A set of size eleven shoes stood neatly in the doorway of the Kurosaki house beside a set of size sixes that varied dramatically in fashion then a set of size elevens and then one pair of size seven purple shoes and finally a pair of unmarked wooden slippers.

"So what's wrong at your house?" Karin demanded. Yuzu was sitting next to her sister eying Byakuya's skinny wrists that protruded from the long sleeved tee shirt that had been rolled back to the elbows. "There's a food shortage or something?" Karin demanded.

"Karin! That's not nice1 you must excuse my daughter-" Isshin apologized, putting his arms around his daughter apologetically.

"I don't need anyone to do apologize for me, especially when I mean what I said old man!" Karin snapped, punching her father away. "So what's your problem, you sick?" She demanded.

"Sick?" Byakuya asked looking up at her in confusion.

"What my sister means to say is you're so pale and thin." Yuzu answered. Byakuya touched his face, what was these peoples' problem?

"I am not afflicted," Byakuya finally said.

"Then what the hell are you doing here?" Karin pressed.

"Due to a conflict of interest at home, my sister and I found it necessary to leave."

"You ran away!" Karin gasped.

"Putting it simply, yes." He answered

"Great, now we have a fugitive on our hands," Karin grumbled, "Why do you talk so funny? You a noble or something?"

"Yeah," Ichigo interrupted, "He is, will ya stop with the questions now?"

"You're a noble! Like a prince? Does someone want to assassinate you?" Karin gasped.

"Something like that." Byakuya answered, smiling politely at her. Yuzu blushed and got up suddenly from the table.

"Where are you going?" Ichigo asked annoyed.

"I thought you'd want to eat dinner." Yuzu answered and began dishing out food from the pots on the stove.

"So how long are you gonna stay here pretty boy?" Karin demanded.

"Pretty boy?" Byakuya repeated, his sense of annoyance awakened.

"Just because you look like your sister doesn't mean you can sleep with us." Karin said

"You think I look like a girl?" Byakuya gritted.

"I think we have a bed somewhere around here." Ichigo sighed.

"Here!" Yuzu sang. She put down a bowl of rice and beef stew and soup in front of Ichigo, then Rukia and finally a large portion in front of Byakuya. The noble teen stared at the mountain of rice. "Everyone already had dinner before you all came but there's still extras if you want anymore." Byakuya looked up at the smiling orange head girl in her pink dress and felt a sense of dread. "Eat up!" it sounded like an order and he dared not disobey.

"So what's your name?" Karin asked.

"Umm... Kuchiki Rukia." Rukia answered; Byakuya was hungrier than he knew and Yuzu's cooking was excellent.

"What's your size? I think Yuzu has something you that might fit you." Karin remarked, looking over the small, black haired girl.

"Why does she have to wear something of mine? Could you at least ask me if it was okay?" Yuzu whined to her sister.

"Just look at her, she obviously won't want to sleep in what I sleep in!" Karin countered, "And since when do you care?" Yuzu huffed and looked over Rukia who was blushing.

"I'm sorry." Rukia said meekly.

"No, no, it all right, I think I have a pink one you might like, come on, bring your bowl if you want!" Yuzu laughed. Karin picked up Rukia's food and followed her sister who was leaving the room.

"Umm.. okay." Rukia said, looking over to her brother. Byakuya was eating neatly and at noble pace, he inclined his head to her and she ran off with her rice bowl.

"You know if you want to, you can sleep in my room-"

"Forget it old man." Ichigo said, punching Isshin silent.

"But my room's much bigger." Isshin justified.

"WILL YOU CUT IT OUT? YOU SOUND LIE A PEDOPHILE!" Ichigo snapped. "You, eat faster" Ichigo ordered, looking at Byakuya whop had barely made a dent in the mountain of rice in front of him.

"I would rather not-"

"Will you jut forget manners already? I wanna get to bed and there is no way I'm rearranging my room alone without the cause there!"

"Do you know each other?" Karin was back in the room and had fetched a bottle of milk and was getting a tray.

"What do you mean?" Ichigo asked, feinting innocence but still coming off as guilty.

"The way you talk to him," She answered with a shrug, "it's like you two are kinda mutual, almost friends." She laughed.

"WHAT, ME? FRIENDS WITH HIM?" Byakuya demanded, his annoyance getting the better of him. She stared at Byakuya who quickly realized himself ans sat back down, cheeks aflame and began stuffing foods in his mouth furiously. Yuzu blinked few times and giggled with a tilt of her head.

"Boys and their secrets." She laughed and let the room with a loaded tray of milk and cookies. Ichigo sighed and looked back at Byakuya.

"Never mind her- wait, you're done already?" Byakuya looked at Ichigo, the bowls in front of him empty.

"Thank you for the meal." Byakuya said, getting up and bowing slightly but Ichigo was too busy watching his lack of stomach to bother return the courtesy.

"Where did you put it all?" Ichigo asked, pulling up Byakuya's shirt, revealing a stomach as flat and hairless as the first time he had seen it.

"Oh my son, I understand your preferences, but do try to behave-"

"Shut up old man." Ichigo growled, punching his father silent. "Come on Byakuya."

"Oh how my son treats me, even after I rearranged his room and put in that bed for his lover-" Isshin fell silent as he found himself nose to nose with Byakuya held by his shirt front.

"Don't you ever dare call Ichigo my lover" Byakuya hissed softly, his eyes daggers of annoyance that put the fear of death in the old man.

"Oh, I-I ap-ap-apologize." Isshin managed. Byakuya glowered lat the old man for a moment longer and let him go.

"Thank you for fixing the beds." He finally said and bowed slightly to the old man before brushing past Ichigo on the staircase. Ichigo looked back at his father.

"Eyes... so cold..." He was muttering.

"You really outdid yourself old man." Ichigo sighed and headed upstairs. He opened the door and balked, the beds had been placed parallel to the room so that the head lay under the window and side by side. Byakuya was spread on his belly on one bed which was in fact Ichigo's.

"Byakuya," He walked over to the bed and dropped himself, Byakuya didn't even so much as stir. He studied the sleeping white face showing between black bangs, he didn't have the heart o wake him up.

"Byakuya, Byakuya," Said teen opened his eyes,. The ceiling overhead was pained blue with the light touches f dawn. Kurosaki Ichigo's head hovered over his, his every feature painted too blue, the color of the orange hair struggling through, "wake up."

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