Puck sucked in a ragged breath as she slid her hands down the front of his chest. He was convinced that she was trying to kill him. Did she realize that she was moving her hips in small circles? Not grinding or anything, but it was just enough to create a constant friction between her panties and his jeans. The shooting pain in his ribs was currently the only thing keeping him from going over the edge, and even then, he was still pretty close.

His right hand was on her leg and she had let him slide it up under her thick wool skirt. Her skin was amazingly soft underneath his calloused fingers, and he wondered what it would feel like against his lips. She shivered as he ran his thumb along the inside of her thigh, and he knew that it was less than two inches away from the smooth fabric of her underwear. He wanted to move his hand closer, wanted to stroke what he knew would be damp silk.

His mouth was on her neck now. Nuzzling the collar of her shirt aside, he tasted the skin over her collarbone. Damn it, still sugar cookies and sex. Did she taste like that everywhere? God, he wanted to find out. He was just about to lay her back, when she shifted and brought her hands up. He thought for a second that she was going to push him away, but instead her fingers fumbled with top button on her blouse.

Oh hell no, that was his job. He ripped his hand from beneath her skirt, and gently pushed her hands away. "Please," he begged, searching her eyes, "let me do it? I wanna…" He wanted to know that she trusted him, that she wanted this, and that she wanted him. He was holding his breath. Even before she nodded, her eyes told him everything he needed to know.

He carefully unbuttoned the first button, and pushed the fabric apart. He let his lips graze over every inch of the newly exposed skin, watching her chest rise and fall quickly as he touched her. Moving on to the next button, he went through it all again. He wanted to rip the shirt off and devour her, but he owed her this. She deserved to have this done right, and he needed her to have the chance to stop him if she changed her mind.

When he popped the final button loose, he slid the thin white cotton shirt back, over her shoulders, letting his fingers trail along her silky soft skin. One strand of thick dark hair had fallen forward, over her shoulder and he stared at that. Finally, when the blouse had fallen to the floor of the truck, and she hadn't moved to cover herself, he let himself look.

Thank god for his ribs, or else he would have lost it right then and there. The bra was nothing fancy, but for some reason the simple white lace against her skin, the way it hugged her curves... It was definitely the sexiest thing he'd ever seen a set of boobs come wrapped in. He could feel her shaking, hear the way she was sucking in air and he knew she was nervous. Reaching up he trapped her cheeks between his hands, and looked into her dark brown eyes.

What he saw there made his heart lurch. Nobody had ever looked at him like that before. In that moment, he knew nothing existed in her world except for him and that he would do anything to be the man he saw reflected in her eyes. The words were trapped in his throat, strangling him. When he finally spoke, they weren't the words he wanted to say.

"Baby, you are so beautiful."

That was true, she was beautiful, but she was so much more. He opened his mouth again, but he was speechless. So he leaned in and kissed her softly, and tried instead to show her what he was feeling. When she melted against him, he knew she understood. Twining his fingers in her hair, he deepened the kiss and somehow, he lost himself in her.

When she finally pulled away, he realized he had no idea how long they'd been kissing like that. Reaching up, he brushed her hair back and tucked it behind her ear. He let his hand linger on her cheek, and when she smiled down at him, the words started to tumble out of his mouth. "Rachel, I think that I-"

The grating sound of Celine Dion pouring from her phone interrupted him. They both tried to ignore it, but it was too late, the moment was gone. Rachel slid off his lap, and reached for backpack, which had fallen on the floor. Pulling the phone out of the front pocket, she glanced at the screen and she sighed heavily.

"It's Brittany."

He snatched the phone out of her hand and pressed the talk button.

"This had better be fucking important."

"Puck?" Brittany asked.

"No, it's the fucking Pope."

"Jeeze, no need to be a complete asshole."

Puck growled into the phone.

"Fine, fine… look I was just calling to let Rachel know that Mr. Schue is looking for her. He was worried when she didn't show up for class."

"She doesn't have Spanish til second period."

"Riiiight," Brittany said slowly, "and now third period's almost over. I had to sneak out to the bathroom to call her. Where is she anyways? Is she okay? Why are you answering her phone?"

"Thanks for the heads up Britt, she'll be there in a few minutes." Punching the end button, he tossed the phone on the dashboard. Rachel had obviously gotten the gist of the conversation because she was struggling to put her shirt on. He waited for her to flip out, but she was still smiling. Leaning over he gave her a quick peck on the lips, wincing as the movement sent pain shooting through his chest.

"Sorry princess, time to head back to the real world."

She stuck her lip out in a fake pout as she quickly buttoned her blouse. "Are you sure?"

He laughed so hard he had to splint his ribs with his arms. "Look at you, little Miss Rebel. You do realize you missed three classes?"

She put a finger to her chin and pretended to think about that before breaking into a wide grin. "Totally worth it," leaning back, she pulled her seat belt on, "now c'mon, let's go. We can continue this later."

He perked up immediately at the thought of continuing their make out session later. "I gotta say Berry, I'm impressed."

"Why's that?"

"You aren't freaking out or anything."

The corners of her mouth turned up slightly. "It would appear that spending time with you in an intimate fashion seems to relax me, I'm definitely starting to think we should engage in these activities on a more regular basis."

He groaned loudly. Yeah, she was definitely trying to kill him.