Chapter 1 - Getting It Done

It all happened faster than he could register the activity unfolding around him.

But not before he could react.

Reflexively, his large fingers found themselves curling around the action of his gleaming Desert Eagle, discreetly nestled in its handsome Cordura shoulder holster.

He could see the asshole reaching for the work he'd had tucked on his ankle, and he was kicking himself for not checking there too during the shakedown fifteen minutes prior.

He should've been more thorough.

Adrenaline, giving way to emotions somewhere between fear and anger, coursed through every cell in his body as he snapped his arm into place, horizontal with the ground, and inches from Edward's unaware face beside him.

Jake arced his index finger toward his heart, sending two expert rounds whirring through the air and landing deathly between the first unfortunate soul's brows, hitting the second one squarely in the ribcage.

Jumping to his feet, Edward barely understood what had just happened a split second before, but instinctively drew his own weapon and started toward the crumpled heap of men now bleeding on his alpaca rug.

"What the fuck, Wolfe?" He yelled, though, becoming quite amused. "Those were some of my best contacts!"

"Ed, that motherfucker was reaching for his gun," Jake countered, kneeling his massive frame over the first body and ripping the pistol from the quickly-cooling body's ankle.

Though he immediately regretted killing them, Jake wouldn't let some stuck-up kid with a death wish ruin the plans he'd spent the last sixteen months putting in place.

He was deep in.

Pussy deep in.

Working undercover as Eli Wolfe, he'd loyally found his way to first lieutenant to Edward Cullen, Miami crime lord and drug kingpin. Outside of his immediate family, Edward trusted Jake to a fault.

He and his brothers, Jasper and Emmett, were new on the scene but easily had the coke market locked down and were increasingly becoming more than a local South Florida narcotics issue.

No. The Feds were gonna get involved soon. Jake could feel it.

"Well, grab the case, and have Colin do something with these dudes. Keep it clean."

Jake nodded his head silently, running his hand through his cropped black hair and adjusting the crisp collar of his dress shirt and navy suit. Picking up the large metal case from between the two bodies, he popped the locks open to affirm what he already knew would be contained within.

There, in neatly piled rows, was two hundred thousand dollars in fresh new bills.


"Take a couple of stacks...oh, and tell Bella to get Manuela in here and do something about this blood and shit. Damn, I just bought this rug!" Edward's mood was increasingly turning as he noted the two maroon circles edging their way toward his porous marble floors.

All in a day's work I suppose, he mused to himself.

Crossing the massive study in a few long strides, Jake grabbed the brass handle of the arching doors leading to the hallway of the Cullen mansion.

He knew he'd have to call Jenks and let him know he'd had to kill these guys. He also knew Jenks wouldn't care- anything for a bust. And for a bust this huge?

Jenks would kill his own mother.

"Colin, we got a little situation in there; you may wanna take Brady with you," Jake mumbled, half registering the knowing nod that followed from the tall, muscular young man.

He headed to one of the many bathrooms of the sprawling estate. Ever the good Catholic, Jacob closed the door behind him silently and pulled the silver medal from his breast pocket, fingering the textured grooves and the small links of the chain that held it. Glancing at the small St. Michael etched across its face, he squeezed his eyes shut and crossed himself. Though there was not a drop of blood to be found on his adeptly tailored suit, he immediately felt the overwhelming desire to wash his hands.

He glanced at himself in the substantial mirror surrounded by lights and inhaled deeply.

He needed sleep, and as his fiancé Leah, had told him so many times, he was trying not to go native with this particular case. There was a thin line between the criminal activities the Cullens engaged in on a daily basis, and the things he did for the sake of justice. He was finding it harder and harder to figure out what side he was on.

Leah had become increasingly suspicious of the money he took in on his cop's salary, enough to by a suburban four bedroom, and two luxury vehicles, plus enough stacks of cash stashed around the house to keep them financially secure for years to come.

Jake figured she didn't need to know all the details, though, as long as she was kept in designer shoes, and her family was taken care of.

He beseeched her to not ask too many questions, for fear he'd have to answer them.

Taking a few thousand here and there from a dirty bust, actually keeping the substantial pay Edward allotted him; it was really all the same.

Drug money.

He let his mind wander back before all this, attempting to soothe his conscience. The streets of Chicago were no place for a kid like Jake. He was an artist. But after years of seeing his mother, Sue, struggle with him and his sisters, he'd promised himself she would never have to work again. And, law or not, he'd never be poor again. Never.

Shifting gears as he's learned to do so seamlessly, Jake made his way to where he knew she would be on a perfect day like this. Pushing past the double doors that led to the grotto and pool at the rear of the house, he found her lying prone on a beach chair, willing the sun's rays to brown her porcelain skin. Though Jake had always preferred its natural milky hue, she insisted on lying in the sun to obtain a more honeyed tone.

"Bella," he began after a few moments of allowing his eyes to lazily take in the full length of her body. She was a sight, indeed, clad in a kelly green bikini that left little to the imagination, much to Jake's pleasure.

She glanced in his direction, removing the large designer frames from her face, gazing at him lustfully.

"Uh, Ed needs some help in the study, a bit of a mess... needs Manny for some clean-up."

"Oh, God," she said disdainfully, "Can that asshole not do anything for himself? Eli, I don't know how you do it."

Edward and Bella's relationship was a strained one, to say the least. She'd actually grown to detest him. While its beginning was built primarily on love, their relationship had since withered to one of complacency, and, at times, downright neglect.

She was fully aware that he cheated on her with those skanks down at the club, more times than she'd care to count. A black card and a driver was not the way to a girl's heart. She couldn't even remember the last time they'd slept in the same bed.

She'd repeatedly admonished herself for moving to Miami from Jacksonville all those years ago. Bella had been a bright-eyed English student back then, having met Edward, six years her senior, at a Jaguar game he attended with Em. Things were so much simpler then; things had changed so much, and she still had no ring. Not that she'd ever want one from that bastard, now.

She focused her attention back on the man she had quickly grown to love over the past year. Raking her eyes approvingly over his large and distinctively male frame, she silently patted herself on the back for purchasing the suit he now wore. It hugged his body in every way its designer must have intended it to look on a man.

Bella acknowledged the familiar wave of desire flow over her body, as she caught him admiring her in the bikini she wore. It was really all for his benefit anyway.

Smiling at him sweetly, she glanced in the direction of the pool house just to the left of the jacuzzi. Jake followed her eyes with intent, feeling his body immediately respond to what that look suggested. He smiled a small smile at her and turned to walk inconspicuously to the house, each step fanning his already rocketing desire for her.

Leah never made him feel this way, though that was no excuse. She was in his life for so much longer than any of this ever was, but meeting Bella was like putting on a pair of eyeglasses after walking around an entire life without them. He just saw the world so much more clearly. She quenched everything within him, and though he hated to admit the fact, he loved her deeply.

Bella waited a few minutes, hoping he'd take this time alone to disrobe, though she was sure that they wouldn't have to rush. It's not like Edward would come looking for her. After lingering beside the pool for a few extra moments to be sure, she casually gathered her things and followed behind Jake.

"... I missed you so much," she said, emotion spilling from her lips as she locked the door. She noted that he was still in possession of his suit. No worries, though. She'd have it off him soon enough.

After locking eyes with her, something snapped inside Jake. The heady thought of dead bodies somewhere, no doubt, being dismembered into various pieces and spread across the Atlantic, and gazing at Bella's luscious body, had formed a mishmash of emotion that was now being fueled by pure, raw lust.

"Me too, baby... just had to touch you," Jake choked, barely above a whisper, reaching for her and pulling her into an embrace. He ran his fingers through her hair, urgently wanting to feel every part of her body. He pressed himself firmly against her, his fingers sinking into the soft skin of her back.

The ever present guilt nagged at the back of his mind, though. This was wrong, so wrong. She didn't even know his real name. He belonged to Leah, and Bella belonged to Edward. Every stolen moment they had together was taking a chance on not only both of their lives, but on the success of this case and his future. But how could he ever stop? How could he step away from the emotion he'd waited his twenty-eight years to feel thumping in his heart?

Jake crushed his lips to hers, nipping at her, and biting roughly, nearly drawing blood. A quick startled yelp escaped her lips during his assault on her mouth. He squeezed each inch of her, taking pleasure in the soft supple feel of her body.

Bella squirmed in his grasp impatiently, tearing at the buttons on his shirt that just didn't seem to want to release from their holes fast enough. She could feel his erection pressing urgently against her abdomen, and the wetness pooling in her bikini bottom was not slowing to wait for damned wardrobe hiccups. Jake could sense her frustration and grabbed her hands, stopping her in midair.

"Get in the room," he commanded gruffly, shooting an intense, half-lidded gaze at her and motioning his head in the direction of the large bedroom adjacent to the living area. Bella quickly obliged, adding a little extra sway in her hips as he followed closely behind her, his suit coat and shirt scattering in a trail behind them.

She'd already begun expertly unbuttoning his slacks with one hand, as the other was reaching eagerly for the bottom of his tank, lifting it above his head. Bella's mouth watered at the sight and smell of him, all muscle and long, lean sinew, under painfully beautiful copper skin. The heat from his body caused a delicious scent to emit from him, a familiar spice and pheromone, and something uniquely him.

"Please..." she begged, as he made his way to the top of her bikini, pulling the string at the nape of her neck and releasing her full breasts into his awaiting hands. He followed with her bottoms, yanking it off her hips, letting them fall to the ground, then slid two practiced fingers roughly into her wetness.

Whimpering into his mouth, she steadied her weakening legs, grabbing his shoulders and grinding her hips into his hand.

Jake moaned softly, "That's what I love," he said smiling. "You're all wet for me..."

Forcing herself to focus, Bella grabbed him through his boxers, pulling them over his hips. Her lips found his right nipple, then the left, leaving a wet trail across his chest as she stroked him lovingly. She excited in the feel of his thickness, his size, licking her lips. Pushing him onto the bed, she quickly tilted her head vertical with his length, sucking and wrapping her tongue around the shaft, savoring in the feel of him in her mouth until she wrapped her wet lips around its head, easing down and taking several inches of him into her throat.

Jake stared at her, watching himself appear and disappear rapidly in her hungry mouth and moaned. The feeling was indescribable; he fisted his hands in her thick hair, guiding her up and down, and squeezed his eyes shut. Before she realized what was happening, Jake had sat up and grabbed her by the hips, placing her wetness over his waiting lips.

"Come here..." he mumbled, holding her tightly, as she sat upwards, grinding her hips against his face and pumping his hardness with her hand. Her moans soon peppered the air, as she slid her fingers into her open mouth, the other pinched her nipple in arousal.

"Eli, oh, God!" she moaned, rocking her hips violently against his mouth, as he began thrusting his fingers into her wetness. In the next moment, the spasms shook her body, forcing her to grasp his chest, digging her nails into his skin. Jake languidly dragged his tongue over her clit, his strong arms holding her hips over his persistent mouth. The sensation was almost too much for her to physically endure, and she begged him through her moans to release her. He wouldn't, and continued with his stiff tongue, finally pulling an almost painfully intense orgasm from her body to follow the first.

He finally slid his arms from her still jerking hips, licking his lips and wiping her wetness from his chin, nose and cheeks. In one fluid motion, Bella slid her dripping core a foot or so down his body, lifted her hips and sat on the full length of his erection, clenching her jaw against the size of him filling and stretching her so completely.

Jake loved her like this, back to him, watching her gyrating ass grind against him. He couldn't help himself, and palmed each cheek, sinking his fingers into the softness. She grabbed his thighs for leverage and arched her back, feeling every inch of him inside of her.

He felt himself becoming increasingly caught up in the sight and feel of her and had to take control of the situation. Anchoring his heels against the bed, he snaked his arm around her waist and flipped her onto her stomach, still deep within her.

"Oh God," Bella moaned - a little louder than Jake felt comfortable with - as she felt Jake jerk her hips toward him fiercely.

Shushing her, Jake bent down between trusts and whispered, "Bella, do you like the way I fuck you?"

"Oh God, yes, Eli...please..."

"Do you want me to keep fucking you like this?"

"Please... don't ever stop."

"Okay, then, baby, I need you to be quiet, you're making too much noise," he said, his soothing tone belying the force at which he was thrusting himself into her mercilessly. "Can you do that for me?"

Squeezing the expensive burgundy comforter, too overcome with pleasure to respond, she was silent, digging her face into the mattress.

"Good," Jake responded, continuing his attack on her body. His thrusts slowing and becoming more focused, deeper, Bella could feel the pressure building in her abdomen, and her fingers found her clit again.

"Fuck, E, I'm about to come...please, don't stop...just like that," she squeezed her eyes shut and whispered frantically.

Jake threaded his fingers roughly in her long hair, tugging her head backwards gently, and biting the soft skin of her shoulder. The tightening at her core overtook her, then came the fluid, dripping in streams over Jake, down her thighs and in a small pool on the bed.

"...yeah, baby, that's what I love," Jake cooed, "come for me...just like that." Bella's whole body jerked on itself in shuddering waves, paralyzing her in that position for several moments. Jake continued his strokes, finally allowing his own release to build and wash in waves over him. He soon gripped her hips, pumping his orgasm deep within her.

His entire body trembled, then collapsed onto her back momentarily, as she squeezed her eyes and struggled to remain conscious. Bella rolled onto her back, and he joined her, laying between her legs and stroking her hair as he ran his large hands across her cheek and chin.

"That was..." she began in a daze, staring into his onyx eyes. Jake chuckled, his deep voice causing vibrations to shake her body. He let a breath out through pursed lips.


"...yeah, that's the word I was looking for, insane." Bella replied, placing small kisses along his jaw line.

"I gotta go handle some things," Jake finally whispered reluctantly. She grumbled her disappointment immediately. "Can you get away later tonight, maybe?"

Her familiar excited smile broke across her face as she nodded her head gently. "Well, I think I can come by for a while, maybe even stay over."

"Perfect," he muttered into her mouth through a rough kiss,."I'll be waiting."

Rising from the bed, he quickly retrieved his clothing, dressed, and made his way to his navy BMW, glancing around the exterior of the house to assure no one had seen his descent from where Bella had just emerged.

This sneaking around was beginning to wear on Jake's patience, but this was just what time and circumstance would allow. Make no mistake though - Jake wanted Bella to belong to him, and only him. No other man could ever touch her; it would be just a matter of time.

He glanced back toward the house, as Bella gave him a timid wave just as she walked around to the back of the house and began a conversation with Manuela.

Looked like the coast was clear.


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