Dear Sammy

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SUMMARY: I was wondering if Dean wrote a letter, what kind of letter would it be and to whom. This is what I got.

"Sammy" It read.

"It's really crappy, you know, to write a letter to you. Especially, if it is one of those 'if you are reading this, I'm dead' letters. I didn't even know how to start, so think of this as a note, ok?" Sam didn't know what to do. His eyes were already glassy with unshed tears but he had to laugh at Dean's awkwardness in writing a letter. He never heard of his brother writing anything that mattered but his own journal. And that was for his eyes only.

"I'm not totally dead yet, but it is probably the last time you'll hear from me, so let's make it good, shall we? No chick-flick moments. Got me? Not my style, not as I want to be remembered."

"This NOTE's goal is to remind you to keep going, ok? To keep your way and forget that my pretty body is out there as Michael's meat-suit, the S.O.B.. I just had to do something. As you said no to Old Lu again and again and getting all beaten up each time, I had to do something to end this shit once and for all." Sam saw the letters swim in from of his eyes, barely readable. It was too much water to hold in one's eyes. The leeve broke and the tears slipped one after the other down the young hunter's face.

"I must say I was wrong about you. You screwed up once and brought the Apocalipse, so what? You were the one who kept it at bay for so long as well. Even if someone says it is not redemption it is good enough for me, and most important to make me trust you again. We are good."

"Try only not to get involved in this mess. Let the big dogs fight now. Not your problem anymore."

"When it ends, salt and burn my body. Don't wanna be some crippled sucker on a death bed after Michael finishes off with my body. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll see Mom in Heaven. They promised me a place there for my trouble, but I don't know if I can trust the bastards. Angels…"

"BE SAFE. I'm not around to save your ass anymore."

"Be happy. Someone in this family has to."

"See ya, next life, bro."