Chapter 1- The Beginning

"Bella, honey, im sorry! Please don't go! What about Phil?!"

"H-how could you do this mom? How could you keep this from me?!"

"I know, I know. And im sorry Bella. Please baby, don't leave."

"I-I think its better this way. I can't let the anger I have, on you. Now that I know about this…it's going to be too hard to control if I stay here. I think you and I both know it would be better if I stayed with Char-…Dad."

Renee sighed. "This is my fault isn't it? If I just kept all the secrets to myself…if I didn't tell you, you wouldn't be leaving would you? You wouldn't be mad at me or move back with Charlie."

"I-I can't believe you! If you kept all the secrets to yourself?!" I appalled. My voice then turned low and menacing.

"If you kept all the secrets to yourself, it would have made it worse. I would have found out sooner or later. You're just lucky I came to you when I did."

Angry I spoke "What kind of mother are you?! Hiding this thing from me. Did you ever stop to think what was better for me!?! HUH!?! Im not some prized possession. Im your daughter!...well, I thought I was." I scoffed.

"Whatever Renee, Im done. Im going back with Charlie and that's final."

"Bella wait!" my mom shouted as I was making my way up the stairs to my room to hurry up and pack.

"No, mom! You wait! I can't be here. I can't loose control and the more I talk to you, the more I see you, the harder it is to stay in control. I don't want you or Phil to get hurt because I couldn't stay in control!"

My mom sighed. "Fine Bella, but I did my research honey. You are Special, and it come with a journey."

I abruptly stopped packing. "What?!" I said.

"There are people out there, honey. People like you. But these people, they don't choose to fight for the good like you do. They use their powers to hurt people….to use them just because they can."

Now it was my turn to sigh. "Okay. I understand. But still, I made up my mind Renee. There is no excuse you can make up that can keep me from leaving."

My moms face turned from sad to angry. "You Brat! Im trying to help you….Im trying to take care of you! You're lucky I found you when I did! You should be grateful not a little bitch!"

My mouth hung open. I was still trying to process what she was saying to me. Then she spoke again.

"Fine. Go. I could care less anymore. Just remember…wherever you go, whoever you come in contact with next…They will be in danger."

"Www-what?" I stuttered.

She laughed evilly. "Don't you get it? Every single person you come in contact with, every friend you make, they will become a target. They will be like a pawn in a game. So helpless and innocent. They are the perfect targets for a person like James."

"James?" I said.

"J-James….he's your….I really don't know. I remember he got adopted the same time you were. He was my best friend, Cheryl's, adoptive son. She didn't tell him he was adopted either."

"Cheryl as in the overly drunk woman who lived a few blocks down!?" I said surprised.

"Ha-ha, oh yes. The poor child would be black and blue by the time she finished with him." She reminisced.

"And why didn't you do anything!? Why didn't you interfere!?" I asked lividly.

"Because it wasn't my place to." She answered simply.

"WHAT?!" I shouted angrily

"Im not going to tell how a mother, let alone my fiend, how to raise her child!" she said in a raised tone.

"I can't believe you! You let the poor kid get hurt just because you didn't FEEL like telling her not to beat her SON!?!?" I shouted.

"See! This is what I get for trying to help you out. You yelling in my face. I knew you would turn out to be a bitch! I tried my best though! I tried to keep you in line. But look at you! Look at the way you dress and walk! A whore. That's what you are! And treating your mother that way! Unbelievable." She said with her voice filled with venom.

Then she walked across the room towards me, both of us standing face to face with each other. Her eyes were filled with hate and disgust. She then suddenly smacked me across the face hard.

Smack! The house was silent except for the echo in my ears and the burning of my cheek where she slapped me. My eyes filled with tears and my hand went up to my right cheek.

She then turned on heel and walked out of the room. I sat down next to my suitcase on my bed, with my hand still on my cheek. I couldn't believe she just hit me.

I suddenly got up and stuffed as much as I could, as fast as I could, into my bag. I was leaving now. Nothing was going to stop me, no matter how important.

I took my wad of money I had been saving up since I was little out of my underwear drawer and stuffed it in my back pocket. I then grabbed my cell phone and threw the charger in the bag. I practically flew down the stair, into the kitchen. I grabbed my car keys and wallet and didn't look back as I walked out the door.

As soon as I drove a little more than half way, I called Charlie.

"Hello, Swan Residence." He said

I chuckled. Of course my dad would answer the phone like that. "H-hey dad, it me, Bella." I said with a thick teary voice. Pull yourself together Bella! I thought to myself.

"Bella!? Honey, is that you!?" he said surprised.

"Yea dad" I smiled teary eyed. "It's me."

"How are you, are you in trouble, what's going on?!" he said quickly.

"Slow down dad. Im ok. I just...well….i was wondering if I could come and stay with you for a while?"

"W-what? Yea of course you can Bells, you don't have to ask. This is your home to ya know!" he said jokingly.

"Thanks dad."

"Anytime bells. So when should I be expecting you?"

"Umm…actually. Im pretty much at the airport now. And I was thinking of catching an immediate flight out, so maybe in 4 or 5 hours?"

"W-what? Oh yes! That's fine. But Bells if you don't mind me asking, is everything ok? Is something wrong?" he said with concern evident in his voice.

"Yea, everything is fine. I just miss all of you guys, and Renee and I…didn't see eye to eye about coming back to see you."

"Oh, yea. Your mother can be like that sometimes." He said.

I raised my hand to my cheek where she slapped me "yea, she can" I said teary eyed.

"Ok, well I will see you soon. I will call your cell once I get off the plane."

"Ok honey. I can't wait. Billy says hi by the way" he chuckled.

I laugh quietly. "Tell him I said hi and I miss him!"

He passed on the message then said "He says he misses you too, along with Jake."

"Jake is there!?" I asked.

"No, but once Jake find out your coming home, he will be jumping for joy." Charlie chuckled.

I laughed." Well dad, could you do me a favor and not tell Jake or anyone else im coming home? I want to surprise Jake and the rest of the gang." I said happily.

"Of course Bella. I think that's a great idea!" he said excitedly.

"Ok dad. Well I gotta go. My flight is boarding now."

"Alright. Love you bells."

"Love you too dad. See you soon!"

After I hung up with my dad I boarded the plane. The ride wasn't bad. I couldn't fall asleep so I just ended up listening to my iPod and staring out the window reminiscing what happened today. Everything happened so fast. Suddenly the sign saying to buckle your seatbelts came on. Almost home. I thought.

After the plane landed I immediately turned on my phone and called Charlie. I told him I landed and that I was going to grab my luggage. We decided to meet up at the pickup area. After I had everything I went to go meet him.

"Bella!" I heard.

"Bella, over here!!" Charlie shouted. I could see him waving his arms like he needed an S.O.S. I laughed and ran over to him. We embraced in a big bear hug.

"I missed you dad." I said after he let me go.

"Missed you too Bells, so much." He said as he took my bag.
The ride back home was shorter than I thought. The lights were still on at the house. Everything was the same. It seemed like nothing changed. Nothing except for the fact I wasn't spending a summer here, I was moving in. Charlie grabbed my bag and we headed for warmth inside the house.

"Home sweet home." He said as we walked through the door.

I took a deep breath. "It's good to be back. I missed this place" I said.

Charlie showed me my room and dropped my bag on the floor. Since it was about midnight, he claimed he was going to bed because he had work tomorrow.

"Night Bells." He said as he kissed the top of my head. "Sweet dreams."

"Night dad!" I said.

I plopped down on my bed and let out a deep breath. Home. It feels so good, so right, to be back here. My eyes started to droop. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go surprise Jake that im back for good. I thought to myself right before I fell into a deep sleep.