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Everyone was piled into Emmett's jeep as they drove down the familiar twisted and turning road. Nobody was talking much - each enjoying the feel of being back home as they watched the familiar scenery pass by.

Emmett wondered how it was he could feel as if they were just driving this road yesterday, on their way to him and Edward's graduation party after-party. He could still feel the itchy, shiny material on his skin as he drove the trip in the same car he did that night, with the same people he did that night. He had refused to take off his cap and gown for the most of the night, stating that he, in fact, fucking earned it. Edward had laughed at him and thrown on some ridiculous black on denim getup that apparently made Bella want to suck his face off for hours before efficiently cock-blocking and stating she wasn't ready. Emmett had called him a pansy that night, and several times that year, but realized now that he would've done it for Rose if he had been lucky enough to know her then. He could hardly believe how much his life had changed since then. There was probably very little he would do for that crazy, insatiable, psychotic woman he was proud to call his wife. That car-building, bass-playing, ivy-league, maternal sex-goddess who had for some unimaginable fucking reason chose him.

Alice tilted her head against the window with an amused expression playing on her face. She honestly didn't know what she was thinking back then with her insane obsession with Emmett. He was too much a brother, too much a friend, and too much of a man whore even back then to be worth the chase. Too much for Alice, of course, if anyone else had fucked with him she would have beat their ass, still would, out of sisterly duty. Emmett wouldn't hit a lady (or even a butch) but Alice and Bella would stomp a bitch in a second if she fucked with their brother. She was still confused as to why she ever thought the two of them hooking up would be a good idea. She couldn't deny that the idea stemmed from Bella and Edward, but seeing Em standing next to Jasper she knew there was no way she was ever meant to be with Emmett. She couldn't help the smile that appeared on her face when she thought back to her totally fuckable ride from the airport. Jasper. That man was a keeper, she knew for sure, although she was unsure why he was still available. She had heard Bella speak of him a few times and had seen several pictures but it wasn't until she was sitting next to him, seeing that relaxed smile sitting above that strong jawline and hearing that sexy, southern drawl pour out of his mouth that she knew if she could only hear that man moan her name for the rest of her life she would die a happy woman.

Bella and Edward were snuggled into their own private cocoon. The two of them were equally drenched in bliss and scared as hell at the same time. There were many things to come and many things to discuss. Where would they go from here? Would they even get along anymore? Would they even know each other anymore? How would Charlie react? Esme and Carlisle had reacted very well, as expected. Bella had kept in touch with them over the past few years, despite the situation with Edward. Esme had provided her a mother figure when Renee had provided her a friend. Esme and Carlisle had known the situation, as Carlisle had been working at the hospital when Bella lost the baby. They hadn't approved, naturally, but also agreed that since it was after-the-fact that there wasn't much use telling Edward. Today, Bella had rode in with a smile on her face as Edward walked in without knocking.

"Mom! Dad!" He yelled, not knowing where in the oversized house they may be. Or how dressed they would be. Emmett, Bella, Edward, and Alice had all been scarred by opening a door at just the wrong moment - all at separate times. Obviously, Carlisle never slowed down even after so many years of marriage. Now, of course, it probably wouldn't phase any of the kids because Carlisle and Esme going at it was pretty much a constant in the Cullen household - another tiny fact kept from Charlie.

"Edward?" He heard his mom call back from the general direction of the kitchen. She wasn't expecting any of the kids to be in town. What was Edward doing there? He usually avoided Forks like the plague, only returning for birthdays and select holidays. "Is that you, honey?"

"Yeah, uh, Dad's not in there right?" He called back with a nervous chuckle.

"No." She sounded like she was fighting off a giggle of her own. Edward and Bella wondered over to that direction and looked at her expectantly. Edward and Esme carried on a conversation for a good two minutes before she turned to go give her son a hug. When she did, however, there may have been a vase dropped. Not that Esme would ever admit to it. She was beside herself with excitement. She had met Jacob a few times and thought he was nice enough, a wonderful friend for Bella to have. Like everyone else though, she saw that it wasn't were Bella's heart was. She knew that the intensity that Bella shared with her son wasn't present with Jacob. Of course, she never told Bella that. She welcomed him with open arms, however awkward the situation was. Esme and Carlisle had went to the wedding - and although their tears were not necessarily tears of joy, they both held smiles on their faces throughout the ceremony.

Later on, when Carlisle arrived home, the excitement had re-stirred itself. Bourbon and mimosas were brought out, and like she always does around Esme, Bella took a mimosa instead of her usual preference.

They had been disappointed that they wouldn't have the chance to see Alice before the kids disappeared for who knows how long, but Bella reassured them that she would make sure Alice came by before 'skipping town'.

So, once they had left the Cullen home and traveled to the penthouse, and drank and smoke themselves sober all over again, it was decided that another reminiscent adventure was called for and the gang piled into the jeep.

As they pulled up to first beach, they fumbled out in a rush to fix their sobriety. This trip to Forks was about going back in time in a way, a chance to remember why the four of them came together, and making sure there were enough people around to hold off Charlie if necessary. So drink they did, until well past sunset. Bella and Edward held hands as they walked along the water. Edward tugged her hand off from the water line and over to a secluded little place of beach. It was so dark you couldn't make out where the water ended and sand began.

"Remember the first time we came here?" He murmured.

"Yeah." She said softly, breathing in the feel of the ocean and the man beside her. "It was just like this." They had came out to the beach the Fall that they met. There had been a party out here but they had found this secluded spot.

"Well, I doubt Em is going to lock us out of the jeep this time." He laughed.

"Probably not. Rose would kill him." She giggled. "Besides, Lauren was a fucking tramp and I'm pretty sure he's realized that now."

"Yeah, remember his reaction when Rose actually made him wait beyond the first date?" They both laughed at that.

"I remember the sand swirling, just like this, and for as long as I'd lived here I had never seen this place so beautiful." She whispered as she stared at the sight before her. It was indescribable. The wind had picked up just enough that there were swirls of light sand, almost looking more like a painting than reality, whirling around them. It was one of her favorite scenes since they had discovered it those years ago. Usually, on a really bad day - such as his birthday, or the day she left, or the day she lost the baby - she would make the trip down to the beach just to see it. It was calming. It was also a little masochistic, but not tonight. "I was scared as hell that night." She admitted "I didn't know if everything I was feeling was normal; I was pretty convinced it wasn't. It felt... obsessive. I was so terrified, but then we came here. I saw this for the first time in my life, even though I lived here forever, and it calmed me." He placed a soft kiss on her temple as she continued. "That was the night I became convinced that you were pure magic and there was absolutely nothing wrong with being glued to your every breathe." She smiled nostalgically. Edward turned her to face him and wrapped his arms around her.

"Oh, I am." He said with a cocky smirk and Bella's laugh filled the air.

"Oh, I never said I ever changed my mind. I've just since decided that you're black magic." She teased.

"All shades of grey baby, there is no black and white. Maybe I should remind you just how magical I can be?"

"Maybe so, Mr. Cullen." She said with a mischievous look as she pulled his face down to hers.