Uzu and Gaara were walking side by side holding hands, and chatting about everything that had happened since they had been sent back to the begining. Gaara told her of how this time around he had'nt attacked anyone for any reason, and watched Uzu stand on her tip toes and pat him on the head. She told him about being the new Hokage after the third had sacrificed himself to save her when she was dying, and saw the sorrow on the red haired chibi's face, as he squeezed her small hand slightly and finally told her that his brother and sister no longer remembered their affection for him. They had'nt been sent back.

Lee, Kakashi, Sakura, Sai, Jiraiya and the others saw the look of disbelief on Uzu's face before she quickly turned away and told Gaara not to worry, that she would fix things like they had been before. Even if it killed her. It was about that time that a man came running up calling Gaara's name.

Yoshimaru. Gaara's uncle, the man who had been put in charge of taking care of him. The one who had nearly killed him when he had died. Gaara saw the calculating look on Uzu's face and smiled slightly. He didn't want his uncle to suffer this time around and had been working on a way to save him, and his two siblings from his fathers insanity. He wanted them to be safe no matter what happened to him. He also knew that part of the reason that Uzu was there was to take him and his siblings from the village, by force if nessisary. And he loved her for it.

"Gaara what are you doing? You cant be around these people!" Becuase your a demon. Was left unsaid as he tired to grab the small boy. Uzu quickly pushed Gaara behind her and grasped Yoshimaru's wrist in a vise like grip and forced the man to his knees.

"Dont you dare try to take my brother away from me like that again." Uzu hissed in his ear as her eyes started glowing. The demon with in her was unusually close to the surface today.

The man grunted as she pushed him away just as Temari, and Kankuro appeared with the Kazakge and his soldiers.

"Greetings, Leaf shinobi. What do we owe the pleasure of you visit too?" The man asked smoothly, Uzu grinned at the barely contained fury he hwas hiding behind those words.

"We are here to sit in council with you, Lord Kazakage, and speak of a new treaty between our people under the new Hokage." Jiraiya said as he looked at Uzu who was still keeping Gaara from Yoshimaru's grasp.

The Kazakage blinked in suprise. A new Hokage? What had happened to the Third? "Very well, but the children must play elsewhere." The Kazakage said as he motioned for Temari and Kankuro to take Gaara and the others away.

Uzu stepped forward, "That is'nt possable sir. These children as you call them are all trained shinobi. Jounin levels, I might add and were hand chosen by the new Hokage as an excourt." she said gently. Gaara thinned his lips and waited for the reply he knew was coming.

"Very well, where is your new Hokage?" Everyone including Gaara pointed to Uzu. The Kazakage blinked, a girl was running the village! A bloody little girl with ribbons and bows in her hair! What had the third Hokage been thinking to allow a little girl to lead, when she should be making mud pies, and going to school. It was laughable.

"Oi, Gaara can I hurt him? He's starting to piss me off." Uzu said as she looked at the boy.

Gaara snickered, "I'd rather my siblings and I were'nt orphans before the end of the day, thanks."

The Kazakage narrowed his eyes at the blond. If she really was the Hokage then there had to be a reason that she had been put in such a position of power at such a young age. And what was even more intresting was that she and Gaara had taken a liking to each other. Maybe he should tell her what Gaara was? He could just imagine the crushed look on the boys face when she rejected him.

"Child, do you know what that boy you've befriended is?" The Kazakage asked, his voice sending chills down Temari, and Kankuro's spine's.

Uzu looked at the man and smirked, letting her eyes glow a bit. Startling the man into backing away a bit. "Of course I know, he's my brother after all. Why do you ask?" Uzu said to the shaking group of men and the two teens behind them.

The Kazakage shook his head and bowed respectfully to the blond girl. She was a monster like Gaara! No wonder the two had taken a liking to each other. "Welcom to our village, my lady. Please, follow me to the rooms you will be staying in." He said nervously as Uzu walked forward still holding Gaara's hand. Kakashi the sanin, and the other children falling into step behind her.

Later that evening Uzu sat across from the Kazakage with the hand two body guards that she was allowed to have. Kakashi sat on one side of her and Gaara sat on the other. She had almost laughed at the nervous expressions on the Kazakage's guards faces. It was just too funny. The man had glared briefly at his son and hissed, "Where is your alligance son?"

Gaara had smirked at the lunitic who had sired him and made his life as a child a living hell, and said, " With my sister of course." Pissing the man off further.

Gaara ate in silence, watching the small pissing contest between Uzu and the Kazakage with amusment. If the man thought he could win against her then he was sadly mistaken. She was the Demon Kage; the woman who had united the seven great shinobi nations under her rule, his father had'nt lived to see her fight against Pein, or the fight against Mandara. Gaara had live for a mojority of those fights, and knew all too well what the girl was capable of even when she was'nt in sage mode, or ascended demon mode. It had been rumored that her power was so great that she became known as the new Sage of the Six Paths. She had even unlocked a special blood line limit that had given her the orical's eyes.

Even now in her childs body she still had axcess to such great power. And she had no fear of using it if she had too. Gaara smiled at her when she looked at him for a second. She really was an amasing person, his adopted sister.

Kakashi glared at the boy for a moment when he smiled at Uzu. A sudden bout of jelousy taking root in his chest. Was the little brat trying to steal her away from him? No that could'nt be it, he was just being stupid. The two of them were friends after all. But he knew that something was up. The two had'nt felt the need to speak, they were so closely conected that they could read each other like books. But when Kakashi tried to read Uzu in a similar fashion, he always seemed to draw a blank.

He had thought that the two of them were much closer than they had been before, maybe he had been wrong in assuming so. And if he was wrong why did it hurt so damn much to see her relying on someone other than him? It was'nt like he loved her, was it?

Okay people here is the deal, I'm going to go ahead and stop this story here, and come back and write a sequel to it later on. dont worry I'll make it good.