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Well, a fluff final chapter. I have some friends who are Shuhei and Kira fans. They are mad at me for killing them. So to make it up to them, I am going to have to do a story of them. We were working on a continuation of the Gin preg story, but we will place it aside to work on this for them. They are good friends. Well, enjoy and thanks for all who sent us reviews.

It has been two days since Byakuya's surgery. He was still in a coma. Gin sat in the window looking at the people move about with their lives. Gin could barely keep his eyes open. He had not been to sleep the whole time. He started to doze off when he heard someone at the door.

"Unohana taichou, how are you?"

"Good day Gin. How are you?

"Fine. Coming to check on Byakuya?"

"Yes and check on you. You haven't left his side and you haven't had much rest. You should go home and get some rest."

"I can't do that. That house is to empty without him. I want to be here when he wakes up."

"Let me check on my patient. Then I will check on you."

Unohana did her usual check and wrote on her paper. Then she came and sat next to Gin.

"He's doing fine. His body is healing. He will probably wake when his body completely heals. Now, let me talk to you. I know that so much has happened with over the last couple weeks. You moved from your house to his house and the ordeal with Kira, how are you holding up?"

Gin looked at the ring on his finger.

"Two weeks ago, we celebrated being married for one year. He decided that he wanted to make that jump. It really didn't matter to me because I always loved him. I still do. But he wanted to prove to me how much he loved me. I didn't need proof. Anything I asked of him, he would do it." Gin sighed deeply. "I feel like I have been very selfish."

Unohana watched as Gin's eyes start to water. But Gin refused to cry. He got up from the window and sat on the bed and grabbed Byakuya hand.

"He asked me a few months ago to resign my commission and be at home. I told him that I would be bored and I worked just as hard as he did to get the position that I have. Looking at things now, I would give it all up just for him to wake up now."

Unohana got up and patted gin on his shoulder and left the room. The staff brought a cot to the room for Gin to sleep.

The next day Gin woke up. He was surprised that he fell asleep. He sat up and began to look around. He noticed that they had allowed Byakuya to sit up. Gin also looked and noticed that Byakuya was looking out the window.

"Hey there," Byakuya said.

"Hello. You are looking better."

Gin got off the cot and went and sat on the bed with Byakuya. He hugged him tightly. Byakuya winced with the pain.

"I'm sorry. I am just happy you are awake," Gin said as he continued to hug him.

"I may get to go home in a few days but I won't get to go back to the division for six weeks. I will be working from home."

"Well that's good. You get to be a house husband. I get to take care of you," Gin laughed.

They just sat there and talked about random things until Byakuya got tired. Gin stayed with him until he fell asleep on his chest.

Two Weeks Later

"Why do I have to stay in bed?" Byakuya protested. "I feel great."

"Well, Unohana said that you have been over doing it and that if you do not rest that she will add two more weeks to your recovery," Gin said as he placed the covers over him.

Gin sat on the bed and placed a hand on the side of Byakuya's face.

"You are not going to drive me crazy. Now you got to follow Unohana's orders."

Gin looked at Byakuya. He started smiling.

"Let's make a wager. If you follow Unohana's orders, I will grant you one thing on your wish list, that," Gin raised his hand before Byakuya could speak, "that does not involve sex."

Byakuya smiled and thought for a moment. Then he smiled.

"I want you to quit the Gotei Thirteen. Be a house husband."

"Well, if you follow Unohana's order it is a done deal. A year from today. Agreed?" Gin said as he held out his hand. Byakuya shook Gin's hand waiting for the catch.

"Why? Why a year?" Byakuya asked with a suspicious look on his face.

"Let's see. Yumichika Ayasegawa agreed to be my lieutenant. If I can train him to be captain in one year, I would leave. Besides, I got to stay home to take care of the baby."

Byakuya looked at Gin with a surprised look.

"The adoption agency approved our application. That was my anniversary gift to before all this happened. So it is a deal. Am I going to have to remind you?"

Byakuya pulled Gin to him and kissed him. They hugged

Both of their hearts were smiling.