The Eighth Day


Operation Fun House


The Chapter Of This Fic Which Is Full Star Trek References Because Pixel Wants To Put Them All In.

One thing remained to do before they went on the trip back up towards Hogwarts, and Harry was looking forward to it indeed. He had spent the quiet days after honeymoon was over in order to get the evidence he needed but it was all collected in, and Harry was looking forward to the thing. Apart from himself and Hermione, the others had all joined him in the camper van for the little trip to Ottery St Catchpole. As he left the room and entered the living room, his mind wondered on what Griphook had told him.

# # # # #

"The Weasley family have been slowly draining money from your vaults" said Griphook.

"How and when?" asked Harry. Hermione, Lavender, Luna, Parvati, Dean, Seamus and Neville sat on chairs in the office at Gringotts.

"It was done by presenting letters by Mrs Weasley. They all bore you signature, Harry" Griphook said. and just then something occurred to Harry.

"The last time I came to Gringotts was during my third year" he said, "After that, Mrs Weasley always went for me. Much safer for me or so I was told. Who exactly has been taking the money?" Harry asked.

"Mr and Mrs Weasley, William Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Percival Weasley, Ronald Weasley and Ginerva Weasley" Griphook read the names off one of the sheets of parchment.

"Not the twins?" asked Neville.

"It seems that they did take the money, but would put it back into Mr Potter's accounts" said the Goblin.

"Well at least we can trust them" said Hermione.

"That's something" Luna added.

"What do you wish to do?" asked Griphook.

"Is there any way you can retrieve the money?" asked Harry, slowly thinking of a plan.

"It can be done in an hour or so's time" Griphook said, and Harry nodded.

"Do that" he said, and a message was sent to other Goblins that Harry wanted his money back. They talked a little while before a Goblin came in and passed Griphook a large folder. He looked through it before looking up at Harry.

"An interesting situation has arisen. It seems that two things got overlooked and just got discovered during the retrieval of the money. The first is slightly alarming for Mrs Potter" and Hermione looked at the senior bank manager.

"What do you mean?" she asked darkly.

"It seems that Mr and Mrs Weasley entered Harry into a betrothal contract in 1994" Griphook said, "Though your marriage to Harry has cancelled that out. If he had not married you, then he would have been forced to marry Miss Weasley. The other thing is that you, by some quirk of fate, own the Weasley home" and a grin spread over the Goblin's face. "You can do anything you want to it" Griphook explained.

"Would that include say… demolishing it?" asked Harry – plan forming in his mind once again.


"Then I think I will demolish the house, and I know just they way to do it" and Harry started to explain his plan.

# # # # #

"Is everything ready?" asked Harry as he saw Hermione. His wife came over and kissed him on the lips before answering.

"The twins just sent us the stuff" she answered, and then gestured outside where Harry could see Dean, Seamus and Neville working on the large attachments which had appeared on the side of the camper van. It would not be affecting the handling so much as Harry had driven the van minus the attachments on, and he would be apperating it to the Burrow tomorrow anyway. All that needed to be done was to manoeuvre the van so it faced the Weasley's home.

"How are you doing?" asked Harry to his fellow Gryffindors.

"It is taking time, but we are getting there" said Dean.

"You know what Griphook said about the wards. We don't want them detecting our wands being used nearby" Harry said, and then started to give them a hand.

The newly strengthened team was putting on a large 9 metre metal tube on the right side of the camper. Each tube could hold up to three large containers filled to the brim with explosives – only the back was equipped with a primitive propulsion device and steering equipment. The team consisting of Lavender, Parvati and Luna were busy doing the same sort of thing on the other side, but waited to get help from the boys after they had finished. Harry had got the idea for his plan from watching Star Trek over the summer and during the camper trip. While Bombarda would do the trick just as well – if not more powerful – sometimes you had to do things with style. After attaching both tubes onto the sides, they checked out the two large weapons mounted on the front on the top and bottom of the van. It was different to how it had been on the trip as Harry had expected it would be, but he was glad of the fact it could all be put back together again once the operation was over. The Aurors who had alerted to possible trouble the next day, had seen what Harry had planned and had liked his plans. After the Ministry battle, and the death of Kingsley Shaklebolt, they had asked Harry and the group to give hem some basic training in muggle firearms. They had done so, but they had not been taught everything and simply been given pistols. The two large attachments to the front seemed to work, though Harry was not testing them under power. They all went back inside to see that Hermione had finished modifying the rear section of the interior. Where the sitting and dining area had been, now stood an elaborate sensor suite. The consoles could access three small dishes on the front which picked up on any magic in the area. All that was going on was the magical associated by the Burrow and Luna's home which was nearby. There was a small console built into the top left corner. The rest held controls for the weapons that would be used in the morning. The forward section still contained the rooms and the kitchen, but they ate in the driving area. Hermione stood up from the consoles and wiped her hands on the overalls she was wearing.

"That's it" she said with a big smile, "Everything is ready for tomorrow" and Harry thanked her and the others for their efforts.

"I can not wait to see the faces of those Weasleys in the morning" Neville grinned.

"Neither can I" Harry assured him, "Neither can I. Now we better get something to eat before we drop from hunger" and they cleaned up before tucking into Seamus's Irish stew.

"This is great" Lavender said. "What is it? It wasn't like this on the road trip" she added.

"Secret ingredient" Seamus said.

"Do you have anymore of the secret ingredient?" asked Harry and the Irish boy nodded before handing over the bottle of Irish whiskey to everyone in turn. After they had finished, they settled down in the driving area and the area behind it which Harry had put bean bags in, so that they could listen to the Wizard Wireless. After a few minutes Harry turned it over to the muggle radio and they had a good time listening to The Last Night of the Proms on the BBC. It was midnight before they all turned in, and Harry took the first watch on the sensors in case anyone came near them. If they did, then Harry would go out and stun them – nothing could be allowed to interfere with the devilishly fiendish plot Harry and group would unleash.


"Are you sure want to do this?" asked Hermione that night.

"Yes" Harry replied, "They stuffed my life, and so I'll stuff theirs. I've made sure though that they have somewhere to go though" he added. Hermione kissed him on the lips, and then cuddled up to him.


"Malfoy Manor"

"What about their personal possessions?" asked his wife, trying hard not to laugh at the thought in her head of the Weasleys in Malfoy Manor.

"Aurors will go in the morning at a certain time and get it all into trunks and out of the house. They will not take any other action but to do that" Harry said.

"You know the Weasleys are going to go nuts and try to attack us right?" Hermione said, and Harry nodded.

"That is why Dean, Seamus and Neville will be providing cover" he replied, and then he went back to what he was doing.


"This is crazy" Neville said.

"I'm the expert on craziness, and this is not even close" Luna said.

"While I don't mind making love to you, Luna" Neville said, "I just have the feeling that we are going to get caught" and Luna looked at him.

"I don't care" she said, and pressed her lips to his. She probed his mouth and gained entry for her tongue into his mouth. They battled it out whilst they held each other close, and then, whilst still kissing, Neville slowly unbuttoned Luna's dress and slid it down her body and it pooled around her feet. Somehow Luna managed to remove Neville's shirt without breaking lip contact, and then undid his belt and tugged down his jeans. They lay down on a blanket that was already set out on the ground, and they each began roving hands over bodies. Afterwards, they lay in the afterglow of lovemaking and Neville suddenly grinned and looked down to Luna's still wet inner core.

"What?" asked Luna.

"Well I think we know another place you can't find Snorkacks" Neville replied, and then pulled Luna close to kiss his fiancée again.


A series of red sparks shot up into the sky, and Harry saw the signal being given.

"That's the signal we've been waiting for" Harry said, and he turned to the others who stood in the area behind the cockpit. "Status report" he asked them all.

"Sensors are fully operation, Captain" Hermione said.

"Warp Drive is fully operational" added Parvati.

"Shield systems are standing by" said Neville.

"Weapons are offline but ready to be activated" Luna said.

"Hull integrity at 100%" said Seamus.

"Power is at 95 percent and charging" Dean said, reading from a small device he held in his hand.

"The tea making machine is at 100 percent and is working correctly"" lavender said.

"That's good said Harry, "No tea would have put a hex on the whole damn thing" and they all laughed. A second series of red sparks went up and Harry knew it was time. "Stations" he said, and when they all sat down at seats, Harry apparated the entire camper van to outside the Burrow. Harry opened the door and stepped out into the grounds surrounding the familiar building.

"HARRY!" said Molly Weasley, and she came running over. "We didn't know you had come back…" but she was stopped when she saw Harry pointing his wand at her.

"Don't you 'Harry' me" he said, "I know all about what happened between you lot and Dumbledore" and Molly could see Hermione sticking her head out of the rear right quarter of the camper van.

"You've not realised what you've done" Molly Weasley said, "You got hurt during the battle at Hogwarts. You married poor Hermione by mistake. We'll get your marriage dissolved, and then you can marry Ginny" and Harry snorted.

"I know about the wedding contract, and I know what you planned to do after a year of marriage" Harry said. "You plotted with Dumbledore to have me murdered after getting Ginny pregnant with my heir" and Mrs Weasley seemed to snap at the same time that the other Weasleys did.

"We'll get you divorced from that Mudblood slag" Ron yelled.

"And you will give me your heir so that we can get all of your money" Ginny said. The watching Aurors made a note of everything, but obeyed the orders they had received. None of them could intervene unless Unforgivables were used.

"I don't think so" Harry said, "And that is one of the reasons why you are standing outside with everything that you own in the trunks" and Arthur Weasley looked at him.

"Tell us why then" he said. "I'm a Ministry official so I could order these Aurors to arrest you if you do not go away" and Harry smiled.

"Why would I want to go away from what is mine?" he asked, and saw the looks on the faces of the Weasleys. "I own this house now and I want to demolish it" and Harry turned away from them.

"We'll fucking kill you first" said Ron, and he Ginny and Percy aimed their wands at Harry and let loose with cutting spells. Harry saw them reflected in the front of the camper van. He dived as it hit the camper van, causing several panels to come off as shrapnel.

"RED ALERT! SHIELDS UP!" Harry said, and the second lot of spells bounced off the shields produced by some of the group. The Weasleys went to blasting spells which shook the shields.

"They are weakening slowly" said Lavender, referring to the shields.

"I know" Harry said and looked at Hermione.

"Now?" asked his wife.

"Yeah" Harry said, getting back into the camper van. "Ready Phasers, standby forward torpedo tubes" and the large bits of tubing on the sides of the camper suddenly crackled with power, and the two large objects on the front glowed.

"Select targets one to five" Harry ordered. Hermione nodded while the pounding on the shields continued, and Hermione bent down to her consoles as she worked on the problem at hand.

"Shields at 75 percent" Dean said.

"Right" Harry said.

"Targets locked and ready" Hermione said.


The grandfather clock was the only thing left in the house. If anyone was inside to look at it, it would have shown the hands for the family at 'Mortal Peril'. Of course, no one was there to see it.


"Fire" said Harry, and the two large things on the front emitted a beam each coloured a redish orange of energy, and they reached their targets. Each of the Weasleys was hit, but Molly managed to get a shield up in time along with Ginny. Harry projected his voice outside. "This is a warning, I am about to destroy the house. Move away so you don't get hurt" but the two unstunned Weasleys began pouring assault upon assault on the shields and they went rapidly down.

"We can't hold them for much longer" Seamus said.

"Execute plan B" Harry ordered, and the people providing the shields switched with people with fresh reserves of magical power.

"That'll teach them" said Luna as she cast the spell.

"It certainly will" Parvati grinned at her.

"Torpedoes ready" Hermione said.

"Fire torpedoes" Harry said, and the camper van shook as the containers launched out of the metal tubes and flew in a straight line. The phasers fired as well to create large chunks of missing wall in the side of the house. The torpedoes, under Hermione's control, went straight inside the wholes and exploded inside the house. The whole building groaned as it started to come apart. Massive explosions ripped through all of the house as debris flew into the surrounding area., and the ground trembled with the force unleashed by the camper van. Harry went back outside after it stopped raining bricks, wood and everything else.

"What have you done?" shrieked Mrs Weasley.

"You'll pay for this, Potter!" said Ron and Ginny. They both pointed their wands at Harry. "Cruci…" they got cut off as the Aurors sent the wands spinning high into the air. Some rather nice shooting of the phasers allowed Hermione to vaporise them whilst still going up.

"Put them under arrest" Harry said to the Aurors.

"On what charges?" asked one Auror as he covered his partner whilst she bound them in restraining cuffs.

"Using Unforgivables, conspiracy to commit murder, aiding and abetting a criminal, damaging private property and attacking and attempting to kill the Minister of Magic" Harry replied, and Mrs Weasley's jaw dropped.

"You are the Minister for Magic?" she asked, and Harry nodded.

"Take them away" he ordered the Aurors, and then called out to them. "One more thing" Harry said, pointing his hand at the Weasley family. "Accio Molly Weasley's wig" and Mrs Weasley's hair suddenly came off her head and zoomed over to Harry's outstretched hand.


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