Well, this was actually intended to be just a one-shot of a test fight, but, I was inspired to turn this into something more! I was inspired by something ArktonDartorix said (and he didn't even intend to put the idea in my head!), and by Luna345's story "Spyro's Jukebox." This will be sorta the same as her Song Complilation, except this will be a Fight Compilation, and I am taking requests. I'll have a better explanation of the requests on the ending note. But first, I must say this: All fights will be with HUMANS. What that means is that, if the characters fightning don't already have a humanoid shape to them, then I will Human-ize them, get it? Also, none of them will have any "special powers" at their disposal, which means no elements, just brawn, and brain. If you need a better explanation, then ask.

Without further ado, LET THE FIGHTING BEGIN!!!

Cyrus vs. Cyro

Two pulsating white lights flashed on opposite ends of a small, ancient, arena. When the lights faded away, two people were left standing there. The right one had mostly short black hair, with a few strands of silver here and there, and mistty silver eyes that glowed dimly. He wore a plain black, unzipped, hooded jacket with a white shirt underneath. He also wore black jeans, black and white shoes, and leather gloves that only came down to the kuckles of each finger. One glove was black, the other was grey. The other person looked like an almost perfectly identical twin, the only differance was in the hair, eyes, and cloths.

"Time to find-out who can fight better, eh, Cyro?" said the right one.

The one on the left had mostly short silver hair, with a few black strands spread throughout. His eyes are tottaly yellow, except for the black pupil. He wore a plain grey T-shirt with black jeans. His shoes were black and grey.

The one on the left, Cyro, smirked, "You bet, Cyrus."

Cyrus closed his eyes and took a deep breath, "Ready..."

Cyro did the same, "Set..."

Both pairs of eyes shot open at once, "GO!!!"

The two combatants charged at eachother, each gaining speed rapidly. Once they were near, Cyro attempted to slide tackle Cyrus's legs out, but Cyrus saw it coming and, at the last second, he pushed off the ground with his left leg, and kicked his right leg into the air behind him, doing exactly what a cartwheel would look like, except without hands. Cyrus landed on his feet facing Cyro as he hopped to his feet and turned around. Cyrus aimed a kick at Cyro's chest, but Cyro stepped to the side and blocked it with his arm. Cyro then pushed Cyrus's leg back and struck his other arm out, landing a blow across Cyrus's face. Cyro added to the attack by using the mometum from his punch to spin in a three-hundred and sixty degree arc, and landing a powerful backhend to Cyrus, sending him to the ground.

Cyrus spun and landed face first, thinking, 'Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!'

Cyro stood over him, containing laughter, "That all you got?"

Cyrus suddenly pushed off the ground with his hands and spun on his left foot, his right foot angled out slightly. Once at a nearly upright position, Cyrus swung his right foot out and managed to land a hit on Cyro's side. But Cyrus kept at it and forced Cyro to the ground with his foot, causing them both to fall. Both of them gave the other a quick glare before rolling away and to their feet. The moment they were back up, Cyro carged at Cyrus, jumping and aiming a kick for his face. Cyrus barely had enough time to weave his head to the right, Cyro's foot barely swishing by his ear.

Cyrus grinned as he quickly grabbed Cyro's ankle and swung him around in a large arc, then releasing him and sending him flying through the air for a few breif seconds, then tumbling across the ground, painfuly. Cyrus frowned for a moment, thinking he went a little far, then he remembered, 'It's Cyro! Why would I care?'

Cyro pushed himself to his feet, grumbling, "You'd care because we're technically the same person!"

Cyrus began running over to Cyro, ready to make him submit, and Cyro stood there, waiting for the attacks. Once in range, Cyrus threw a quick right jab, but Cyro blocked it, as well as ducked a swing from Cyrus's left fist. As Cyro came back up, he threw his left arm out, but Cyrus easily dodged it. The two took one step back onto their right feet, then quickly pushed off into the air and spun slightly, each of them aiming a kick at the other. Both targets were hit dead on.

Both combatants kicked, and were kicked, square in the face, and they both came crashing to the ground, breathing heavily and spitting blood onto the ground.

"Was...was that even possible!?" yelled Cyrus.

Cyro shrugged, "Apparently it was."

So, if anyone was placing bets, did your person win? Anyway, the next fight will be...A tWo In OnE!!! The next matches will be between Cyrus VS. Luna345's, Sora, followed by Cyro VS. (once again) Luna345's, Luna. It's the split personality Showdown! Place your bets! Place your bets! Who do you think will win? Put it in the review, thank you very much!