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By the time that lunch rolled around, Harry wanted to go home. He had already been sent to the nurse because he had thrown up in the middle of history (we won't go into why, let's just say that his hypersensitive nose decided that it wanted to pick up on the scents in the room, turns out that BO, tuna and cheap cologne don't smell all that great. He never cursed his pregnancy more than that moment). It was also cold, which was odd. It shouldn't have been that cold, but with rain and winds it really wasn't a surprise. At least Newton wasn't bothering him…yet.

Lunch was pleasant at least. Emmett let him wear his large sweatshirt-not that he needed it- so Harry was a lot warmer than he was before. And he had food! FOOD! Sweet, sweet food! It was laced with a few pregnancy potions so he could keep it down and get a bit of nutrients for him and the baby. Plus there was chocolate, and, as said by his papa on numerous occasions, chocolate makes everything better because it's just that fucking awesome. Edward kept running his fingers through Harry's raven hair while humming a song under his breath. Draco was making all of these crazy plans for the weekend, Rosalie kept giving him ideas. Jasper and Alice were sucking on the blood pops Tom gave them watching their siblings.

"Hey Harry, love" Edward spoke to his younger mate. Harry looked up at him. There was a piece of chocolate between his lips that was just oh so tempting. Oh gods, why Harry?! :Uhn, Ed, are going to do it?:Emmett caught the slight nod. "Emmett and I were thinking that we should celebrate our recent news. So tonight, we were wondering if maybe you would like to go out for dinner and we can go to the park for a bit if you would like." Edward said, his voice barely noting that he was hiding something.

Harry frowned, his mates never kept anything from him, but he agreed none the less. "Sure, I would love to. We should go to the Italian one you guys took me to on our first date."

His mates grinned. Emmett placed a kiss on his cheek. "Nothing would please us more love." Harry looked over at Alice once to see if she knew anything about what they were hiding. But she just smiled at him and said: "You are going to love it Harry."

The rest of the day passed easily for Harry. Although, he spent a lot of the time trying to think about what his two vampires were keeping from him. The wizard came up with two options. One, they beat the living shit out of someone and may have possibly killed them. Or they didn't want him and the baby and they were going to break up with him and leave him alone in the city. But the last one was impossible and a creation from his hormonal state. Mates wouldn't do that.

So at the end of the day, when Harry was pulled into the car by strong arms, he had to ask. "You didn't kill anybody did you?"

Confused looks were aimed at him by not only Edward and Emmett, but from the rest of the Cullens and Draco as well. He blushed and looked at his hands (which were now quite interesting). Draco burst out laughing first, followed by Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, Edward and then Jasper.

"W-why would you-u think t-that?" Emmett asked when he calmed down a bit.

Raising his eyes, Harry looked at Emmett and Edward. "I know that you're hiding something from me. But I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. I thought maybe you sent someone to the hospital and that they died or something." A shrug. "I mean you never keep anything from me, so that's what I thought."

"So what you're saying is…" Edward was trying not to burst out laughing again. "That if we are keeping something from you, we've killed someone? It can't be anything good?" Harry blushed again. "Well, I think we better get going. We don't want to miss the movie."


The movie was great. It was called 'Clash of the Titans' and Harry loved it. He had seen the original a while back (and had a good laugh about it too) but this one was AMAZING! The graphics were so good and the Kraken actually looked like a Kraken. Emmett seemed to enjoy all of the fight scenes and Edward was rather fond of the gods and goddesses. All in all, it was very fun.

After the movie, the threesome went out to a little Italian restaurant a few blocks away. Harry loved the cheese ravioli and the baked ziti. They were his favorite! Oh, and the bread. Everything was great. After that, they went to an ice-cream shop and bought themselves cones of banana (with walnuts), mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles and bubble gum covered in chocolate sauce, gummy bears, reese chunks, skittles, and sour worms.

"Jeez Em, could you have put any more sugar on that cone?" Edward asked as they headed towards the park.

"Actually, yes I could have." Was the smart reply. They were silent until they reached to park.

The park at night was to put it simply, beautiful. White lights were strung around the trees and bushes so people would have light when they came here. The paths were all cobblestone and led to the pond at the center. If it was a few months earlier, the pond would be frozen with many people skating across it. But when it wasn't frozen, the water would reflect the lights making it look like there were hundreds of stars lying beneath the water surface.

Harry, Emmett, and Edward finished off their dessert, threw out the cones and moved to sit beneath the blossoming cherry trees. "You know Harry, what you said earlier about us hiding something from you was true. We are hiding something." Emmett spoke first.

"But it's nothing bad, we promise." Edward said from Harry's other side.


"Alright, I'll go first." Edward said. "Harry, these last couple of months with you and Emmett have been absolutely amazing. Nothing makes me any happier than I am right now, knowing that I have two very wonderful mates and a son on the way. I love you. And I love you Emmett, you brute." Edward stated before kissing both of them soundly.

"My turn. Harry, you know I'm not all that great with words, so I'll make this quick. I love you. I love Edward too. I'll be damned if I let either of you get away. So yesterday I brought Edward with me to a store and we bought something very special." Emmett looked at Edward in a way that said he wanted him to continue.

"Emmett and I were wondering Harry, if you would like to bond with us." Edward said. The lights were dancing around him, making him look even more gorgeous. Harry's heart was thumping in his chest. Had they really just asked-? A small box was placed in his lap. It was dark red velvet. Opening it with shaky hands, the pregnant boy found three different sized platinum rings. Each ring had three gems on them. In the center was a beautifully cut emerald, then on each side was equally beautiful topaz stones.

"I….I…" The vampires feared that he was going to reject them, but they were surprised when arms wrapped around them and they were deeply kissed. "Of COURSE I will!!!"



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