Teen Titans

The New Abomination

A new villain is in town, and not even the original criminals are happy with her.

At first all is safe. Raven did not aid in the destruction of the planet Earth. Her father was sealed away forever into "The Great Void" where he could never escape. She and her team, The Teen Titans, continue with the hero business as if she was never a demon.

However, Raven's father was no fool. He is always planning, always one step ahead.

The Brotherhood never happened. It sounds weird but I think it's the brotherhood's fault that the show got canceled in the first place. So, no Brotherhood of evil, no ending!

On with the show!

Chapter One : An Unreunion

My 0-2 model Firefly was not in her best condition may I warn. She had been as fickle with me as a Tamerain Princess on her wedding day since I started my journey for the Seventh Section. AKA: Earth. That may have been my ships cause for misery. Three years. Three years I tried to navigate undetected and completely incognito. As silent as a Azerath Serpent. Three long, painfully long, years. And it was so because of my shady past that did not feel like things were settled between us.

That woman- my mother- she was so strange to have kept me for so long on that blasted planet. She had wanted me trained. She wanted me prepared for what I was sent to Earth to do. Though, deep down, I think she wanted to just spend time with the child she hadn't ever known. A child sold to Rokakas to live like a thief and become the next monarch of a rag-tag race.

Well that hadn't ended well…

Stupid past. Shuddit. I don't need reminiscing to distract me right now. I'll deal with you later…

My little sister was gifted, very gifted. I read of her in the Great Library, of her abilities and her potential. I read of a very nasty little prophesy too. Just one though. Only one prophecy. And it had already come and passed. But that didn't settle that woman- my mother. She was under a very convincing influence that there was to be another prophecy that was lost to time. A prophecy that the first failed to counter and only activated when the first failed. A frail proof prophecy.

I saw the Seventh Section and sighed. Yups. A prophecy that my little sister completed and then completely demolished. That was a sight I wished I could have seen. Just one of a handful of events that my little sister handled with her team of heroes. Hero. Such a strange human word.

I couldn't read about the whole of her team. All the knowledge I had of them was merely what rumors I could gather. What with the wanted posters and halo-commercials around the First, Second, Forth, and Sixth Sections I did not need any unnecessary attention. No. That would do me no good. Well Me and Mine anyway.

Raven was apart of that old agreement now too. Before Me and Mine had been my clan of outcasts and myself. Now though- Now Raven was all there was. All I had to claim to. After the Swift War- which was nothing more than the attempt of genocide- I held nothing but my own life. I had taken so many during that cruel time that I wasn't sure my life was worth much.

The authorities say different.

They say I'm worth all kinds of worth.

Not the most encouraging feeling, although it is something to brag about to say that I hold one of the highest bounties in the First Section.

But I'm getting sidetracked again. I can't have that bounty coming to the Seventh Section. As far as Aliena Deristrias is concerned, I have no bounty there and therefore if I stay within the Seventh Section's boarders I shall be held unaccountable to the bounty of other Sections. Huh. I learned more from that woman- my mother- than I thought. Life is a grand old thing.

I shook my head to clear my thinking. I needed to focus. My ship was unstable- at best- and I needed to land in an "I'm-not-here-to-kill-anyone fashion." If I processed the majicks my sister wielded I probably wouldn't have been in this mess. After leaving Azerath for fifty Cold Moons my majicks simply became locked and lost. The only way to establish my gifts, according to that woman- my, ugh! - That woman said I had to go on an unguided journey through myself to reclaim my majicks.

Something I didn't have time for. Something I really did not want to make time for. Something I planned to avoid completely in fact. Which was something that woman did not like. But she agreed with the first part. That whole time-thing, there just didn't seem to be enough of it.

She did teach me some basics. Stuff toddlers could do, or so I was told. I couldn't levitate anything but myself and I could throw inanimate objects with no real tact. Kid stuff. Child's play. Not anything to complain about, but not entirely something to praise about. They seemed to be my only parlor tricks up my sleeve, but there were certain times in the past when I could have really used some parlor tricks. Now I had only a small advantage to whatever lost prophecy I was looking for and the reunion with a younger sister I had actually never met, but something was better than nothing.

When the unstable ozone layer smashed against my unstable Firefly, I lost all warm and fuzzy thinking. It was a struggle just to keep the ship from spiraling towards a messy and instant doom. Every gauge I had was beyond capacity and I heard the sharp and vile heat of Earth's ozone attack my ship.

The horrible scratching sound of metal against metal no pilot of space wants to hear was close to unbearable. It took too long for my ears before I shut the noise out. A few repairs that would cost me more than the ship was worth could fix it. I knew it. I told myself over and over that Earth had all the basic metals I needed to get her back and running real soon. A small voice in my head asked if I'd make this one to even get the chance to fix her. I told that voice to shut it.

Seconds that felt like a Chargalean's hour hurled me through the ozone layer and all of Earth's too blue sky. A sky I couldn't even pay attention to since the expanse of desert coming at me just kept coming like there were no brakes. I did all I could to slow her down. All the resistors were out and several were ripped off like book pages. By now all the gauges were malfunctioning and the emergency alarm that signaled your time of death was buzzing in a manner so as not to be forgotten. I heard more metal screeching and then the desert was at my Firefly's belly. I maneuvered the ship with ability that only an experienced pilot could exercise.

That did not mean it was comfortable. I bounced and banged for a Morlon's Stretch. Miles and miles of desert sand traveled by me and I could take no account to it. I had more resistance opening and set brakes against the sand in hopes that friction could slow me down. I looked out of my window that was so cracked I could barely make out the new world. What I saw quite clearly though were the two mountains coming at a speed I did not appreciate. With everything out and my arsenal of stopping empty I braise myself and tried a calming mantra from that woman.

When no Death came to claim my soul, I opened my eyes and relaxed my muscles. I was alive. My ship had wedged herself between the mountains and ceased any movement. I wasn't getting her out anytime soon, but I didn't think I wanted to be inside her anytime soon. With that thought in the front of my mind, I ran to the ladder to open the hatch and get my first taste of Earth air.

It was dry and scratchy, but that didn't stop me from taking it by the lungful. It was crisp in a foreign way and I could feel a sense of beautiful freedom that I had never even come close to in my entire existence. I saw red dirt and heard a cry of a hunting bird and smelled something salty and cold and I tasted the crackle of heat form the Earth sun. It was intoxicating. It was slightly less wild than Capricorn and slightly lonelier than Sagi. A new planet that was unlike any I had ever been to.

I was so enthralled with the exciting experience than it wasn't until a green-skin young man suddenly appeared within a breath from my face. I lashed out in surprise sending him to his backside on the sand. He muttered and few words I defiantly heard but wasn't meant to. Then he got up very slowly and held his hands up, palms facing me. I think it was a signal of peace.

"Hey. I saw your plane-uh spaceship- crash. I thought you could use some help." He didn't phase it as a question and continued without my assent "I'm Beast-Boy. I'm from the Teen Titans. We did some space missions awhile back from, I think, the Third Section?" he tilted his head and I noted his pointed ears. "I don't remember. Robin paid attention to that stuff. Anyway," he stuck one of his hands out and toward me. I looked at it and then back at his green eyes. I frowned. I didn't know a thing about human edict , but what about a green human edict?

"Um, you shake it." Beast Boy offered with a reassuring smile. As if he had aliens crash through the ozone layer and landed in the most hap hazardous position possible. I looked back at the gloved hand again and hesitantly placed my palm against his. His smile gave way to a full blown grin. And he grabbed my hand tightly then pumped it up and down. I watched.

"Why do you do this?" I thought it was ridiculous. The idea that moving another arm in such a leisure manner didn't mean a thing to me, there was no ceremony to it. It was like there was no trust in the motion.

The green human tilted his head again as he looked down at me. "It's a greeting we do." The words sounded like he was remembering them from a book he read. Unfortunately he did not look like the type to read and memorize reading material, so I figured someone had made him remember it.

"So it's a greeting." I repeated thoughtfully. Then I began to pump his arm carefully up and down a few times before I let my hand fall to my side. For some reason I had the urge to wipe it off, but I withheld the feeling. It might offend him.

"Do you need help with that." He pointed to my junk-moon baby and I sighed.

"It's going to be there awhile until I figure a way to get it out of the mountains."

"You know, I bet Cyborg could handle it." the words seemed to make him incredibly happy and I wondered about that for a second. Then it clicked.

"Beast boy and Cyborg, of the Teen Titans!" I had not meant to exclaim my astonishment out loud. It was too late though and I ignored the young man's hesitant facial features. "That means I wasn't lost! That means I'm close to Raven right?" I grabbed Beast boy's shoulders and I ignored his grimace too. "Where is she? Where can I find Raven? Will you take me to her?"

"Uh." There was a pause before he just grinned again "Yeah! I know where Raven is. I'd be happy to escort you to her." I was wondering why he was grinning so much but didn't let it bother me.

When he offered me his elbow I gave him a pointed look, "And what do I do with that?" He answered by linking my arm with his. "Why?" I couldn't help it. There was so much touching involved on this planet.

"Would you prefer an alternative?"

"What's the alternative?"

His grin became mischievous and the look fitted him so well I concluded that he used this look a great deal. Then in the blink of an eye the man was a horse. I gaped. I couldn't help it. A green horse was giving a mischievous look through his eyes and I barely recognized Beast boy in them.

"Is it weird that I want to not take the alternative?" My thoughts of touching him were a mild distress programmed in to my survival instincts; riding on a stranger's back just left me feeling ill for reasons far beyond my survival, now we were talking about my sanity.

Beast Boy laughed once he returned to his human form. "Nah. This is just fine with me." He offered his arm again and I took it with very little hesitation, and he guided me away from my wrecked baby at a comfortable pace.

It gave me the perfect opportunity to watch my companion from my peripheral vision. And the sight really seemed to please me for some odd reasoning. He was very tall, that much I had noted before. His deep, forest green hair tumbled to the edges of his neck. It was shaggy and appeared soft. The kind of hair any female would want to rip his goggles off and run her fingers through forever. There were no bangs to hide any of his strong yet slim features. Hair outlined his face in two sweeping scuffs on both of his cheeks brushing his jaw, the bottom half of which seemed to be slightly jutted forward. Intelligent eyes that were darker than his hair seemed to be set forward at an object in the distance she couldn't see. There wasn't that 'far-away' look. There really must have been something there.

He looked younger than his eyes let on, but he seemed to play the boy-ish grin rather well. A very attractive human to my standards. His torso was lean like a runner, all smooth and tight muscles that were hidden behind his uniform. A sleeveless purple and black martial stretched across his chest and over his collar bone and half his neck. Sliver banded material wrapped around his forearms to his wrists and black, fingerless gloves finished the job. The rest of the uniform consisted of black and purple pants that matched the top-half with a shiny silver belt separating the two, and sliver combat boots that guarded up to his knees, where a silver pad lay on with a purple paw print of a dog-like creature. I wasn't familiar enough with Earth's animals to know for sure.

Overall though, I figured he was trustworthy enough. It had little to do with his appearance, but that was still part of the equation. Beast Boy was attractive to my standards, and he seemed comfortable enough to touch me. I wasn't big on touching, but I had a sickening feeling this planet did. A if I could warm up to the idea, then I bet I wouldn't mind Beast Boy touching me.

She smelled like adrenaline and that sweet taste some metals have, but underneath that there was something wild about her. Something that made that other part of me sing with excitement and there wasn't anything even happening. I didn't want to make it obvious that I was looking at her. That could have been rude.

Hell! That whole Alien Polite and Edict speech Raven, Starfire, and Robin feed down my throat was practically branded in my brain. I think Cyborg did some brainwashing because I could not believe I actually remembered anything they said on my own. I could barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning. I mean if the circumstance was dire and I had to answer to save my life then I bet I could remember. I wouldn't bet a lot though.

I felt something in her change. Not physically. No. It wasn't something on the outside, it was something in her emotions to tweaked somewhat. She was enjoying my company. That much was for sure. She was hesitant but she may have been from a planet that didn't touch much. But now she was looking at me trying to keep me from knowing it. She liked what she saw. I knew that much, and inside, that other me cried out in joy. It took some serious thought to reel him in. I couldn't go all feral on a guest to Earth. That might just freak her out and I didn't want that.

If she was going to get her eyeful then why shouldn't I? I was taller and I could look over at her without her seeing it pretty well. She reminded me of someone I knew. That was the first thing I thought when I saw her smelling the air. To anyone else she may have just been standing there with her eyes close taking a few deep breaths. But I knew that look and the feeling. She was definitely smelling the air. I couldn't pinpoint who she reminded me of, but I didn't try too hard to figure it out. I thought I liked what I was looking at too.

Most of her body was covered with a tattered and oversized poncho like cloak of some ash color. It appeared tough and heavy and I wonder what she had done to rip it up so badly. The hood of the cloak was deep and shadowed all but her piercing, violent violet eyes. Raven's were indigo. She hit me enough times that I finally remembered that one. The woman's eyes held so much vibrant life to them. I liked them. Her pants were rather tight, but had so many pockets it was hard to tell what her shape was. But the pockets did get me wondering what she had in them.

After a while of looking her over I realized she could be a villain. But that excitement she had went she spoke about Raven seemed hard to act. Who could ever be that excited about the least exciting person one this planet. No, I didn't think she was a threat. Well, not right now any.

I tended to be wary of all new comers who seemed sweet at first. Terra had been like that. At first.

"You going to tell me where we are going?" Her voice cut through my thoughts and I flashed her a grin I knew most females couldn't refuse. I had gotten better at the dating game, which turned more into a game every time I played.

"I'm going to take you straight to Raven. She's at the Tower right now. At least she should be. I mean, she was there when I left." I answered. Sometimes I was sure I talked too much. I saw her nod and a frown tilted her eyebrows inward. "Everything alright?"

"What do you mean by 'everything?'" she countered after a small pause of thought.

"You seem slightly upset. It's a laid back sort of way to talk. We speak in broad terms like that." Was that even an answer?

"I see. You were trying to be subtle." She nodded again then continued. "I am not sure how she will react to me."

I stared at the young woman and I felt and odd spasm in my lower abdominals. My stomach was like on flip-flop mode or something. I swallowed with a dry throat and looked away quickly. The feeling lessened slightly. "You don't know how Raven will react? Haven't you met her before? I thought you were a friend of hers or something."

There was another small pause and I hoped I wasn't confusing her. Suddenly I wished she had chosen the alternative, "No. I have never met her. I think she might be upset to see me. I think-"

I looked at her again when she didn't continue, "You think what?"

She shook her head. "I need to speak to Raven as soon as possible."

"That would've happen had you picked the alternative." I muttered and I felt her arm stiffen in mine. Great! Good job Beast Boy! Now I offended her. How did she hear me anyway? She was slightly shorter than Starfire and that meant the top of her head barely grazed my collar bone. Maybe it was her hearing. Raven could hear almost as well as me.

Well, as well as I had been. Ever since my other half and I matured all of my senses just sky-rocketed. I could hear within a 50 mile radius in human form. I could see the Tower from the ship crash and that was pretty damn far in human form. I could taste things in the air that shouldn't have a taste, like when someone is about to have a seizure or when someone is smugly too satisfied with something evil they had just done. Dogs could sense seizures coming. Cats could just tell when a person was flat out wrong. These things I could do in my human form, in the appropriate animal form, it was all that times a couple thousands. It was really difficult at first, taking weeks to get use to the sound of people walking in Jump City when I was snugly tucked in my bed at the tower, with the window open.

Months of serious training left me knowing when to turn the high-def off and when to turn it on. And I had hated every minute of it. I went to the desert and the forest just to escape the God-awful sounds of the city. It took all this to remind myself why I hated the city and no amount of tofu in the world could or would change that outlook.

"Is that it?" She asked in a mildly cold manner to me. I inwardly cringed. I had ticked her off. Just great! She'll tell Raven who'll never let me hear the end of it! Then she'll make Robin give me another lecture about being humble. Something I do NOT want to go through a sixth time.

"Yeah. That's it. Ain't it pretty?" I tried to lighten the mood.

"It seems a bit gaudy. Only five heroes live here?" She sounded so doubtful.

"After the first couple of weeks when we started, we realized we needed more space than normal humans do. So it seems like a lot of wasted space, but we use every room for something."

She nodded again and gave me a small smile, which cause the uneasy feeling in my stomach again. I just flashed my grin at her with my eyes closed. She couldn't read them that way. I wouldn't put it past her to be able to read my soul. I knew Jericho and that was enough to set my paranoia on the defense.

I hoped that Raven didn't tare this new comer a new one, or frighten her to death with her natural tendency to be creepy. Then something occurred to me, "What is your name? Or rather, what are you called by?"

"I am called Maeve."