Woo! I finally finished the first chapter! (even though it's one big story) This was inspired by the RimaXNagi game on crunchy! I love that place! I edited this a lot and I'm not the only one to write in it. So thanks to Espio, Neko, Himah and me! Hope you enjoy and i don't own Shugo chara, Espio, Neko but i do own Au-Chan!

"What is this?" Amu asked.

"A teleporter…." Tadase answered.

"Why is it here?" Rima asked.

"Want to try it out?" Amu asked, wide eyed.

"I have things to do," Kukai answered.

"Me too," Utau said.

"Yaya too, but I really want to try it out…." Yaya said pouting.

Yaya, Kukai, and Utau exited the royal garden leaving Tadase, Nagi, Amu, and Rima with the teleporter.

"Yo guys what's going on?" A voice asked. They all looked up and saw Ikuto in a tree.

"We found a teleporter, and we don't know what to do with it." Amu answered.

"Well of course you go to candy land." Ikuto smirked.

"Candy land?" Nagihiko became confused. Ikuto nodded his head. He walked over to the teleporter and pushed a button. He jumped on the platform and said, "To candy land!" In a flash, Ikuto disappeared leaving everyone in shock.

"I want to try!!" Amu yelled. She pushed the button and did the same thing as Ikuto.

"Wait for me Amu-Chan!" Tadase yelled. He pushed the button and dived in saying the words.

"Rima, do you want to just leave?" Nagihiko asked, backing away.

"Why? Its candy land! Come on!" Rima pulled Nagihiko's arm and they both went through the teleporter.

"Owie….Are we in Candy land?" Rima asked.

"If you count that giant gingerbread house and the running pieces of candy then, yes." Amu said. Rima looked up at Amu. She saw the big gingerbread house and all the candy trees, bushes and landscape. They all sat there amazed, in silence till Rima broke it.

"That gingerbread house looks bigger then anything else." Rima said.

"Did we shrink?" Tadase asked.

"Hello and welcome to Candy land. We are your guides for today. I'm Au-Chan, this is Espio, and this is Neko." Three people came out. They all looked at them.

"Nice to meet you Au-Chan, Neko, Espio." Amu let out her hand but none of them shook it. Au-Chan smiled.

"Okay, please follow us." Au-Chan turned around and started to walk. Everyone followed.

"Oh my god it's the orange soda River!" Au-Chan pointed out. She went wide eyed and ran over to it. Everyone had a confused look on their face.

"Hey I thought you three were our guides," Rima said irritated.

"Oh no we just wanted to try it. We just came here and didn't know how to get out." Neko said. She wandered off trying to find something good to eat.

"That's really not healthy," Ikuto stated.

"Hello Ikuto would you like to eat me?" A random piece of candy said.

"Yes, yes I would." Ikuto chara changed and chased the little candy around.

"Ahh help me!" The candy yelled.

"Be right back I'm going to eat that house." Espio walked over to the candy house. Nagihiko watched Espio chomp on a candy person. "CARNIVOR!!" Nagihiko yelled out.

"But it was made out of candy!" Espio yelled back. Rima laughed.

"I want to eat too!" Rima ran over to a bush of jolly ranchers. "Jolly ranchers…."

"Mmm, orange soda….So good…" Au-Chan got up and spotted some pocky. "OH MY GOD!! POCKY!!!" Au-Chan ran over to the pocky vine and started to eat all of it.

Nagihiko watched everyone in disgust and then spoke up. "Guys we shouldn't be doing this! Right Amu, Tadase!" Naghiko turned around but Tadase and Amu were already playing games with some gummy bears. "I'm all by myself then."

"Hey why don't we get an apartment?" Espio said giddy. "Oh god," Nagi sighed. Espio gladly walked over to the apartment building and tried to find the best one. Au-Chan ate the rest of the pocky and then went to help out on picking out the house.

Rima walked over to Nagi and she asked, "Hey Nagi why don't you eat something?"

"I'm not allowed." He answered back.

"Where did everyone else go? Maybe I can call Au-Chan," Neko took out her phone and called Au-chan.

"Hello, Oh Neko. Oh we're by a chocolate fountain. You'll see it soon enough." Au-Chan hung up her phone and stared at the chocolate fountain.

"Chocolate fountain, huh. Let's see…" Neko looked around and spotted the chocolate fountain at least 5 feet away.

"Au-Chan!! Espio!!" She ran towards them. They both waved.

Meanwhile with Nagi and Rima who have been sitting. "Why is it not allowed?" Rima asked.

"Well it's because I become really hyper, perverted and I cause." Rima nodded her head. She then got in idea and smiled mischievously.

"Hey Amu come here!" Rima called. Amu came over and Rima whispered in her ear.

"Go get me a cup of chocolate then get your video camera ready." Amu nodded her head and skipped off. I'm totally going to make him eat chocolate, tape it and put it on youtube. MUA HA HA HA HA!! Rima smiled even bigger. Nagi took a step back.

"Scoot over I want a drink from the fountain!" Neko drunk the chocolate and smiled big.

"Rima I'm back!" Amu came over and handed the cup of chocolate over. Rima gave it to Nagi.

"What's this?" He asked.

"Uhh… Coffee." Rima nodded. She secretly pulled out her video camera and Amu did the same.

He shrugged and drank it. After a minute, he dropped the cup and laughed evilly.

"CHOCOLATE!!! MUST HAVE MORE!" He yelled. Rima smiled and recorded.

"Mmm so much chocolate…" Au-Chan said.

"Hey what's up you guys?" Tadase came over and asked.

"Drinking from the chocolate fountain," Au-Chan said. She smiled and pulled out a bottle. She dipped it into the fountain then got another idea.

"I want strawberries then I can dip it in!" Au-Chan ran around looking for strawberries.

"You can have your strawberries I'd rather just have chocolate." Neko said. She pulled out a bottle and filled it with chocolate.

"I found some strawberries," Au-Chan yelled running back to the fountain.

"Come back Mister Candy! I haven't eaten all of you!" Ikuto yelled still chasing the candy around.

"Oh well! It was a bad idea to ask you to eat me! Leave me alone!" The candy said glancing back at Ikuto.

"But I love you!!" Ikuto yelled glomping it.

"Hey Tadase?"

"Yeah Neko-Chan," Tadase turned to her but she glomped him immediately.

"So Rima want to go do something?" Nagi asked, putting his arm around her waist.

"No, not after you bit my ear and acted non-stop perverted I would like to get away from you." Rima said slapping his hand off.

"Is that a chocolate fountain I see?" Rima ran over to it, trying to get away from Nagi. "Hi Au-Chan, Neko, Espio."

"Hello Rima would you like some strawberries." Rima shook her head. Nagi walked up and hugged Rima from behind.

"Nagihiko is going perv on Rima." Espio said.

"Ahh make it stop!" Rima yelled. Amu came over and gasped.

"I'm glad I'm not Rima," Espio said.

"Well this is what you get if it's Nagi + chocolate." Neko said still hanging on to Tadase.

"I got you now!" Ikuto said.

"NOOOO!!!! Candy police!!"

"Hold it right there sir! We have a policy of no eating candy here!" A candy police said.

"But its candy land," Ikuto objected. The candy police grabbed Ikuto and brought him to candy prison.

"Awesome!!" Ikuto smiled.

"Nagi stop touching Rima," Au-Chan said glaring. He stopped for a moment and raised an eyebrow. "Why should I?"

"Because you can do it when we buy a house! Right guys!" They all nodded their heads.

"What's the opposite of chocolate!?" Rima asked.

"Dark chocolate." Espio said drinking some chocolate.

Rima began to look around for dark chocolate but Nagi was close behind stalking her.

"Wow he's really weird now." Neko stated.

"Yeah… Hey Neko can you let go of me?" Tadase asked.

"He he, yeah," Neko jumped off and stood next to him.

"Hey Kiseki where's the dark chocolate?" Tadase asked.

"Oh I threw it away it tasted HORRIBLE! Milk Chocolate for the win!" Kiseki cheered.

"Yeah!" Miki and Yoru agreed.

Rima saw Nagi, grabbed a cookie, and when he got close enough, stuffed it into his mouth. He went even crazier.

Au-Chan continued to eat from the chocolate fountain.
"Hey help us Au-Chan." Tadase asked. "Why should I little prince?" She asked back.

"I am not a prince!!!!!!! I am the king." Tadase chara changed.
Au-Chan got annoyed and pushed a button on the chocolate fountain.

"There, go down that passage way and you'll get to a room full of dark chocolate." She said.
"How did you know that was there?" Amu asked.
Au-Chan pointed to a sign. "It says it right on the fountain."

"We never saw that!" Espio and Neko exclaimed.

"Okay I'll go get the dark chocolate! Come on Amu," Tadase said dragging Amu in.

"Why mee!?" Amu pouted.

"Because I might get scared!"

"And you call yourself a king!" Kiseki smacked him. Amu and Tadase proceeded down.

"You guys want to know why you didn't see it, because you don't pay attention." Au-Chan said.

"Ahh get off of me Nagi!!" Rima yelled.

"But I love you!" Nagi skipped around.

"Well I don't when you're like this!" Rima ran behind Au-Chan. Nagi glared at her.


"Did you hear that Amu?" Tadase asked.

"Yes I heard it." Amu said.

"Amu, can you hold me?"


"Hey this candy prison isn't half so bad." Ikuto exclaimed.

"We need Reinforcements! This guy is eating the candy Jail and he's eating all the bad candy." A candy police screamed into the phone.
"And that's a problem why?" The chief asked.
"Um.... I don't know but hurry and send them before he eats us all!" He yelled.

Neko sat watching Nagi be perverted. She got bored and went down the passage. She found Tadase and Amu looking confused.

"Do you guys know where you're going?" She asked.

They both shook their heads. She rolled her eyes.

"Hey where'd Neko go?" Au-Chan asked. Espio pointed to the passage. Au-Chan sighed and went down it. She found the three and went up to them.

"Hey guys what's up?"

"We don't know where we're going." Tadase Exclaimed. "Go left." Au-Chan said.

"Why?" Neko asked.

"Cause that's the way to the dark chocolate chamber," She said.

"How do you know that?" Amu asked. Au-Chan pointed to a sign that said, "To dark chocolate chamber."

"Ohhh," Tadase and Amu laughed.

"Well let's head down," Au-Chan said. In about five minutes, they reached the dark chocolate chamber.

"That's a lot of dark chocolate," Tadase exclaimed. Amu nodded her head.

"It's Godzilla!!" A candy yelled.

"Rawr I'll eat you all!" Ikuto yelled chomping on someone.

Espio waited for the group for a while but then got bored. She walked over to the houses and started to pick one out.

Tadase picked up one chocolate bar and smiled.

"Okay let's head out," Amu said. Neko and Au-Chan nodded.

"Eat candy darts!!! Hurry everyone run, run!" Candy police #40 threw the darts but Ikuto ate them.

"Oh Crap!"

"Hurry, get the candy shotguns!!" Candy police #42 yelled. They grabbed the shot guns but Ikuto ate the candy bullets.

"Nagi stop it!!" Rima yelled. Tadase came quickly up the steps and stopped.

"Rima here's the chocolate bar!" Rima looked and he threw the chocolate bar. She caught it quick and shoved a piece into Nagi's mouth. He swallowed it and went back to normal.

"Rima what happened and why's there dark chocolate in my mouth. Eww I hate dark chocolate!!!" Nagi screamed putting his mouth under the fountain.

"Once again we saved the day!" Au-Chan announced, coming up the stairs.

"Yay" Tadase cheered.

Espio came running back and stopped right in front of the whole group.

"Guys, is it okay if I bought a candy mansion?" She asked.

"Ew ew ew!!" Nagi complained.

"Sweet candy mansion!!! We have to invite everybody to the party!!!" Au-Chan smiled.

"What party?" Amu asked.
"The party of us buying a candy mansion!!!" Au-Chan explained.

"Yeah!" Espio cheered.

"OMG Guys run!" Candy police #40 yelled.

"GET THE CANDY BOMBS!" #42 yelled.

"I already ate them," Ikuto explained.

"CRAP!!" #90 screamed.

"What is going on over there?" The candy chief asked yelling into the phone.

"Sir we have been attacked by a candy eater and he is eating all our weapons and people. We need reinforcements." #78 said back.

"Glad I'm in the Bahamas." He said.

"Ooo Candy phone!" Ikuto took it away and chomped away.

"Crap he ate our phone!" #78 yelled.

"Grab the poison candy! Feed it to him!!" #48 commanded.

"Roger!" # 4 saluted.

"Candy cop number 4 has been eaten so I came to deliver the poison candy," Candy Cop #23 exclaimed.
"Ok hand it over." Candy Cop #48 snatches it and runs over to Ikuto. "Hello we come in piece, would you like some of these chocolate gum drops?" #48 put his hand out.

"No I hate gumdrops!" Ikuto smacked away the poison candy and chomped on the candy cop.

"Okay who do we invite to the party? We have to invite Yaya, Kukai, and Utau because they're not here. Who else?" Au-Chan asked.

"Hmm....wait what happened to Ikuto?" Neko asked.

Espio shrugged. "What did happen to Ikuto?"

"Guys get the poison milk chocolate bunny!" #200 yelled.

"Candy cop # 4 go-" Ikuto eats him before he could finish.

"No candy cop #7! The horror!" Candy cop #97 cried.

"Mmmm…." Ikuto smiled.

"Does he have his phone or something?" Neko asked.

"I'll call him." Amu said. Amu took out her phone and called Ikuto.

"Ikuto. Hi. Where are you? Jail?" Neko got angry and took the phone.

"What do you mean in jail? How did you get there?" She yelled. Ikuto stayed quiet and Neko got angrier.

"Okay I ate the candy people," He admitted. Espio heard and took the phone back from Neko.

"Idiot you're not supposed to do that!" She yelled, eating a gumdrop dogs head.

"You're probably doing the same thing." Ikuto said.

"…Am not!" Espio tried to hide the chewing.

"Whatever, just get over here," Au-Chan took the phone. "We're having a party!' She smiled.

"Sweet!" Ikuto hung up and started to run over to them.

"THE APOCALYPSE IS OVER! REJOICE!" Candy cop number 902 yelled. All the hiding candy people came out and started to do the hamster dance.

"I'm here I'm here!" Ikuto screamed running over to the group.

"Ok, now," Espio grabbed a giant magical pencil and makes Yaya, Kukai, and Utau appear.

"Whoa how did you do that?" They asked.

"Anything's possible in fan fiction… I mean candy land!" Espio laughed.

"Is this candy land?" Yaya asked.

"Yeppers…" Au-Chan replied. Yaya smiled and started to mouth water.

"Okay now we can go!" Au-Chan said dragging everyone to the mansion with Espio's helpful directions.

"Yay we're here!" Espio announced.

"Where are the food and drinks?" Kukai asked. Espio pointed to a table in the corner of the room and Kukai ran over to it. But Yaya got there faster then him and started to hog it all up.

"Hey don't hog!" Kukai shouted. Espio turned on the candy stereo and started to rock out to the music.

"Yummy food in my tummy!" Yaya teased. "Don't at it all Yaya," Kukai begged.

"Ikuto dance with me!" Utau pulled him towards her.

"No he's dancing with me!" Amu shouted pulling him towards her.
"I feel sick." Ikuto announced. Amu let go of him and he stumbled toward Utau and puked on her dress.

"Eww!!" She screamed.
"Here Utau, go change in the bath room with this," Au-Chan said, handing her a chocolate dress. Utau snatched it and ran into the bathroom.
"Well I kind of want some food but then I don't." Tadase stated going back and forth.
"Ahh get Nagi away from me!" Rima yelled running past Tadase.
"Oh come on Rima. I love you." Nagi said. He grabbed Rima from behind and bit her ear. She squealed then tried to get out of his grip.

"Nagi's been eating candy again!" Au-Chan said dancing to the music with Espio.

"Wheee!" Espio spun around in circles.
"Ahh Nagi!" Rima ran past Espio and made her spin faster. Nagihiko smile and ran after her. After a few minutes Utau comes back wearing the dress.

"Utau you look smexy!" Kukai ran up to her. She looked down and blushed.

"Oh Utau's blushing! Utau likes Kukai!! " Yaya exclaimed. Utau and Kukai both blushed.

"Like that wasn't obvious…" Au-Chan whispered to Espio. "I know," Espio whispered back.

"Hey Amu, can we not dance? It's making me really sick...." Ikuto said swaying with Amu.

"It will be okay. Just move slowly and close your eyes." She said to him.

"I hate you like this Nagi!" Rima yelled.

"I love you too, Rima!" Nagi smiled.

"Ooo Nagi likes Rima-Chii, but she doesn't feel the same way!" Yaya announced.

Tadase stared in the back round eating a chocolate bar. The chara's saw and started yelling.

"I want one!" Kiseki yelled. "Same~dechu!" Pepe followed. The guardian chara's started to go around the house eating the candy there owners had and went crazy.

"What the heck?! My chocolate!!" Yaya cried.
"Hmm… I think I'm the only one not going crazy for chocolate.... not fun." Neko exclaimed.

"Same!" Espio smiled.

"Ahh! Help! They're eating my dress!" Utau yelled.

"Utau I'll save you!" Kukai sprung into action.

"Somebody go to the dark chocolate chamer! I want Nagi back to normal!" Rima yelled.

"Then all you have to do is kiss me." Nagi exclaimed.

"Are you serious?" Rima asked.

"Did someone say KISS?!" Yaya and Amu got out their video cameras and turned to Rima and Nagi.

Au-Chan stopped dancing and turned to them also. "I always like to see a good kiss."
"Pervert...." Tadase said.
"Shut it!" Au-Chan yelled at him.

"Hey Tadase, can you go with me to the dark chocolate chamber?" Neko asked.
"Sure," He replied.
"Yay! Let's go!" Neko and he leave to the dark chocolate chamber and the attention went back onto Rima and Nagi.
"Kiss!" Espio cheered.
Nagihiko hesitated for a moment but kissed her. Rima looked away but kissed back.
Amu giggled and taped recorded the whole thing.
"Yeah! Awesome!" Yaya cheered while tape recording.

After they were done Neko and Tadase came back with a dark chocolate bar and showed it off.

"That was fast." Yaya said. "Yeah…" Tadase said back.
"Here Nagi, eat it." Neko shoved it to him.
Nagi: NO!" Nagi backed away. Neko got irritated and shoved the dark chocolate bar Nagi's mouth.
"Yuck!" Nagi choked.

"Wait, so if you didn't turn back to normal when we kissed, then that means you lied!" Rima pointed out.
"Oh you know you liked it..." Au-Chan said.

"Shut up Au!" Rima yelled at her.
"Hmm… I want some hot chocolate… Au-Chan you got any?" Neko asked.

"Hot chocolate?" Au-Chan looked confused.

"Hey Nagi want to dance?" Rima asked. Nagi nodded his head and they headed out to the floor with Kukai, Utau, Amu, and Ikuto.
"I feel left out...." Tadase's face dropped.

Neko saw him, jumped and hugged him. "I'm here Tadase," She smiled.

"Okay, want to dance Neko-Chan." Tadase asked, his face brightening up.

"Of course." She hugged Tadase more and they steeped onto the dance floor.

"Yaya ate all the sweets..." Espio said.
"Sorry it was too good!" Yaya sweat dropped. Espio glared at Yaya and she flinched.
"Yaya don't like Espio-Chi." Espio frowned and walked away from Yaya.
"Hey, I have an idea. Let's have a dance contest! I'll be a judge." Au-Chan announced.

"One on one or couple dance?" Neko asked.

"Let's do one on one!" Espio suggested.
"No!" Yaya rejected.
"Don't disagree because you don't like me and you will get your butt kicked." Espio glared. Yaya stayed quiet.

"I wanted couple…" Neko pouted.

"What ever Okay! First up will be…." Au-Chan stopped to draw a name from a hat. "Tadase!" she announced.

"I want to draw from the hat!" Espio smiled.
"What?" Tadase was confused.

"You can do it the next person Espio." Au-Chan promised.
"Ok, what should I dance to?" Tadase asked, finally understanding.

"Anything," Neko said.

"That helped." Tadase sarcastically said. Espio took the hat from Au-Chan and pulled a card out from the hat. "....It's Neko! Can we draw for what kind of dance?"

"Sure…" Au-Chan blinked. Now she was confused.

"Awesome… Wait what?!" Neko also became confused. Espio smiled and handed the hat back to Au-Chan. "You draw it!"

"No one is answering ME!!!" Neko yelled.

"It's you And Tadase!" Espio explained.
"Uh...okay…" Neko walked over to where Tadase was. Tadase smiled.
"It is decided! Couple dances!" Espio announced.
"What??!!" Tadase asked getting confused again. Neko stood there blushing furiously. Tadase looked at her and also started blushing.

"Jealous?" Ikuto asked Amu. "N-nope!" She replied. Ikuto smirked.
Espio pushed a button on the candy music player and it comes on to slow classical music. "Dance!!" Espio urged. Neko and Tadase jerked their heads up and nodded. They started to dance and Espio and Yaya started taking pictures.

"I want to do that dance!" Rima pouted.
"It's their dance not ours." Nagi calmed her. "I know." Rima rolled he eyes.

"Why are you guys taking pictures?" Rima asked. "Why aren't we taking pictures!?" Yaya asked back.

"This is going on the wall!" Espio grinned. "What wall?" Rima asked.
"The Cute-couples-forever wall!" Espio said. Yaya nodded her head.
"We had something like that?" Nagi asked. Yaya nodded her head not totally sure.
"I see…" Rima frowned.

"We have pictures of you guys too!" Espio stated. Rima and Nagi gawked.
"Isn't this a nice dance?" Tadase asked, smiling. Neko smiled really warmly but still shyly. "Hmm... Maybe I can record this…" Yaya tried to think.

"Press the red button to record." Espio exclaimed. Yaya nodded her head and pushed the button and started recording.
"Wonderful couple," Nagi said.
"Yeah…just like you and me..." Rima mumbled. "You said something?" Nagi asked.
"N-nope!" Rima shook her head profusely.

"She did!" Yaya teased. "Yaya!" Rima frowned.
"Shh, I want to record this!" Espio whispered loudly. Both Rima and Yaya shut their traps and Espio said thank you.

"You know...your eyes are beautiful..." Tadase said. Neko blushed and kept dancing.
"Shes blushing!" Yaya whispered.

"Indeed, also did you get it on tape?" Espio agreed and asked. Yaya nodded her head. Espio grinned, and said, "Yay!" "Shh…" Rima whispered. "Why?" Espio asked.
"Isn't she still recording? Rima asked.
"I don't know." Espio replied.
"Umm....is our turn up?" Neko asked them. "Right, is it?" Tadase asked too.
"Umm, nope not until the song is over!" Espio replied.
"This is the 10th song." Tadase frowned. "No it isn't!" Espio objected.

"You're lying Espio" Neko said. "I'm not!" Espio cried.

"Yes you are." Neko said.
"Fine I was. Can't you guys just dance a little bit more?" Espio asked.
"I guess…" Neko turned back to Tadase. He smiled and nodded his head.
"Yay!" Yaya said excited. Maybe a little too excited. While in her process of cheering she slipped on a banana peel, crashed into Neko and Tadase, knocking them down and ending up crashing into a lamp. Good thing it was made out of candy.

"Owwie…." Yaya rubbed her butt. "Ow… Yaya…" Tadase and Neko complained.

Yaya smiled and laughed. "Sorry!" Espio shook her head.

"What?" Yaya asked confused.

"Nothing!" Espio objected. Tadase got up, and being the good gentleman, also helped Neko up.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah thanks," Neko blushed.

"You two okay?" Yaya asked.
"Yeah you?" They asked back in unison.

"Of course!" Yaya smiled. Amu chuckled and Rima rolled her eyes.

"It's surprising she isn't whining." Nagi exclaimed.
"I'm fine with her not crying." A tear shed from Rima's eyes.


"What?" More tears started going down her face.

"Why are you crying?" Nagi asked embracing her.

"Why are you hugging me?" Her tears stopped.

"Because you're like a soft doll!" Nagi exclaimed, starting to cuddle Rima while Rima sat there confused.
"Yaya! Now Neko and Tadase won't dance…" Espio said.

"Not my fault!" Yaya rolled her eyes.

"Yeah it is!" Espio corrected her. Yaya started to pout. Rima stared at them still confused at why Nagi was hugging her.

"Whatever! Someone else's turn to dance?" Neko asked.

"Fist off yes, second off get off of Rima, Nagi! You may love her but I lover her too!" Au-Chan said, running to Rima and hugging her.
"Your les?" Nagi asked. Au-Chan shook her head.

"Ohh…" He backed off of Rima.

"Yay! Okay next couple is… Amu and Ikuto!" Au-Chan announced.

"What?" Ikuto and Amu turned to her.

"Just dance gosh." Au-Chan rolled her eyes.

"Okay what should we dance to?" Ikuto asked bringing Amu out onto the floor.

"How about… I don't know!" Au-Chan stopped hugging Rima and turned on the candy stereo. Espio snickered, "You have to dance to the hamster dance!" Espio grinned.

"What?" Amu didn't know how to hamster dance. Ikuto smirked; character changed and just started dancing. Amu looked at him and started to dance too…but messed up.

"SO FUNNY!" Yaya laughed.

"I love the hamster dance!" Au-Chan bragged.

"No it's their turn." Rima held her back.


"No Amu! That is not the right way!" Ikuto yelled at her.

"Then how do I do it?" Amu asked still confused.

"Like this…" Ikuto showed off some moves.

"This is becoming more like a argument between them then a couple dance." Yaya laughed.

"Don't tell me what to do!" Amu shouted.

"I'm older…. And hotter then you," Ikuto stated. Amu growled and rolled her eyes.

"I now agree with Yaya!" Tadase stated.
"You can just dance in the background Au-Chan," Espio said a little late.

"Really? Yay!" But Au-Chan didn't care. She did the hamster dance and some other moves.

"Like this Ikuto?" Amu asked trying not to anger him.

"Here." Ikuto went behind her and helped her with the hand movements. Amu blushed.

"Oh it just got good!" Yaya cheered.

"Yeah…" Tadase sighed.

"Don't be sad. Amu's with Ikuto, Tadase. She's just an idiot who somehow makes all the boys fall in love with her." Espio said patting Tadase's back.

"I know that." Tadase said and rolled his eyes.

"Espio's kind of right...." Yaya giggled. "What did you say about me?" Amu asked.
"Stop Eavesdropping!" Espio answered. Amu rolled her eyes and pouted. The song ended and she stomped off the dance floor.

"Nosy person…" Espio said under her breath after she passed.
"Okay, since Amu and Ikuto are done the next couple is…" Au-Chan started.

"Rima and Nagi!" Neko smiled and finished for her.

"Okay you guys are going to dance too…" Au-Chan started again.

"Rima's Character song! Itsuka wa Romansu!" Espio grinned and finished for Au-Chan too.
"'Kay..." Nagi sighed. Rima grinned. Nagi took Rima's hand and they started to slw dance to Rima's song.

Au-Chan: "I love this song...." Au-Chan said.
Tadase: "Yeah I'm going to go to the bath room."
Ikuto: "Hey Amu come with me outside." Ikuto grabbed Amu's hand and lead her onto the balcony.
"Oh, my precious brother..." Utau sighed. "Don't worry about it Utau. You have me." Kuaki assured her.
"I can't record all of you at once! Someone help me!" Yaya whined.

Espio pulled out another video taper thingy. "Yaya you tape Rima and Nagi, I'll go tape Utau and Kukai." She grinned.
"Eh?" Utau stayed quiet. Yaya nodded and started to record.

"I feel alone..." Neko said.

"Its okay I don't have anyone to dance with either." Espio smiled at her.

wow is this long or what. I didn't actually intend to make it that long but it turned out like that.... well hope you enjoyed and sorry i stopped at that part. It was the best part i could stop at... Anyways this won't be too long. Maybe about 3 chapters and that's it... well bye bye! Please R&R!