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Chapter 4

"Espio where is the teleporter?" Tadase asked, looking around. Espio shrugged.

"...I dont know…"

"Idiot." Yaya mumbled.

"Umm... Well we came in by the orange soda river so let's look for it there." Au-chan suggested.

They all headed to the orange soda river, looked around a bit, but didn't see the teleporter.

"It's not here." Amu groaned.

"Where could it be?" Tadase asked, getting tired of being here.

"Let's ask that person over there!" Ikuto suggested, running over to the candy person. He asked the candy person, but they had no idea what he was talking about. He ran back over to the group and sighed.

"He doesn't know." He admitted.

"Hm, maybe...the king has it." Au-chan said.

"HEY GUY WITH THE LITTLE CROWN ARE YOU THE PRINCE OF THIS PLACE?" Espio yelled at a nearby candy person.

"Yesh I am. I am Prince Gingerbread." He said, getting into a princely pose.


And as he said the words again, Tadase character changed. Kiseki whistled and Miki sighed.



"Do you have a cell phone?" Au-chan asked the prince gingerbread, ignoring the chara's conversation.

"Yesh." He took out a candy cell phone, and flipped it open to show them.

"Can you call the candy king?" She asked.

"The candy king... me and him are rivals. Why would I call him?" He said, a menacing aura around him.

"YOU'RE NO HELP!" Everyone yelled.

"Hey peasants, you're on my pro- Prince Gingerbread... Why are you here?" The candy king came up, riding in a candy horse with a guard behind him.

"'Cause this is my land." He stated.

" Last time I checked I claimed this land a half a year ago." The candy king argued.

"You know what? Let's fight over it!" The prince suggested.

"Okay then!" The candy king jumped off his horse, and took out a candy cane. The prince did the same, and the two start fighting. A huge crowd gathers around and watch the fight.

"Guys he left the castle door open! Let's go!" Espio said, pointing to the candy castle, with the open door.


Everyone sneaks off into the castle, without anybody else noticing.

"Woah this is big!" Rima explained.

"Look 2 doors! One is labeled "Important stuff" and the other "Un-Important stuff". Guys let's split up!" Nagihiko said.

"Ok! Rima, Nagihiko and Yaya are in 1 group!" Yaya explained.

"Um, me, Espio, Amu and Ikuto are in another. So all that's left is Tadase, Kukai, Utau, and Neko. Okay let's head out!" Au-chan announced. They all spilt up; Yaya's group exploring the un-important stuff, Espio's group exploring Important stuff and Tadase's group kept look out.

"Wow there's so much useless junk in here!" Yaya remarked, amazed.

"That's why it's called the un-important stuff room Yaya." Rima said, sweat-dropping.


Meanwhile, in the Important stuff room…

"Dang this is the most expensive candy in the room." Ikuto said, impressed.

"Don't worry about that find the teleporter!" Au-chan yelled looking threw some candy.

Espio however, was just stuffing a lot of the candy in her pockets.

Meanwhile in the Un-important stuff room…

"HOLY CRAP X-ENERGY IS IN HERE!" Nagihiko screamed.

"RUN!" Rima yelled also.

"The door is locked! I can't open it!" Yaya panicked.

"How can it be locked in the inside?" Nagihiko asked, confused.

"Yaya doesn't know!" She continued to panic.

The three start screaming their heads off.

"Did you guys hear something?" Kukai asked, looking around.

"HELP!" Screamed Yaya from inside the room.

"No, not really." Replied Utau, ignoring the screaming.

Meanwhile in the important stuff room…

"Where is that teleporter?" Au-chan asked, frustrated. She kicked a box, letting her frustration out, and it showed the teleporter behind it. "Guys I found it!"

"Okay, hurry and let's take it back!" Ikuto said.

They head to the door but can't get out, seeing that it is locked.

"Why isn't it opening?" Espio asked.

"I dont know!"

"Try harder!"

"Yeah!" Amu finally spoke up.

"You lazy idiots help too!" Espio remarked.

Amu mumbled fine, and they all tried to open the door.

"Wait...can't you just teleport us out of here with that teleporter?" Miki asked.

Everyone stared dumbfounded at the chara.

Meanwhile in the non-important stuff room…

"Run guys! Run before our chara's get x-ed!" Nagihiko yelled at Yaya and Rima. Rima on the other hand, was screaming her head off. (A/N: OOC much?")

"Rima!" Yaya yelled. Rima paused and looked at her.

"That's my job!" Yaya yelled, beginning to scream her head off.

"Guys! Just chara transform with us!" Rhythm yelled.

Everyone stared dumb-struck at the chara.

Meanwhile with the people guarding the doors…

"What is taking those guys so long?" Tadase asked, losing his cool. Kukai shrugged and yawned.

"What if they found the teleporter already and ditched us?" Utau realized

"Not good!" All four yelled in unison.

Meanwhile…(A/N: You know what room everyone is in, so you should know what room this is already.)

"Yeah we could, but we need some suspense." Espio said.

"WOW Espio!" Amu scoffed.

"Idiot!" Ikuto said. Au-chan sat there silently.


"MY OWN HEART UNLOCK!" The three said, transforming.

"Character transformation: Beat Girl!" Rima said, transforming into what seemed to be Beat jumper's outfit, only the girl version.

"Character transformation: Comedy Ballerina!" Yaya smiled at her clothed. They looked like a baby version of Rima's clothes.

"Character transformation: Baby Dancer!" Nagihiko glared at the clothes. He was in a baby-doll like dress, with little ribbons in his hair, to make him more like a girl.

"What am I wearing?" Nagihiko asked, looking at the girl outfit. He had crossdressed before, but not to this extreme.

"Oh my gosh did I character transform with Rhythm?" Rima asked, twitching.

"I look awesome!" Yaya grinned.

"Hey guys, let's go." Neko said, bored.

"Ok." Kukai nodded. They try to open the door, but fails.

"It won't open?" Neko said, confused. "How about you three chara-transform?"

Utau, Kukai, and Tadase look at her really confused.


Espio is eating all the candy in the room, not making any suspense.

"Save some for me!" Ikuto whined.

"Yeah!" Au-chan agreed.

"I packed some, don't worry." Espio said, looking like she didn't.


"This is so mean! They mixed up our character transformation!" Rima said, angry.

"Yaya like these clothes though…" Yaya mumbled.

"N-Nagi you look kinda funny!" Temari laughed.

"DONT BLAME ME BLAME THE CLOTHES!" Nagihiko said, very embarrassed.

"Hey-dechu!" Pepe yelled at him.

"How about we switch back?" Nagihiko said.

"Ohhh! I like these!" Yaya pouted.

"Maybe we exit the room and yeah…" Rima mumbled.

"We can't exit... the doors stuck closed." Nagihiko said.

"But Yaya wants to get out!"

"We all do. All we need to do is chara-transform with the RIGHT chara's." Nagihiko explained. Yaya nodded.

"No! Keep it this way!" The chara's yelled, not wanting to hear their owners panic.

"Come on now! I look seriously stupid!" Nagihiko yelled at Pepe.

"Nagihiko, it looks like they won't get out of your hearts..." Temari giggled.

"Yaya thinks your KAWAII! Rima thinks so too! Ne, Rima?" Yaya urged.

"Y-yeah...whatever..." Rima blushed.

"Oh... W-well then I'll bear with it for now." Nagihiko blushed too.

And just to ruin the moment, x-eggs came out from some junk and started to attack.


"I feel like this is..." Au-chan started.

"A predicament..." Espio finished.

"That but don't you think this was kind of staged. I mean we get captured by the candy King and then let go. Then he comes and fights with the gingerbread prince and then we get trapped again." Au-chan stated.

"Your point being?" Ikuto asked.

"I don't know I kind of wanted to sound smart." Au-chan laughed.

"No, you have a point Au-Chan." Amu said.

"I do? I mean I DO!" Au-chan laughed nervously.

"Woah, you do?" Ikuto asked.

"Yes, she does. Anyways I think it is staged because of what Au-Chan just explained doesn't really happen like that. So maybe they want to trap us here because they're cannibals and they've been waiting for real humans for a long time! AHH WE'RE GONNA GET EATEN!" Amu yelled, starting to panic.

"Actually that does make sense... WAIT I DON'T WANNA GET EATEN! I'M TO YOUNG TO BE FOOD!" Au-chan also started to panic.

They all start panicking and running around the room like idiots.


X-eggs began to charge at them, making them try to use the moves with the chara's.

"Rima, try a move with me!" Rhythm said.

"Uh...o-ok, um...DISC SHOOTER!" Rima yelled. Her move shot out blazes of lightning discs at x-eggs, and knocked some of them down.

"Wow! YAYA WANNA TRY A NEW MOVE TOO!" Yaya smiled. Kusu kusu giggled.


"Yaya put out her hands, and super upgraded water balloons appear in them.

"DANCING BALLONS!" Yaya twirled really fast and shot a million super water balloons a minute at the x-eggs. They began to weaken,


"Nagi, you do a move too!" Rima and Yaya said happily.

"Uhh...To be honest, I really don't want to try it out. I'm rather scared of the results..." Nagi reasoned.

"Aw! Nagi, you're such a party-pooper!" Yaya pouted.

"Yeah, what she said." Rima agreed.

"COME ON NAGI! I WANNA HELP TOO!" Pepe pouted also.

"Alright, alright Pepe."

"Lets go-dechu!" Pepe smiled.

"Oh, um... Stuff Animal Stampede!" Nagi yelled,a stampede of stuff animals coming out randomly and stampeding towards the X-eggs.

Temari snickerd.

But just then, the X eggs turn into one big X egg and the animals get scared and run away.

"Soo helpful." Nagi frowned.

And as Nagi was being grumpy, the chara nari's disappear and they turn back to normal.

"Yes! Awesome!"

"Aw…" Rima and Yaya frowned.


"You guys are kind of weak can't even break through a door..." Neko snickered.

"WELL SORRY, MISS I'M GONNA SIT AND WATCH!" They all yelled simultaneously.

"WELL, I'M SORRY I CAN'T CHARA NARI!" Neko yelled right back.

"Yeah... oops sorry..." Tadase apologized.

"What's this door made out of anyways?" Kiseki asked.

"Probably made out of gingerbread..." Tadase said.

"-or graham crackers..." Kiseki got an idea. "Commoners I order you to eat that!"

"But my stomach hurts!" Kukai whined, holding onto his stomach.

"EAT IT!" Kiseki ordered.

"Hey, Tadase cant you use holy crown to bust the door down?"

Tadase then looked at his scepter. "Yes."


While in the midst of panicking, Au-chan was now hyperventilating.

"Au-Chan, Calm down!" Amu said.

"I don't wanna get eaten though!" She yelled.

Espio was hiding for some odd reason, and Amu frowned.

"If anyone is gonna be eaten first its gonna be… Amu!" Espio announced.


"Yeah you're not important in this story!" Au-chan said, stopping her hyperventilation.

"Ok guys, let's just get out of here before we all get eaten." Ikuto suggested logically.

"How do we get out though?" Au-chan asked.

"Using the teleporter?" Ikuto suggested logically again.

"But we can't take it out of here." Amu said.

"How about one person teleports and then they open the door from the outside?" Au-chan said.

"Ok, but who's' gonna go?" Espio asked. All three looked at Amu and she frowned.

"Dang it!"

"Ok Amu stand on the teleporter." Au-chan explained.

Amu climbed on the teleporter and said, "to where Kukai is!"

"Oww..." Amu rubbed her butt, as she teleported on to the candy floor of the castle.

"Amu!" Kukai realized she was there.

"Oh hey Kukai." Amu's phone rand, and she answered it. "Hello?

"YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE UNLOCKING THE DOOR NOT FLIRTING!" Au-chan screamed through the phone like a banshee.

"Okay gosh." Amu hung up, and walked over over to the important stuff room and pulls the door. It doesn't budge.

"Amu are you out there!" Ikuto asked through the door.

"Yeah! But the door won't budge." She said back, not noticing the lock on the door.

Amu is now flinging herself at the door, trying to open it.

"God, how do you open this thing?" She yelled.

"What in the world are you using?" Ikuto asked, scared.

"Lemme use the teleporter." Espio said, hopping onto the teleporter, yelling, "To Amu's house," and vanishing.

"We should have done that…" Au-chan sweat dropped. Ikuto nodded.

"I wonder what Espio plans to do.


"Lets chara nari again!" Yaya suggested. Rima nodded.

"My own heart: Unlock!"

"Character transformation: Little Baby!" Rima transformed with Pepe, into a cute little baby dress.

"Character Transformation: Rhythm Girl!" Yaya transformed with Rhythm, with a kid like outfit that was like Nagihiko's transformation.

"Character transformation: Comedy king!" Nagihiko transformed with Kusu Kusu, into a ring leader at a circus costume, looking really cool.

"Ehh?" He complained.

"Meh I still look cute." Rima said, looking at her outfit.

Yaya cheered.

"DANG, we chara transformed with the wrong charas AGAIN?" Nagi continued to complain.

"I look soo cool!" Yaya grinned.

"Let's just get this over with already!" Rima said.

"We're gonna have to purify the x-eggs then if we wanna get rid of them fast..." Nagi said.

"How?" Yaya asked.

"Try and use attacks?" Nagi shrugged.


"Wait why did Espio go to Amu's house! There's nothing important there!" Au-chan complained.

"Yeah so…"

"Don't bother me!" She complained again.

"Ah! This stupid door!" Amu yelled on the other side.

Au-chan then noticed the lock on the inside, which could only be opened from the outside, and face palmed.

"Amu! Do you have a bobby pin?"


"Then pick at the lock on the door!" Au-chan yelled at Amu.

"Lock? What- Oh that lock..." Amu giggled, took out a bobby pin, and picked at the lock.


"So, who wants to test out the attacks?" Nagihiko asked.


"Yaya is one step ahead of ya. Headphone Boomerrang!" Yaya called, throwing a pair of headphones at the X-eggs and trapping them in a circle. "Oh yeah!"

"Let's combine our powers!" Nagi suggested.

"Yeah!" Both girls agreed.


"Okay... I almost got it...THERE!" The door flings open and hits Amu in the face, making Au-chan laughs.

"Finally! Amu!" Ikuto rushes over to her.

"Holy crown!"

"Tadase what are you doing?" Au-chan asked, walking over to the other group.

"Who cares! YAY! It worked! Awesome Tadase!" Neko said, hugging Tadase.

"Oh, i-it was no problem." Tadase blushed.

"Amu wake up!" Ikuto smacked Amu's face, trying to wake her up. She groaned.

"Ow, my head hurts..."

"Anyways Tadase and Neko sitting in a tree K-I-" Au-chan teased, getting interrupted.

"SHUT IT!" They both yelled.

"Fine. Amu and Ikuto sitting in a tree..." Au-chan teased, getting interrupted again.

"You shut up!" They both yelled, walking over to the other group.

"No one lets me have fun." Au-chan frowned.

"We will just you need to shush at some times." Neko said, smiling. Au-chan nodded.

"Okay, since we broke down the door let's go!" Tadase said.

"But we can't leave without Rima, Nagi and Yaya... Oh and the telporter!" Au-chan said, running back into the room and grabbing the teleporter.

"Ok Amu, Kukai, Utau, and I will go and try to get those three and Au-Chan, Tadase, and Neko will wait here. Okay? And keep watch for anything bad coming. Let's go." Ikuto, Amu, Kukai and Utau started walking to the un-important room and the other three sat there watching the door.


"YOUNG RYTHMIC HAPPINESS OF POWER!" The three yell, as a big blast of oh-so-shiny-prettiful light and all that good stuff explodes from Yaya, Nagi, and Rima and purifies the x-eggs.

"What a long name..." Temari commented.

"Okay let's get out of here now!" Rima said.

"I agree!" Nagi said.

"Let's get out of these transformations too... it's making Yaya really tired..." Yaya panted.

"It's because you transformed with a different chara that is not yours." Rima said.

"Oh…" They all dropped the chara-nari's, and sat there.

And just then, Amu banged on the door.

"Yaya! Rima! Nagi!"

"Amu?" Rima yelled through the door.

" Yeah you guys we're about to get you out! Ikuto's working on the lock but just stay calm and don't panic." Amu called back.

"We've been sitting here, fighting X-Eggs, locked in a worthless room. Why would we panic now?" Nagi said.

"Oh never mind!"

"Almost there… Got it!" Ikuto opened the door, and once again it hit Amu in the face.

"Ow, not again..."

"Finally we've been waiting for hours..." Rima said. They all ran back to Neko, Au-Chan and Tadase, and sit there.

"Finally. Okay everyone has to get on the teleporter one by one. Who's gonna go first?" Au-chan said, putting the teleported down.

"Well, we can make a list or choose randomly." Neko suggested.

"Let's choose randomly. First…" Au-chan took out the hat from earlier, and chose a name form the hat. "Utau."

"Finally out of this place!" Utau said, jumping on the teleporter.

"Okay now say 'to Amu's home!'"

"To Amu's home!"

"Okay next Kukai." Au-chan said.

Kukai jumps on the teleporter and repeats the same thing. Ikuto goes next, then Amu, then Tadase, then Rima, then Yaya, and Nagi, Neko and Au-Chan are left.

"Ok first!" Au-chan claps her hands and the giant bag filled with Candy appears. She shoves the candy bag onto the teleporter, and tells Neko to get on, and repeat what everyone else did.

"Uh... ok!" Neko jumps on, and says, "To Amu's place."

"Ok now we are left with two of us. Who will take the telepoter?" Au-chan asked.

"You will."

"ME? I wanted Nagi to." Au-chan complained.

"Nope!" Nagi then jumps on the teleporter. "To Amu's house!"

"No fair. Cheater. Anyways. Okay, I push this button, and this, flip this switch, and…" Au-chan pushed some more buttons, then jumped on the teleporter.

"To Amu's house!"

"Oh everyone!" Au-chan noticed everyone on the floor, rubbing their butts. They all looked at the teleporter, that was lying next to Au-chan.

"Is it broken?" Ikuto asked.

"No it's just worn out. Okay I'll take it back to my house!" Au-chan said, picking up the teleporter. Espio then comes in.

"Ok Espio, Neko, let's go back to my house. We'll see you guys later! Bye!" Au-Chan grabbed Neko's and Espio's arms and ran out of Amu's house. Amu decides to have a sleepover at her house and the Shugo Chara cast lives their normal lives in peace, with no more crazy fangirls, or any candy people. The next day though, everyone got sick from eating too much candy, and they all had to make up work at school.

The end

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