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Here's a second part to Geekward and Bella's time together.

I watched as the empty classroom began to fill with students and tried to calm my outward nervous jittering into some resemblance of calm and collected. Try being the operative word, truthfully I was sweating balls sitting here thinking about what I was about to face in a few seconds.

After I left Bella's house Friday, or rather ran out her door, any confidence I had during our… encounter, was sadly missing. When I was in the car driving home it hit me that I had just had my very first, very real, sexual experience. With non other than Bella Swan, the girl I had been dreaming about ever since she moved to this Podunk town. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

After I was over the initial shock confusion set in. Why me? Why now all of a sudden? What did this mean now? Were we just messing around or was it something more?

I had so many questions, but only Bella could answer them. I know it's a normal thing for teenagers to hook up and not be together officially, but Bella didn't seem like the 'hit it and quit it' type, and I obviously had no clue what I was doing, let alone be some sort of 'player'.

But she did make that joke about getting together again and working on physical education. Or.. Was that a joke? We had laughed about it, but I wasn't sure if she was being serious. I though back to what happened after that and cringed at my stupidity.

After our laughs had died down Bella stood up, putting her bra and shirt back into place. I straightened up, smoothing the wrinkles in my shirt and tried to flatten down my hair after her constant pulling of it. Bella turned to me and said she was going to her room to change and put on some new underwear real quick. I put my head down to cover the blush and muttered a quick "okay" as she walked up the stairs. When she was no longer in my sight I started to panic.

Would it be weird between us now? Did she expect me to leave after she came down, or want me to stay? How could I look her in the face now that she had seen the most intimate part of me and had… Had… Done what she did. Oh hell, how could I look at her after what I had done? There was so much going on in my head that I didn't hear her come downstairs. "Edward?," I looked up to Bella who had changed into some sweats and a tank top, staring at me like I was about to run at any sudden movements.

"Edward, are you alright? You look like your about to be sick?" she asked concerned.

"Um..." I didn't know what to say to her; what could I say?

I know we were just fooling around, but I got to go?

No idiot! But don't just sit there, your probably freaking her out right now, say something!

"My mom's making meatloaf tonight." I blurted out.

…that's all you could come up with?

Bella looked at me like I had grown another head. I rolled my eyes at myself and tried again.

"What I meant was, uh… that she spends a lot of time on dinner and if I'm late it really upsets her, so like, what I mean… I-I got to go." I stood up so fast I knocked my text book off the coffee table. I scrabbled to put all my stuff into my bag while avoiding eye contact.

"Oh, well, that's cool. I should start Charlie's dinner soon anyway." she said sounding a little off and not looking at me either.

Once I got all my stuff together I grabbed my jacket and headed for the door, speed walking my way through the living room. Before I reached the door I turned around to face Bella one again. "Well, I had a really… great time." I wasn't sure what the proper etiquette was after a hook up session, but I was sure I was making it more awkward than need be.

Bella chuckled a little and pushed some hair behind her ear and look right at me. "So did I. I couldn't of asked for a better tutor." she said kind of flirtingly. I gulped loudly and pushed my glasses up my nose. I was in danger of embarrassing myself further so I turned and started out the door. "Edward," I heard her say, amused about something. I turned and saw she had a smirk on her face, like she thought something was funny.

"Yeah?" I said confused.

She walked slowly up to me until my back hit the door and I was trapped looking into her warm chocolate eyes, which scorched into my own, burning her image into my brain. Bella reached out her hand and zipped up my fly with that small smile still on her face. She stepped back and said in her seductress like voice, "See you Monday."

I let out a huge breath I didn't know I was holding and opened the door, booking it for my car as fast as I could go.

Which now leads me to where I'm at now, sitting in class waiting for Bella to walk into the room. I knew she was here because I had been deliberately avoiding her all day. Any time I saw her in the hallways I would panic and go the other way, or wait until she was out of sight until I could walk in that direction. I kept sneaking glances at her during lunch, but when she would look up I pretended to be interested in whatever Alice or Jasper were saying at the time. I could feel her eyes on me the whole day and was unsure what I would find once I looked into them.

Right then, Bella walked into the classroom and I couldn't take my eyes off her. She was so beautiful. The way her long mahogany hair flowed passed her shoulders, and deep brown eyes shined like they held the secrets of the universe made my breath hitch and toes curl. Today she was wearing form fitting jeans and a tight white t-shirt that clung to her body very, very well.

Damn Cullen, she just walked into the room and your already perving out.

I was expecting her to head to her normal seat next to Angela Webber, but to my surprise she walked straight to me. "Hey Edward," Bella said almost shyly locking me in her gaze. "H-hi Bella." I cleared my throat and adjusted my glasses a bit.

"So, I was just wondering if you didn't mind having a partner today?" she asked hopefully.

I was stunned, I was not expecting her to want to sit with me. But who was I to refuse such a wonderful request?

"Sure, no, go ahead." I gave her a little smile and cleared that end of the table allowing her to put her own stuff down. Usually I sat by myself, preferring the solitude. Not today it would seem. Bella sat down and smiled brightly at me pulling out her notebook.

I wasn't sure were to go from here. I mean, what do you say to the girl who gave you a blow job in her living room and told you she had wanted you? Did that still apply now? I wanted to ask her straight up what we were to each other, but I didn't want to sound too needy if that's not what she wanted. I mean, we hardly knew each other really, and Friday was the only time we had ever had a real conversation.

But still, I knew that I wanted more. I wanted to know all of Bella, and learn her inside and out. She not only made me heavily aroused in a constant state of lust, but she intrigued me as well with her amazing wit and knowledge. Bella Swan was a puzzle that I wanted to piece together to find out the real woman behind it.

Banner walked in and started class right away so I didn't have the time I wanted to talk with Bella. I would just have to wait until class was over. I was determined to find out her intentions in all of this, and just hoped her feelings were close to mine.

In the middle of class I watched out of the corner of my eye as Bella tore out a piece of paper sliding it over to me. I glanced down at the note.

Is everything okay? You seem so far away right now. I hope it has nothing to do with what happened Friday.

I hadn't even noticed that I had not been listening during Banners lecturing, or had even taken any notes. I was just so out of it trying to figure out this situation with Bella. I grabbed my pen and wrote a reply quickly.

No everything's fine. I just kind of get lost in my own thoughts. I'm sorry if I've been acting kind of strange lately.

Its okay, I understand that this all might be pretty weird to you now. I just want you to know that I'm not some superficial bitch who goes and tells the whole school about it. What happened was between you and me.

And I'm really glad it did.

She added that last part almost as an after thought, and I silently reveled in her words. I was grateful that it would stay between us, but I had more important questions to ask.

Thanks. I'm just so confused now Bella, I mean what are we doing? I want to be clear on where we stand now.

Edward, I told you that I wanted you, and I still want you. I know we have a lot to say but I would prefer to say it face to face and alone. Will you come over tonight? My dad's working the late shift and doesn't get back until after midnight. Please, I'll explain everything then.

I was all of a sudden nervous and excited at the same time. Bella and I would be alone once again, and I couldn't wait. Even if it was just to talk.

Yeah sure. I'll be over right after school.

Bella looked over at me smiling and gave a little nod. We were staring at each other for a few seconds before Banner announced we were watching a short movie and turned off all the lights.

As soon as the movie started, I could feel the electricity buzzing in the air between our body's. We were sitting so close together that if I reached my hand out an inch I would be touching her arm. We sat up a little straighter at the same time and turned our heads towards each other. She gave a small laugh that only I would hear, and I nervously chuckled back. I settled into watching the T.V. but I couldn't pay attention because I could literally feel her right next to me.

I glanced a little to the side and saw that we both had our hand resting at our sides, hanging loosely in the space between us. I don't know where the sudden confidence came from, but I started to move my hand closer to hers. My eyes widened a bit when I noticed her do the same thing. Inch by inch our hands became closer together, waiting for the first moment of impact. Our fingers slowly reached out at the same time and the small contacts sent a shiver down my spine. Bella's pointer finger curled around mine carefully at first, but soon the rest of her digits followed. They touched each of my fingers delicately, tracing a path of fire all the way to my palm.

Once she made it to my wrist she began moving up my arm, refusing to stop her exploring. I swear I could feel every fiber in my body calling out to her, screaming her name, pleading for more. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed her touch as it soothed me in a lullaby of relaxation. She was barley touching me, but it was the most… erotic feeling I've ever had.

Bella made it to where my arm met my thigh and without hesitation reached out to place her hand right above my knee. My eyes flew open quickly and I jumped at this sudden development, but she did not move her hand away. I gulped softly and let out a shaky breath trying to calm my over heated body. Bella started to rub the top of my thigh softly in small movements relaxing and exciting me at the same time. She didn't move lower or higher, just kept the same motions going in one spot. I worked up the nerve to look over at her and saw her watching me with a beautiful smile on her face and eyes shining brightly in the darkened room.

I reached down and grabbed her hand stopping her motions and clasped our hands together, resting them on my thigh. She bit her bottom lip effectively directing my attention to her mouth, and all I could think about was that I had kissed those lips, those lips had kissed me, Jesus those lips had been wrapped around my dick.

My eyes flew back up to hers and I could tell she had been thinking the same thing as me. Her breathing had picked up and I watched her chest rise and fall, stretching the cotton on her tight whit t-shirt effectively outlining her perfect breasts. I felt like I was going out of my mind with need for this gorgeous girl. I wanted her, badly.

Just then the lights flipped on and the bell rang loudly, breaking me from my lust induced haze. We let go of each other quickly and broke eye contact. I blinked to adjust to the light, and in my nervous habit, pushed my glasses up my nose while running a hand through my hair. Bella gathered her things and asked me to follow out of the parking lot to her house after school. I nodded and we both made our way out of the room with promises of a talk.

Yeah, talk, that's what I really wanted to do.

The whole way I followed Bella's truck, headed for her house, was in a daze. I couldn't get over this powerful attraction that I had for her, as demonstrated in class today. I had never felt such overwhelming feelings before, and frankly it scared me a little. She could make me forget everything with a look and feel at peace with a simple touch. Bella was something special that I could not name, and if today had proved anything it was that she had to be feeling something too.

We pulled up to her house and she led me through the door to the living room. I was immediately picturing what had occurred on the very couch we were now sitting on.

Bella didn't waist any time getting straight to the point. "Edward, I know that this must be confusing to you, but I want you to know that I meant everything I said Friday. I've liked you for a while now. Actually, its kind of embarrassing to admit this, but you're the first thing I noticed my first day in Banners class." really?

'I just didn't know how to tell you without sounding like an idiot, so I came up with asking you to come over and help me with Anatomy. I had no idea it would turn into something else so fast, but I wouldn't trade it for anything." she waited for my reply with hopeful eyes. I was so relived. I gave her a smile and decided to be truthful. "Bella, I have dreamt you ever since I laid eyes on you. I just never thought that someone like you would give someone like me the time of day." She smiled at me and grabbed my hand linking them together to rest on the sofa.

"Edward how could anyone not like you. Your smart, funny, handsome; I mean, any girl would be lucky to be with you," she said in kind of a whisper. She was looking down at our hand so I gently pushed her chin up to look in her eyes. "Bella, I don't want just any girl. The only girl I see is sitting right next to me." I cupped her cheek in my hand and she leaned into my touch, never breaking eye contact. She reached up and did the same to my cheek and said, "will you kiss me Edward?" in a deliciously innocent voice.

Like I would ever deny her anything.

I leaned forward slowly, watching Bella close her eyes and wait for me to reach her. I wanted to take my time and savor her taste so that I would never forget it. our foreheads touched first, then I slid the tip of my nose across the softness of her cheek. I reached down a little more until the corner of our mouths touched before gently grazing my top lip with her bottom one. Her lips parted and then I placed mine fully to hers. Her tongue peaked out and slide across my lips asking for entry. I gladly opened and she delved right in, swirling and sucking, rendering me useless against her. I let out a little moan and pushed my way into her mouth, both of us fighting for dominance.

My hands fisted into her hair, pulling her closer to me as she put her hands around my neck. Bella pulled back to take a much needed breath while I started kissing my way down her neck, nipping and sucking on the smooth skin. She let out a little whimper and the sound went straight to my cock.

"Edward, mm…lets-uh lets go to my room." she said breathlessly.

I stopped devouring her neck and pulled my head up to look at her. Her eyes were glazed over and burning brightly into my own. I remembered that look. I nodded my head quickly in agreement. She stood up grabbing my hand to guide me up the stairs towards her room. Once we were inside I took in the surroundings, noticing the dresser against the wall next to a small book shelf and rocking chair. I wondered what she liked to read and made a mental note to talk about that next. But right now I was looking at the bed, the very bed Bella slept in every night. And now the bed she was leading me to.

She pushed me down so I was sitting on the edge of the bed and leaned in to whisper into my ear, "You never did answer my question." I gave her a confused look but she just stood up straight with a smile on her face reaching her hands above her head in a sort of stretching move. Without breaking eye contact she slowly let her arms fall down, running her hands through her hair saying, "P.E. is really not my best subject, and I could use a little help stretching, you now, work on my…flexibility." As she said the last word she turned around and bent over giving me a nice view of her ass in those tight jeans.

It was all of a sudden too hot in this room. I knew where she wanted this to go given the seducing way she was licking her bottom lip and looking at me like she was about to eat me, but flirting and heavy innuendo was not one of my best skills.

"Uhhh…" I was stammering now. Say something damnit!

I adjusted my glasses a bit and pulled on the collar of my t-shirt which felt like it was suffocating me all of a sudden. I cleared my throat and said, "W-Well, its best if you show me what you want to…work on." She raised an eyebrow at me and smirked replying with, "Yes, your right. If were going to be working on my body together you'll need to see what needs the most attention."

Without hesitation Bella removed her shirt and unbuttoned her jeans, shimmying her way out of them revealing a pink bra and boy shorts that covered the most voluptuous parts of her body. "How about we start off with stretching, you know, before we get to the hard parts." she said in a very enticing voice, clearly emphasizing the word hard. She held her hand out, and I automatically took it already feeling the electric current flow through my body as we were touching.

When I was standing, Bella walked us to the middle of the room then spun around facing the other direction, pressing her back into my chest. She grabbed both of my hands and placed them on her hips saying, "I'm such a klutz sometimes, I need someone to hold onto me so I don't fall over." she was trying to play this part innocently, but she was being anything but that. And I was really liking it.

Summoning up the courage I leaned in and whispered into her ear, "Oh I wont be letting go anytime soon, Isabella." she made a noise that sounded like a moan leaning further into me. It was the first time I ever used her full name and judging by her reaction, she liked it. Bella turned her head a bit and said, "Count to ten for me." she straightened her body and slowly leaned forward until her fingers met her toes and her ass met my crotch.

All at once I gasped, my hands tightened around her hips, and my dick jolted to life at lightning speed. I immediately began to count while she began to rub herself against me in sync with my voice.

When I was done she straightened up only to spread her legs apart and bent over once more, asking me to count again. This time she started with her right leg grabbing her foot with one hand while grabbing my leg with the other. Her arm curled around my calf rubbing it over the material of my jeans. She did the same thing with the left side, all the while never bending her knees even once. As soon as I stammered out a breathy "T-Ten," she turned around, walking us back to the bed.

"I think I'll be more comfortable lying down now," she said climbing her way to the center of the bed on her hand and knees, hypnotizing me with her movements. Bella laid down on her back and motioned for me to sit at the end by her feet. She placed her leg atop my lap and asked me to stretch them a bit more for her. I sat up on my knees looking down at Bella below me. Seeing her with her hair fanned out against the pillow, breathing hard, and only in her underwear I couldn't help but feel empowered. It was the most beautiful sight I've ever seen, and I knew that she wanted me as badly as I wanted her.

I placed my hand gently around her ankle rubbing small circles with my fingertips, working my way up the silky smooth skin of her leg until I reached the knee. I parted her legs a tiny bit causing her to gasp quietly. I leaned in placing her leg on top of my shoulder, stretching the muscle in her thigh and I kept moving in until it met her chest. When our faces were inches apart, we simply just stared at each other, not saying anything. I could feel my glasses slide a bit down my nose, but I couldn't be distracted away from Bella's eyes that were swimming with so much emotion that it would be a sin to look away. Those deep chocolate pools stared at me as if they were looking into my soul, and I was all to wiling to let them.

Bella reached up and took hold of the sides of my glasses, sliding them off my face. It was almost as if she had taken off a piece of clothing, it felt that revealing. Her hand came up to cradle my cheek in her palm, soothing me with her touch. Her finger tips traced below my eyes and the side of my face as she said almost shyly, "You have the most beautiful green eyes."

I could feel the blush starting up, but I never took my eyes off her. "I like brown eyes better," I admitted in a whisper.

She ran her hands through my hair, fingering each strand softly. It shocked me how good that felt. I changed my focus from her eyes to her lips that I desperately wanted to taste again. Without thinking about it too much longer I leaned down and took her bottom lip between my own, kissing and sucking the plump piece of flesh that tasted like candy. It was the first time I initiated our kisses on my own, and if felt fucking incredible.

I had forgotten that I was still stretching her leg and figured it might start to feel uncomfortable staying like that, so I slid it off my shoulder only to hitch it around my hip, grinding myself into her. Bella let out a moan and tightening her other leg around me, pulling me closer. Our tongues started a dance of fiery passion while our hand roamed each others body's, exploring any uncharted territory.

"Edward,…oh Edward." Bella groaned as I started to kiss and lick a path down her neck.

"Mmm.. Bella," I mumbled against her collar bone. "I want more." she started arching her back, bringing her chest closer to my face. I moved my kisses down to the swells of her breasts looking up to silently ask permission. She nodded her head guiding my face to her heaving breasts. I kissed all along the covered area of her left breast, sticking my tongue out occasionally to run it over the edge of her bra. I eventually pushed it out of the way, exposing her taunt pink nipple to my hungry mouth.

Bella started to make those delicious whimpering noises that have haunted my dreams the past couple nights as I traced my tongue along the area around her nipple with out fully touching it yet.

"Edward, please don't tease me. Please. Touch me." she was begging now, and I'm not going to lie, it was turning me on like crazy. I gave in and started licking and sucking on her nipple like a new born. I brought my empty hand up showing attention to her other breast, rolling the nipple between my fingers.

My nipping and sucking started to move downward to the underside of her breast, to her ribs, until I got to her navel. Bella started pulling on the collar of my shirt indicating that she wanted it off. I sat up a bit and pulled my shirt over my head exposing my chest to her.

Now I'm no scrawny guy, but I'm not a line backer either. I'm more around a swimmer or runners build. Still, I was sort of nervous for her to see my body, which is crazy because she's already been up close and personal with my junk, but the fear of rejection makes me unable to look her in the eye at the moment.

Bella's hands reach out to me and started roaming my bare chest, outlining every muscle and hard line. I glance at her from underneath my eyelashes to see her watching my body with a hungry look, licking her lips. I knew in that second that my fears were ridiculous and for some strange reason she was very attracted to… Me.

I smiled to myself and leaned back down to finish what I had been doing before. As I kissed along her flat stomach Bella was further boosting my confidence with her noises of pleasure, and I knew that I could do what I really wanted to do. Her skin was delicious, but I bet other…parts tasted even better. I licked along the line of her boy shorts bringing my hands down to curl around the waistband, waiting for her to give the okay. Bella was breathing harder parting her legs to let me get comfortable and nodded her head for me to continue.

Very carefully I pulled the boy shorts down, saving every inch of newly reveled flesh to memory. Sliding them off her legs I took a minute to gaze at this beautiful piece of woman before me, spread out waiting and wanting. I had done that. I looked down at Bella's perfect pink pussy and my mouth started watering, begging for a taste. I had no clue what I was doing, but I'm sure its not so hard to figure out right? Besides, practice makes perfect. I decided to just go by instinct and raised my hand to experimentally run my fingers along her lips as I had done once before. She gave a little moan, so I knew I was on the right track.

I carefully parted her lips and licked a long line up the length of her pussy. She really responded to that.

Ahh! Edward…mm, yes," her back arched and her hands flew down to bury themselves in my hair. She was so warm and wet I couldn't help but groan at the taste. I kept running my tongue along her folds, nipping and sucking on different parts of flesh, testing what she liked better based on her responses. I started swirling my tongue around her clit giving it little licks every now and then. Bella's body was shaking and her moans were getting louder with every touch.

I moved my fingers toward her entrance pushing one inside followed by another, while I sucked on her clit. Bella was so damn tight around my fingers I suddenly wondered what she would feel like around my cock.

Wow there buddy, we're not there yet. Enjoy what your getting right now, and think about that later.

I shook off that though, and started moving my digits in and out, building a rhythm with my fingers and mouth. Damn, she tasted wonderful, and I wanted to tell her so.

" You taste so fucking good," I groaned in a lustful voice.

"Ugh, E-Edward, It f-feels so…mm…don't stop." she said hardly getting the words out past her panting.

I dove right back in licking and sucking her juices, devouring as much of Bella as I could possibly get. She was so worked up I had to hold down her hips to stop her from moving. My fingers started to move faster, curling inside her body, trying to hit that special spot. When she was screaming I knew I found it, and kept trying to hit it every time.

"Oh God! Ugh…yes, yes, yes!"

"Edward, oh… Jesus, right there!"

"Oh, ohh…Edward I-I'm…shit… c-coming."

I pulled my head up enough to where I could talk and encouraged her to cum. Fuck I wanted her to cum badly.

"Yes Bella, oh baby cum for me. Please." I was now the one begging. She was so beautiful in this moment withering on the bed below me, palming her breasts for more stimulus, with my fingers pumping into her pussy, on the edge of absolute ecstasy. Finally, she was crying out my name coming all over my hand.

I waited until her breathing returned to normal and she was making noises of contentment before I took away my hand, sitting back up on my knees.

Bella sat up too, putting her arms around my neck and smashed her lips to mine in a passionate kiss. I was kind of caught off guard but reveled in the kiss anyway. Then I realized she was tasting herself on me and I could no longer ignore the massive erection fighting for breathing room in my jeans.

She spoke against my lips, "Mmm…thank you. Now I think its time to take care of another little problem." She palmed her hand around my erection and said, "Or.. Not so little." we both chuckled at her joke, but I was cut off when she resumed kissing me while unbuttoning my jeans. Once my jeans and boxers were out of the way she immediately wrapped her hand around my cock and started pumping me. Damn, she works fast.

I knew I wasn't going to last long, I had been ready to blow when she first bent over I was so worked up. Bella ran her thumb across the tip, spreading the pre cum, using it as a lubricant and started moving her hand faster.

"Oh fuck…Bella, ugh." I groaned against her lips, burying my hands in her hair trying to hold on to something. Bella brought her other hand down to cup my balls, lightly squeezing and tugging on them, driving me crazy. She started whispering into my ear and I knew I was done for.

"You feel so good in my hand, so big and thick. Ugh, I cant wait to get you in my mouth again."


"Shit Bella, ohh…yes! I-I'm gonna… uhh," I couldn't even get the words out. Bella knew exactly what to say to turn me into a complete mess.

"Come on Edward, cum for me." she breathed in my ear. I gave a final grunt grabbing onto her shoulders and came all over her hand. Bella kept up her movements, prolonging my orgasm until I was too sensitive for her touch any longer. Once I calmed down, Bella got up to grab a towel from the bathroom so we could cleaned up my mess.

She put on a new pair of underwear and fixed her bra, sitting down next to me on the bed. I moved to pick up my shirt but Bella stoped me before I could get up.

"Wait. don't get dressed just yet." she said softly before laying down and tugged on my arm to follow suit. "Lay down with me for a while?" she asked in a small voice almost as if she were afraid I would reject her. What a ridiculous thing to think.

"Ofcourse." once I was laying down Bella put her back agaist my chest, and curled my arms around her in a spooning position. It felt so natural to be like this with Bella, almost effortless really. I always though that it would be awkward and uncomfortable after sex. Well, technically we didn't have sex, but it was close enough. But this, right now with Bella, actually felt…right.

"This is really nice." bella said, and I could hear the smile in her voice. I couldn't agree more with her.

"Yeah. I could get use to this." I said snuggling closer and resting my forhead against the back of her neck.

She gave a little laugh and laced our fingers together, "Me too." this was about the time for me to ask her the question I had been dying to ask for a long time now. I just didn't know if she was ready, or wanted that yet.

Oh come on, after everything that's just happened? Grow some balls Cullen!

Okay, I can do this. Just ask her.

"Bella?" I whispered, unsure, but determined to see this through.

"Hmm.." She replied, too relaxed to talk, but acknowledging me anyway.

"W-Will you.." I was having trouble spitting the word out, afraid I would sound completely pathetic. She turned her head giving me her full attention.

I took a deep breath and just said it, "Will you be my girlfriend?"

Bella looked at me for a second before breaking out into a beautiful smile and launched herself at me, attaching her lips to mine for a heated kiss. I didn't know what I was expecting but it sure wasn't this.

Once she was done attacking my mouth she pulled me into a huge and said, "Yes." You couldn't erase the grin from my face.

We made out for a while longer before settling back into our comfortable spooning position, holding each other tightly. "Bella?" I asked. "Yeah?"

"You don't happen to be struggling in math do you?" I said, trying to stay innocent.

"Why do you ask?" she said curiously.

Oh silly Bella.

"Well I was thinking I could come over some time this week, and we could go over some…equations together." definatly working my way up on this flirting thing. She laughed catching on to my not-so-subtle self invitation.

"Only if you promise to be the teacher, I'll be the student." she said in a low voice. damn.

I've never been more grateful to be a genius at math in my life.