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Well, we had another friend who wanted to try a murder mystery. Of Course I told them I do the typing if they have Gin and Byakuya together. It may take us a while to get this story going with All Hollow's Eve coming up. Enjoy

It is two in the morning in the town of Rukongai district Seventy-Eight. A body is found in an abandon house. The body is dressed in a black kimono. The face is painted white and hair is silver. The facial expression has a grin that is frozen on the face. The eyes are sewn shut. No one knows the body is there due to the fact that the people in that area do not care. A body is a body. A house is a house. Life is life. No more, no less.

Kira was sitting at his desk finishing his paperwork for the day. It was getting late. He was going to meet his friends for drinks later. He looked across the hall and saw Gin sitting at his desk. He too was trying to finish up his paperwork. He was going to be on vacation for a week. He wanted to get all his papers signed so he would not have much to do when he returned.

"Ichimaru-taichou?" Kira said, as he stood in the doorway of Gin's office.

"Yes, Kira-fuku taichou," Gin responded not looking up from his paperwork.

"Do you need me for anything else from me this evening or any special instruction you would like for me to carry out while you are away?" Kira asked.

"No, just when you are on maneuvers with the fifth division, please do not hesitate to ask Aizen-taichou for any assistance," Gin said as he looked up from his paperwork momentarily.

"You enjoy your time off. Be careful," Kira stated as he bowed to Gin.

"I am just going away for a week. You and Abarai try not to wreck the place," Gin said trying to lighten the mood with Kira.

Kira smiled, bowed again and left out of the office. Gin sat back in his chair and started to day dream about being away from the office. He started to smile to himself when he thought about being with Byakuya. Uninterrupted time is a very nice thought.

'Byakuya is so different when they are alone,' Gin thought to himself. He was so deep in his thoughts that he did not realize Aizen was standing in his door, staring at him.

"Daydreaming, I see," Aizen said as he smiled down at Gin.

"Oh sorry, I didn't see you standing there, Aizen-taichou" Gin said as he was stacking papers and finishing up with the signatures.

"Thank you for watching over the third division maneuvers while I am on vacation."

"For you, anything," Aizen said with a seductive grin on his face.

"So, where are you going for your vacation?"

"I have not decided yet. Just being away from the office is a start," Gin said as he stacked his paperwork in piles for Izuru to work on.

"When you return, would you like to go to dinner with me?"

"Ahhhhh, I will get back with you, after I return."

Gin stood up and started to walk out of the office. He realized Aizen was blocking his way. As Gin tried to get out of his office, Aizen did block his way. He tried to corner Gin but he acted like he dropped something. When bent down to pick it up, he managed to get away from Aizen.

As he was walking out of the door, Gin turned and smiled at Aizen.

"Thank you for watching Izuru and the third division," Gin waived and flash stepped away.

"One day Gin, you will belong to me."

Gin arrived at his house. He had his bag packed already. He threw the bag over his shoulder and stepped outside and closed his door. As he was about the leave he felt someone looking at him.

"Is there anyone there?"

He tried to read their reiatsu but could not pick up on it. As quick as he felt it, it was gone. He brushed it off and flashed away.

Gin arrived at the summer home of Byakuya. He noticed that Byakuya had place a special barrier around the house. It was something he and Byakuya made so that no one could come in except him. Gin placed his hand on the barrier and it opened. Gin walked through it. He turned and it closed again. He thought that Byakuya placed it there so that he would know when he arrived. He knew where Byakuya was. Gin walked in the den. He took off all of his clothes and grabbed a blanket. He walked out through a glass door to the patio. He saw Byakuya laying on a blanket in the yard. He had a fire going. Gin walked up and jumped on top of him. He took the blanket and covered both of them.

"What took you so long?" Byakuya said as stretch then placed his arms around Gin.

"Trying to get all my paperwork done. Didn't want all that waiting for me when I get back" as he tried to kiss Byakuya.

"Shut up and kiss me," as Byakuya placed his lips on Gin's.

Gin parted his lip slightly as Byakuya thrust his tongue into his mouth. Gin started to feel relaxed.

He placed his head on Byakuya chest and closed his eyes.

"Now, tell me why did it take you so long?"

"Aizen stopped by. He wanted to tell me goodbye. He asked me out to dinner when I get back."

Byakuya rolled Gin over and he was on top of him. He stared at Gin. Gin looked at him and placed his arms around his neck.

"As of now, it is about me and you this week. No work. No Aizen. No worrying about third division. Just us. Okay?"

"Yeah, just you and me," Gin said.

Byakuya leaned down and started to kiss Gin. Then he started to kiss Gin all over his body. They made love under the full moon.

In Yamamoto's Office

"Commander, there is a report of a dead body in District Seventy- Eight," Sasakibe said while handing Yamamoto the file.

"Bodies are found all the time there. What is so special about this one?"

"It was how the body looked when it was found. It dressed like one of our captains. Read the description."

Note: A body is found in an abandon house. The body is dressed in a black kimono. The face is painted white and hair is silver. Black paint was used to give the facial expression of a grin on the face. The eyes are sewn shut. The hair was a wig. The heart was cut out of the body. Little blood was found around the wound. Body presumed dead before heart was cut out.

"Have Soifon report to me at once.