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I was standing next to General Hawk as we descended on a large metal platform into the Pit. I had just been offered to join the G.I. Joe division, Alpha Team, after the military gave me an evaluation test after my recent mission with my old team in the Spec Op's. My team and I were to get in and get out, a recon only mission, to observe and report but of course things like that always go wrong. Half way into the mission, we had to abort do to one of the newest rookies getting trigger happy, causing us to go into a massive firefight with the enemy and sadly enough, it was only the rookie who had gotten killed.

Me being in my second year on the team and being a sniper along with great combat skills, I knew how to run the team and was able us out of the hot zone while still getting the info we needed and eliminating the enemy. With only a few of us being slightly wounded, the only tragedy was that the rookie had ran ahead of us and was gunned down, then once it was safe enough, we rushed over and carried his body the whole way to our pick up point so we could bring him home and give him a honorable burial.

When my superiors looked over my results and mission report, I knew they had agreed on something and started to make calls. Soon the decision was made that I would be sent to G.I. Joe HQ, their General thinking I would be a good adaptation to his team, the best of the best, the top dogs of the military. Then several weeks later, I was on a plane to a private base where another plane would take me to next and final destination, the Pit.

"So, this is the Pit…the Joes HQ?" I questioned out loud to myself but also to General Hawk, stepping off the lift when it stopped. I looked around at the all of the different areas there were to offer for training that I could see; the place looked like it could hold an entire civilization and possibly more.

General Hawk gave me a nod and still looked ahead as we walked, entering what looked like the housing section of the base. "This is where we house the Joes, Alpha Team's apartments are floor above us. This is where you will live until your training is done, to see if you can earn your stripes as an Alpha Joe," he said as he turned towards me. "You will have to train twice as hard as you ever did for any other training you have done. Now, I hear and have read that you have a few extra things under belt, I hope to see you in action," he said nonchalantly then turned back around, entering a code into a small panel next to the door. "All apartments require a code, learn this well,"he gave me a small piece of paper with numbers on it then opened the door and walked in, I walked in after with my bags.

"Nice place," I looked around, stepping up on the small three step stairs that lead into living room. Off to my right, I can see a cozy sized kitchen and two doors. On my left, I saw another door as I walked into the room more, nodding my head in approval. The apartment was also furnished in basic furniture such as a basic couch, coffee table, TV, TV stand, dinning table and kitchen appliances. The bedroom and bathroom also had basic things as well. Going to have to spruce this place up a bit and some of my own stuff in here, maybe my bed from home, thinking of my bed from home made me want to go to sleep since the thing was so soft it felt like you would disappear into the mattress.

"The two doors next to the kitchen is your bedroom and a pantry. The door on your left is a larger closet for extra bedding and hygienic supplies," he said and stood there as I walked around. "You may also have things shipped here from your other apartment back in the states, decorate it how ever you want," he walked back to the door as I sat my bags on the uncomfortable looking couch then followed him out, closing the door behind me.

"So where is this Alpha Team that I am supposed to be joining?"I asked as I followed beside him, looking around everything as we walked at a decent pace down the hallway.

"In the Recreational Room which is a floor up. Oh, I would advise you to not move anything into your room just yet, that way when you get your stripes, you can move up to the Alpha's floor. All the rooms are laid out the same way only a bit larger," he said and motioned for us to keep walking down the hall. We soon arrived at the Rec. Room and entered, a big burly man announced General Hawk's entrance and the Alpha Team stood at attention.

"At ease Joes…" he told them as he put his hands on his hips, surveying his top team I stood behind him. "You all did a job well done on your last mission with Cobra," he said to all of them with a little smile on his face. "Onto other business, you all know we are getting more recruits for G.I. Joe since the Cobra ordeal….so, I would like you all to meet Jade," he moved aside so they could see me better as I stepped up, and saluted them. A small smile formed on my lips.

"Mm….she fine," Ripcord said to Duke who then elbowed his friend hard in the shoulder.

"Do I need to remind you that your dating Scarlet now? Or do you I need to beat it into you? Again." Duke asked then walked up to me with a small smile.

"I'm Duke," he shook my hand in a firm welcoming grip and I shook his hand back with the same firmness. "That's Ripcord over there….and sorry about him, he likes to flirt with anythingthat has boobs and legs he see's," he gave me a little off hand humor comment and chuckled a little, Ripcord was rubbing his shoulder where Duke elbowed him. "But don't worry, he's harmless unless you get the good part of his jokes, then you might die of laughter," I laughed at his little joke.

A large black burly man walked up to me with a tenderhearted smile upon his face. "I'm Heavy Duty….and welcome to the Pit," he had a deep English accent and a very strong grip as he shook my hand which seemed to disappear into his. "Don't be a stranger around the Rec just because you ain't an Alpha yet," he said with a smile, then a small little geeky guy came over.

"Hi, I'm Breaker, the technician of the team. I read your file, you seem to be okay with computers. I hope to see your talent, maybe teach you a thing or two," he said happily as he shook my hand.

After the encounters with the four men, a bright red headed woman came up to greet me as well and behind her was a man dressed in all black along with a visor where is eyes would be. "I'm Scarlet and this is Snake Eyes," she said to me with a small smile while Snake Eyes gave me a small nodded as if to say 'Hi' and I gave a nodded back. Cool, a ninja!...they have their own ninja. Epicness!

"It is nice to meet all of you…..hopefully I will be lucky enough to get on the team after I do my tests and training,"I told everyone with respect and with a small smile, trying to make a good first impression.

"Well as any other Joe, Jade, you have to earn your stripes like everyone else so…Heavy Duty, Scarlet, you two know what to do for the newbie's," General Hawk said as he gave a joking smile to me while he laughed and patted my back. "Well, I'll leave you to get better acquainted with the team," he told me then saluted and left to go do his other duties.


It had been close to almost four months since I had arrived at the GI Joe base now, 'The Pit' as everyone else called it, and met my new team. I had already done most of the training Heavy Duty and Scarlet put me through and now I was getting close to being done with Snake Eyes' training, who taught me martial arts, but I had already known a few martial arts skills so all it did was improve them. I had one more week before I would get my results back for the training tests, though I still had more training to do with Snake Eyes and everything had already started taking its toll on me but that last little week went by in a flash.

I had just finished my training with Heavy Duty and Scarlet and was making my way to the Rec room to rest for a while before anyone else needed me for something. Ever since I started my training with the Alpha Team, I wasn't getting my sleep at night due to Hawk giving me a security night shifts so I had something other than training to do. When I arrived at the Rec. room, I laid down on one of the couches located in front of the big screen T.V., sighing in relaxation at how comfortable the couch was as soon as I laid down and my head hit the couch pillow.

Several minutes after I had laid down and got comfortable, the Team walked in and I stirred after hearing Ripcords laugh that annoyed me to no end on my bad days, along with his obnoxious and lame jokes. I sat up tiredly and yawned while rubbing the sleep from my eyes like a child who just woke up.

"Well, look at who it is…it's the hot new member of the team," Ripcord said out loud but jokingly while he came over to me and sat down rather closely, making the cushion squish further down. After saying his obnoxious comment and hearing his laugh, everyone looked to see what the commotion was, Scarlet not looking to happy from Rip's comment.

"Go away Ripcord," I said to him with an exhausted tone in my voice as I pushed him to the other side of the couch, I wasn't in the mood to hear his lame jokes and deal with how annoying he was considering at how tired I was. Why can't he just leave me alone and let me rest? He could at least go bother Duke or Scarlet. She is his girlfriend after all, I thought to myself as I sat there tiredly.

"Aw, come on Jade," he said teasingly and moved back to his original spot and slung his arm around my shoulders. "You have to lighten up, have some fun and laugh a little,"he gave me a small shake of my shoulders to get me to laugh but all I did was stare up at him with a not so amused face.

"Watch it Rip, she may kick you again,"Duke mentioned and chuckled as he headed over to go bench a few weights and when he said that, Rip moved away from me a little and moved a hand slowly over his crotch.

I gave him a tired but evil smile which made him laugh because it looked funny and I groaned at the fact my glaring tactics weren't working. "You suck..."I got up and walked over towards the door then stopped when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I looked up to see Snake Eyes, he gave my shoulder a small squeeze then started to sign slowly in ASL since I didn't know that much and was currently taking lessons from him.

"You okay? You don't look well and have been in a bad mood for the past few weeks,"he tilted his head to the side for a few moments then started to sign again. "Have you been sleeping well?"

Damn him and his ninja-ness, I thought to myself and sighed a little. "I'm fine, really. Please don't worry about it to much,"I told him tiredly and gave him a weak smile.

He stood there for a few moments before nodding his head slowly. "Try to get more sleep, you looked more tired than usual,"he patted my shoulder and went to his little corner to meditate and watched me leave the Rec room to my quarters.

Everyone saw me and Snake Eyes' brief exchange then looked over at Snake Eyes. "What was that all about, Snake?"Breaker asked as he pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose.

"Nothing really. I noticed that she has been more moody than usual and has gained bags under her eyes. I was merely concerned that she wasn't getting enough sleep between her training and a few other things Hawk was having her do,"he told his fellow Joe and everyone seemed to agree that there had been a change in her.

As I headed to my room to get some sleep, I looked at my watch and groaned when I noticed that I had five minutes till the night shift that Hawk wanted me to do tonight, which I was not looking forwards to. Sighing heavily, I made my way to a computer/surveillance room where my shift was going to be and sat down as the daytime security guard left.

"This is going to be a long night," I said to myself, aloud and rubbing my eyes as I sat back in the chair and looked at the monitors in front of me.


Hours passed by and I was fighting to stay awake when I heard a knock at the door and saw Scarlet walk in with a two hot cups of coffee in her hands.

"Here you go…I thought you would need something with caffeine it," Scarlet told me as she handed me a mug of the hot caffeinated drink while she sat down in a chair next to me.

I took the cup of coffee gratefully and took a sip small sip so I wouldn't burn my mouth. "Mmm…thanks, I needed that," I set the cup down in front of me on the desk as I looked back up at the many screens in front of me. "So what brings you here at this fine hour of the night or should I say the wee hours of this morning?" I asked Scarlet jokingly as I typed a few things into the computer to let some of the regular Joes into Section 6 of the base then sat back, taking the hot mug in hand carefully.

"Thought I'd swing by and see if you were still awake, seeing at how tired you have been for almost the past few weeks. I honestly thought I'd find you sleeping on the job," Scarlet said and laughed at the funny little joke. "So what was the deal between you two?" she asked me as she leaned back in the seat and looked at the screen, taking a few sips at her own coffee.

"Who two?" I asked her as she took another sip of her coffee while I typed a few confirmation codes to let in a few of the transport planes. "I mean-"

"You know, you and Snake Eyes," She cut me off. "the 'conversation' you had with him before you left the Rec. room hours ago," Scarlet noted and nudged me with her elbow as she looked over at me out of the corner of her eye, I just shrugged, not really catching what she was getting at. "Come on, everyone could tell something happened," she said teasingly.

I sighed, running a hand through my hair as I looked over at her. "He was worried that I wasn't getting enough sleep. Nothing more, nothing less than that. Why do you ask anyway? Your acting as if there should be more than that,"I stated to Scarlet then took a sip of my coffee.

"Oh, well first of all, you do over work yourself to the point of exhaustion," Scarlet looked over at me then fully faced me, I gave a half-hearted chuckle. "And as for the last question. You two seemed to have gotten close over the past four months that you have been here,"she said and looked down into her mug.

"No, no, no. You and Heavy Duty over work me before I have my occasional night shifts and Snake and I have a lot in common, plus he's teaching me ASL and giving me a few personal training sessions to improve my fighting skills,"I raised an eyebrow at Scarlet, now getting what she was implying. "And I see what your getting at my friend and the answer is no, we are not dating,"I sighed and laughed a little.

"Sorry, its just all the signs are there. My bad for assuming,"she gave a small apologetic smile to me.

"Its fine. Now back to other things, with the training you two have been giving me, I haven't been able to get a descents night sleep before or after my shift," my tone was jokingly but had a hint steel behind my words, almost stern-like.

"Well, you need the training and experience, without it you won't be able to get one the team or be a Joe," she told me flatly and simply, I sighed and nodded in agreement. "Look at it this way, beginning tomorrow you'll just have your night shifts and some other of the side training with Snakes, then General Hawk will look at your results and see if your fit to be a Joe and be on the team with us," Scarlet told me reassuringly to lighten my spirit. She also wiggled her eyebrows when she mentioned the part with Snake Eyes.

"Oh, would you stop it already. There is nothing like that going on between us,"I hit her shoulder lightly in a joking manner and we both started to laugh. "But I guess your right and hopefully I'll be able to sleep more and kick your butt at the accuracy tests," I said and gave her shoulder a confident nudge.

"In your dreams, Jade. I'm the best at it and still hold the top score and fastest time,"she said in a confident tone and smiled as she took a sip of her coffee, I rolled my eyes and did the same as I looked back at the screens.

"I can just have Rip kidnap you to a romantic place in Rome and have Breaker hack the systems, change the scores around a little,"I whispered and she hit my arm as we both laughed, watching the surveillance screens and having a good time.

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