The following school day, Eiji found himself growing impatient while waiting for Fuji to arrive. His heart was beating rapidly as he couldn't shake his fears of rejection away. Convincing himself that Fuji must not be coming to school that day, he sat down in his desk and let out a sigh. As he did so, the door to the classroom opened and Fuji made his way to his seat.

"Fuji, can we talk?" Eiji softly poked at the boy's back.

Fuji turned around with a smile on his face. "If this is about yesterday, it's best to talk about it later."

"It'll only take a minute."

"You really think everything can be patched up within a few moments? Or are you trying to tell me that you've decided I was right, and you really aren't ready for the relationship we've already starter?" he let his smile fade away. "Either way, it's better to just talk about it later."

"Then will you meet me after school? You have to come by and get your gloves anyways," Eiji stared down at the top of his desk.

"That's fine…"

As the day progressed, Eiji found himself constantly questioning everything he planned to say to Fuji. There was something in his mind that continued to make him feel as if what he wanted to say wasn't going to be the right thing. Just thinking about these things made him nervous causing him to laugh at himself. The last time Eiji was nervous around Fuji was when they first started to date. Though, the thoughts of things like their first date turned that laughter into airy sighs.

Watching the minutes tick away on the clock, Eiji jumped up for the final bell. He scooped his books up into his arms after placing on his jacket. He noticed Fuji waiting by the door for him, and quickly headed that way. There was silence between them as they left the school building, and neither of them said a word until they were almost half way to the Kikumaru residence.

"I'm sorry," Eiji's voice was barely audible. "This is just as awkward as our first date…"

"Eiji, do you remember what we did for our first date?" Fuji stopped walking and looked over at the taller boy.

"We went out for a walk and it began to snow, so we went to that small restaurant for something warm to drink."

Fuji held out his hands in front of himself. "You forgot your gloves, and when we left that restaurant, your hands became cold. You asked me to give you one of my gloves and to hold your other hand to keep us both warm."

"Just like you asked me to do," Eiji bit his lower lip. "I've been thinking about everything, Fuji. We started to go out the winter of our first year of high school, and I don't think that my love for you has changed. It's just…I feel insecure because since we've become third years, you started to spend less and less time with me. It caused me to think up theories that were almost crazy."

"Such as me cheating on you?"

"Fuji," Eiji quickly shifted himself to see the other boy. "Why is it that you all of a sudden started to spend less time with me?"

"I began to think that you might not like it if I smother you all the time. I wanted to give you the space you needed in order to do things on your own. Even though we're in a relationship didn't mean I should be with you every moment I could. We both have our own lives to live," he let out a sigh. "It wasn't because I started to love you less or liked someone more than you."

"Then why didn't you just tell me that instead of making me feel like you were doing things behind my back? It couldn't have been that hard to say something!" Eiji growled as he swung himself around to face away from Fuji. "I understand that we both have our own lives to live, but I planned on my life to be lived out with you from the day I first admitted my feelings to you. I'm loneliest when I'm around you because I don't feel like I'm special to you! I feel as if our love has dissolved back into just being friends. If you just want to be friends…fine! Just don't expect me to accept it just like that because my love is true, and I promise you that my heart is in this relationship one-hundred percent!"

Fuji grabbed for Eiji, forcing him to turn to look at him. "That's all you had to say, Eiji. You will always be special to me. I may spend time with Tezuka or someone else, but you'll always be number one in my heart. When I'm not with you, I'm always thinking about you. The only future I see is one with you by my side. You are the only one that I love in this way. I never wanted us to go back to being friends because when you first told me your true feelings, my heart raced with excitement. I can't spend every second of my life with you. If I did, you would soon grow bored of our relationship."

"I…I love you, Fuji," Eiji let a frown fall upon his face. "I'm sorry…for the way I've been behaving."

"Eiji, I love you too, but lets hurry to your house. My cheeks are becoming numb," Fuji took Eiji's hand and let their fingers entangle together.

While walking down the road together, Eiji could feel a spark ignite between their fingers. The coldness faded from his had as they continued along. A feeling rushed through Eiji's body causing his heart to pound. It was the same feeling that he had when they first held hands that frosty winter two years ago. Even after the bitter words were spat back and forth, as long as they could continue to walk on together, Eiji felt as if things would be fine. Eiji knew that he couldn't have Fuji for himself and that in order for their relationship to grow they needed to spend time apart as well. With their frozen fingers held closely together, Eiji lost his loneliness and realized that he too loved Fuji even more on these cold, winter days.


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