For the First Time

Written by Ceara Ivory

Summary: Set after episode 147 The Fated Partner? Lita's (Makoto's) Innocence. Tiger's Eye despite his best efforts cannot get Lita out of his head and finds himself feeling things foreign to him. Lita, even though he used and hurt her, cannot stop thinking of the blonde Amazon Dream Hunter. Can the two of them discern the meaning of their feelings and beat all the odds to be together? Or is it a love doomed before it even began? Inspired by the song from Tarzan on Broadway, "For the First Time" sung by Jenn Gambatese and Josh Strickland.

Chapter One

"You just made me so happy. I really believed you'd come back to dance with me."

The words repeated themselves over and over in Tiger's Eye's head as he stared at his drink. He just couldn't stop thinking about her. Her. Her in her black rose gown and her shimmering forest green eyes and perfect ponytail and rose earrings. He couldn't help remembering that dance they'd shared under the dim lights of the gym. The way he'd felt holding her hand and twirling her around the floor.

And those words, those god-forsaken words. The hurt in her eyes when she'd finally been woken to the reality of the situation, the betrayal, he could swear she was about to cry. And for some reason, that hurt him. It hurt that she had been about to cry over him.

Hawk's Eye and Fish Eye, who had been bantering about something or other, looked at their comrade.

"What's up, Tiger's Eye? You haven't taken a drink since you ordered it." Hawk's Eye asked.

Fish Eye nodded. "And that was an hour ago, your ice is all melted. What's on your mind?"

"It's none of your business." he whispered only barely audible.

Fish Eye gasped, "I know what it is, you're still embarrassed about your last mission. What was it you said? 'When I get serious I can check the dreams of ten or twenty women.' And did it work? Nope, not a sign of Pegasus at all."

Tiger's Eye picked up and slammed his drink glass back on the counter. "I said it's none of your business! Butt out!" He stood up and left the bar to do some circus exercises. Maybe that would help.

Fish Eye and Hawk's Eye glanced at each other. This was odd. This wasn't like him at all.


For the fiftieth time that night, Lita heaved a heavy sigh. She and her friends had decided to have a sleepover to help her try to forget the events of a couple days ago. It wasn't doing any good. She still couldn't stop thinking of that man. The man who had danced with her and seemed so kind and gentle, but ended up being the enemy only after her dreams. And still, she couldn't help thinking about him.

"What's bugging ya, Lita?" Serena asked gently, curiously. "You still thinking about that guy?"

Lita looked at her plate of pizza. "I know I shouldn't, but I can't help myself. I just can't stop thinking of how it felt to have his hand holding mine. And his soft turquoise eyes that spoke so softly to me, words only I could hear."

"But he was the enemy," Mina pointed out. "It was all an act. You know that right?"

"Yeah, I do," the brunette replied. "I do, really. But, I don't know, I just can't stop thinking about him. I'm sorry." she lowered her head into her hands, ashamed of herself for thinking this way.

"Oh, Lita," Rini whispered, coming over to give the older girl a much needed hug. She would have to talk to Pegasus when she got home the next day. Maybe he'd know what was wrong with Lita.

Lita got up and went over to her sleeping bag. "I'm gonna go to bed now guys. I'm really tired."

AN: I know, short first chapter, but I think I set the stage well enough. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you have lots of feedback for me. This is bound to be a very fluffy story