Change of Mind
By Ranma Inverse

Author's Notes: Hello! If you liked my Catching Innocence Offguard fanfic, you just might like this one! While this one isn't going to have rape (at least, I haven't planned it yet), it WILL have scenes where two people make love (note: just going at it doesn't mean your making love!). Also, I hope you review this fanfic and tell me if you like it or not, and tell me if there's any points I need to work on. Flames will be deleted, by the way. This is an alternate universe fic, and I hope you give it a try. ^_^ I will NOT WRITE MORE THAN THE PROLOGUE UNLESS A FEW PEOPLE REVIEW WANTING THIS TO BE WRITTEN OUT. This prologue just gives you Flute's beginning...a taste of the story.

- - -

Flute was a perfectly normal young woman. She was elegant and smiling, she danced exceptionally well and laughed at all the good jokes.

That was on the outside.

On the inside, the real her, she didn't mind dancing, but she hated half the people she had to dance with. She despised sitting next to people she didn't like while they didn't like her, and still have to have a decent and complementing conversation with them. She disliked half the jokes and had to be a pawn of her parents. Forced to be enemies with a person she wanted to be friendly with, born into the chains of 'aristocracy'.

Oh, how she hated the word.

Flute longed for an adventure. A moment of excitement that she felt, for love, and for friends. She longed for true love and true friends.

The only real friends she had right now were Lute and Raiel. Lute was a talented musician renowned for his kindness and beautiful music. Raiel was a pianist known for his kind guestures and sweet smiles.

Around these two, she felt like a real person instead of a doll, but it wasn't enough.