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I took a deep breath before I stepped into Biology, expecting the Cullen kid to be gone, like he had been for the past week and a half. Crap. He wasn't absent. I kept my gaze glued to the floor as I walked to my seat, sitting on the side of the chair furthest from his. I guess he wasn't a figment of my overactive imagination. Peeking from under my hair, I observed that his number was the same date over a century ago. I quickly dropped my gaze, my heart pounding too quickly. I don't believe in ghosts. I don't believe in the supernatural. Ironically, I did believe in number foretelling people's deaths.

The bell rang, forcing Mike Newton to stop gazing at me and focus his attention on Mrs. Phillips instead, which I was thankful for. After taking role, Mrs. Phillips proceeded to tell us that we were doing a lab today in which we were going to be using a microscope to identify the phases of mitosis as well as contrasting animal cells from plant cells.

"I'll get the supplies," I muttered quietly without meeting my attractive lab partner's gaze. I hurriedly stood up and headed to the back of the classroom, stumbling over the projector cord. Hastily, I grabbed a microscope and the set of slides we needed and returned to my seat much slower.

"I'm Edward," my lab partner said in a perfect velvety voice. I couldn't control the shivers going down my spine. "And you're Isabella." He didn't phrase it as a question.

"Bella," I corrected him as I placed one of the slides on the microscope slide, determinedly evading looking at him, afraid that I might do something stupid, like gape at the century-old number on his forehead or pass out again.

"Bella, then." I quickly looked at the slide through the lens, hitting myself in the eye with the microscope in my haste not to look at him.

"Animal," I said quickly, pulling away from the slide to write it down on my paper.

"How are you liking Forks?" my partner asked as he wrote down the answer on his own paper. I looked over, observing his calligraphy-like handwriting and hiding my annoyance at that fact. Was everything about this guy perfect?

"It's fine," I replied shortly, not wanting to talk to him, disliking how my heart was pounding, not in fear, as he talked to me.

"I see," he said simply, like he understood perfectly.

"No, you don't," I retorted as I scribbled answers down on my paper. "You don't. I just met you. You don't know anything about me." I wished that I could honestly say I liked it that way. Why did he have such an effect on me?

"You're right. It was presumptuous of me to assume otherwise," he apologized sincerely. He sounded like he came straight from a Jane Austen novel, and I had to try not to smile at him. "Your boyfriend is annoyed with me," he said smoothly, sounding maybe just a little smug.

"Boyfriend?" I asked in surprise. I looked up and immediately noticed what he was talking about. Mike was glowering at him from across the room and I tried not to snicker at the furious expression on his face. "He's not my boyfriend," I said, accidentally looking at my partner's face. His eyes, golden and light, stared at me, not warmly, but in a confused sort of way that had me shifting uncomfortably on my chair. "Your eyes," I blurted out, unable to look away.

He broke our eye contact. "What do you mean?" he asked cautiously.

"I… forget it." I convinced myself that I had imagined his dark black eyes the week an a half previously. Obviously my memory had messed things up. Without intending to, I found myself staring at the numbers on his forehead. Was reincarnation possible? Was it possible that the death date on his head was from a previous life or something? Was it possible that something had messed up with him? I laughed out loud at the irony. I saw numbers on people's heads and I thought he was messed up.

"Want to share the joke?" he asked me quietly as he removed one of the slides from the microscope. I had reached forward at the same instant, and my fingers brushed lightly against the back of his hand. There was no crackling electricity, like in books, but goosebumps appeared on my arms, like it was cold in the class even though it wasn't.

"Sorry," I apologized as he quickly pulled his hand away from mine. "And no, I was just laughing at some irony. Not remotely funny." My voice shook and I took a deep breath that shuddered somewhat.

"All right," he said. We worked in an awkward silence for the rest of the period. I stole glances at him every once in a while, but otherwise, we ignored each other, with the exception of occasionally sharing an answer. The bell finally rang, releasing me from the tense atmosphere. Barely half a second later, Edward was out of the door, leaving me blinking in shock behind him.

"What was up with you and Cullen?" Mike asked sharply. Instantly, I was irritated.

"Nothing. And it's none of your business what 'Cullen and I' are up to," I snapped at him as Jessica Stanley caught up with us.

"Whoa, what'd I miss?" she demanded as Mike stormed away from me down a hall to his next class. "What's this I hear about you and a Cullen? Which one?"

"Edward," I replied. "And nothing happened," I insisted to her surprised and slightly envious expression. "We were just talking in Biology."

"Bella, he never talks to anyone. He must be, like, into you or something," she gushed excitedly, but the look in her eyes said she wasn't as happy for me as she wanted me to believe.

I shrugged. "I doubt it. He was just being polite. Besides, why would he be into me?" I'd never had any success with the opposite gender. I was too shy with them to be easily likable and wasn't pretty enough for them not to care if I wasn't likable.

"Well, you are smart and pretty," she said lightly, but I got the impression she didn't mean it.

"Uh, thanks," I said awkwardly. I knew he wasn't into me—he was too careful for that. Careful like if he said the wrong thing, I'd burst into tears or something. Which was understandable, considering the first time I'd seen him, I'd fainted to the floor at his feet. Not exactly the best first impression I could have on him.

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-A story about Nessie and Jacob and Nahuel. I'd mainly write this one because I dislike the fact that she and Jacob are going to be together just because she is his Imprint. Wouldn't it bother you if you had no choice in who you married and loved? I think she deserves the chance of choosing her own life path, and that is where Nahual would come in.

-A story about Alice and Jasper's journey to discover another half human, half vampire in Breaking Dawn. I'd like to write this one because I really love Alice and Jasper pairings and I think it's great if they have the chance to save the day.

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