Careful with the human

Gasp! Another fic? Sorry this is just a one-shot dears. For now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight or HP, they belong to Stephanie Meyer and J.K.R

Warnings: SLASH, Threesome

Pairing: EC/EmC/HP (Has anyone ever done this?)

Summary: Just a glimpse of an average day for Edward Harry and Emmett.

Words: 372

Edward was upset. Why you ask? Well firstly his younger mate had caught a cold this morning; he would have been alright if Harry had any potions left. But Sirius had used them all. On what, one could only guess. So Harry stayed home from school. Secondly, his older mate decided that Harry was more important than going to school (Which was true) so he stayed home to make sure he got better. Emmett wouldn't trust Esme or Sirius with their frail mate, even though Carlisle and Remus had both he said Harry would be fine.

So, even though Edward wasn't alone at school (his other siblings went to school with him) it still felt like it.

He was going to go upstairs to check on Harry, when he heard both of his mates laughter coming from outside. 'They didn't' Oh but they did. The vampire suppressed a groan as he watched Emmett run around the yard with a bundle of white blankets secured in his arms. Ah, that was Harry, even though he looked like a mutated worm. But the big vampire and the wizard looked so happy. Edward forgot he was even upset in the first place and leaned against the doorframe with a wistful smile on his face.

The smile however was wiped off of his face when Emmett decided to jump thirty feet in the air with Harry still in his arms!

"CAREFUL WITH THE HUMAN!"He yelled. God if he were human, he'd have died of a heart attack.

"Edward!" Within a second Edward was being cuddled by his mates.

"How was your day Edward?" Harry asked while playing with a lock of bronze hair.



Emmett, who had yet to say anything, attacked the shorter vampire's mouth. His tongue mapped out Edward mouth as if they hadn't seen each other in years. When they broke apart Harry's face was flushed and he was groaning. "Must you do that? Having a hard on while being sick isn't exactly comfortable."

"Hmm. I guess we'll have to take care of that won't we Edward?" Emmett asked pressing a kiss to raven locks.

Edward, who was nuzzling Harry's neck, replied "Indeed shall."

Oh yes, Edward was having a great day.