A/N: Hey guys after much debating, I've read over my writing and decided to take down these two stories ('Powers of Destiny' and 'Powers of Love').

I think it would best since I've had so much writer's block with finishing the whole story idea and I know it's probably been hard to keep up with.

When I do end up rewriting the story by making a completely new one, probably with a different name too, I'll take down these stories (but it probably won't be a while- so you still have time).

I'm thinking of keeping the same concept- Bella having powers, but meeting the Pack and things like that will change. (Still a Sam and Bella paring? What do you guys all think?)

Keep a look out on my page for the new story; again, it probably won't be up too soon though. If anyone wants to actually adopt this story particular story (and/or the other one) let me know.

Along with that, anyone that wants to help me with the new one by shooting me ideas or a chapter they have written (to co-write), please hit me up! Much help would be appreciated and thanked.

Thank you all again! And I hope you understand.

Much love,

-the author =)