Mercy stared at the lace-clad reflection looking back at her. Her dress was simple. Unlike most other aspects of her life, in fashion, she remained uncomplicated. After Samuel, she never pictured herself married. She'd thought about it of course, but it never seemed… realistic. She had her business, her trailer, her friend and her cast. She had figured that would have to be enough.

Her dress was sleeveless, showing off the tattoos that adorned her arms and accentuating the definition acquired through years of working on Volkswagons and martial arts. She thought she looked more like a boxer than a blushing bride and she still faintly smelled of WD-40. Her floor-length dress was beautiful although her covered legs made her a little nervous in case she had to run. After the year she had, no one could really blame her for thinking something might happen at her wedding. Werewolves, vampires, fae all of which could cause trouble and all were on the guest list. A crazy relative was the least of her worries.

She closed her eyes and opened her ears to the sounds in the next room. Behind the murmur of the voice sitting at the pews, she could her the heartbeat of the wolf that was to become her husband. She let the rhythm calm her nerves. Suddenly aware of her, Adam opened the bond between them slightly, sending reassurance and love to her. Mercy smiled and opened her eyes again.

This is why she was here. Adam wanted her to feel special and valued today and everyday of her life. She would have to get used to that. Despite his professed lack of faith, Adam was content to have the ceremony preformed in church by her pastor. Samuel had mentioned something that made her think that Bran might have had a say in the matter. Even Alphas have to follow orders.

"You look great, Mercy," Jesse said from behind her.

"Thanks," Mercy replied and accepted the bouquet of white and lavender orchids that Jesse handed to her. The soft colored matched Jesse's dress that made her look like a princess.

"So, are you ready to become my stepmom?" joked Mercy's one and only bridemaid.

"No, but I guess I have no choice, do I?" Mercy replied.

"Nope," Jesse said and made some last adjustments to Mercy's hair.

It was in a braided updo with ringlets falling around her face. Bobby pins helped to keep it in place as well as the natural, thick texture of her hair.

"You know," Jesse started as she finished her work, not really looking Mercy in the eye, "If I had to have a second mother, I'm glad it turned out to be you."

Jesse finally looked at Mercy. Mercy could see the pure sincerely and love in her eyes. Mercy smiled at the girl who, ten years ago, had once gotten lost in her own backyard and ended up on Mercy's porch. That's how she met this feisty seven-year old who father just happened to be the Big Bad Wolf. She would be forever grateful for that fateful meeting.

"I love you too," Mercy replied and hugged her, "Thank you."

"For what?" Jesse asked after they pulled apart.

"This day wouldn't have happened without you. Thank you for sharing him with me," Mercy responded honestly to her future daughter.

Jesse wore a tight smile to prevent herself from crying. She choked back at tear.

"They're waiting for us," she said.

Mercy nodded, "Yeah, let's go."

They collected themselves and walked out of the small room, one step closer to becoming a family in name, although in spirit, they had been one for years.