Chapter 3 - A Necessary Evil

Immediately upon entering his condo, he felt the wave of sleep threatening to overtake him before he'd had the chance to make good on his promise of things to come, but he fought it when he saw her body.

All tight and smooth and soft and ready. And naked.

Without a word, she met him at the door, beginning to strip him of his clothing for the second time in twenty-four hours, sliding her palms under the shoulders of his jacket and pulling it off, all the while placing tender kisses along his jaw line. He felt the weight of his cock stiffening with arousal and pressed his hips forward into her urgently moving palm. She quickly removed his pants and boxer briefs and led him into already billowing steam of his master bath shower.

Bella's pouty lips were on his in seconds, sliding along his wet mouth hungrily. Jake's palms found her soft back, sliding south to palm her bottom, squeezing approvingly. Her nipples on his abdomen felt amazing, her hands on his shaft, even better. She pumped in the rhythm with the slow-paced back and forth grind of his hips.

She removed her graceful fingers from his manhood for just enough time to capture the crisp white washcloth in her hands and run it along his body, washing him of the day.

He tilted his head under the steady, strong stream of water, reveling in the delicious feeling of her hands kneading shampoo into his hair. A soft moan escaped his lips as she gently dragged her nails across his scalp.

Once her bathing duties where complete, Jake returned the favor, taking special care to reach every place on her body, remembering how, much like him, she loved his hands in her hair. He carefully worked the shampoo she had left at his home long ago through her strands, her lush chestnut hair waving and curling in its dampened state.

He stepped closer to her, the stream of water cascading down their bodies in a waterfall that created an excruciatingly erotic scene for the both of them. Bella looked at him with so much love and lust, a combination that Jake had grown to crave and search for so often. Once more, she captured his mouth with hers, running her palms along his slippery smooth body, reveling in how amazing his skin felt beneath her fingertips.

Jake's hand found its way to her wetness, which, somehow, seemed wetter and hotter than the shower beating against the two of them. As he took her bottom lip between his teeth softly, his thigh nudged her legs apart and two fingers began readying her for him. He loved her this way. She always seemed so lost in the moment, so focused on every nerve ending he was stimulating.

"Ah..." her soft sigh was almost lost amongst the sound of the water, though he heard it clear as a bell as a sign to proceed. She was ready.

The height difference had always proven itself a problem with them making love standing, but over time, Jake had perfected just the angle that he needed to effectively bury himself deep within her. Never removing his fingers, his foot slid her legs further apart, causing a surprised sigh to escape, followed by her louder moans, as he cupped her, kneading her clit with the base of his palm.

"Oh, Eli... oh, baby..."

Jake captured her mouth in his once more, the sound of her pleasure almost too much for him. Grabbing his cock, she began her stroke, sliding up and down his shaft, cupping his sack with her other hand, all the while having an increasingly harder time focusing while her orgasm slowly rolled over her body. She moaned her approval, as he hungrily took one of her pink nipples into his mouth, then suckled the other.

He urgently needed to be inside her.

Jake hooked his forearms under her thighs, lifting her easily to eye level, while she grabbed him and aligned his painfully stiff cock near her slick, wet core.

As she ground herself at a slow, thorough pace, he assisted her, once again palming each cheek, sliding her deeply onto his cock.

"Oh, Bella... fuck" he said, barely able to understand the feeling she was causing in his body. He wanted to pump himself so deeply into her, she looked so sexy taking control of him. Bella locked her hands behind his head for better leverage as he leaned her body against glass stall.

At that moment, he was positive this wasn't the best position for longevity. Her rolling hips on his dick were what wet dreams were made of. Slowly, he set her onto her feet, careful not to slide from within her, keeping one thigh hoisted on his forearm, and grabbing the top of the glass encasing for leverage to go deeper still.

"Oh, yeah..." she whispered, hissing through her teeth and moving a hand to rub her clit, "Ohhhh, good..." She felt her orgasm rising, rising within her, her thrusts against his ever more frantic and focused. Then, it crashed on her abruptly, eliciting an exquisite moan from her lips.

"Come on, baby," she said shutting off the water and nodding her wet head in the direction of the room. He quickly lifted her once more, carrying her to his bed and laying her on a towel, but not before he quickly ran his tongue over her plump pink pussy lips, all the while stroking himself.

Entering her the second time was almost as good as the first, as he grabbed her thighs and buried himself deep within her. He supposed that it was all the balance and variables that went into standing sex that had prolonged his orgasm, because, once they were in the comfort of his bed, he felt the pressure building already.

"" Bella panted, licking her fingers and sliding them to her clit once more, "come inside me, baby..."

God, she was so fucking hot, he thought, biting his bottom lip and thrusting deeper and harder inside her. Bella knew he was close. So was she. He was so big and thick, every part of her was stimulated when he fucked her.

Without warning, his head dropped backward, and, with a few quick, deep strokes, he was rewarded for his work with one of the most intense orgasms of his life. He was almost afraid he had hurt her. After floating somewhere between heaven and hell for a few moments, he searched her face for any change or discomfort, but he was only met with a euphoric, blissful smile crossing her lips.

Bella allowed the blanket of sleep to lull her soon after, but unfortunately, Jake wasn't so lucky. Sleep wouldn't relieve his fast-running mind that early morning, as insomnia had become a chronic issue for him. Sadly, along with the ability to hear everything happening around him as a cop, he'd become an annoyingly light sleeper. So, he made do with listening to her soft breathing for a few stolen moments, and at times, closing his eyes to, if nothing else, watch the inside of his eyelids.

Bella left sometime just after 7AM, but not before they had made slow, leisurely love once more, then, she took her leave.

He was so completely content, so happy loving Bella, he knew he had to handle something he had be dreading, and it had to happen today. He couldn't wait a day longer; he had to make this a clean break and phase out this part of his life.

Jake hadn't seen Leah in over a month, and he knew it was unfair to keep her wondering like this. It just wasn't right to do that to someone with whom he'd had so much history.

He remembered the first time he had seen her as an undergrad. An athlete, Leah was amazing in her skill and focus; to see her on the soccer field was like watching poetry in motion. Besides that, though, she was breathtaking: tall and slender, the body and face of a model, and a mouth like a sailor, a fact that turned Jake on in ways she could never understand.

Leah was a tough one.

Jake pursued her until she couldn't help but smile and concede to his persistence. Even at twenty years old, he knew what he wanted and was willing do almost anything to get it, and if that meant making the pursuit of the always elusive Leah Cleary his part-time job, then, well, that'd just have to be the case.

He still found the time, even after his exhaustion had set in from two-a-days and games, to work with his canvas and paint, making her the first of many pieces of artwork.

"Oh, Jake," she breathed, running her delicate fingers over the portrait of her dribbling a ball down the field, "this is amazing." She continued admiring the painting, closely reviewing the colors and stroke techniques.

"I... I always loved how focused you looked when you were playing," he began softly, tenderly. "It reminds me of how I get right before a game. I see the beauty in that, and I had to make this for you."

They had been together every moment since.

But now, even before he had gone deeper into this case, before the money and Bella, their relationship was struggling. It seemed that beyond his career, their life paths were forking in different directions. Leah had even toyed with the idea of moving back north to be closer to her family.

Not even an option for Jake.

He loved her, very much - marriage wasn't something he took lightly - so as soon as he and Bella began their relationship, he knew he couldn't go through with it. He couldn't know that he'd cheated on her with someone he loved more than her.

Outside of the infidelity, he knew that he didn't love Leah the way she needed to be loved, just like Leah didn't love him with the fervor required to carry them during a shitty situation like theirs through all the tough times they were experiencing and those that lie ahead.

They had had a fairly long engagement. He'd proposed just before he was assigned to the Cullen case nearly two years. He supposed that the fact that neither of them were particularly pressed to set the wedding date should have been an indicator of the state of their relationship.

But it was just too easy not to think of things in the real world for too long while deep in. Everything was fast-paced and sexy and exciting. He had struggled with that.

Was the Bella relationship just a fling, just something that he was doing, or rather something Eli was taking part in, not Jake?

But then he would look into those caramel eyes, and see so many of the things he was missing from his relationship with Leah. He would see Bella's quiet emotion and attachment to him, and he knew, even aside from the fact that she didn't know the true details of his real life, his Jake life, that she loved him down to the bone.

That was truth. He saw truth in her eyes, and she had already captured his soul, more than he had ever thought possible.

The problem was, of course, that he still loved Leah so much. If he hated her, or if things had been more volatile, this conversation would be light-years easier. Because of this, he'd hesitated several times, questioning his own judgment in making this decision.

Blinking back the tears already forming in his eyes, he held the number two button on his rarely-used personal cell phone, speed dialing her number.

"Jake, thank God," Leah exclaimed into the phone in lieu of formalities. "I was so worried!"

The days had gone increasingly slower since he had left, lonelier. Even though Jake insisted she not work, she was resolute on having a career and keeping the ability to take care of herself. So work helped keep her busy and kept the constant loop of possibilities of his fate - mostly negative - at bay. She talked with her older sister often, who had a detective husband, and was able to provide some, however small, insight on what could be happening with her Jake.

But those nights. Those nights alone, without a phone call, were the worst.

"Lee, how are you?" Jake glanced around nervously and heard his own heartbeat accelerate with anxiety. He really didn't want to have to do this. Remembering Bella, he found the strength though; she was his future.

"Horrible. I haven't heard from my fiancé in two weeks, and the last thing he told me was that he had this big bust coming up and couldn't tell me anything. I thought you were dead!" Even the thought of such a thing made her heart break.

"I'm so, so sorry, Lee. I've been deep in and haven't been able to talk to you. It's just not safe."

The dead silence crawling its way over the phone was deafening. He had been on her mind and heart every second of the last month in a way he'd never been. It was maddening. She'd had the fateful conversation with her mother- a woman who loved Jake like her own- that brought her to this point. Chewing on the side of her perfectly pouted bottom lip, she shifted on her sofa and took a long sip of wine resting atop the coffee table.

"I can't... I just can't do this with you anymore," Leah replied, her voice barely above a whisper, thick with emotion.

"Wha-"Jake started, wondering what the hell she was getting at, running his hand through his hair nervously.

"Jay, I won't be here when you get back." The two were silent for a long moment, their hearts registering the thoughts they'd both been having over the past year. She was lonely. She ached to have someone give her the love she hadn't sufficiently received in so long.

She had thought about it more times than she'd be willing to admit- finding someone else while Jake was away. One of her co-workers at the firm, a young, handsome defense attorney, had had his eye on her for some time now and made no qualms about letting her know. They had gone out for drinks a couple times. Nothing big, but she found herself more and more attracted to him as time passed.

She couldn't have that. She couldn't make that decision while Jake was away doing God knows what with God knows who.

She wouldn't be that woman.

"Babe-" he began, not really knowing what else to say to her. Everything seemed weak and trite. They'd still arrive at the same point, the damage was already done. Again, he struggled with who he was and who this man, Eli, was within him. The duality of Jake Black.

"Don't, Jake," she sobbed out. "Don't make this any harder than it already is, please." Her heart was already ripping in two even having this conversation with him after more than seven years.

"Lee, baby, I love you so much. I do, and I know I've been a crap excuse for a fiancé..."

"Yes, you have, Jay," she began, the tears now streaming down her stunning brown face. "I love you so much, Jake. I do, but I can't do this with you anymore. I just don't have it in me." She was all cried out. The anger that ate her up inside for so long was gone.

He had made his decision, and it wasn't one of having a fiancé, a wife, or a family. Not now, not with her.

Jake was silent again for what seemed like an eternity and not nearly long enough, all rolled into one. His own tears were staining his face now, and he knew that he couldn't be selfish anymore with this woman, the woman he'd been with since college.

After a long moment of pause, he replied. "Okay. I don't want you to leave. Please, you stay at the house. I want you to. I'm almost done with this case, but I can stop by to get my things sometime this week," he barely choked after a long moment.

"Oh... okay," Leah managed through her defeated sobs, "I... Does tomorrow work for you?"

"Yeah... yeah. Tomorrow's fine, I... I love you. I need you to understand that."

"Okay..." Her waterfall of tears dampened the front of her blue t-shirt. Leah finally sighed, listening to Jake's breathing for a few coveted seconds, then reluctantly, her thumb made contact with the red end button of her cell. With no more energy, she layed her head against the sofa's armrest, and sunk into a dreamless sleep.

So lost in thought, he hadn't even noticed that he'd been holding the cell to his ear 15 minutes after she'd hung up. He glanced at the phone again, beginning to register what had just occurred, his face contorting in pain as a wave of sadness overtook him again and fresh streams of tears flowed down his face. Jake's heart ached, but he knew this had to be done.

He also knew that this short conversation with his now ex-fiancé wasn't the worst of it.

There would be more. More tears. More words. He was sure of it.

He glanced at the screen of his cell, and knew it was entirely too early to dial the numbers, but he needed to talk, fast realizing he couldn't handle this alone anymore.

"Hel...hello?" The gruff sleep-filled voice of Jake's closest friend announced with an edge of well-warranted irritation. He glanced, annoyed, at the red LCD numbers of his alarm clock reading 7:38.

"E, it's Jake."

"What the fuck...wait, what's wrong dude?" Embry Call sat up immediately in his bed. Then, understanding washing over him, he clicked on his bedside lamp roughly with the pull of its thin brass chain.

"Nothing... Well... I... I just broke up with Lee." Jake's friend had known each of them for longer than they'd been together; he had grown to love them like family. Though he knew this was coming, it still felt like a small death, like his brother and sister-in-law were parting ways.

Out of unspoken respect, he sat silently as Jake poured his soul to him for the next two hours about his fears for his life on a daily basis; about his struggle to maintain his Catholicism and feelings of unworthiness; about Bella and Edward and his mother and sisters; about his plans for the future and his hatred for his absentee father. Embry even found himself shedding a silent tear for his best friend, though he'd never admit his moment of emotional weakness.

After Jake's throat was raw and ached from sobs and speech, he found the embrace of sleep beginning to overtake his body. He'd somehow made it to his bed after pacing the length of his condo countless times that early morning. Embry knew his friend was exhausted and reluctantly prompted him to end the conversation and finally rest.

"Jake, it'll be fine. I promise it will," he said, glancing out the window of his Fort Lauderdale townhome. It was just before dawn, and the sun was beginning to peak above the skyline. "I'll give you a call tonight to see how it all went. Remember, she loves you and you love her. It's just... sometimes, that's not enough."

"Thanks E," Jake replied. And with that short two-syllable phrase, he encompassed all the gratitude he felt for his dear friend. After barely disconnecting the call, Jake's sunk into his down pillow, drawing him into a much-needed slumber.

He supposed he noticed the sun high in the sky causing its rays to beam into his room with unrelenting brightness before he'd ever heard it. Much sooner than he'd have liked, the jarring sound of Jake's shrill cell phone ringer abruptly awoke him from a surprisingly restful slumber. He had slept the morning and most of the afternoon away.

Blindly, he searched his hand around his side table for the phone. Patting various surfaces, not daring to lift his head from the depth of the pillow with eyes still closed in a sleepful daze, he found what he'd been seeking.

"Eli," Emmett commanded, his southern drawl making its introduction before he'd had the chance to finish his sentence.

"Em, what's up?"

"Meet me at the pier. You know the spot... about 30... on my way now." Click.


There was no conversation.

No cordial banter or question of what Jake had planned for the day. They didn't give a fuck that he hadn't had a decent night's sleep in a month. They never did.

They also didn't care that Jake really didn't feel like disposing of whatever fucked up shit Emmett had gotten himself into. So, he rolled himself out of his warm, comfortable bed, quickly showered and brushed his teeth, not bothering to shave, and made it out to his parking garage.

He'd take the Navigator this time.


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