All was quiet in the wood house that Yamoto's jutsu had created for the sealing team, and team Kakashi several days ago when the ninja's had first received their orders.

It had been almost three days since Naruto had been separated from the two teams. Almost three days of searching, since the evening when Sai had let it slip that the air headed blond was the container for the nine tailed demon that had attacked and almost completely destroyed the leaf village. And many of the kids were starting to doubt that Naruto was ever coming back. Shizune already doubted the blonds unending ability to get in and out of really sticky situations with out suffering too much damage. Something that never ceased to dumb found and shock Kakashi, and Sakura to the point of insanity.

As Shizune, Hinata and Kakashi returned to the house after another eight hour search, again without finding hide nor hair of Naruto anywhere, Shizune, Hinata, and yes even he was starting to doubt that the blond was still alive. There was only so many things that could keep their favorite kid from showing up with in the search area; after so many hours.

1) Naruto had gone rouge out of some misplaced sense of fear and desperation since the rest of the kids on the two teams now knew that he was the nine tailed container, thanks entirely to Sai's slip up.

2) He had been injured when the three tailed biijuu had attacked them and separated everyone.

3) He had been attacked by Orochimaru's minions, and was at this very moment either being tortured, or was being experimented on.

4) The three tails had eaten him. Something that was entirely plausible in Kakashi's mind.

5) Naruto had some how met with an untimely end and his broken body was currently being picked apart by animals.

Something that everyone in both teams were beginning to fear.

Kakashi knew the kid better than most of the people in the room, and he knew that Naruto wouldn't simply vanish without a damn good reason. They hadn't found his headband or anything else indicating that he had gone rouge and run away, nor had the tracking dogs that he had summoned been able to pick up the boy's scent. To say that it was odd would be the understatement of the century.

A person didn't simply vanish into thin air like fucking Houdini it just wasn't done.

Where could he be? Kakashi wondered as Sakura, Lee, Kiba, Ino, Sai, Yamoto, Shino, and Tenten all looked at the three expectantly. Sakura looked at him; her eyes were the only thing telling him just how hopeful she was that they had found the boy. He looked away only long enough for her to start sobbing before Ino reached out and wrapped her arms around her best friend and tried to tell her that they would find Naruto soon.

The other kids all looked at each other and seemed to come to the same conclusion. Something terrible had happened to Naruto. And the guilt was nearly unbearable. It was like a living breathing entity that hovered over them, sucking all the air out of the room.

Yukimaru lay on the floor in the corner listening to the faint sounds, and whispers around him.

So these people were friends with that person. And Uzumaki-kun was missing. Well okay the kid wasn't exactly missing.

He had died only a few hours ago after engaging in a fight with several Akastsuki members. But he hadn't died alone; he had taken the bastards with him when he had self destructed. The reason that the leaf nins hadn't found his remains was because he had died at least ten miles from their base camp.

They had been covering the lake and five miles beyond it. If they would branch out just a bit they would come across what was left of the tip of an index finger, three teeth, a few strands of hair, and a charred navy blue and crimson stained piece of cloth.

It was sad really. Naruto wasn't supposed to die for a long, long time. He certainly wasn't supposed to die in such a horrific way. Naruto Uzumaki had been born with a blessed fate, and had been cursed by his own father to suffer for sins that he had had nothing to do with.

He had been destined to bring about a new world order.

A thousand years of peace, in a world that no longer needed shinobi.

He had been destined to rule not just the leaf village but also the other six great shinobi nations. And he had been meant to do it without so much as raising his hand in violence or declaring war on them. A truly remarkable person. There would never be another that could do the same things that Naruto had been meant to do.

I suppose that someone should tell them. Yukimaru thought as he sighed loud enough to draw the attention of the others in the room as he sat up.

Sometimes he really hated being connected to the three tailed demon. He hated telling people that their loved ones were gone. But what he hated knowing the most was that Naruto had gone after the Akutsuki alone because he had been aware of what was going to happen next. The Akutsuki would annihilate the leaf village in the next month. Naruto had known that and had decided to stop the tragedy from happening at its source.

Like Yukimaru; Naruto had also seen the fate of the people around him and he hadn't liked what he had seen.

However unlike Yukimaru; Naruto's abilities had run much deeper, than merely seeing the future. The kid could willfully tap into any power that the nine tails had possessed without letting the demon take control. He only acted like the demon took control from time to time because he knew that everyone would fear him all that much more if they knew the truth.

A truly clever thing to do.

But it hadn't saved him in the end. "Yukimaru, how are you feeling?" The girl with the pink hair asked as she wiped the tears from her face and suddenly seemed to have calmed herself down enough to do her job. He gritted his teeth hard enough for his jaw to ache before answering her. "Fine. You still haven't found Uzumaki-kun." there was a brief flicker of pain in her eyes before she dropped to her knees next to his cot and gave him a forced smile.

"No, but we will. And he'll be really happy that your okay now. He was very worried about you." Sakura said as she put her hand on his head and ruffled his long brown hair affectionately.

Shit, he didn't want to do this. He didn't want to tell her or the others that the blond would never be coming back. But the deserved to know that their friend was gone for good. They also deserved to know that Naruto hadn't died easy.

All to protect a lesser spieces. It was their fault that he was dead and Yukimaru had every intention of telling this.

"Naruto won't be coming back." he said calmly while he silently seethed inside. Shizune, Sakura, Kakashi, and the others were suddenly surrounding him. The curious and angry expressions on their faces almost had him afraid for his life.

"What do you mean?" Kakashi growled as he knelt next to the kid; who suddenly for some odd reason seemed to know something that they didn't. It made him curious.

Yukimaru sighed and stood slowly because he was still suffering from chakra depletion. He really didn't want to talk about what he had seen. So he would simply show them instead. "All of you sit down facing the wall over there. I'll show you what I know." Yukimaru said as he walked to the far wall and sat down facing the opposite wall, and waited for the leaf nins to stop giving him funny looks before they complied. It took less than five minutes for everyone to do as he had asked of them.

Some sat on one side of him, and the others on the other side. Here we go. Yukimaru thought as he waved his small hand and the whole room which had been full of sunlight only seconds before became completely dark except for the wall that they were looking at. It reminded them of a movie theater. Except that they were suddenly staring at an image of Naruto running through the surrounding forest at break neck speed.

The blond ran in a haphazard manner through the trees, the occasional tree branch or thorn bush tearing at his clothes and face as he ran, he looked behind him and narrowed his eyes. The figures behind him were blurry at first, but there was one thing that could be seen. The long black cloaks with crimson red clouds. And the figures were gaining ground fast. Seven. There were seven of them and all of them were trying to catch him. His heart thudded painfully in his chest as he ran farther away from the lake, away from his friends, away from the ones who would end up dying to save him. Where the hell did all of them come from? He had only been facing three of them a few minutes ago and now there were seven!

"Since when did those losers have a fucking buddy system with seven buddies?" The blond snarled as kunai were thrown at him in an effort to slow him down.

Two struck him in his left shoulder, as another hit him in the back of the leg where his knee was located and his leg gave out and sent him crashing to the ground face first. "Ha! Got you now brat!" one of the men yelled as Naruto reached for his weapons pouch. They didn't have him. Not yet anyways.

Three days of torture and fighting was show to the nins in the room in thirty minutes, the last image of Naruto shown was one of the Akatsuki men trying to get the blond to tell him where his friends were. The blond smiled at the man as he coughed up blood and said his last words in a sing song voice, "I'll never tell."

As his body started to glow and everything went up in white light that could be seen for miles. After the light faded all that was left was a crater and flames. Everyone in the room remained silent for several seconds before all hell broke loose.

"It's a lie! You little monster, how dare you show us something so morbid! Naruto is alive! I'll fucking kill you, you damn brat." Sakura screamed as she tried to put a kunai through Yukimaru's neck, as Kakashi and several others all wrestled with the pink haired nightmare.

Yukimaru had the insane urge to commit murder.

How dare she call him a monster!

How many times had Naruto called for help as a child and been ignored by her and others in the room? How many times had he been dragged into dark alleys and called out to them by name and still been ignored!

How many times had Naruto had his throat slit and been left for dead because no one had thought that his life meant anything?

How many times had he been attacked by perverts, and raped? And turned up at one of their homes wanting to confide in someone and been insulted and attacked by the one he had wanted, no needed help from.

Too many times. Far too many to count.

And yet he had died trying to keep them safe. They were fucking ingrates! Everyone in the room had all suddenly frozen and were looking at him like he had two heads, as his face paled. Oh god, had he just yelled that shit out loud?

Sakura's kunai slipped from her fingers and clattered to the floor, her angry face going blank as Yukimaru tried to recall what he had just said.

Oh man, today just wasn't his day.

No one in the leaf village had been aware of the extent of the abuse Naruto had suffered except for the ones responsible for said abuse, and now thanks to his preteen hormones the cat was out of the bloody bag. "How do we know you're not just making things up? How do we know that Naruto really suffered those things?" Sakura asked with a pained expression on her face.

Yukimaru was in her face in an instant, his brown eyes flashing to a glowing pale green. "I am connected to the tree tailed demon. I know what it knows. I see what it see's. I see the fates of all things. I see your fate, I see their fate, and now that Naruto is gone none of you have a chance in hell of living very much longer. Konoha will fall. And you will all die. Naruto was your best and only chance of survival, and he's gone." He hissed as he backed away from her, his contempt for her and everyone else showing plainly on his face.

"Why did he do it?" Lee asked as tears rolled down his face.

Naruto had been one of his best friends, and he wanted to know why he had died. No he needed to know.

Yukimaru sighed felling suddenly very tired. "Because he could see things too. He saw what was going to happen, to all of you and your village, and he was trying to stop it at its source. He wanted all of you to live, and be happy even if he couldn't. He was just that kind of person." He said as he looked Lee in the eyes.

The older teen looked like he had been struck. And so did several of the others. Shizune sat on the floor with her knees drawn to her chest trying to sort things out in her mind. Naruto was gone. The guilt and grief was killing her. She could only imagine what it would do to Tsunade, Jiraiya and the others who were close to the boy.

"Why are you so upset Yukimaru? You never even knew Naruto." Shino said as he studied the younger boy.

He was certain that the kid wasn't telling them everything. The boy clenched his hands into fists; his finger nails digging into his palms until blood dripped onto the floor.

"Naruto wasn't supposed to die here. He was destined to bring about a new world order. And now nothing….it pisses me off that he was placed in the care of such careless creatures. You people were his protectors just as much as he was your and you failed." Yukimaru said with out much fire.

His words took the older boy aback and stunned the grieving nins into silence as he tried to think of something that could reverse Naruto's fate. It took a moment or so for him to finally figure things out, as he used his second sight to see if his idea would work.

"What do you see?" Kakashi asked from right behind him, snapping him out of his slight trance. Yukimaru didn't answer at first as he went over the details in his mind several times before grinning and looking at Kakashi. It would work. If he kept their current knowledge and skills intact then it would work very well.

"How would all of you like to change Naruto's fate?" Yukimaru said with a grin. Everyone all rushed him at once yelling questions.

All of them begining with, "How?" Yukimaru yelped and felt aggravation seep into his being as his head began to ache.

Okay forget about informed consent my head hurts too much for this shit. Digging deep with in his mind he found the connection to the three tailed demon and smiled at the group as he lifted his hand and waved bye to them as they all faded away and vanished. They wouldn't understand what had just happened to them but he was fairly certain that they would catch on really quick. And if they didn't then history was doomed to repeat itself.

Six years earlier-

Kakashi stood in front of the memorial stone, he blunk once, twice then did a slow sweep of the area.

It was dark outside due to the rain clouds in the sky, and he had the oddest feeling of dejavu before he realized where he was, and where he had been just a few seconds before. He was in the village. And he was alone. Doing a quick scan of the stone in front of him he noticed that some of the names were missing. The name of the third Hokage, Asuma, and Naruto's names weren't there. As well as the names of the names of several hundred others one of which happened to be Hyate Gekko.

Holy shit, I need to find Sakura and the others. He thought as he took off running through the streets at break neck speed.

Sakura stood in the class room just in front of the door with her back pack in her hand, frozen. And she wasn't the only one. Ino, Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were also frozen in place. Images of their blond class mate flashing through there minds, the image of his death making each of them sink back down into their seats as they looked around puzzled.

"Hey, what are you kids still doing here?" Iruka asked as he looked up and finally noticed the kids sitting there looking dazed. Really were his classes that hard to understand?

"Iruka sensei, what's todays date?" Kiba asked curiously.

Iruka gave him a funny look then smiled and said, "Augest. 12, 2004. Why?" Kiba's jaw dropped, as did Sakura's and Ino's.

"Holy shit." Ino stuttered as she looked at Sakura. Hinata stopped crying and looked jumped up out of her seat.

Six years.

Yukimaru had some how sent them six years back into the past!