Triple H and Ric Flair have been talking about adding a new member to Evolution, but they were having a hard time trying to find the right person. Ric and Hunter really didn't tell Batista or Randy what they were talking about. It was like every time they would walk into a room Hunter and Ric became quit or started talking about their matches.

Well it was the night of August 5,2003 and the guys knew that they had to work that night. Of course Ric and Hunter were at the show early while Batista and Randy took their time getting there. Hunter asked Ric if they were doing the right thing by telling Randy and Batista about their plans tonight? Ric said I don't know, but they were going to find out sooner or later. And I could have picked a better time then tonight to tell them. Well Hunter and Ric were going out to the ring, with Randy and Batista right behind them. Randy looked that Batista knowing that he was just as confused as he was, but they always did what Hunter and Ric wanted them too.

Randy asked Batista if they had told him what was going on? Batista looked at him and said I know just as much you do at this point Randy. When they got to where the entrance was to go out to the ring Ric turned to them and said "Don't worry guys just let Hunter and myself do all the talking and you will find out what is going on?" The first thing that popped in Randy's head was Oh no we are going to have another Eugene thing on here. Batista just shook his head and followed Ric and Hunter out to the ring.

Please welcome Evolution out to the ring, said Lillian.

Oh no JR, looks like Evolution has something to say.

I know what you mean King and busy is about to pick up with it comes to these four guys!

When they all got into the ring Ric grabbed a microphone and handed it to Hunter. It took him a minute before he could say anything because the fans were booing them. Everyone knew that Hunter and Flair couldn't stand it when they were getting booed, but Randy and Batista were used to it. Hunter finally started by saying:

As everyone should know by now that the TNA Superstars and Knockouts will be joining the WWE roster. Which means we are suppose to have twice the action each and every week. Ric and myself and the rest of Evolution thinks badly of this idea, but we cant complain to much because the big boss doesn't like it. So Ric and I have come up with an idea of having a Diva join Evolution. We will be watching each match every week and we will chose from there.

Randy and Batista stood in the ring with a look of disbelief on their faces. After Hunter had announced that and they went back to the locker room the two guys that had no idea what was going was now in on the mix had to put the pieces together and try to figure out why that Hunter and Ric just couldn't tell them about the whole idea in the first place, but they couldn't question them. All they knew was that they had very little time to get started trying to find the right "Diva".

It took them longer than what they thought it would, but Hunter and Ric finally decided that they would have to chose one and watch her until she got the idea. Randy had been watch Riley Jones and her brother AJ Styles for a while and he was just fascinated by Riley and her ability to win matches. So that was when Randy decided that he would take it up with Ric, Hunter, and Batista. So he went back to the locker room just to find that Batista had beaten him to the punch about Riley.

Randy we are so glad that you could join us, said Ric.

Batista here has found the perfect girl to be the first diva of Evolution. Her name is Riley Jones and she came from TNA right along with her brother, stated Hunter.

That is great guys, but there is just one thing, said Randy.

Oh yeah, what is that man? asked Batista.

How are we going to get her to join us?

Don't worry about that Randy we already have a plan for that all you have to do is go along with everything that we do and say.

Randy was a little more worried than he though he would be, but he did whatever he had to do just to keep his fellow brothers happy. But he knew that if they did get her that the other guys were going look at her like a sex object so he knew that he was going to have to protect her from the rest of the team. So for the next couple of weeks Hunter kept AJ busy with other divas that were interested in him while his sister was having a match. He would send the same wrestler out every week to jump on Riley, but it wasn't until Monday November 17, 2003 that Riley really got hurt by Samoa Joe and she was wondering where her brother was at. Right before Joe could do anymore damage to her Randy, Batista, Hunter and Ric came running out just time to scare him off.

While Hunter, Batista, and Randy were trash talking Samoa Joe, Ric was at Riley's side making sure that she was doing ok. When the coast was clear Ric picked Riley just to see if she could walk, but when he saw that she was to weak to walk Randy walked over and picked her up in his arms walked her over to the ropes put her down easy. He and the rest of Evolution got out of the ring, then he turned back around picked Riley back up in his arms and carried to the back where she could get check out. While she was getting check out Hunter, Batista and Ric told Randy to stay by her side while they went to find AJ. About 5 minutes later Riley looked around just to see Randy Orton standing right there next to her.

Ummm... Where is my brother AJ and do I know you?

Well, Hunter, Batista and Ric went to go find him and I am Randy Orton.

Nice to meet you.

You too..

What happened?

Well, you had finished your match against Velvet Sky and everything was going smooth until Samoa Joe came out to the ring and attacked you. We saw what he was doing and we just couldn't help but to notice that AJ wasn't coming out to the ring to help you so we decided that we would come to help you out.

Ummm.. Thanks, but I don't understand why my brother wasn't out there in a heartbeat like he usually is.

Don't worry we can find that out together.

About 20 minutes later the rest of Evolution return with AJ at hand. Riley just looked at him and she could tell that he was messing around with a girl because of the way he was acting.

Are you okay sis, I am so sorry that I wasn't there, Are you okay?

Do I look like I am okay AJ? I mean you promise mom and everyone else that you would protect me, but did you do that no, you off doing god knows what with god knows who.

Riley I am sorry, but I have to have a life of my own.

Well go have your own life I guess that I will be the first girl to join Evolution since they are the ones that have been saving me the last couple months.

As AJ stormed out of the room Hunter, Ric, Batista and Randy were smiling because their planned work out to the advantage. Randy kept what he had to do in the back of his mind because he knew that since she was apart of Evolution he would have to do anything and everything to protect her from Hunter, Ric and Batista using her as their own sex object. This is where the true game starts.