Darkward Vampfic Contest Entry

Title: Taste of Innocence

Penname: Nolebucgrl

Beta: rameau & tripp3525

Disclaimer: Twilight and it's characters are not mine, I'm just toying with them.


Taste of Innocence

I walked along the darkened city streets, slick with rain. Mindless thought after mindless thought pierced my head as I strolled past restaurants and clubs and further into the recesses of the city. New York at night; the city that never sleeps. What better place for a sleepless vampire? There was always something happening; people seeing the sights, people falling in love, people living, people dying. Dying…yes, someone would be dying tonight.

I was hungry and it had been far too long since I'd last fed; the unsatisfactory blood of a balding, overweight nothing of a man. Nobody would miss him; he was an everyday drone without a family, few friends; just another faceless, nameless human. Well to be fair, I knew his name but it was as irrelevant to me as the passage of time.

Tonight would be different, though. Tonight I was determined to feast on the blood of someone innocent. I was tired of feeding on the dregs of society, their blood was as disgusting and depraved as they were. I smiled to myself at the hypocritical nature of that thought, for what was I? I was as disgusting and depraved as they came. I was the monster that children grew up fearing and forgot about as adults, discounting the possibility that there was true evil in the world. For awhile I had tried to justify my diet by using my enhanced abilities to pick out the worst of the lot. I could pretend to be a hero, ridding the world of rapists and murderers and molesters. I was their judge, jury and executioner.

Just recently that practice had gotten old. Seeking out damaged minds wore on my own. For once I wanted to feast on beauty, on good, on the light. I belonged to the darkness but that didn't mean that I couldn't enjoy the sunshine now and then, did it? Tonight I wanted a woman, a beautiful, sweet, innocent woman whose blood would taste of her purity. I wanted soft skin, warm lips and a sweet smell, a succulent taste. I wanted to seduce this prey, to get her to come willingly to me; like the moth to the flame; to have her let me kiss her lips, to taste her.

I had done the whole clichéd vampire route over my century of living. I waited in dark alleys and landed on unsuspecting prey, feeding upon their blood before they even registered what was happening. I even went through an unfortunate period where I dressed like an old time Hollywood vampire, doing my best Bela Legosi; cape and top hat included. I shuddered remembering that; one of the worst things about being a vampire is that you don't forget anything. Every ridiculous move I've ever made is catalogued in my brain. I embarrass myself sometimes.

I wasn't going to go the clichéd route this time though. I was going to blend into society until I found that perfect girl, then I was going to play the perfect gentleman and entice her to come with me. Getting a woman would not be a problem. It's not being vain to say that I am attractive. Looks come with the package…the more beautiful you are, the easier to lure in prey. My tousled hair was a multitude of colors; a brownish red that refused to be tamed. It always looked like I had just run my fingers through it, which to be fair, I often had. It was one of the few truly human habits I seem to have retained. My body was perfect; long, lean and chiseled. I emphasized that by wearing a fitted white t-shirt that molded to my body, black jeans that showcased muscular legs and a firm backside. Black motorcycle boots and a black leather jacket completed my bad boy look for the evening.

Beyond the hair and the clothes, though, my greatest weapon was my face. The beauty of reading people's minds is that you get a glimpse of how others view you. Oh what skewed vision they have too! More times than I could count a woman would see me and think that I had the face of an angel. Fighting the urge to burst out laughing at that blasphemy was difficult to say the least. The monster that looks like an angel, how ironic! I have high cheekbones, long lashes and a jaw that could have cut glass. I starred in countless sexual fantasies of passersby every place I went, women and men alike, of all ages. It could give a guy a complex, if I didn't already have one.

Of course, none of these people saw the true me, the monster within. My eyes were not the window to my soul, I didn't have one. I kept them shielded at all times; the glowing red orbs would surely diminish my beauty to my many admirers. I wore sunglasses during the day and at night, remaining in the shadows, I needed no cover. But since I was planning on a new hunting experience tonight, I'd donned some color contacts. It amused me how many color choices there truly were…who wanted violet eyes? I'd even seen some red contacts, although presumably those were for costumes, people dressing up as vampires perhaps? Humans were so amusing. Tonight I'd decided on green, they were set off by my bronze hair and there was almost something soulful about them when I gazed upon them in a mirror. My eyes were the color a peaceful meadow; how ironic. Soulful is just how I wanted to appear this evening; the poetic, tortured boy underneath the bad boy demeanor. I smirked at that image. What girl could resist?

After studying my surroundings for a few days, I'd decided to go to O'Rourke's bar on 6th Street. Many of the NYU students went there to let off steam on the weekends; it seemed a promising hunting ground. There was a good mix of clientele there as well, not just the vapid sorority girls in their too revealing clothes, cleavage popping out of tops and asses hanging out of too short miniskirts. While I would probably be doing a service to the world ridding it of useless sluts, I wasn't interested in that this night. I wanted a quality girl, a smart, quiet girl who left a little to the imagination. In my day and age, women didn't flaunt their bodies; a guy had to work to get a glimpse of some skin. I was willing to work for that tonight.

I stepped into the establishment that was way too brightly lit to fit my idea of a bar, but I had to admit to its advantages when multiple pairs of eyes slid toward me upon my entrance. I even heard a few audible gasps and had to bite my lip to suppress a smile. It wouldn't do to appear too approachable, would it? I kept my gaze trained ahead of me, looking only toward the bar instead of taking in its occupants. Of course I saw them anyway, but I didn't want them to know that.

After a brief moment of pure mental silence, I began to be assaulted by thoughts about myself. Holy shit, would you look at him? He is so damn hot it should be illegal. That man is coming home with me tonight. I want to take him in the bathroom and fuck him senseless. His clothes are going to be on my floor tonight. I couldn't hide a smirk at that last thought; it had come from a man in the back playing pool. By all appearances he looked to be as heterosexual as they came, jeans and a tight t-shirt, bulging muscles, curly hair. Girls were aware of him also, or they had been before I hit the room, but it seemed he'd be going home alone tonight since it was me he wanted. Unless of course he lived with the unlucky girl I selected to be my companion for the night.

I reached the bar and ordered a bottle of beer, tossing a ten dollar bill down. Instead of sitting on the stool, I faced away from the bar, leaning against it and crossing my ankles as I took a blatant survey of the patrons. Gasps, giggles, clothes straightening…predictable reactions as the girls tried to capture my attention. I didn't see anybody who stood out to me; there were plenty of women that I'd be willing to fuck and kill but none that fit the bill for the seduction I wanted tonight.

One of the women finally got up the nerve to come talk to me. I heard her confidence in landing me in her thoughts and nearly laughed. She had a bad blond dye job; her hair was so fried from chemicals that it looked like straw. Her clothes were as trashy as they came, so tight that it appeared they might be cutting off her circulation as her breathing didn't sound quite right to me. Her breasts were nearly popping out of her black top and her skirt stopped just below her ass cheeks. Thigh high boots completed her stripper look. Her makeup vaguely brought to mind a clown, too slathered on and slightly off-center. Had she been drunk when she'd been applying it?

She tried to do a slinky walk but instead stumbled her way over to me. Yeah, Lauren, you're a sexy bitch. Just go get this sex god and give him a night to remember. Oh honey, the things I'm going to do to you. Images of the two of us fucking filled her mind, her sucking my cock, me pulling her hair and taking her from behind, biting her…I nearly laughed when she pictured that. If she only knew. Even if I had wanted a quick bang and kill, this girl would not have sufficed. Her blood would no doubt be tainted by her unhealthy living, tasting as stale as any wino's off the street. Still, I'd give her a little thrill and let her think I'd consider it while I waited for someone more acceptable to come by.

"Hello there, handsome." She was literally crooning at me.

"Hello." No endearments from me to her, she wasn't worthy.

"My name is Lauren, Lauren Mallory. And you are?" She thrust her hand out at me and I eyed it with distaste. I shifted my beer bottle from my right hand to my left and grasped hers for a moment. She'd think the cold was from the bottle instead of my natural body temperature.

"Carlisle." What? I wasn't giving this whore my real name. She wasn't going to know me. I gave her my father's name; I didn't think he'd mind since he'd been dead for about 90 years now.

Carlisle? That's a rich guy name if ever I've heard one! This guy is the total package. I don't just want to fuck him, I want to marry him! As if, Lauren. I was the total package; she had that one right, but marriage? Edward Cullen didn't do marriage. "It's very nice to meet you Carlisle." She made no move to release my hand, instead grasping it between both of hers and running circles over my palm. "You have beautiful hands, you know?"

Of course I knew. I had long thin fingers, designed to play an instrument or a woman with the perfect touch. I'd reward this compliment with the one truth she'd get from me. "I'm a musician."

Omigod, omigod, so hot! His voice is pure sex and he plays an instrument? Please say it's the guitar! "Really? What do you play?" She couldn't hide the excitement in her voice. I, on the other hand, was bored.

"Piano." Oh…well that was still hot but… "And guitar, bass too." I couldn't resist playing with her, plus it was true. I knew it! This guy is perfection, he has to be mine! Never, Lauren. She started yammering about wanting to see me play and maybe giving her a private lesson and I let my eyes continue to roam the room. Still, nobody caught my eye, no thought singled out a person who might be worth my time. Suddenly Lauren's internal voice started shrieking. God dammit, that bitch is here. She better not try to take my man away. I can't let him see her; if he does he'll fall for her just like the rest of them do. Shit, she's coming over.

I instinctively glanced to my right, where Lauren's focus had abruptly shifted whenever this new girl had entered the room. I focused on a statuesque blond that drew every male eye in the room, minus my potential suitor at the pool table of course. She was every man's fantasy, a living, breathing Barbie doll come to life. She had long blond hair that fell halfway down her back, either real in color or the best dye job ever done as her hair looked like pure silk; baby blue eyes that could bring a man to his knees, spectacular breasts that appeared to be real, a tiny waist, legs that went on for miles. I could see why Lauren didn't want this girl to notice me or vice versa. She screamed sex; her red halter top was designed to emphasize her magnificent breasts, her black miniskirt was longer than Lauren's but still left little to the imagination and 4 inch black stilettos took her already impressive height to above 6 feet.

I watched as the beauty scanned the room, her eyes rejecting potential suitors right and left before her gaze fell on me. I kept mine locked with hers and a slow smile spread across that sexy face as she sauntered over to me. She could teach Lauren lessons in walking sexy. I could feel Lauren tense up next to me as the gorgeous woman made her approach. Fuck no; I will not lose another man to Rosalie Hale. That bitch is not going to take him from me. I rolled my eyes, as if I would ever be with this lesser human, Rosalie Hale or no.

Rosalie stopped in front of me, her tongue darting out to wet her full red lips that just begged to be wrapped around a man's cock. I felt myself tighten in reaction. Rosalie Hale was not what I was looking for tonight, there was nothing innocent about her, but it wouldn't hurt to keep her around in case what I was looking for didn't come around. Even if it did, I could always meet up with her tomorrow and fuck her as she screamed my name. I'd even give her my real name; she was actually worthy of the honor.

"Hello." Like her body, her voice promised a sinful time.

"Hi there."

The woman shifted her gaze to the one next to me. In comparison to Rosalie, Lauren looked like a little girl playing dress up. A slutty little girl, but a girl just the same. "Lauren." Disdain dripped from her voice.

"Rose." Hatred from this one. Their thoughts were filled with venom for one another, Rose thinking Lauren was a raging slut and Lauren calling Rose a bitch and a whore in her mind. I wanted to laugh at their mental bashing of one another but I had to play it cool and watch what would transpire.

Rose turned her attention back to me, wondering what I could possibly see in Lauren. "What brings you here tonight?"

I shrugged and answered her honestly. "Boredom and a desire for something new."

She smiled. "You won't get something new with Lauren here, she's banged so many guys they installed a revolving door in her bedroom." I liked this Rose; she spoke it like she saw it.

"Bitch!" This time Lauren wasn't keeping her hatred to herself. "Like you're that much better, you've fucked half the guys on campus. Carlisle is mine!"

Rose raised an eyebrow at her. "Only the quality half, Lauren. I left the dregs for you." I couldn't help it; I had to laugh at the expression on Lauren's face. Her mouth open and closed resembling a dying fish gasping for air. Hurt flashed across her face as she registered my laugh. I suppose I should feel remorse for that fact but this girl didn't need my pity; she was plenty pitiful on her own. I kept my eyes trained to Rose as Lauren's flashed between the two of us. Realizing her defeat, she turned on her heel and left the two of us without a word.

Rosalie smiled triumphantly at me and offered her hand. "I guess we weren't properly introduced. I'm Rosalie Hale."

I shifted my beer again and grasped her soft, warm hand in my hard, cold one. "I'm Edward."

Her smooth brow furrowed in confusion. "I thought Lauren said your name was Carlisle."

I grinned at her conspiratorially. "I told her that was my name; I certainly wasn't giving her my real one."

She smiled. "How do I know that you're not giving me a fake name as well?"

"I think you know, Rose. How did you put it to Lauren, the dregs versus the quality half? You know which side you fall on and which side she does."

Her face lit up completely with her reaction to that comment and her beauty almost took my breath away. I'd met many beautiful women in my lifetime, human and vampire, but Rosalie put them all to shame. Even vampire women, with their venom enhanced deadly beauty, couldn't hold a candle to her. I shuddered to think what she'd be like if she ever became a vampire, she'd probably strike a man blind at first glance.

"Well, Edward, it's nice to meet you. My friend Alice is sitting over at that table in the corner, would you like to join us?" I tried to see the girl she was pointing out but she was blocked by numerous bodies. I may as well join them and wait and see if anyone more to my liking appeared, if not I was willing to shelve my plans for an innocent and take Rosalie home with me.

I followed her to the table, watching the sway of her hips as she led the way. My dick got a little harder as I took in her perfect ass but I willed it to calm, I wasn't ready to give in to lustful urges this early in the night. Something better, not hotter but better, just might come along. Rosalie led me to a table in the corner, away from much of the crowd but in perfect position to see the front door. Good, I could see if the one I was looking for, the perfect prey, came along, whoever she might be.

Finally Rosalie's friend came into view, no wonder I couldn't see her from the bar, she was absolutely tiny. Where Rose was over 6 feet tall with her stilettos on, Alice couldn't be more than 5 feet. Her short black hair was styled in artful spikes. Her height was that of a child, her body was that of a woman, with soft curves in all the right places accented by a shocking purple dress that clung to her. At first glance, a stranger pair of friends didn't come to mind. Rosalie's cool beauty contrasted with Alice's fresh, childlike appearance but there was something about the two of them that fit. They oozed class and confidence. I watched as Alice's gray eyes widened when she took me in as I walked up to her.

"Hi, Alice, I'm Edward, Rose invited me over, is that alright?"

"Um, sure, of course it is." My but he is pretty. He's almost more beautiful than Jasper. Ahhh, Jasper. Suddenly her mind was filled with the face of some blue eyed blond, the male counterpart to Rosalie. I wondered if he might be her brother. There was a tinge of sadness to Alice's thoughts so it seemed to me that she and this Jasper were not together right now and she was rather unhappy about it. Unbidden, I actually felt a wave of sympathy for the girl go through me as I felt her loneliness. What was wrong with me, why would I care about the love life of some college student? There was something about Alice however; it felt like in another life we could be friends, provided in that life I couldn't read her busy little mind.

I situated myself between Alice and Rose, positioning so I could keep my eye on the entrance. I asked both girls about their majors and listened with half an ear as Rose talked about business and Alice fashion. When they asked about me I told them I was pre-med. I'd learned enough over the years to fake it if anybody asked me questions about anatomy, but neither of them seemed inclined to do so anyway. As Rose talked about one of her boring classes her mind wandered and she pictured me fucking her from behind while she leaned against the professor's podium. I bit back a grin and watched as I gave her quite a ride in her imagination. There was a certain kind of wildness to the image that reminded me of Victoria.

Ahh Victoria, my maker. She was a red-headed goddess, as cruel and sadistic as she was beautiful. She caught sight of me in a bar much different from this one, a gentleman's club where the wine was plentiful and the women were wanton. I noticed her from the moment I stepped into the club; she was the kind of woman that men did notice. Her eyes were black as night and I could actually feel them drawing me to her from across the room. She got up and walked outside without saying a word to me but somehow I knew I was supposed to follow. I trailed her to an alley and she seemed to vanish into thin air. One minute she was there and the next she was gone, or so I thought. I paced the alley but she was nowhere to be found, so dejected I started to walk back into the club, hoping she'd returned. Before I got to the entrance of the alley she stepped in front of me, back as quickly as she was gone.

"Hello, my love," she purred in a high pitched kitten voice. Her gorgeous body was less than a foot from mine, close enough that I would have felt her body heat, had she had any.

"Huh…ello," I stammered back, overcome by having such a beautiful woman in my presence. I'd had my fair share of girls but never anybody that looked like her.

"What is your name?"


"Well, Edward, I'm Victoria." Her eyes glittered black in the night as they ran up and down my body, the look on her face almost predatory in nature. I backed up a step and found myself pressed against the wall, my head was urging me to run but my cock was demanding that I stay. She smiled as she saw both the fear and the desire at war on my face. "Cat got your tongue, Edward? I can think of some uses for it if you're not going to speak."

As I opened my mouth to respond to that, though I had no idea what I was going to say, she launched herself at me and started kissing me wildly. My head banged into the wall but I didn't care as my arms acted of their own accord and wrapped around her. She was all over me in seconds, clothes shredding, bodies thrusting. I was inside her before I fully comprehended where we were and what we were doing.

"Fuck me, Edward." So I did, reversing our positions so she was against the wall as I thrust into her over and over. There was not one ounce of kindness in our coupling, it was raw animal sex, grunting and groping. Some dim part of my mind knew we were in public and that anybody could happen upon us but I couldn't find it in myself to care. I thrust harder at her keening demands, getting closer to my orgasm and hoping she was close as well. I told her I was coming and as I began I felt a sharp pain in my neck as her teeth closed down and ripped it open. I knew in that moment that I was dying but for some reason I kept rutting inside her. I felt her tongue trace over my wound as weakness overtook me. No longer able to stand I collapsed to the ground, bringing her with me as she remained latched on my throat.

"Oh, Edward, we're going to make such beautiful music together." The demon woman must have been taunting me over my death. I lay there and waited to die, knowing that I had to be close. Instead of the painless sleep I expected to overcome me, though, a fire started coursing through my veins. I screamed in agony, sure that I was going to hell rather than heaven, heaven could not feel like an inferno. I vaguely felt my body being lifted and whatever part of my conscience that remained figured I was being taken to a hospital or a morgue to die. But the sweet release of death never came, the burning continued for an endlessly. The pain slowly diminished over time and I thought maybe I was healing, despite the fire still burning inside. I could feel my limbs and body again, all the burning centered in my chest as it felt like heart was going to explode out of my body. It beat so fast that it was all I could hear, the repetitive pounding of a drum. Then it beat one last time and the sound ceased. I was dead but I was alive. I couldn't comprehend how that could be so I opened my eyes and saw Victoria watching me, a look of excitement upon her glorious face.

"Finally! I thought you were never going to turn, you're my first you know." I wanted to ask her what first I could possibly be but the fire that had consumed my body was in my throat now. She saw the pain in my face as I clawed at my throat. "Oh yes, you need to eat. Never fear, love, I can take care of what you need." She left the room and returned less than a minute later bringing with her a shaking old man. "It's not much but he's fine for a first meal." She pushed him toward me and I caught him, my arms moving before my mind could comprehend what I was doing. I could hear the old man but he wasn't speaking. He was praying to God that he look after his family and that he make his passage as safe one. I was curious as to why I could hear him while his lips weren't moving but his scent hit me then and nothing else mattered. My teeth sank into his neck and I drained him in seconds. I threw his lifeless body down on the ground. Somewhere deep inside I knew a part of me should be horrified by my actions but I couldn't bring myself to care. The fire was no longer in my throat and that was all that mattered.

I stayed with Victoria for six months after that, learning the art of controlling my bloodlust enough to blend with humans when necessary and the best way to dispose of a body after it had been drained. I never let her know that I was hearing the thoughts of my victims and hers as well; it just seemed like something I should keep to myself. I remained grateful that I never told her, for I don't think I'd have ever gotten away from her if I had.

As the days passed, I grew disgusted by Victoria. She was not just a monster, she was a savage beast. She wasn't satisfied just to drain her victims; she liked to toy with them. She bruised and broke their fragile bodies, not taking their blood until they were screaming to die. I was a cruel bastard, I am the first to admit it, but I didn't take pleasure in hurting my victims. Taunting, teasing maybe, but never beating them until they were just piles of flesh and bone. After she destroyed her human, she would attack me, taking me even more passionately than she did when she turned me. She broke my bones when we were fucking…it grew old. One day when she was occupied with killing some priest (Victoria had a thing for taking out clergymen, she loved to be the demon from hell they all feared), I took my leave. She never came after me, thankfully, and I entered a solitary life of vampirism, taking care to drain my victims efficiently and with class. I was a monster, not a savage.

I was shaken out of my reverie and tried to focus back on what Rosalie was discussing. Something about an engine? That didn't seem right but I wasn't going to ask. Suddenly Alice interrupted her train of thought.

"Where in the world is Bella? Have you tried to call her?"

"I texted her a few minutes ago, she was just leaving the library, should be here soon." Ahh, another girl to join our little group, I wondered if she'd be as lovely as her two friends. Didn't gorgeous girls all flock together?

"Who is Bella?" May as well get back into the conversation.

"She's my roommate and one of our best friends," Alice replied.

"What is she doing at the library on a Friday night? Isn't there a law against that kind of thing?"

Alice rolled her eyes. "There should be! Bella's a total bookworm though. She'd rather be studying than partying any day of the week."

I raised my eyebrows at that information. "You two don't seem like the type to be friends with someone who doesn't know how to have fun."

Rose laughed. "Oh, she does, she just doesn't let loose very often. She is a shy little thing; Alice and I took her under our wings and we drag her out now and then. It takes some browbeating but nobody can say no to Alice and me when we want something." Her voice ended in a purr on that line and I smiled at her wickedly. Rosalie was really something else.

Movement at the door caught my eye as a girl with long brown curly hair entered. She didn't look like she was out for a night on the town; her well worn blue jeans had holes in the knees and she wore a t-shirt with an open flannel shirt above it. Her head was down, the mahogany curls blocking my view of her face. I don't know why she caught my eye when I was sitting with two extraordinary looking women but something about her was drawing me in. She looked up and her wide brown eyes relaxed as she looked in my direction. That's when I saw it. Those deep chocolate pools were as pure and innocent as a newborn baby. My cock, already at half mast due to the presence of Rosalie and Alice, shot up in reaction to this captivating new creature.

I held my breath as she headed in our direction; sure she was going to approach me. I would have to blow off the girls but I was confident I could catch up to them later. I had to have this girl.

"Bella! It's about time!" Alice bounced out of her seat and threw herself into Bella's arms, nearly taking both of them to the ground in the process. She was Bella, their bookworm friend?

A warm soft laugh came from underneath Alice. "I'm sorry, I got to reading and I lost track of time…"

Rosalie gave a most unladylike snort. "What else is new? You do that every day!"

"I'm sorry, Rose, I left as soon as I got your text!"

"Yeah, yeah. Come over here and meet our new friend, Edward." Bella disentangled herself from Alice's embrace and turned to me. I watched in fascination as her pale cheeks suddenly turned a soft pink hue as a blush stole across them. I wanted to touch that blush, run my cold fingers across her cheekbones and see if I could make her turn even redder. I waited to see what her reaction was to my presence; clearly I had some effect on her if I could make her blush at first glance.

Ingrained, long buried manners from my youth had me standing and pulling out her chair for her. "Hello, Bella, it's nice to meet you." I used my softest, least threatening voice. I couldn't afford to scare her off now. She looked taken aback by my action but took the seat I offered. She brushed past me to take the chair and her scent wafted over me. Strawberries, freesia and lavender; venom pooled in reaction to that mouthwatering scent. It took every ounce of will I possessed not to press my nose to her neck and take a deep sniff. While I was there I would press my lips to her pulse and feel her blood pump beneath me. The desire to taste her was stronger than anything I'd ever felt before.

"Hello Edward." She whispered it softly, shyly; I wasn't sure if the humans at the table even heard her. I had to physically fight the urge to sit down next to her, returning to my seat. I comforted myself with the fact that my chair was directly across from Bella's so I could stare at her if I couldn't be right next to her. Bella glanced between me and Rosalie and something flashed in her eyes, gone before I could decipher what it meant. I waited for her mind to clue me on whatever it was but nothing came to me. Surely she had to be thinking something, why couldn't I hear her? I stared at Bella as Alice and Rose chattered at both of us. I had no idea what they were saying because I was trying to hear what the lovely girl across from me was thinking and feeling. Her heart-shaped face gave nothing away, other than that faint blush that stole across her cheeks and got more prominent every time she glanced my way.

I wondered if she'd flush that way when I had her naked on a bed underneath me, my lips trailing over her chest, down her flat stomach, between her silky thighs. I wondered what her sweet voice would sound like moaning my name as I slowly thrust in and out of her. I would not fuck this girl; I would savor every moment with her. I pictured her writhing below me as my cock slid inside her wet, hot pussy. I imagined increasing the force of my thrust and watching those big brown eyes cloud with desire. Would she sigh my name as she came or would she scream it? I had to know. What would her lips taste like? Her skin? Her pussy? Her blood?

I gripped the table and tried to control my line of thinking, I was ready to lunge across it and throw her down and take her right in the middle of the crowded bar. My cock felt like it was trying to force my pants open on its own. If she looked at me one more time through those lowered lashes I was not going to be able to control my actions.

Since I couldn't hear what she was thinking I tried to draw her out verbally. "So, Bella, your friends tell me you're quite the student. What are you studying?"

She looked embarrassed and her flush grew darker. "Literature." Great, a one-word answer, nothing to work with.

"Oh. So do you often study on Friday nights?" She cast her eyes back down to the table and mumbled something about having a big paper due. It was clear I'd said something wrong, she didn't look back at me and turned toward Alice, effectively shutting me out and leaving me to converse with Rose.

Alice leaned close to Bella and whispered in her ear, unaware that I could hear her as clearly as if she was shouting at me. "He didn't mean anything by it, Bella." What?

Bella shook her head and spoke even more softly than Alice. "He just basically called me a loser who has nothing else to do than study on the weekend." I did what? I didn't mean it like that. Dammit, what was wrong with this girl? Her head clearly didn't work the same way other peoples did. She wasn't a loser, she was an enigma wrapped up in a tight little package. I wanted to spend hours unraveling her secrets, exploring her thoughts and her body and she thought I thought she was a loser.

I answered a few more mundane questions from Rose, what I did for fun, where I came from, blah blah. The lies fell from my lips without a second thought as I tried in vain to figure out the girl across from me. She clearly did not have the self-confidence that Rosalie and Alice possessed in spades. Where before their friendship puzzled me, it at least made some sense when you got to know them a little. Bella didn't fit with them, I wasn't sure that she fit with anybody. She was clearly one of a kind, the only person I couldn't read, the only girl I couldn't seduce with a glance.

Bella pushed her hair away from her face and exposed her neck to me. I gasped out loud as I took in the graceful curve. My mouth yearned to be there, my tongue tracing down her jaw, under her chin, down her curve, to her collar bone, sucking that delicate skin, marking her as mine. Then I'd sink my teeth into her and drink from her jugular, the blood pouring down my throat, finally sating my thirst. I pushed back from the table rather abruptly and startled all three girls. "Sorry, I need to get another drink, does anybody need anything?" They shook their heads and turned back to continue whatever conversation they'd been having while I fantasized about tasting Bella. I stomped over to the bar, past the vitriol spewing thoughts of Lauren Mallory and her frizzy haired friend and asked for another beer. I'd nursed the last one for as long as I could. I took a few deep breaths, the air clear of Bella's intoxicating scent and resolved to go back and start over with the girl. I had to make her see just how incredible I thought she was; she had to choose me just as I'd chosen her.

I turned to walk back to the table and saw that Bella was no longer sitting there. Panic momentarily welled up within me but I convinced myself to calm down, she'd probably gone to the bathroom or something. I sat back with an easy smile and pretended like my existence didn't depend on the answer when I asked "Where did Bella go?"

Alice smiled sadly and sighed. "She decided to head home, she said she wasn't feeling very well." I barely resisted crushing the beer bottle in my hand as I rose slowly from the table. It wouldn't do to go racing out, making the girls suspicious. Bella wouldn't be returning home to them and I didn't need that to be tied to me.

"Oh, that's too bad; do you guys live far away?" That was alright to ask, wasn't it? Being concerned for a girl's welfare in the big bad city alone was the normal, gentlemanly thing to do.

"About a mile east of here, she walks it all the time, I don't really like it but she says it clears her head. She often mentally writes whole papers on one of her walks." Rose smiled fondly as she considered her friend. I was getting desperate to get out of there and find Bella. Inspiration struck and I jerked my arm, tipping my beer into my lap.

"Dammit!" I feigned outrage at my clumsiness and grabbed some napkins, pretending to scrub furiously at the mess I'd made. "I've got to get out of here and get changed, can't go around smelling like beer all night." Rose and Alice looked a little stunned at the abrupt end to our evening but they couldn't argue with my reasoning. Alice was deeply grateful that I hadn't spilled one her couture dress and Rose didn't seem too put out. She pouted a little and asked if she'd be seeing me soon. I gave her my patented panty-dropping grin and told her to give me her number. She wrote it on a cocktail napkin and I slid it into my jacket pocket with a wink. "I'll call you tomorrow, okay?" I actually wanted to talk to her tomorrow, to find out if they'd noticed that Bella was missing and what they were thinking about her disappearance.

I sauntered at normal speed out of the bar and then turned east and began running. I faintly smelled Bella's scent on the air; I could taste it faintly on my tongue. I ran toward her and the scent became stronger the closer I got. I finally saw her up ahead and slowed my run down to a more respectable human pace. I ran up to her and pretended to be out of breath. I reached out to touch her shoulder and she shrieked, turning toward me quickly and swinging her backpack in my direction.

"Bella! Oof!" I let out a grunt as the backpack plowed into my midsection. She pulled the bag back and blinked at me.

"Edward? What are you doing here? Why are you following me?" Her voice was laced with suspicion. I put on my most concerned face.

"I wanted to make sure you got home safely, Bella. What kind of man would I be if I let one of you girls walk home alone and you were hurt? I could never live with myself." I had to keep the smile off of my face, I would be the one hurting this girl but I'd make sure he a good time until the end.

"Shouldn't you be with Rose? I kind of thought the two of you would be going home together." Was there a little hurt in her tone? I decided that was probably wishful thinking on my part.

"Oh, Rose is a cool girl and all but she's not really my type."

Bella snorted at that. "Rose is everybody's type."

"Why, Bella, are you calling your best friend a slut?" I knew what she meant but I wanted to see the little girl get mad.

Her eyes narrowed and she reached out and pushed me. I let my body fall back a little like a human would; she couldn't budge me if I didn't let her. "How dare you talk about my friend like that? Rose is a great person; she's not a slut at all! I mean that every guy likes Rose, she's gorgeous." Bella was the gorgeous one, glowing in her anger, her luminescent skin glowing in the moonlight.

"I know what you meant, Bella, and I was just kidding. Yes, Rose is beautiful and a very cool girl. I'm glad I met her, I'm just not interested in her."

"Why not, are you gay?" What happened to the shy girl from the bar? I guess all I need to do to draw her out was get her riled up.

"No, I'm not gay. I just go for a different type of girl."

"What type is that?"

I smiled, more than happy to answer that question. "I like quiet, smart girls with long brown hair and beautiful brown eyes." I waited to see what kind of response I was going to get from her but she turned her back on me and resumed walking.

"Um, Bella? Where are you going?"

"I thought I made that quite clear, I'm going home." She didn't even look at me, just tossed the words over her shoulder as she strode away from me again. Dammit, that was the last time she'd do that.

"Fuck, Bella, I just came out and told you I like you and you're going to walk away from me?"

She whirled around and stomped back to me, hands on her hips, that gorgeous pink color filling her face again. "Don't make fun of me, Edward!"

What the hell? "How am I making fun of you?"

"Guys like you do not like girls like me?"

"Exactly what do you mean by guys like me?"

She actually stamped her little foot, it was pretty damn amusing. "Beautiful guys, Edward. Pretty, drop dead gorgeous men. I am plain and boring. You are extraordinary. Our kinds don't mix. Stop whatever game you're playing and leave me the hell alone!" She was shouting now and I was getting a little nervous that someone was going to see us. Another part of me entirely was rejoicing at the fact that she thought I was gorgeous. Something about this girl was bringing out the human in me; I both did and didn't like it.

I ran my hand through my hair and tried to think of what to say that would diffuse her anger. We probably weren't that far from her place but we also weren't too far from mine. "Bella, first of all, you are not plain or boring. You are extremely beautiful." She snorted and I held up my hand. "Please, don't interrupt. It's obvious that you don't see yourself very clearly. Do you know what I was wishing for before you showed up at the bar tonight?"

"A threesome with Alice and Rose?" Holy crap, Bella was sarcastic. Now I could see how she fit in with her friends.

"No, snarky one." She actually let out a little giggle at that and I was encouraged to go on. "I was wishing that for once I could meet a girl that had more on her mind than getting laid. I've spent far too much time around people that…well, that are not good people, Bella. And all I wanted to do was find someone good and kind and sweet to spend some time with, to get to know." I didn't need to mention in what carnal ways I wanted to get to know said person.

"Since when do guys that look like you want to meet a nice girl?"

"Since when do nice girls like you stereotype guys like me into one big group of likeminded lemmings?" Bella's mouth opened and closed as she pondered my question. I had her and I knew it. "No smart comeback to that one?"

She scowled at me and shrugged. "Alright, you have a point. Still, what makes you so sure I'm a nice girl?"

"I don't know that, for sure, but I'd like to find out." I knew, it shone in her eyes but I couldn't really explain that without sounding like a douche, which I most certainly was not. She eyed me warily but nodded her head, so I took a chance. "Maybe, instead of going home, we could go out and get a cup of coffee and talk for a bit?"

She stared into my eyes for an interminable amount of time before agreeing. Now I had to see if I could lure her to my place. I realized I was being ridiculous, I could have grabbed her and had her at my place at anytime but I wanted her to want to be with me. I was turning into such a pussy human around this girl. I'd rectify that when her sweet blood was coursing down my throat though, nothing human about that act of depravity.

"Do you mind if we stop by my house first?" The wariness reappeared in her eyes, she'd lived in the city long enough to know that she shouldn't follow random guys to their house. I put on my most innocent expression and gestured down to my sodden clothes. "I spilled beer on myself at the bar and was heading home to change when I saw you. If you're uncomfortable, I understand, I could just meet you somewhere?" Very good, Edward, offer her an alternative so she feels more comfortable. Of course, if she takes that I'll have to think of something else but I have faith in my skills of persuasion.

Bella's eyes ran down my body and the streetlights illuminated the fact that my pants were indeed wet and clinging to my legs. She took a deep breath and returned her eyes to mine. "Alright, we'll go to your place so you can change first." I bit back the smile of triumph that wanted to creep across my face and averted my eyes because I was afraid she was astute enough to pick up what would most likely be a predatory gleam in my eyes.

I led the way to my place, another block over and one block down. My brownstone had been an investment I'd made about a decade ago. The price was right and I needed a base, somewhere I could accumulate my instruments and CDs and clothes. I had had the foresight to set up a bedroom in case I ever decided to bring a human girl home. Even though I'd had the place for ten years I'd never done that before, Bella would be my first in so many ways. I guided Bella inside, placing my hand against the small of her back as I considered where to put her. I couldn't let her go in the kitchen, if she looked in the refrigerator or cabinets she might be a bit suspicious as to why there was not a morsel of food to be found. I showed her into the living room, I'd furnished it for comfort; a big plus green sofa faced a 50" LCD TV. "You can turn on the TV if you want. I'll be right back down." I raced up the stairs and shed my jeans in record time, replacing them with an identical, albeit dry, pair. I made myself wait a few minutes before heading back down the stairs and used the time trying to figure out ways to convince Bella to stay at my place.

I went into the quiet living room; she hadn't bothered with the TV and instead was standing over near my stereo taking in my CD collection. She turned upon my entrance and said, "Edward, this is amazing, I've never seen so many CDs." Ahh, this might be easier than I thought!

"I love music; it's kind of a passion of mine."

"Do you play any instruments?" Yes, I had her!

"Come on, I'll show you." I held my hand out to her and she hesitated only a moment before crossing the room and putting her tiny hand in mine. She gasped at the sensation of cold but didn't try to pull her hand away. Immensely cheered by her reaction, I led the way down the hall into my music room. There was my baby grand piano and several stands for my guitars and my bass. Bella gasped and pulled her hand from mine to run it over the gleaming piano.

"Edward, this is beautiful. Will you…" her voice trailed off as if she wasn't sure if she wanted to ask me.

"Will I play for you?" She nodded, her nerves getting the better of her again. "Of course. Anything in particular you'd like to hear?"

"Just play me your favorite." I smiled and flexed my fingers in anticipation.

"If I do that, you need to sit next to me on the bench and tell me all about you." Instead of bonding over coffee we'd bond over Debussy. Bella slid on the bench next to me and I closed my eyes and savored her scent surrounding me. I began playing and nodded at her to start telling me her life story.

"I'm from a tiny town in Washington called Forks…" I listened as Bella told me about her parent's divorce and getting dragged across the country with her flighty mother. I found myself feeling a little put out at her mother's self-centeredness; it was clear that Bella had little time to make friends and live a little before she was dragged somewhere else. She went to live with father during her junior year of high school because her mother got remarried and actually made Bella feel like she had to go so she could take off and be with her new husband all the time. I began pounding on the keys a bit harder as irritation at the selfish woman washed over me, I could hear the sadness in Bella's voice as she recounted the story. How could her mother not have noticed?

Some of my irritation faded as Bella's voice lightened telling me about her father. I listened as she told me about his love for fishing and sports and then she mentioned that he was the chief of police in her little town. Police? It seemed I would get my fondest wish. No way was a police chief going to let his daughter's disappearance go unnoticed, even if he was from some Podunk town. No, Charlie Swan would come to New York and raise a stink looking for his daughter. Finally, someone I took would matter. Glancing at Bella's guileless brown eyes I realized that she already did matter to me, which was something new entirely. I hadn't counted on actually liking the innocent I wanted to take.

I launched into some Beethoven and then Mozart to keep Bella talking, telling me about her classes and fun times she'd had with Rose and Alice. I smiled, knowing I'd always remember Bella laughing as she told me stories about Rose's ballbusting and Alice's hapless crush on Rose's twin brother. So Jasper was her brother, I'd been right. Bella's voice eventually trailed off and I glanced over. She was watching my fingers move effortlessly over the keys as if entranced.

"Bella?" She didn't seem to hear me. I guess that made us even, since I couldn't hear her. Her silence continued to puzzle me but I found it was quite pleasant to be alone in my thoughts. I nudged her and she started. "Something on your mind?" She licked her sweet lips and I bit back a groan. She shook her head but I noticed that blush reappear for the first time since we'd sat down the piano. I stopped playing and turned to face her, tilting her chin up with my pointer finger. "Bella, may I kiss you?" It was time. It would all be her choice from here on out, up until the end.

Her trusting eyes looked into my piercing green ones and she gave me a whispered, "Yes." I felt a shudder go through me at her words; I wanted this beyond anything I'd ever desired before. I could hear heart pounding as I leaned forward and gently pressed my lip to hers, bringing my hand down from her jaw to cup behind her head as I pulled her closer to me. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue along hers, groaning at the taste that assaulted my senses. She tasted like strawberries and chocolate. I indulged myself in a fantasy of dipping a strawberry in warm chocolate and running it over her body, following the juicy chocolate trail with my tongue, lapping up the sweetness of the fruit combined with the sweetness that was Bella. I pressed my tongue more firmly against her in response to that image and her mouth opened to me, allowing me to slip inside. Her tongue met mine tentatively and reminded me to savor, not devour.

I let Bella take the lead, her little tongue pressing against mine as I ran my hands through her silky long hair. She moaned against my lips and I tightened my grip on her, pulling her around to straddle me on the piano bench, her thighs pressing against mine. I could feel her heat through my jeans and I pulled her waist closer so she could feel my erection against her. Patience my inner voice warned. I wanted to silence him but he was right, if I pushed too far too fast I'd lose her. I tore my lips away from hers, dragging them along her jaw and down to that curve of her neck that had been driving me insane with desire all night long. I wanted to kiss her, caress her, bite and drain her. Need raged in me as I fought to remain gentle. Her hands came up to tangle in my unruly hair while I peppered little kisses along her neck and shoulder, pulling her flannel shirt with me as I went. The body hidden beneath the bulky shirt was everything I thought it'd be, tight and tiny. Her breasts would be the perfect handful when I got around to touching them. I smiled against her collar bone as I licked and sucked that delectable spot as she shivered and moaned against me. I could both hear and feel her heartbeat, it was an intoxicating combination.

Reluctantly I pulled my lips from her skin and sat back to face her, my hands still on her hips, hers still in my hair. "Bella, I think we should stop and go get that coffee now." I nearly laughed out loud at the transparency, me pretending to be gentlemanly and cockblocking myself. The lust died out of her face and was replaced by sadness. I instantly regretted my ploy; it seemed I could have gotten what I wanted without resorting to manipulation.

"Don't you want me?" She wouldn't even look at me as she asked the question, letting her head fall against my shoulder and speaking the words into my neck.

I laughed gently and pulled her back to face me. "Of course I want you, silly girl. I just didn't want you to think that I was pushing you to give me more than you're ready for." That attractive blush stole back over her cheeks.

"You know that I'm a virgin." It wasn't a question, it was a statement. I just nodded and waited to see where she was going. "And that makes you not want to be with me? Because I might not be good?"

"No, Bella! No! I want very much to make love to you. I just want to be sure it's what you want." Straight from the Virtuous Boyfriend's Handbook. She'll be requesting me to take her in five, four, three, two…

"Edward, I want you to make love with me. " I stared into her eyes, making sure that she was being honest with me and with herself. Nerves fluttered there but I didn't see any doubt.

"Then I will make love to you, Bella. You'll be my first."

She huffed. "Please, Edward, you don't have to pretend for me, I know you're not a virgin."

I caressed her cheek and gave her an absolute truth, something I rarely did. "No, I'm not a virgin but I have never made love to a woman before. I've fucked plenty of girls in my time but none of them mattered. You do. It goes against my instincts and frankly I'm a little nervous but I want very much to make love to you." Her lips met mine in a chaste kiss, ironic considering the subject matter. Without breaking the kiss I swept her into my arms and carried her up the stairs into my bedroom. Bella would be the first woman I took here; the only woman I would ever take here. She and she alone deserved that honor. I lay her gently on the bed and sat down next to her, never breaking our kiss.

I pulled away and looked at her, so beautiful all flushed and tousled. "Are you sure?" The ironic thing is that I was the one who was unsure. Now that I had her where I wanted her, I wasn't sure that I wanted to take her anymore. Oh, I wanted to make love to her but did I want to end her? Did I want to rob the world of this beauty before me? I pushed those ridiculous thoughts to the back of my head and reached forward, running my hands down her mostly bare arms and watching goose bumps appear along the trail my fingers took. I put my hands on the hem of t-shirt and kept my eyes on hers as I raised it above her head, revealing a plain white cotton bra and a lot of soft smooth skin. She was so beautiful; her plain bra was more erotic to me than the fancy lingerie that Victoria used to have me rip off her.

I traced along the edges, running my hands over the straps as Bella shivered beneath my touch. Was it my temperature or was she excited? I suspected it was a combination of both. I reached behind her and unclasped that simple piece of cotton. I let out a big breath as her breasts were revealed to me. They were as fantastic as I imagined them to be. I immediately grasped each one in my palms, feeling the heat of her pressed against me. Perfect handfuls, just like I knew they'd be. I lay her down on the bed and took her breast in my mouth, suckling gently on her pink nipple. "You're so beautiful." I breathed against her, my cold breath hardening her nipple even further. Her hands buried themselves in my hair again, pulling me more firmly against her breast. I suckled one and then the other, squeezing the one that wasn't getting my oral attention with a free hand while the other traced circles down her stomach, dipping lower and lower until I reached the button on her jeans.

Bella didn't recoil as I popped the button and lowered her zipper, the sound echoing in the room. I continued to lave her breast as I lowered her jeans. Bella was clad in only skimpy white cotton bikini underwear while I remained fully dressed. I decided to rectify that and removed my shirt; I wanted to feel my bare chest pressed up against hers. I lowered myself on her, pressing my hard form to her soft one; cold to warm, man to woman. My cock pressed against her thinly covered pussy, straining against my jeans, aching to be inside of her. My lips returned to hers, slow drugging kisses that left both of us gasping.

"Edward, make love to me, now." So eager, my innocent little Bella. I reached down and slowly slid her panties down her long lean legs. She was so pale, even for winter in New York. It was as if her skin never saw the sun. If I didn't know better, I'd wonder if she was a vampire. I sat up and let my eyes roam every inch of her body, burning it forever into my memory. I would keep her with me for eternity; Bella would always be my best memory.

I traced my fingers back along her waist, slowly edging toward that moist heat that was calling to me, drawing me in. I wanted to touch her and taste her for hours, days if time would let me. Time was not irrelevant here though; I only had her for tonight. People would be looking for her tomorrow. I bent over and kissed her hip bone, watching for her reaction. She didn't protest as I traced my tongue down her hip, to her thigh, licking up into her heat. Bella moaned and spread her legs open wider. I smiled against her pussy and proceeded to lick her more roughly, flicking her clit with my tongue. Bella reared up against me, her hands clutching my face, her thighs pushing against my cheeks. "Baby, not quite so tight," I mumbled against her. My words must have been somewhat coherent because she unclenched her thighs. I grinned up at her. "Do you like that, Bella? I must say, I love how you taste." I continued my ministrations with my tongue, bringing her to the brink of pleasure and then driving her over by nibbling gently on her clit. Bella came against me, shouting my name. I knew she'd be loud; it's always the shy ones.

I pulled back and removed my jeans, I never bothered with underwear; it just got in the way. I saw Bella's eyes widen as she took in my cock in all its glory. I smiled as the shock on her face melted into desire. "Are you ready for me baby?" I couldn't wait to be inside of her.

"Don't we, shouldn't you…what about a condom." Oh right, human concerns.

"I can't have children, Bella, and I've been tested so…"

Her eyes widened. "Oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel bad. I just wanted to be safe."

"No worries, sweetheart. It's very smart to be safe. I should have told you so you wouldn't worry. Are you ready?"

Bella nodded and leaned back, thighs splayed widely. I leaned over her and kissed her, lowering my body to hers and lining my cock up at her slick entrance. I watched her doe eyes as I slowly slid into her, stopping as I watched the pain flicker over her face. "Tell me if I'm hurting you too much." She shook her head and I pushed in further, stopping when I felt her barrier. "This is the worst part, baby, it'll hurt for a minute. Are you sure?" She nodded and I pushed, breaching the barrier and sliding all the way in before I could stop myself. I was instantly assaulted by the smell of her blood; her innocence was shattered as was my control. I froze and waited for the bloodlust to pass. While I waited the pain cleared out of her face. Her scent distilled in the air and I was able to focus again.

"It's better." At her go ahead I began to slowly thrust in and out, seeing flickers of pleasure take the place of any pain I'd caused. There was beauty there, in watching a girl give herself for the first time. Bella was so pure, so perfect. Mine. I heard at word echo over and over in my head as I increased my pace inside her. I felt my cock begin to twitch as her pussy started to clench around me. The time was upon me, the moment I'd been waiting for. Her soft eyes spoke of love and lifetimes as she looked up at me with absolute trust. I pressed my lips to her elegant throat as I felt myself release inside of her. I opened my mouth and gently pressed against her skin, I knew it felt like a love bite but with my teeth it was so much more. Her skin was pierced and the sweetest blood I'd ever tasted began to flow into my mouth. I pulled back and watched as the pleasure faded out of her eyes and shock replaced it. The brown started to get cloudy and glassy as I swallowed, the pleasure in her taste diminishing as the life started to fade out of her eyes. Did I want this? Did I really want this fabulous girl to cease to exist or did I want to keep her with me for all of eternity? I made my decision and bent forward, opening wider to take care of the girl. Mine.