Light creeps through a cracked door, spilling on the carpet and up the wall in a thin line. Following the light closely was two voices, both angry though semi hushed do to the other occupants and the time of night.

A small blonde boy huddled under his covers, which were pulled over his head, curled up in a ball. His eyes were squeezed shut and he clutched his stuffed polar bear to his chest.

After several minutes, the boy opened his eyes, revealing violet irises, brimmed with salty tears. He wiggled free of the covers and padded softly into the bright hallway, squinting at the light.

He made his way silently two door down and across the hall to an equally cracked door.

"Al?" he whispered, opening the door a bit wider so the lines doubled in thickness.

"Ya?" came the reply. The voice sounded not of someone who had been just woken up, but rather of one who had been lying awake for a while.

The boy opened the door wider and slipped in, making his way to his brother's bed.

Alfred looked up at his brother's face and frowned, "can't sleep?" he asked and the boy nodded. "Ether can I, you can join me." Alfred opened up the covers and slid over so his twin could crawl into his bed.

Matthew did just that, snuggling close to Alfred as the voices drifted into the room, voices getting more aggressive and louder as the minutes passed. Matthew let a thin whimper out as he curled up a bit closer to his twin and clutched Kumajiro to his chest.

"Why they do that?" he whispered, eyes casually looking at the door, seeing beyond the light and walls.

"I wish I knew Mattie, but I don't." Alfred whispered back, pulling his brother into a hug.

Matthew let out a small sigh and shut his eyes, feeling safe and warm in his brother's arms. He let himself drift into sleep, finally able to push aside the voices and anger that fluttered down the hall.


I just wanted to let you know that I will reshuffling the chapters when I finish the next part. The next chapter I will be writing will become chapter one because turns out, instead of all random chapters, it has become a series of event during Mattie visting Alfred and staying for him for a bit when they were still children.

I also changed the title and the discribtion :)