Change of Mind
By Ranma Inverse
Chapter Three

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. . .

Soft light brown hair spilled out in waves as she undid the buns Flute would keep her hair in while she slept. Her eyes held the sparkle of a refreshing sleep as she gazed into the mirror at the vanity she sat by.

Her parents had been hinting subtly to her that today was going to be a special day for her.

And so she would expect the worst. Anything her parents thought was good was exactly the opposite of what it would be for Flute: Bad. Horribly bad.

Flute smiled at herself and she finished putting her hair up into a single bun. Doing so was a difficult task. Her train of thought continued.

There was one thing that kept her spirits high lately and kept her enduring life. Lute and Raiel were visiting..

Her thoughts were interrupted by a meek knock on the door as a small female servant peeked her head in. "M'lord and Lady have summoned you, young Miss."

Sigh. So soon? Flute stood up and rearranged her skirts, checking the mirror one last time to make sure she looked "presentable" as her parents called it, before nodding to the young servant woman. After the servant gave an encouraging smile, she left.

. . .

"My dear son..." the old aristocrat spoke politely to a richly dressed man that was much younger than he.

The richly dressed man smiled and gave a nod. "Is this the gift you intend to give my daughter?"

Vocal growled in a low tone as his appearance was scrutinized under the haughty blue eyes of the richly dressed man.

"Watch him, he's tried to escape more than once, and he seems to be slightly...uncouth." The old man warned. The richly dressed man raised an eyebrow.

The blue eyes irritated him, Vocal decided. "Think you that she might not be able to handle him? Well, that, we shall see."

The old man pushed Vocal through a door and the purple haired man stumbled in, having not expected the movement from the the old man.

There were three people in the room other than he. Two males, one sitting at and playing a piano, and a female.

He blinked.

She did not look the way he had expected.

. . .

The sweet melodic tune emitting from the piano caused Flute to sigh. She leaned on the piano and watched her blonde friend as his fingers played across the keys.

"You're so good at playing the piano, Raiel..." She slowly let her eyes trail up his arms to his face, where his green eyes were shut in the pleasure of playing the music. The only sign of recognition of hearing Flute's words were the increase of color in his cheeks, and a broader smile.

"If you keep speaking to him like that, he might stop playing," her other friend smiled at her gently.

Flute laughed. "Alright Lute, then I won't."

Lute lifted a hand outwards to her and stood from the chair at which he had been sitting. "Would you like to dance?" At a sign of her consent, he led her in a simple dance.

When the dance ended, the two friends returned to Raiel, who had stopped playing.

"One, the next dance is for me," Raiel spoke, "and two, we have a visitor."

Lute and Flute both turned to see a violet haired man standing near the doors, an odd design under each red eye, and chains around his hands.

"are you the reason my parents told me to stay here in this room?" Flute blinked and stepped closer to the violet haired man. Was he the thing her parents wanted to use to make her "happier"?


Lute blinked and made a gesture with his hand. "I beg your pardon?"

"My lady," the violet haired man lifted his head. "I'm to be your plaything, girl. Your personal slave."

Flute's parents entered from the other side of the room. "You could put it that way, slave."

Her mother turned to Flute, wearing her usual pasted on smile. "This if your grandfather, father and I's gift to you."

The brunette girl's eyes widened. "You're giving me a slave? But what am I supposed to do with him?"

Vocal grinned. He had been treated so badly coming here, in such a way considered expertly by nobles, and now he was getting thrown at a beautiful, innocent young girl? Getting out of here was going to be a piece of cake, if he didn't run into the old man or the girl's father.

"We'll let you decide on that," her father spoke.

Raiel, who now stood at the other side of Flute, did not look happy. He protested the idea of Flute having a slave.

She looked at the violet haired man as Raiel and Lute politely argued with her parents. She did not want or need a slave, why were her parents giving her one? Also...slaves were human beings just like peasants, nobles and royalty. Flute didn't think it was right to make people slaves.

The violet haired man's gaze slowly moved from the four that were arguing to her. Slowly, a confident smirk formed on his lips. Flute blinked. What was that look for?

"You want the slave, don't you, daughter?" The argument found its way to her. Flute thought about it as her father continued. "If you don't want him, i'll have to take him."

Flute's father was cruel to slaves. In actuality, her father was cruel to anything lower than him in status. Except for his daughter. Lately, he had been civil to his daughter for some reason, even in private.

Still...she didn't want someone hurt by her father if she could stop it.

"I'll take him," Flute said.