I am Kagome Higurashi.

Well, Taisho actually. I have been using that as a family name for what, 10 years? And will continue to do so. That's for sure

There is actually no problem with that. Only that there is a great difference between 10 years ago and my present. That is…my husband.

Confusing right? Don't worry you are not alone with that confusion. I as well is still in a state of shock.

Well, not really. I've known about the rules for a long time now. Got you confused again there right? Haha.

Here's a kind of a summary.

Centuries ago, two beings were born.

The Celebrated one and the Unexpected one.

The Celebrated one was the one everyone was praying for. He was their salvation.

The Unexpected one was…unexpected! It was of little matter, everyone rejoiced. It was viewed as a double blessing.

They were the mirror image of each other. But you can tell them apart from their eyes. The first one has eyes of amazing gold while the other has brilliant emerald orbs.

Aside from the telling physical difference, the two were like the sun and the moon. They have completely different personalities.

Let us start with the Unexpected one. The love of my life. My husband.

He was the most loving and kind person that I ever met. And he was mine. We were college friends. We went to the same school, became best friends, and later on, lovers. He was well loved by everyone and I'm proud of it. We married just after college. Being with him was bliss until it all changed. Now, that is a story for another time.

Let's move forward.

The Celebrated one was cold. He always wore a mask of indifference. That or a bit of anger sometimes. Even if we're family, there were only a few times that I did see him. I once asked my husband why he was like that. He told me he will tell me one day. I guess that's impossible now. I guess that's all for a summary. I really don't know much about him.

And I am about to be the wife of this stranger. Sesshoumaru.