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summary: Megaman loves all of his friends. All of them. But, there is one navi he wants to get close to. That navi? Protoman.


Together, Maybe?

Megaman loved his friends. Every single one of them. While he may get agitated at them, he knew that the irritation wouldn't stay long. Roll was a sister and mother to him. She was always there to comfort him when he sad and always understood if he didn't want to talk about something. She fussed over him constantly and always made sure his vitals were up to par or she would go crazy and force him into sleep mode. Gutsman always made him laugh with his antics, managing to bring Megaman back from the brink of depression or rage. He was a loyal friend that, even though liked to challenge him at net battles he never won, was there to help Megaman in the blink of an eye despite his design. Glyde and Iceman and Aquaman didn't play with Megaman often, but when they did, they always had a blast. Glyde was dragged into situations he thought were wrong but always had fun despite his uptight nature. Iceman and Aquaman were always super excited to see Megaman and would play a variety of real and made-up games to keep his attention. Thunderman and Tomahawkman and Searchman came over even less than Glyde, Iceman, and Aquaman did because of the fact that they didn't live in ACDC Town. Tomahawkman was always easy to rile up, Thunderman had a serious yet fun disposition, and Searchman was all business so Megaman always came up with things that would interest the Sharo navi.

Yes. Megaman loved all of his friends. Every single one of them. Ever since they crossed paths, they've always kept in touch and stuck together no matter what. Megaman couldn't even really begin to try to imagine Roll, Gutsman, Glyde, Iceman, Aquaman, Tomahawkman, Thunderman, and Searchman out of his life.

However. There was one navi Megaman wished to get closer to. That navi was Protoman. Protoman was Megaman's opposite in, more or less, every way. Protoman was red while Megaman was blue. Long, silver hair to short, brown. A visor to sparkling emerald. Quiet, and of few words even when talking to sometimes an incessant rant or stutters and stumbles. Always focused to easily distracted. Marvelous at anything but awesomely beautiful in close combat to pretty good at anything but specializing in long range combat. Standoffish at best to outgoing at worst.

Megaman realized he had a lot of faults compared to Protoman. I mean, Protoman only belonged to Chaud Blaze, vice president of Blaze Corporations, the largest gaming company in the world while Megaman belonged to Lan Hikari, son of Dr. Hikari, head scientist at Sci-Labs and leading specialist in navis, who was famous also.

However, it was the fact that Protoman was always aloof and in control of his emotions and willing to delete a navi in the blink of an eye with not even a nanosecond of hesitation while Megaman's conscience and kindness always got in the way.

But Megaman was determined to change that. He was determined to crack Protoman's shell and see what was underneath. He was determined to make Protoman speak more than necessary, even if it was only to him. Yes. Megaman was very determined to get close to Protoman.

author's note: i hope you enjoyed this chapter. there will definitely be a second chapter (it's already in the works!). this was what i guess someone might call a prologue or a prelude, and that's basically what it is. this just kind of introduces why Megaman goes after Protoman and his feelings on his friends and that he is very, VERY determined (love that word) to get with Protoman. questions? comments? concerns? flames? if you have anything at all, please leave it in a review or pm me and i'll be happy to answer and respond to them. watch out for the next chapter guys!

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