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~Snake Eyes POV~

It had been a week, a long and worrisome week. Since the attack, Jade has been in the medical ward. We were all worried when Doc told us that he had gotten her stable enough for surgery and during the six hours it took, none of us could get our minds off her. Duke kept saying that we should have caught up with her faster, that she wouldn't be in the condition she was in now. Scarlet told him it wasn't his fault, that it was none of our faults or hers, that she was only doing her job; it could have happened to any of us.

When Doc finished with the surgery, he came out to tell us that she was in a recovery room, to give her till the next day before any of us went in to go see her. Hawk had to make us leave and get rest, but then the following day, we got the news from Doc that she had went into a coma from the amount of blood she lost and from the trauma of the situation. Hawk told him to keep us updated on her condition….that was a week ago, now going on two.

At night, when only one nurse was on call, I would sneak into her room and check up on her, then relay the news to the others in the morning since we all still had missions to do. Every time I would walk into that room, something in me broke when I saw her laying there helpless and broken with the machines hooked up to her.

It was around 12am when I snuck into her recovery room, the only sound was her machines, telling me that she was, still indeed, alive. Frowning behind my mask, I slowly walked over and pulled the chair from the corner of the room over to her bedside. I looked over at the machines and saw that her heart beat and breathing was steady, only because of a breathing tube down her throat. Looking down, I gently took her hand into mine, hoping that she could feel something. If she could, I hope she knew that we were here for her, wishing for her to get better soon. Sighing, I leaned back in the seat and watched her, looking over the parts of her body that wasn't covered by the blanket that was over her.


The next thing I knew was that I was being awoke by movement around the room. Sitting up, I saw a nurse grab a tray and walk out of the room. How had she come in without me sensing her in my sleep? Frowning behind my mask, I looked to Jade and just sat there, my hidden features turning from confusion to shock. The breathing tube had been removed and now was weakly, tiredly, being watched by Jade. I stood and laid one hand gently on her arm and one on her shoulder, silently asking how she was.

"Hey…"she forced out weakly, even forcing a smile up at me. Joy swelled in my chest and gently patted her arm. I tilted me head slightly at her, my body still rigid from what happened. She frowned at me and I frowned in confusion behind my mask. "You're worrying…" Fuck, she must be able to read me better than I thought, I cursed to myself as I stood there.

"Don't blame yourself…"I watched as she weakly raised her hand of the arm that had my hand on it, she gently brushed her fingers across my covered arm. "I wasn't…prepared…it's okay…I'll do better…next time…"she told me and I just stood there silently. I knew right then that I would do everything in my power to make this up to her, to protect her. "No more worry…or blaming…"she weakly and softly told me. Slowly, I nodded my head and removed my hand from her shoulder, gently putting it on the top of her head, stroking her hair back. I watched as she smiled weakly to me, a sign of acceptance.

Looking to the door, I watched the same nurse walk back in and smile to me with a nod. "Go. You both need rest. She's in good hands,"she told me and I looked down to Jade who gave a small nod in return. Reluctantly, I pulled myself away from her side and removed myself from the room, heading to go tell the others the news and then to go get some food and proper rest.


~Jade's POV~

Over the next few days of me waking, the team would always come in when they had the time, checking up on me and my recovery progress and to also spend time so I wasn't bored out of my mind. Though as the week progressed, I saw less and less of Snake Eyes. Scarlet told me that he was dealing with everything in only he knows how and to not worry, but I did. I felt that even after I told him not to blame himself or worry, that he was still doing so.

The following week was therapy, Doc wanting me to get up and walk, build up the strength that I had lost in my legs from being bedridden for so long. After walking, with the assistance of two nurses, I would sit in bed and be monitored by a nurse while I lifted two pound weights for my chest muscles. Everything was slow going, but Doc told me that if I stuck to the therapy and rest that I could be released back to my room with therapy every day for about an hour in the morning and at night.

I watched as the nurse left the room to go get me dinner and I turned my attention to the TV in the corner of the room on the wall. Sighing, I slowly grabbed the remote as to not strain myself. Once I had my prize, I turned the TV on and flipped through the channels as I waited for my dinner. I waited about ten minutes before the nurse walked in with a smile on her face. "Snake stopped by with this,"she said and pulled the bed table over and set down a container and spoon. She opened it for me and I smiled, seeing what looked to be homemade soup. Well, a ninja that can cook. How about that… I looked to the nurse. "Tell him I said thank you, if you see him before I do,"I told her and she nodded, stepping out of the room.

While watching TV, Law and Order SVU, I slowly ate my soup. With my eyes glued to my TV, I didn't notice the door crack open and a figure step inside. Only when I heard the door click shut did I notice Snake standing next to it. I smiled to him, setting the spoon down. "Props to the chef,"I said with a smile while he moved from the door and to the chair next to my bed.

"How are you feeling?"he signed to me as I watched his every move.

"Better. Not a 100%, but better. Soup is helping and is better than the mess hall soup,"I told him with a smile as he nodded. After a moment of silence, I looked at him almost sadly. "You're still blaming yourself,"I said and he looked down to the floor, as if it held more interest to him. "Snake…look at me, please,"I said and after a moment, he lifted his head to look at me. "I'm fine, I'm still here. None of what happened was your fault. If anything it's mine. I should have waited for backup,"I told him truthfully. "And I certainly don't blame you for what happened,"I saw his shoulders sag, almost as in relief or trying accept what I was saying.

"Why don't we forget the past and move on. Stay and watch some TV with me,"I told him and held my hand up when he was about to sign. "I don't care if it's bad for you,"I told him with a smile and I heard him sigh and nod. He scooted the chair closer and sat with me as I ate and watched TV, having no idea that in truth, he was watching me most of the time even when I had finished eating and fell asleep.

Having waited a few more minutes, he silently turned the TV off and moved the table away from the bed. Looking to her, he gently tucked her in before turning off the light and slipping out of the room.

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