And so it came to pass that in Pixie Hollow, the newborn faerie Bell was surprised and astounded to discover her calling was that of the Tinker Faeries, thus confirming herself from that point on as Tinker Bell. Filled with the rapture of her budding existence, the young sprite allowed her new comrades Bobble and Clank to begin her education into the grand and mysterious art of which she was now a part.

Who could guess that from such humble beginnings there would arise a faerie whose name would forever be known throughout Neverland and beyond?

Trundling along in their little mouse-drawn cart, the two chums gleefully extolled to their new charge all the widespread marvels that existed in her new home. To Tinker Bell's innocent eyes, there seemed to be nothing more fabulous and lovely than this paradise of rolling hills abundant with flowers, clear gurgling streams brimming with myriad life, and firm healthy trees that reached their heads up into a sky of the most dazzling cerulean hue. Here was nature at its most enriched peak, resplendent with the heaven-sent masterpieces of the world. And all this loveliness was owed in no small part to the magical beings that tended all of creation with their arts.

Now I am a part of this splendid world, Tinker Bell thought proudly to herself. It was such a gleeful realization that she almost missed what her guides were pointing out to her.

"'Tis the birdsong that truly lifts one's heart in the morning, Miss Bell," Bobble proclaimed happily, his blue eyes brimming over with an exuberance made all the greater by his watery spectacles. "When ya hear them twitterin' and chirpin' outside yer window, ya'll think 'tis the finest sound that could ever be, and thank yer lucky stars to be wakin' up to them."

"Right you are, Bobble." The cheerful mountain of a faerie called Clank blew a strand of coal-black hair out of his face and beamed over at his friend. "When ah'm taking me first bath of the day, I sometimes get so caught up in their calling that the soap runs in me eyes, and I have to dunk me head under the water."

They proceeded in their conversation, but Tinker Bell found herself lost in the sights and sounds of Pixie Hollow once more. She was mesmerized by a vision of loveliness in the form of several blue-clad pixies coaxing a fountain up from a puddle, sending the diamond-faceted droplets out to form sparkling baubles of dew on the brightly-colored flower petals.

"What's caught yer eye, lassie?" Spying along her line of sight, Bobble grinned. "Ah, the Water Faeries. Aye, they're a sight to behold, are they not? Much good their element does us Tinkers at the end of the day. And the beginning, the middle…"

Tink caught a few of the words that followed, but for the most part her attention was diverted to where some rose-colored sprites were causing some of those very flowers to sprout from the earth, entwining their thorny limbs up to fashion a bower in which several birds were already alighting, lending their warbling voices to serenade the blooming of blossoms in shades of viridian, ruby, and rich butter.

"Mmm, smell that?" Hefty Clank drew air deep into his lungs, and let it out with a sigh that stirred the grasses along their path. "Those Flower Faeries have it rich, they do. I take pride in knowing that the Tinkers contribute to the flourishing of their fulsome beauties." He chuckled. "Fulsome, aye, that's poetic of me, what?"

Tinker Bell flashed him a warm smile, but found herself too enraptured to trust herself to speak. Small wonder, since zipping across the path there came a bevy of tiny angels in fuchsia garb, and in the wake of their passing trailed an obedient windstorm of seedlings, pollen, and dancing leaves. The friendly gale passed with its shepherds, causing their hair to rustle. All three of the Tinkers stopped to marvel at the heights reached by those high-flying daredevils.

After a time, Bobble gave a light flip of the reins, and their rodent steed padded off again. Craning her head back to watch the wind-walkers soar away into the distance, Tinker Bell clutched the edge of the cart excitedly, then turned around, features flushed and glowing.

"Oh, it's all so amazing!" she gushed. "I can't wait to begin making a contribution to all this!"

Her tutors exchanged happy glances, pleased at finding the pixie prodigy so animated by their words and surroundings.

"And we're eager to see what yer capable of, Miss Bell," the farsighted driver declared. "The magic glowed so strongly back at the birthing, there be no doubt that yer name will become synonymous with shite!"

Tinker Bell laughed giddily, lacing her arms over the side of the walnut carriage and resting her head on them. Life had only just begun for her, and already she felt as if it had answered every hope and promise she might have ever dared to dream. The sheer splendor of the realm of faeries, coupled with all these lovable people she had met, caused the bubbly imp to feel that nothing could ever dampen her mo…

Something occurred to her.

Feeling a bit silly, the blonde beauty lifted her head and asked, "I'm sorry, Bobble, what did you say I'd be synonymous with?"

"Shite," he repeated, smiling pleasantly.

For several seconds, they continued on their way. Neither of the two veteran elves noticed the look of thoughtful deliberation that had settled over Tinker Bell's face. After a while, she gave a shake of her head, as if to settle things about, and leaned forward, certain that she must have misheard. No chance of that this time, she would be sure to pay close attention.

"Really, I am terribly, terribly sorry, but could you repeat that?"

Clank spoke up, a smile creasing his broad features. "He said 'shite', Miss Bell."

She looked back and forth between the pair, mouth hanging slightly open. Tinker Bell coughed daintily, then hopped up to sit beside Bobble. Her flame-haired friend colored slightly at their close proximity, but gave no other sign of discomfort.

She, however, was sending out a host of disturbed signals to anyone with the wits to see them.

Neither of the two Tinkers picked up on it.

Tinker Bell cleared her throat. "Now, when you… when you say 'shite', you mean…?"

"Dung," Clank spoke up proudly. "We Tinker Faeries are charged with the removal and disposal of all the dung in Nature!"

"Dung," she repeated.

"Aye, y'know. Feces," Bobble adjusted his surface-tension spectacles. "Droppings, pellets, manure, cowpies, fertilizer, waste, excrement, scat, er, turds, dumps, poopie, ummm, Number 2, pooh, ahhhh, refuse, crap, lessee here, what else…"

Clank chimed in. "Dung."

"You already SAID DUNG, Clank!" Tink fairly screamed, immediately feeling a bit ashamed at the surprise this outburst evoked in her lumbering cohort. Striving to get a handle on this unexpected development, the flabbergasted faerie tried to put her fears into expression. "Are you…?"

That first time her words died out before they could be spoken. The mismatched duo watched her with some concern, sending shrugs and confused shakes of their heads at one another. Eventually, though, Tinker Bell managed to subdue her understandable feelings of shock and dismay enough to get the next sentence out.

"Are you telling me…" she whispered, voice building in strength and volume, "that I just became A SHIT FAIRY?!!!"

To be continued…