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~Chapter One~

I walked into class and looked at no one. At least I was trying to be polite. Everyone else was staring…

at me! All I did was nothing compared to what my former best friend, Camy Salem did.

She not only posted my deepest, darkest secret on facebook (my parents died in the hospital,

the day after my birth, because something went wrong with the electrical wiring in the

men's bathroom and my dad fell and his head hit the floor… hard. It was an instantaneous death.

My mom couldn't handle the stress right after giving birth, so she died a couple hours

later, after having been given the news about my father. So now, I'm so terrified of the dark),

but she also made me the social outcast of the school by telling everyone that I still play with

barbies(trust me… that's a lie… my aunt can attest to it because every time she bought me a doll or

a Barbie… it would somehow be completely disassembled and drowning in the water).

Now, you could call us… enemies. I didn't mean to spill my lunch on her. I can't say I didn't think about it… I just

didn't mean to actually do it. I guess you're probably wondering why we aren't friends anymore and

what started the whole thing. Well, I'll tell you now. We stopped being friends the minute we both turned 12.

One day, out of the blue she started hanging out with the Henches, Eliza and Beth, and she started

wearing extremely skimpy outfits and Victoria Secret bra's to make up for what she doesn't have.

You see, Camy and I are complete opposites. She is 5'2, when I am 5'7. She's got straight long blond

hair and brown eyes when I have short jet black hair and silver-blue eyes(It actually changes color because when I'm

mad or sad, my eyes become more silver. When I'm happy, excited, or hyper my eyes become sparkling blue

and when I'm nervous or terrified my eyes become this weird combination of aqua blue and silver sharpie.

So even if I've got an extremely amazing poker face, my eyes always give me away.) She if flat chested

when I am absolutely not. And last but not least, even though she's lacking in the boob department,

she makes it up for being really curvy… when I'm as skinny as a stick( I have a really fast metabolism,

so I can eat whatever I want whenever I want to and still not gain weight, but that leaves me with no curves.)

Unfortunately, I decided to stick to jeans and sneakers. So when she became the most popular girl in school (or the

most hated… in depends on how you look at it), I definitely wasn't surprised when I didn't follow in her ways.

Luckily, I met Reena. She's also one of the girls who didn't make it up the schools social ladder because of Camy.

She has light blond hair with natural blond highlights and green eyes. She's 5'5 and she doesn't care what

people say about her (which is why we became friends instantly), but if you dare to bully or make fun about

her friends and family, she will make your life so miserable, that you'll have to move to another country and even then.

She is also extremely loyal, so she was right by my side the minute I spilled my lunch on Camy. Unfortunately,

we don't have the same last period, so she won't be able to help me through all the smirks and jeers. I sat in

my desk and waited for Mr. Cardelly to call my name. "Amethyst Jones" he said. I looked at my desk and

said, "Here." Then the weirdest thing happened. Everyone started clapping and when I looked up I saw that they

were clapping at me!! I know it sounds stupid and like a cliché but trust me, you like had to have been there. They were

all smiling at me and that's when I knew that everyone hated Camy as much as I did (if not, then more) and they

looked up to me too!! That's when I realized that I had more than I thought I did. I had an amazing best friend and

people who looked up to me while hating Camy. I had straight As and the cutest guy in our whole high school,

Ted Johnson, just winked at me. I finally had the perfect life. So imagine my surprise when my Aunt Bailey

told me we were moving to New York.