us don't have English, Math and science together." Hiro whined.

"That's ok; at least some of us have all their classes with some one." Bud said referring to Geo and Sonia. With a struck of luck those two have the same classes together all year.

"Hey, it was by chance, we didn't know we got the same classes together." Geo and Sonia said blushing.

"Yeah right." Jack said.

"By the way, does that guy, Solo, goes here?" Sky asked curiously.

"Yeah, he does he usually sit with us at lunch to see you came back Geo." Bud answered.

"Anyway now lets take that tour." Luna said.

Luna led the group to the whole school starting from the cafeteria to the gym to the classrooms and finally their lockers. During the tour Luna pointed out the best routes to go during the passing periods. Also she pointed where to look to find them in the hallway during the passing period if they need help. It turns out that Geo and Sonia's lockers are right next to each other. No surprise there.

The rest of the gang has their lockers in a different hallway. Finally the tour ended.

"Okay, it's almost time for class to start so take care and find us if you need anything." Luna said.

Then the rest of the gang went to their first period classroom, which is homeroom.

But before they went in…

"Ah you must be the one of the new Greek transfer student I heard about." A male teacher said.

"Geo this is Mr. Thompson, our homeroom teacher, he teaches science and technology." Sonia introduced.

"Really, I love science." Geo said.

"Oh, you know him, Ms. Strumm?" Mr. Thompson asked.

"Yes, we met and became friends 7 years ago." Sonia answered.

"Wow that must be an interesting story to tell." He said. "And your name is?"

"Geo, Geo Stelar."

"And sir you should know that I was born at Echo Ridge and live here before I got into a Greek program, so technically I'm not Greek." Geo clarified.

"Really?" The teacher sounded surprised. "I heard of a program that a professor from the University picks five children and study at Greece helping him on what ever his research is."

"Yeah that's the one." Geo said.

"Well Sonia get in and I'll introduce Geo to the class." He said.

"Are you sure?" Geo asked. "I don't want to be known as the 'Greek Guy'."

"Geo, they won't call you that." Sonia said.

"Don't worry about that, just be yourself and you'll do fine." Mr. Thompson said.

Then Sonia gave Geo a peck on the cheek. "I have to take my seat now and I'll save you a seat when you go in."

Then she went to the class and took her seat as the bell rang.

"She's your girlfriend." The teacher half-stated and half-asked looking surprised.

"Yeah, we got together over the summer." Geo stated.

"Well be careful around her fan club, they can be very dangerous and vicious." Mr. Thompson warned.

"Oh I can handle it; I face a lot of things more dangerous and vicious than a fan club's wrath I'd tell ya." Geo stated.

In class, Sonia was sitting in class waiting for Mr. Thompson to come in and to get started until…

"Hey Sonia, did you miss me during the summer?" A sly voice asked her.

She looked up and it was Mike Mason, the captain of the lacrosse team and the most popular guy in school. Apparently he is self-absorbed and thinks every girl will want to date him until he tried to flirt with Sonia. Then he ended with a black eye. Since then Mike keeps trying to win her over and Sonia hates him with passion. He thinks she is playing hard to get.

"Go away Mike and no I didn't miss you." Sonia answered with venom in her voice. "You should go back to the hole you crawled out from."

"Come on you know you miss me." Mike said unaffected by that comment. "So you want to go somewhere after school? I hear there is a new café, we can talk how much you miss me there." Then he went back to his seat that was five seats across from her seat.

Finally Mr. Thompson went in.

"Good morning everyone, this is finally your senior year." Then everyone in class cheered.

"Even though this is the first day of school, we are grace with a new students from Greece." He said. "There are five Greek exchange students new here today and one of them will be in this homeroom, so please make him feel welcome."

There were some whispers about him.

"I bet he is a nerd."

"I heard he got into some kind of program."

"Maybe he is a thug and killed someone." It is a wonder how the mind thinks in many ways.

"Ok Geo you may enter." Then Geo came in and smiled at Sonia. Some girls squealed on how handsome he is.

"My god, he is a total hottie."

"Did you see how the way he smiled? It's gorgeous."

"He seems nice and a hot body too."

"Do you think he has a girlfriend?"

"I hope not because he's mine."

"They better not try to even flirt with him." Sonia thought angrily at the girls.

"Hi, my names Geo Stelar and I hope it's going to be an interesting year." He introduces himself.

"Does anyone want to ask any questions about Geo?" Mr. Thompson asked to the class. A lot of hands went up, mostly girls anyway. Then he pointed to a guy.

"Why did you transfer here all the way from Greece?" A guy asked curiously.

"Well, I use to live in Echo Ridge but then I go in to this program to do research with a university professor and it's done so I can return home until the professor called us again." Geo answered.

"What is it like in Greece?" A girl shouted.

"It's like a historical palace with riches you never seen before." Geo answered.

"What do you do in Greece in your free time?" Another girl asked.

"Well, I help manage a café my friends and I started together, practice my karate and soccer skills for the team, ride in the track with my motorcycle, a bit of boxing, studying and dance at a club next to the café I work at." Geo answered truthfully.

Now more of the guys who are in sports are interested on Geo and girls are almost head over heels for him.

"He and his friends own a café."

"Wow now that is something."

"He races and fights, he must be strong."

"Strong, handsome and smart, he is a dream come true."

"He knows how to dance my god he is too good to be true." The girls whispered.

Then the guys discussing the same thing they have in mind. "I wonder how good he is."

Then a guy shot his hand up, it was Mike. "What team position you play on both teams?"

"I'm the captain of both karate and soccer." Geo simply answered which made most guys surprised.

"What's your café called?" Again, another girl asked.

"It's called Sanctuary Café, we named it because we thought we should treat our customers as if they were in paradise." Geo answered kindly.

"Ok now Geo take your seat next to Sonia." Mr. Thompson said.

He did as he was told and sat next to Sonia. He smiled at her and she blushed. Unfortunately for them Mike saw it and wasn't pleased.

"Okay since it's the beginning of the school year and as senior this is your final year here in Echo Ridge high school, you have a year of making good memories here and you should make the most of it." Mr. Thompson said. "Also get into a good college and study, soon you will become adults."

"Now that is out of the way, you can mingle until the period ends, enjoy your day." The he left the classroom.

As soon as he did some of the guys and most of the girls are around Geo including Mike.

"So Geo do you think we could hang out after school later?" A girl asked in a flirty tone. Then Sonia glared at her.

"Ah, sorry but I have some plans after school." Geo answered.

"So Geo are you planning to join the karate and soccer team here?" Mike asked.

"No after winning the championships since freshman year at my old school I just want to relax this year." Geo answered, which made some boys relax since they don't want their spots taken from the karate or soccer team. Also impress most of the guys that he is good.

"Really?" Mike asked.

"Yeah, it's true."

"I bet you're lying about it."

"Why would I lie? Since it is true." Geo said getting really annoyed by his behavior.

"Prove it."


Then Geo activate his Hunter-VG and pop-up some school newspapers about his winnings and pictures with his team holding the trophy from his freshman year to his junior year.

"There satisfied." Geo grinned which made the guys and girls more impressed.

"Yeah so, I bet you were lying racing in the track and the café." Mike accused.

"What is your problem, dude?" A guy asked.

"Yeah he is new, give him some space." A girl said as all the girls agreed.

"Don't you think he is lying about what he did?" Mike stated.

"I don't lie about who I am and what I did." Geo said getting frustrated by this guy

"What's going on here?" Mr. Thompson asked.

"Mike was trying to pick a fight with Geo." A girl answered.

"Is that so, Mike I'm giving you a warning now but don't make me catch you making trouble again. Everyone back to your seats." Mr. Thompson said.

After that, the period ended and everyone went to his or her second period classes.

"What was that guy's problem and who is he?" Geo asked.

"His name is Mike and I think he might want you to get away from me." Sonia explained.

"What has it had to do with that?" Geo asked.

"He is kind of obsessed with me." Sonia answered.

"That kind of explains it, I just hope we don't have any classes with him." Geo said.

Fortunate for them he didn't, they thought Mike had only 8th period lunch like ever other senior. The time flew by from second to fifth period. Fifth period is where the gang is all there at history class. Seiji was looking out the window having something in his mind. "I wonder how Ivan is doing."

Wilshire Hills University

Ivan was holding his books walking to his next class. For some reason, he has a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"Weird, I feel as though something will happen today… something special." Ivan thought.

He let his thought wander off without noticing the woman in front of her. Then he fell on the ground and so did the blond woman, dropping their books.

"Sorry I wasn't looking." He apologized as he picked up his books. "Here let me help."

"Thanks." The blond woman said as she and Ivan put up some papers and books.

Then she looked at him and Ivan hears her gasped. "Ivan… is that you?"

It was his turn to look at her and saw a familiar face that he didn't see in a long time.


Echo Ridge Elementary School

"So how is your day going?" Taran asked as he pushes her on the swing.

He and Sasha were in the playground for gym; since it is the first day of school they made free time in this period.

"Well it's going great, it wasn't as frightening as I thought." Sasha answered.

"Ok, if you need any help, don't be afraid of calling me, ok." Taran said.


"Hey Taran." A boy called with a few friends.

"I'll be right back." Taran said to Sasha. Then he ran up to the two boys.

"What's up?" Taran asked.

"Who is that girl your with? I don't recognize her." A boy asked.

"Her name is Sasha and she is new in the country, Josh." Taran answered.

"Anyway you want to play soccer with us?" Another boy asked.

"Sorry Rick, I promised Sasha I'd be with her, sort of my brother's orders." Taran answered.

"Your brother's back. You told us he was in Greece right?" The boy known as Josh asked.

"Yeah, he came back during summer break and we hang out." Taran explained. "I should go back to Sasha, see ya."

Then he ran back to Sasha, leaving both boys a bit shocked.

"I bet you 500 zenny, that Taran has a crush on that girl." Rick said to Josh.

Soon the period ended and they went back to class. After a few more classes the school day was over for them.

Echo Ridge High School

"How was everyone's day?" Luna asked.

They were all in study hall together they were doing an assignment because of a history teacher wanting a two-page essay on a myth they are interested as long it is a Greek myth.

"Good, it's like our old school." Sky said.

"I wonder how our old school is doing with out us." Hiro said.

"Probably in chaos without us." Seiji added.

"What about you Geo?" Luna asked.

"Fine except that jerk name Mike trying to pick a fight with me." Geo answered.

"Yeah, he thinks he owns this school." Bud said.

"What is his deal anyway?" Geo asked.

"He is a snob who gets what he wants and tries to do it by force." Sonia explained.

"Yeah, didn't he try to get you to marry him by signing some sheets?" Jack asked.

Then Hiro, Sky and Seiji snuffled a laugh, but Geo wasn't pleased.

"He did that?" Geo asked.

"Yeah good thing I read the papers before signing and why are you laughing?" Sonia asked.

"The same thing happen to Geo, but it has to do with a Greek marriage dance." Sky manages to say.

"Hey I didn't know walking around the table with a girl holding flowers counts as a wedding." Geo said angrily.

"At least we got you out before it was finished." Hiro said.

"Give him a break guys, he didn't know it in the first place." Seiji defended Geo.

"Anyway… back to assignment." Luna said.

Then Solo suddenly came up to the group.

"Geo there is something that troubles me and it's about Hades' resurrection." Solo said a serious tone.

"What is it?" Geo asked.

"If Hades does come back, what would happen? Also what is the story between Athena and Hades anyway? That's what I want to know." Solo asked.

"I was wondering that also, what would happen?" Zack said.

"After Hades has come back, he will declare the holy war back in place and try to destroy man kind." Geo answered.

"Why is that?" Jack asked.

"Hades believes that man kind was corrupted because so many made too much sins in their lives and tried to punish them by making Earth a wasteland, according to the story." Sky explained.

"Can you tell us this story?" Bud asked.

"According to Greek mythology, every 243 years he reincarnate in to a human boy who has the purest soul on Earth. But Athena reincarnates as herself every 250 or so to protect Earth from evil and gods who want to control it, like Poseidon or Hades." Hiro explained.

"Also there is also another story, that there is always a connection or bond between reincarnated Hades, Athena and Pegasus Saint." Seiji added.

"How does the Pegasus saint have to do with this war?" Sonia asked.

"The Pegasus saint is destined to forever by Athena's side with a special bond and wields the strength to murder gods. He also has some relation to Hades' vessel." Geo answered. Then he turns to Solo.

"Does that answer you question?" Geo asked.

"Absolutely." Then he left the gang alone.

"So where were we with that Greek myth essay." Luna said.

Wilshire Hills University

"Eve… I haven't seen you since you got on the boat, away from Death Queen Island." Ivan said.

"Yeah you prepared me to go to school again, and supply the money I need for my college intuition." Eve said softly. "I've missed you."

"I've missed you too." Ivan said hugging her. "Hey you want to go get some coffee after classes? We could catch up later."

"Ok." Eve answered.

"Great, I'll meet you at front entrance at say 2-ish." Ivan said.

"Alright." Eve smiled.

Echo Ridge High School

"Finally lunch!" Geo, Sky, Hiro and Seiji exclaimed.

"Are you that hungry?" Sonia asked.

"Yeah, a saint has to keep their strength up." Geo answered.

As the group came up to the cafeteria and sat down outside on the picnic tables, eating their lunches, an unwanted student walks up to them. It was not other than Mike with a mad glare at Geo. Then Sonia notice him walk up to them.

"Oh it's you, Mike. What do you want now?" Sonia asked with venom in her voice along with a deadly glare.

"I just want to know why do hang out with him instead of me? What makes him so special? After all you are my girl." Mike asked still glaring at Geo.

"Look Sonia's not 'your girl' and leave her alone." Geo said glaring the same way Sonia did to Mike.

"Who's going to make me?" Mike asked.

"Me, as High School President you should back off." Luna ordered.

"Or I will take care of it." Bud added.

This commotion caught the eyes of senior who are here to eat lunch and not go home.

"Guys this is my fight, let me do this." Geo said. Then they stand down.

"Ok, now." Mike started then charge at Geo. "Who do you think you are flirting with my Sonia?"

Mike was about to punch Geo but he blocks it. Then he flipped him on to his back and step aside. Then Mike got up and tried to kick him but failed when Geo caught his foot and spun him around back to the ground.

"How is she 'your Sonia' when she is my girlfriend?" Geo asked.

"W-what!" Mike yelled.

The remaining seniors who watch this conflict were shocked at this development. Some guys were whispering about it.

"The Greek guy is Sonia's boyfriend."

"This is too good for TV."

"Think he's good enough?"

"I'll rip him to pieces."

Then some girls were mumbling about it.

"Aw and he was so cute."

"I can't believe this."

"I wish he didn't have her."

"Sonia has done it this time."

Then Mike was at his breaking point, getting his jealousy the best of him.


"Because we got together during the summer and known each other for 7 years." Sonia answered for Geo.

"WHAT!" It spread through out the courtyard where the senior can hear.

That made everyone in the courtyard dumbfounded.

"It's true Mike, Geo is my boyfriend, and we're dating." Sonia said as she wraps her arms around Geo's one arm. Geo smiled down on Sonia then turn his attention to the audience they created.

"As for all of you who heard this, don't judge us. It's true I am truly in love with Sonia." Geo said to all the seniors here.

Then the students start to mumble again.

"If they known each for 7 years that counts for something."

"I bet they have strong feelings for each other with that kind of relationship."

"I guess we can't stand in the way of true love."

"It's like a romance fantasy story with those two."

"The Romeo and Juliet of the century." That comment made the couple blushed hard.

"But what about Mike."

"That dude was dumped hard."

"Big time."

"With that kind of rejection who would not."

Those comments made Mike crumple as he try to recollect him.

"I'll," Mike started. "I'll get you for this, you have made a dangerous enemy, I will have Sonia."

"I don't think so." He said calmly.

Then Geo embrace her in front of him. "Sonia is the only person who has my heart and I waited too long to see her again when I was in Greece, I won't let you take away Sonia's love from me."

Then the group of guys and girls 'aw' at that heart-warming statement Geo made.

"She will be mine." Mike declared and storm off the courtyard.

Then everyone clapped at the lovely couple make them blush with embarrassment. Along with the rest of the gang, even Solo made a smile.

"Wow, this turn out better than I thought." Geo said rubbing this temple

"Yea." Then Sonia and Geo kissed in front of everyone as they hear cheers.

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