Author's Note: This is my first time ever writing anything like this. Please forgive any horrible sentence structure or grammatical errors. It's been a long time since I've written any sort of fiction but it's a nice break from writing proposals and point papers. Any comments or suggestions welcome.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters… though I'd claim Puck for my own if I could…

"How could he?" Rachel thought to herself as she felt the tears well up in her eyes. She pressed up against the wall, hoping Finn that wouldn't look her way and see her watching them. After everything that happened last night in the bowling alley, she had let herself believe he liked her. She had started her day today on cloud nine and thought nothing could bring her down. Finn, the quarterback of the football team, liked her. The Glee Club missed her, not her talent, but her. But as she looked down the long hallway and saw Finn wrap a crying Quinn in his arms it felt like her heart dropped out of her chest and shattered on the floor. The air felt too thick to breathe and all she could hear was a slow, almost achingly perfect, melancholy tune in her head. Panicking, she turned around and rushed through the closest door, pulling it shut behind her and sinking to floor against it. Hot tears ran down her face, as the sobs racked themselves free from her chest. It took her a moment to realize that the music had stopped and when she looked up she saw a stunned Puck staring at her, his fingers frozen on the strings of the guitar.

Horrified, Rachel grasped for the door handle and then stopped short when she realized she couldn't return to the hallway. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, bracing herself for the flood of insults she knew Puck was sure to have ready for her. She turned around slowly and was shocked to see that Puck was still staring at her intently, he hadn't moved an inch.

"Well?" Rachel demanded. "Aren't you going to say something?"

Puck shrugged casually, his eyes never leaving hers. Then suddenly he stood, placed the guitar gently into its black case. After clicking the latches closed, he leaned down to grab his bag and walked across the room to her. As he came towards her, Rachel stiffened with fear, completely taken off guard by him. He moved closer, his body was now just inches away from hers. He reached his hand out toward her, and she could hear the sharp intake of her own breath. She could feel his gaze bearing down on her.

Suddenly, he grasped the handle quickly and gave it a sharp turn. Looking down at her, he gave her a slightly bemused grin. "I can't open the door while you're standing in front of it."

She stumbled a few steps into the music room, a hot blush creeping into her cheeks. Puck strode forward, through the now open door into the hallway. She heard his footsteps echo down the hallway as she slumped against the desk. Her head was spinning, first the shock of finding out about the baby, then seeing Finn & Quinn and now she had humiliated herself in front of Puck. Puck, the biggest jerk she knew. He was sure to Finn about "that crazy Rachel chick" blubbering all over herself. It was one thing to yell at Finn for his deception, it was quite another to have him know that she'd cried over him.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear Puck's footsteps stop, or hear him walk back towards the music room. She almost jumped out of her skin when he cleared his throat loudly. Jerking her head up, she saw him lounging casually in the doorway.

"They're gone. "

"W-w-who's gone?" she stammered. Later, she would swear that his face softened for just a minute as she looked up at him.

Scowling, Puck straightened up. "Look, I just figured you might not want to spend all night in here crying like a little baby. They're gone. So go on home and make a sappy MySpace video about how Finn broke your heart, or whatever." With that he turned, and was gone.

She wasn't sure how long she sat there, but finally she pulled herself together and started the long walk home. Halfway into the twenty minute walk she realized she was humming the tune she had heard in her head while watching Finn. She felt as though she knew the song, but try as she might, the name eluded her. As she drifted off to sleep that evening, the haunting melody was strangely comforting…