A/N Yes, you read it right! A Taste outtake, finally. Earlier than planned (it's only been a year you know!) but Smugs was in my head one morning and you know the vamp demands that I listen to him when he comes out to play. Hope you enjoy! This is the last of the outtakes that I promised but you never know what will come out of my head.

Taste of Innocence Chapter 31

"Bella, we have to go." I couldn't believe that I was the one who had to drag her away from the fucking computer. This was her fucking thing, not mine, but it was the lesser of two evils as far as I was concerned.

She glanced at the clock and smirked at me, which made me want to bite and then fuck her. "We'll make it in plenty of time the way you drive."

That wasn't the fucking point. The point was she'd rather spend her time with the fucking Volturi than me.

"I don't get it!" I heard a shout from the other end of the computer. "If Angel's her mate, how come she's sleeping with Spike?" Oh Christ, we'd never get out of here.

"Marcus, Angel's not there," Bella explained patiently. "He's taken off for what he thinks is Buffy's own good, to start a new life. She has to move on."

"You don't just move on from your mate," he told her stiffly.

Bella's smile turned down. "I know we don't, Marcus. But it's a TV show. And they don't really have mates." God he was a morose motherfucker. Bella told me his mate died and he never got over it. I got that, because if Bella was gone I'd lose my fucking mind. But to transfer that to a TV show was just ridiculous.

"I still fail to understand why these so-called vampires are falling in love with the person who is supposed to kill them and vice versa!" Oh, fucking joy, Caius was weighing in. Though he was right, of course.

"You can't help who you love, Caius, just like you can't control who your mate is." Bella was so fucking matter-of-fact about it. She killed me.

He sniffed and I watched as his pasty face filled the screen. How she could stand looking at those dried up old fuckers was beyond me. Maybe I should start moisturizing so I didn't look like that in a few thousand years. "It makes no sense, though. You don't fall in love with your mortal enemy! Spike was actually a decent vampire in the early seasons, though it never made sense that he didn't actually just kill her and be done with it."

"Brother, if he did that, we wouldn't have this delightful show to watch." Aro nudged Caius out of the way and grinned at Bella. "Or this delightful girl to watch it with. Bella, my dear, I must thank you for introducing us to this show."

"Thank her, my ass. We're going to bring that guy here and he's going to answer my questions!" Caius shouted.

Aro just shook his head. "I promised my Bella that we wouldn't kill Joss." His Bella? She was my Bella. I'd kill that motherfucker. I growled and Bella took my hand. "Well, hello, Edward!" Aro clapped his hands with joy. "How are you?"

"Edward?" Oh fuck me running, not him. Alec appeared next to Aro and his gaze fixed on me. He licked his fucking lips. Would that douche ever get over his crush on me? I mean, I get it, I was hard to get over and he'd never find anybody hotter, but he knew I wasn't going to join his team anytime soon. Or ever.

I was not in the mood to deal with this. Not with what else I had to deal with on top of it. "Sorry to interrupt," I told him in a voice that indicated I was anything but. "Bella and I have to get going if we're going to be on time."

Aro beamed at me while Alec pouted. "Yes! I hear that you're going to accompany our Bella out into the world of academia! I must admit, I don't understand her hunger to learn but I can hardly fault her for wanting to better herself. I'm glad you'll be there should anything unexpected happen."

Our Bella? Was he fucking serious? "Yes, I'm going to go to class with my wife." I wasn't letting her go alone to be hit on by every fucking male within the vicinity, even if she wouldn't look twice at them.

"Delightful!" he said with a smile. Alec was glaring at Bella. Caius was over in the corner of the room having a lively conversation with some female vampire over Spike versus Angel. These were the leaders of our world, really? Bella had turned them all into mindless TV junkies. Then again, she'd turned me into a lovesick asshole who couldn't say no to her for any damn thing, so why shouldn't she render our leaders helpless? My Bella could run the whole damn world if she wanted to, I had no fucking doubt about it.

"Bella, darling, we'll see you again tomorrow night?"

She smiled at him, which made my blood fucking boil. That was my smile, damn it. "Absolutely. I'm DVRing The Vampire Diaries tonight and I'll watch it with you live, so to speak."

Crap. I actually kind of liked that one now. Stefan had turned into a real vampire. I was sure it wouldn't last for long but I was kind of enjoying it at the moment. "Bella, I thought we'd watch it tonight when we got home." Holy shit, was I whining? It sounded like I fucking was. Another ball check was clearly in order if I was upset about not watching that insipid show.

"We can all watch it together," she cooed at me.

"Excellent! I'm sure we'll have a lovely time!" Aro beamed at us. Alec was smiling, probably because he'd get to look at me for a whole hour tomorrow night. Fucking pervert.

"Yo, E! Hey, Bella." Demetri drew out her name with a grin and I rolled my eyes as Bella giggled.

"Stop perving on my wife, asshole."

"No can do. She's too beautiful to get over. Have a good day at school, sweetheart." Demetri shot me a cheeky wave. Fucker.

Bella shook her head. "We will. Same time tomorrow?"

"Yes. Have a lovely time in class, sweet girl." Aro smiled. "I can't wait to hear all about it."

"I can't wait to tell you!" She really was excited which of course made her even more fucking beautiful.

"Goodbye, my dear. See you tomorrow. Edward, you take good care of her or you'll have me to answer to." The edge in Aro's voice was unmistakable.

"I always take really good care of her, Aro." Yeah, I might have let the sexual innuendo seep into my fucking words but those assholes needed to know that she was mine and mine alone.

Demetri laughed while Alec pouted and Aro just smirked. "See to it that it stays that way. Goodnight, dear Bella. Edward." He turned to Caius as Bella started to log out. I swore I heard him say something like, "Maybe we could bring Joss in for a dialogue," before the computer shut off.

Bella stood and smiled at me. "Ready to go?"

Was she fucking kidding? "I've been ready for the past hour. You were the one hanging out with ugly old men, not me."

She laughed as she wrapped her arms around me. Even though I was fucking annoyed, I put my arms around her waist. I could never resist her and she knew it. "You can't possibly be jealous of Aro, Edward. You know that I love you."

I grinned and steered her back toward the bed. "Why don't you show me then?"

She laughed and ducked out of my arms. "Because we have a class to get to."

I scowled. "Sure, blow me off for class but not the gruesome threesome."

She kissed my cheek. "I'll blow you after class if you stop acting like a baby and get a move on."

Well then. "Let's fucking go."

She laughed as I grabbed her hand and hurried us downstairs. "You're so easy," she told me, giggling as we got in the car.

I punched it into dive and we took off. We did have enough time to get NYU, barely. "Baby, I'll endure almost anything for a blow job from you."

She hummed contentedly. "I know." Of course she knew her power over me. She was a fucking siren and I was a helpless sailor drawn to her song. Or her fucking hot body. Whatever. I was her bitch and she reveled in it. Maybe I should take some cold comfort in the fact that the rest of the Volturi, minus Alec, were just as whipped as I was. At least I fucking got laid out of the deal. They got to watch shitty TV shows. I was getting the way better end of the bargain, no doubt about it.

We made to it to campus in record time and I parked in front of the Lit building where we'd be taking our classes. I still couldn't believe I was a fucking student for the first time in decades, but there was no fucking way I was letting Bella go to class by herself. I was here to mark my territory, even if I had to endure homework and papers and shit. I'd make Jenks take care of that crap. I wasn't actually going to be doing any work.

"Ready, baby?"

Bella bit her lip but nodded. I hurried around to pull her from the car and twined my hand with hers. She was wearing tight black jeans, black boots and one of her red sweaters. She looked fucking amazing. It took all of ten seconds before the first thought assaulted me. Look at that fine ass, what I wouldn't give to bend her over a desk and fuck the shit out of her.

I whirled around and glared at the child who was checking out my wife. He looked taken aback but of course had no idea why I was looking at him as if I wanted to tear his head off, which I did.

"Edward, we've been through this." Bella tugged on my hand and I reluctantly turned away from my future prey to face her. "You can't kill people just for having a thought you don't like, unless it's a murderous one."

"My thoughts are fucking murderous, doesn't that count?"

She laughed and shook her head. "No. Now let's get to class."

Fine. I held her hand all the way into the classroom and didn't let go even when she tried to tug it free as we found two desks together. She shook her head at me and finally I released her so she could take out a pen and a notebook from her bag. I'd wanted to bring a computer but she said it was annoying and rude. Whatever. Like I was going to pay attention anyway. She handed me my own notebook and pen and I smirked at her.

"Appearances, Edward."

Right. I was good at those when I wanted to be. I flipped open my notebook and tried to look like a dutiful student. Bella giggled which made me grin. I loved the sound of her laughter.

Every eye in the fucking room was on us, no big surprise. Bella, of course, was the most beautiful girl in the room. Thankfully there were only a handful of guys in this class. The majority were women and they were looking at me as if I was the only man they'd ever seen. I chuckled as their thoughts hit me.

Oh my God, he is so gorgeous.

Do we have any group assignments? Because I know who I want to partner up with.

He's with her, obviously. But I bet he plays around and I'll happily be one of his toys. That one made me scowl. I was not a fucking cheater and that whore couldn't hold a candle to my Bella. There were several girls picturing us naked together and even a couple picturing Bella naked with us. That was at least moderately more tolerable, even though Bella was far more glorious than their limited minds could begin to fathom. Nor would I be able to see any other female if she was naked in the room with me. Fuck, I needed her to be naked with me soon.

I shrugged out of my leather jacket and heard a few sighs as I revealed my tight black t-shirt. Bella's eyes flew off her notebook and she glanced around the room, her butterscotch eyes narrowed as she took in my many admirers. "Remember, baby, you can't kill people for their thoughts." That got me a glare of my own and I grinned unrepentantly. I couldn't help it; she was hot as fuck when she was jealous. We should have done this school bullshit earlier. I had fantasies of her pushing me into an empty classroom and claiming me as her own. So fucking hot.

"I remember," she muttered, shooting a glare at a girl who was openly staring at me. Then she turned back to me and smiled, "Give me your hand."

What? I held my right hand out to her and she shook her head. "The left."

Ohhhh. Fucking awesome. I reached my left hand across my body to her and she raised it to her lips, kissing and licking my palm and showing my ring to every female in the room. I guess that was her way of marking her territory and it was pretty fucking sexy. Of course I was hard as a rock and we had a damn three hour class to get through which fucking sucked.

Bella's nostrils flared and she looked positively murderous. "What, love?"

"Can't you smell that?" she hissed.

I sniffed and, oh! It seemed her little show hadn't done any good and several women were actually aroused by the display. Bella growled and I squeezed her hand. "Calm down, baby. You know I'd rather kill them than fuck them."

She continued to growl softly. "I'd almost be okay with that."

I laughed and gave her a quick kiss. Several sighs and angry thoughts hit me but I didn't care. "No, you wouldn't, baby. I'm yours. You know that."

"I know. It just sucks."

I smirked at her. "How do you think I feel knowing the entire Volturi want you?"

Bella rolled her eyes. "They don't want me. We're friends."

"Aro called you his," I reminded her, feeling my temper start to spike again.

"He thinks of me as his daughter, Edward." She lowered her voice. "And even though I have a father, I know I won't forever. It's kind of nice to have him care about and look after me. He doesn't want me though." She shuddered. "Gross."

"Demetri does." Bastard.

"And he knows that I'm your wife and your mate and that nothing can ever come of his crush. Alec wants you but you don't hear me bitching."

I huffed. "That's because you think it's funny."

She giggled lightly. "I do. But if he ever tried to do anything about it I'd destroy him." So fucking hot. She killed me.

"Bella, you're turning me on," I muttered. "Can we please get the fuck out of here and…"

"Hello, class. Please take your seats if you haven't already. I'm Professor Davidson and I'll…" his voice broke off as he caught sight of my wife. As I live and breathe, Juliet herself is in this class. Lips as red as the most priceless ruby, alabaster skin that belongs in a museum, chestnut hair that looks as soft as silk. And those eyes! I will write her sonnets. I'll write her poems and songs and novels. Who is this stunning creature? I must have her. She will be my muse.

Muse? What the ever living fuck? The douche was standing in the front of the classroom completely mesmerized by my Bella. Students were looking back and forth between the two of them. Bella looked mortified. She put her head down and tried to hide beneath her hair. I was ready to kill everyone in the room for staring at her and making her uncomfortable.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat and glared at the fucking professor. He was fucking ancient, at least forty, and he had a gut and was balding. Bella wouldn't look twice at him even if she didn't have me, which of course she did. "Is this class actually going to start or should we go home?" I demanded.

He shook his head, coming out of his daze although he didn't take his gaze away from my girl. That was it. He had to fucking die. "Um, yes, I'm Professor Davidson and we're here to study the romantic classics. I'd like to take attendance before we get into it." I must know her name.

He put his briefcase down on the desk and took out a paper. "I'll just call names by alphabetical order. Stephanie Adams?" He went down the list and it wasn't long before he got to me. "Edward Cullen?"

"That would be me," I replied, my voice still hard. Edward? That's such an old fashioned name but there's nothing old about him. What a hot body. Insipid fucking children. They were annoying me.

"Isabella Cullen."

Bella looked up and raised her hand part way. "That's me. Bella, please."

Of course. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Bella. Isabella. I must have her. Is she with him? They have the same last name but surely she's too young to be married. His sister, perhaps. He's watching over her like a protective older brother. Maybe I could ask her to stay after class to discuss something. What? I don't know. I'll figure it out.

"He's a dead man," I spoke too softly for anyone but Bella to hear me.

"Edward, you can't kill him. He's our professor."

Like I gave a fuck. "He's pondering ways to get you alone. He wants you to be his muse. He thinks I'm your fucking brother."

"Baby, it's not like he could do anything to me if he tried. I'm not exactly a weak human girl, am I?"

So? "I will not listen to him all semester long, Bella. I'll go mad if I do. Please, let me kill him. They'll get us a new teacher."

She snorted. "Yeah, probably a woman that will want you instead. How is that any better?"

I shrugged. "It just is."

"Double standard much, Edward?"

"You can't hear their thoughts. There's a difference," I argued quietly. Professor Pervert was though with his roll call and was yammering about Romeo and Juliet, which hadn't been part of his lesson plan but he was throwing in because he thought my Bella was his Juliet. Well, if he was Romeo and Romeo died…"He's just asking for it! He wants to be your Romeo. Instead of a sword, he can die by my hands."

Bella giggled. "You're cute when you're jealous."

"I'm fucking hot at all times, you know this."

"Miss Cullen? Isabella. Would you be so kind to read Juliet's part while I read Romeo's?" Oh, fuck no. He was trying to caress her name with his voice and he fucking sucked at it.

She glanced at me. "That would be Mrs. Cullen or Bella."

I smirked as his face fell. That that, fucker. "And I'm already her Romeo, so how about I read his part?" I didn't wait for a response, I was off. "But soft, what light through yonder window breaks?" I did the whole fucking thing from memory while the Professor gaped at me and the girls in the room started wiggling in their seats, my Bella included. I hid my laughter as thoughts of how romantic I was filled the room.

"That was incredible recall, Mr. Cullen. But I was talking about the first scene where Romeo and Juliet interact, Scene Five. Isabella, perhaps you could…"

Fuck that. "If I profane my unworthiest hand…" No way was that asshole having any kind of romantic moment with my girl.

Bella gasped and I smelled her arousal now, so much sweeter and sexier than the ridiculous human girls in the room. "Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much…"

While she talked, I put my hand on her leg. "You like this hand, don't you baby. It's not unworthy to touch you, to make you scream, is it?" She kept reciting but her legs opened even more under her desk. Take that fucker. My girl is practically in heat right fucking now. I recited my response. Everybody in the room was staring at us as we parried back and forth verbally. I grinned at Bella as the scene ended and she smiled back brilliantly.

So beautiful. Why must she be out of my reach? Her voice is like an angel. I will have her. This is my vow.

Yeah fucknugget? Well my vow is to kill you slowly, making sure you feel every little bit of pain I can inflict before I give you the sweet release of death. Is that fucking poetic enough for you?

"Edward," Bella moaned softly.

"What, baby?"

"I…when did you memorize that?"

Ha, she was so fucking turned on she could barely function. Who knew that pansy book shit would render my spitfire speechless? "I did some reading up when we decided to take the class."

"I want you," she told me. I tightened my hold on her leg.

"Don't say shit like that, baby. I'll pull you right out of this classroom."

She bit her lip and I was just about to do it when the dead man interrupted. "That was lovely, you two. I, uh, need a minute so you can take your fifteen minute break now and we'll take another in an hour or so." I need to think. I can't if I'm looking at her. She's too lovely.

I was out of my seat instantly, Bella's hand in mine. We hurried out of the classroom and I yanked her into the first empty room that I could find, which happened to be an office of some sort. I flipped the lock and she pushed me back against the door, her lips on mine. "You've never been sexier to me," she muttered. I could take that personally but hey, I wasn't about to get too worked up when her fingers were unbuttoning my jeans and pushing them down. "Naked, now," she demanded.

I led her over to the desk and kicked my jeans off. I didn't bother with boxers because I had no need. She kicked off her boots as I undid her jeans and had them off while she tossed her sweater across the room. Her bra was open and off a second later and she was bare in front of me. I gripped her hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the desk, and then I entered her in one hard thrust. She moaned loud and arched her hips toward me.

"I'm going to kill him," I told her as I slammed into her over and over. "You're mine. He's not allowed to think about you. He's not allowed to look at you." She panted and nodded as I fucked her hard.

"Kill him. I don't care," she told me. Fuck. So fucking perfect. She was everything I never knew I wanted. I would not exist without her. I flipped her over and took her from behind. She yelped and held onto the desk as I pounded into her.

"Edward!" she called my name as she came around me. I kept right on fucking her, making her come twice more before I let myself go. She collapsed against me when I turned her back over and held her against my chest. "God, I needed that. All those fucking girls…"

"They're nothing. You're all I see," I told her.

She laughed and kissed me sweetly. "I know." She slid off the desk and started pulling on her clothes. "I guess we better get to class." I growled and she giggled. "You can't kill him until it's over."

That was true, but…what? I stopped in the middle of pulling on my jeans and stared at her. "I can kill him?"

She pulled her sweater over her head and nodded. "Yes, I said you could."

"Yeah but you said that while I was fucking you. I figured you didn't really mean it."

"Well, I did. You're my husband and he's disrespecting you. If he just thought I was pretty, or whatever, that would be one thing. But he's scheming to get me alone? I don't think so."

I pulled on my jeans and shoes. "I really fucking love you. I can't even quantify how much."

Bella straightened her hair and pulled on her boots. "I love you, too. Just follow my lead when we get back in there."

I walked the hallways with her hand in mine, grinning like I'd just gotten laid. That's right, I had. Take that, fuckers.

We entered the classroom and the Professor started class up again. I tensed every time he thought about Bella, which was a lot, but knowing that I was going to get to kill him very soon made me feel a lot better about it. That and Bella's left pinky was linked with my right, just a little symbol from her showing our connection. It was stronger than anything I'd ever known. Nothing could tear us apart.

As class finally, mercifully ended, Dead Professor cleared his throat. "Mrs. Cullen, if I could have a word?"

Bella winked at me and stood. "Go outside and wait by the car, baby."

I hated doing it but it wasn't like I couldn't get back to her in ten seconds if need be. I walked down the hallway, ignoring the fucking pissants that were trying to flirt with me as I listened to my wife.

"Isabella, I'd like to discuss a project I thought you might be interested in."

"Really? What would that be?" She sounded flirtatious. I balled my hands into fists. It was just an act, I knew that, but my venom was pumping anyway.

"I'm hoping to do a study on how Shakespeare's works can be applied to today and with the talent you showed in class, I'm sure you'd be a great aide."

Aide? I'd aid that motherfucker.

"What about my husband? He knows even more than I do."

Stop talking about him! He's in the way! He doesn't exist, damn it.

Oh really? We'd see who didn't exist very soon.

"He may know the words, but you're the one who knows the heart of them. You feel them, I can tell." I want you to feel something.

Let me fucking kill him now, baby. I need to. It was taking everything I had not to turn around and go in and drain him where he stood.

"I do feel them," she agreed. I could practically see her twirling a piece of hair around her finger. She had that tone going on.

"Well, would like to work with me then? I warn you, it would be some very long hours and require quite a bit of attention." He emphasized the very long and I laughed at that one. Like he could ever compete with Edward Junior.

"Do you believe this?" Bella murmured softly. She knew I'd hear her and he wouldn't.

"Hurry up, baby. I need to kill him."

"I'd love to work with you. Let me just go tell Edward that I won't be home for awhile, okay?"

"Okay!" He was so excited. Dumbfuck thought his dreams were coming true.

"Did you want to do it here or…"

"How about we meet over by the Davis Building? My office is there."

"Great. I'll see you in about ten minutes!" she told him, sounding thrilled.

"See you then, Isabella."

I waited by the car while Bella skipped out of the building. She stopped in front of me and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing me softly. "You heard him, baby. Davis Building. Don't get caught."

I kissed her again, overjoyed. "Like I ever do. You sure you don't want to come with?"

She laughed. "I'm sure. You enjoy your moment. I think I'll call Aro and tell him about our first and last day of school. He'll be so proud."

Hope shot through me. "Our last day, baby?"

Bella nodded. "Yes. I don't think either of us could endure another class. I'll look into online courses instead."

I chuckled. "That might cut into your Volturi time."

"I don't care. I'm not sitting in a roomful of women smelling how much they want you. And you're not going to listen to their thoughts of you or some pervert's thoughts of me. We're better off alone."

"Damn right we are." I kissed her again. "I fucking love you."

"I fucking love you, too. Now go kill our Professor so we can go home."

I laughed. "Nobody has first days of school like we do, baby."

"And you love it. Hurry back to me."

"Always." Our school day had turned out to be much better than anticipated, fucking asshole professors and pathetic co-eds aside.

"Life is never boring with you, Edward."

"Never will be," I promised her.

"I know. Go eat."

"I'll be sure to quote him a sonnet as he dies. It's the least I can do." Bella's laughter followed me as I darted to the Davis Building. Learning was a lot more fun than I thought it would be. I'd have to study some more sexy things to quote to her if it got her so worked up and accepting over the death of idiots.

"Isabella? Where are you?" Professor Pathetic was pacing in front of his building.

I reached out and yanked him into the darkness. "She's not coming. Well, she was, and she will be again soon when I take her home to fuck her, but she's not coming for you, ever."

"I…uh, she said…" he sputtered.

"You disrespected our relationship. That is never allowed. Bella belongs to me just as I belong to her. I was going to crush every one of your fucking bones but honestly? You're not worth my time. Not when my wife is waiting for me." His muddy eyes were wide with fright but he didn't attempt to fight me. He knew.

"Since you like Shakespeare so much, I'll leave you with this. 'Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.' I've died once, but I came back. Do you think you will?" I snapped his neck before he could answer.

"Now, to drain or not to drain, that is the question?" I snickered at my Shakespearean humor. If I drained him, I'd have to take the time to hide the body. I'd rather spend that time fucking Bella. So I took him inside and carried him up a flight of stairs before throwing him back down. His body made a loud cracking sound as he hit the bottom floor. It'd look like he tripped and died. How sad.

I hopped over his prone form and zipped back to the car where Bella was waiting for me. She studied my face. "You didn't eat him."

I grinned and kissed her hard. "I'd rather go home and eat you. Plus you owe me that blow job."

She threw back her head and laughed. "I suppose that's only fair. To quote our professor quoting Shakespeare, 'People usually are happiest at home.' I know I am. Take me to our home."

She was my home and damn right, she made me the happiest I'd ever been. "As you wish, my lady." Another Shakespeare quote came to mind. 'Love is a wonderful, terrible thing.' Fitting and very us. I wouldn't have it any other way.