Okay guys, this is my first attempt at slash. I wanna let you know however, that my story begins with the boys at the innocent young age of 13. I read a lot of fics that talk about how they had been best friends before becoming more but I wanna show the relationship between them. I will also say that I am a fan of movies like Thirteen and Kids so my youngsters will be portrayed in a grittier manner. I'll do a few chapters of them as they grow up so you can see how their relationship progresses. Let me know what you think and I hope you guys enjoy!

BTW-this is an all human fic and I will alternate between Jasper and Edward's POV.

Song Playlist: Creep by Radiohead, Use Somebody by Kings of Leon, and In the City by Kevin Rudolf

Edward's POV

I looked into the bathroom mirror and took in the image in front of me. Dull, lifeless green eyes showcased by dark purple bags underneath…messy, weird bronze hair that had a mind of its own…pale, fragile skin that hasn't seen much daylight in its 13 years on this earth. A plain, dull, weird, skinny 13 year old boy looked back at me from the mirror in disgust.

Truth be known, I was fine with my current situation…it was everyone else who seemed to worry about me. Reclusive…introverted…socially awkward… loser…weirdo…all good adjectives that have been used to describe me at one time or another. Doctors called it Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome…my peers had many different names for it.

My poor parents…they tried so hard to help me. I know that when they adopted me 5 years ago, they had thought they could fix me. They thought that I could be that picture perfect son for them…I hated that I was such a disappointment. They never told me that, of course. Carlisle and Esme Cullen were themselves, picture perfect. Dad was the head surgeon for the local Hospital in our town. My mother was an interior designer before they moved here to the dreary little town of Forks, Washington. She gave up her dreams and career to relocate to a nice "normal" small town for the sake of her messed up adopted son. They thought this small town would do me good but the last two years here have been nothing more than hell on earth for me.

I blended more easily into the background when we lived in Chicago. Here, I stuck out like a sore thumb. It started out as simple teasing and taunting but quickly grew into physical taunts and bullying. Now the kids just pretty much pretended I didn't exist and I preferred it that way.

It was the first day of summer vacation before middle school began. I decided to go to the kitchen to get an apple when I heard my mom's sobs. I walked by my father's study and saw that it had been left open a crack. I knew I shouldn't eaves drop but I heard my mother cry, "What are we going to do, Carlisle? We've lived here for two years and he doesn't have a single friend. His birthday is in a week and I don't know one single person to invite. The school is worried about him. They want to send him to a special school…"

I heard my dad sigh, "I don't know, darling. If things don't improve this summer then we'll have to look into a special school or some sort of mental treatment facility."

My breath caught in my throat…I don't want to leave…I like Carlisle and Esme, they have always been good to me…

I slowly backed away from the door and soon found myself locked in the bathroom staring into the mirror.

What the hell is wrong with me? Why can't I just fit in?

I opened the doors underneath the sink and felt around to find the razor blade that I had taped to the inside of it.

Just one small cut will help it feel better…

I slumped against the door and pulled up the sleeve of my long sleeved t-shirt. I looked at the faint scars and scratches and shuddered at the look of it.

I am such a monster…no wonder everyone thinks I'm a freak…

I dragged the tip of the razor just slightly against my arm as I felt that familiar pain that caused my immediate relief. I lay there for a few minutes as a thin line of blood trails down my arm. After a few minutes, I cleaned the razor blade and stuck it back where I got it. I cleaned up my arm and pulled my sleeve back down.

I walked out of the bathroom determined to try and ease my parents mind. I went to my dad's office and knocked. "Come in, son."

I stuck my head in and smiled as best I could, "Um…I was thinking I might go down to the park and see if there are any kids there."

The smile on my mom's face was enough for me to push the misery away and actually force myself to go outside. It's not that I had anything against being outside…I just didn't see the point.

"Okay, honey. Be back in time for dinner…um, feel free to bring a friend by for dinner too if you want."

I smiled, "Sure, mom."

I backed out and trudged downstairs. Great…I look like even more of a freak because I was wearing a long sleeved white t-shirt with a pair of basketball shorts in 85 degree weather. But I had to wear the long sleeves and it's not like anyone will actually speak to me anyway.

I walked out of my house and down the long drive. The sun was hot on my legs and face and I hated squinting from it. I walked down the street until I came to the small housing community. I took a deep breath and rounded the corner to the park.

I saw some of the boys I went to school with playing basketball.

I promised my mom I'd try…

I shoved my hands in my pocket and slowly walked by, not daring my eyes to leave the ground in front of me.

I walked by three times before I got the nerve to look up and speak to them.

Big mistake…the moment I looked up, I saw a basketball coming straight at my face. It hit me hard in the nose causing me to stumble and fall in front of everyone. The laughter that followed was even worse than the hit I took.

"What a fag! You can't come to our park, Cullen! Run along home and cry pussy boy!" Tyler, Eric, and Mike's laughter haunted me. Then I heard Bella, "Leave the kid alone…it's not his fault he's such a freak." More laughter.

I stood up, holding my nose that was now bleeding slightly, and I ran away.

I stopped crying in front of them last year. By then I was used to it and I wouldn't dare let them see me cry anymore. I ran off into the woods to do my crying. I wandered and cried until the tears had finally stopped coming.

When I noticed that the sun was high in the middle of the sky, I figured I better try and find my way home. I had no idea where I was. I kept walking until I finally saw some streets and houses peeking from the other side of the trees.

I stepped out of the woods and quickly found a sidewalk. I had no idea where I was but Forks was a small enough town that it shouldn't be too difficult to find my way home.

I walked for awhile and when I rounded a corner I saw him. He was the epitome of everything I wasn't. He looked to be about my age but his skin was tan and he had golden curls that hung loosely around his face. It was matted slightly from sweat as I watched him take a shot. The basketball went through the hoop with an impressive swoosh…great, he's good at sports too.

He was by himself in a driveway of an old house. He was using an old basketball hoop with not much netting left. He had on a plain white t shirt and sky blue basketball shorts. He was barefooted. I continued walking by him on the other side of the street. I was trying not to be weird and stare at him but I couldn't help it. He was what I would never be. Perfect and normal.

But as I sneaked a sideways glance I was met with the most perfect blue eyes I had ever seen. Even from across the street I could see the sky blue orbs shimmering. He smiled, "Wanna play some ball?" I noticed he had a southern twang to his voice and I quickly looked behind me because there was no way this kid was talking to me.

He laughed, "Yeah, I'm talkin to you, kid. The one with the cool hair."

That caught my attention and my eyes snapped back to him, "Um…me?"

He laughed again, "Yeah, you. Wanna play some ball?"

I slowly walked across the street feeling extremely anxious. It was obvious that this kid was new in town and didn't know about me yet. I'm sure as soon as he spoke to me for a minute, he would be making an excuse to go inside the house and away from me.

I ran a hand through my messy hair and studied the ground, "Um…I don't really know how to play, " I said quietly.

"I could teach ya, if ya want?" he ducked his head down and smiled, "What's so interesting about the ground?"

I raised my head and couldn't help but smile. His wide dimpled smile was infectious, "Okay I guess…you could teach me but I'm sure I won't be as good as you are."

He shrugged, "Hell man I use to suck at basketball. It just takes practice. Everybody sucks at first."

He held out his fist for me to bump…like I had seen so many of the other kids do.

"I'm Jasper."

I bumped his fist and said, "Edward."

He started laughing, "Shit, dude, we both have some old messed up names. I'm gonna call you Eddie or E. You can call me Jay."

He was making it kind of easy for me to smile. I was starting to feel somewhat comfortable talking to him.

He taught me the right way to dribble and how to shoot a free throw. He didn't make fun of me when I messed up or fell down. After a couple of hours we were sweating and laughing. "See dude, you're not that bad. A few more months and you'll be as good as me."

I laughed but didn't say anything. Then he looked up and said, "Eddie, I'm gonna go and make a sandwich or something. Want one?"

I looked at my watch and realized that I should be getting home for dinner.

"Um…I actually have to go home for dinner."

He sighed, "Oh…okay. Wanna come over tomorrow?"

He actually wants to hang out with me again…

I tried my best to look at him and not at the ground as I spoke but I was very nervous, "Do you want to have dinner at my house? My mom said it'd be okay if I brought home a friend."

Please say yes…don't make me feel stupid…

He threw the basketball in his front yard and slipped on his shoes, "Hell yeah, dude. A home cooked meal beats the hell out of a baloney sandwich."

He fell in step beside me as we started walking. Then I asked, "Um…Jay, don't you have to tell your parents where you're going?"

He started laughing, "Pfst…no. They don't give a shit where I go just as long as I don't bother them."

Then I realized that I still didn't know where I was. "Hey, um…what street is this?"

He looked at me funny, "You don't know what street you're on?"

I shook my head, "No…I came from the woods. I was just kind of wandering around."

He smiled, "Oh, well we're at the corner of 1st and Adams St."

I nodded in relief, "Okay, good. Let's go this way then."

We continued walking and talking…well he talked mostly and I listened. I went the long route so that I could avoid running into kids that knew me. I had a good thing going and I wasn't ready to give up my new friend quite yet.

I found out that he just moved up here from Texas with his mom and her boyfriend. His dad was a Marine and he only saw him once or twice a year. He was an only child, like me.

When we started walking up my driveway he stopped and gasped, "Shit, dude! You live here?"

I just nodded and he looked around in awe. We walked up the steps and I opened the door and showed him in. He looked around and whispered, "Jesus, Eddie, this place is a freakin mansion."

I just smiled and quietly said, "Um…I guess I should introduce you?" It came out as a question because my nerves were so bad.

This is a bad idea…this is your house…your domain and he's going to find out too much about you and run away…

He laughed, "You're awfully twitchy, Edward. Calm down, dude. It's just dinner."

He put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. It relaxed me immediately and I just shook my head and smiled, "Come on, I'll introduce you."

He followed me into the kitchen. My mom was standing there cutting up vegetables. She didn't look up from cutting when she said, "Hey honey, how did things go today?"

I cleared my throat and she looked up, "Oh!"

Well the excited grin spread across her face couldn't make it any more evident of what a loser I am…look how excited she is that I brought a kid home…

"Um…mom, this is Jasper. You said I could have someone over for dinner, right?"

She smiled and quickly washed her hands, "Of course, baby."

Baby…gee, thanks mom.

Jasper gave me a sideways smirk. And my mom smiled, "It's so nice to meet you, Jasper. How do you and Edward know each other?"

Yep…this was a bad idea…

I could feel my face turning red and once again, he placed his hand on my shoulder and I started calming down. He smiled at my mom, "We met today. He was walking by my house and I asked him to play basketball with me."

She looked shock, "Edward, you played basketball?"


Jasper laughed, "Yeah, he's pretty good, Mrs. …" he trailed off and my mom said, "Cullen, dear. But you can call me Esme."

Jasper smiled, "I'll never remember that…can I just call you Mrs. C?"

She laughed, obviously smitten by him, "That would be fine, dear. Now you boys go get cleaned up. Edward, your dad will be here in about twenty minutes and we'll start dinner then."

I nodded and quickly left the kitchen with Jasper following behind. Once we got in the hallway I turned and muttered, "Sorry, my mom's a little…

He smiled, "Dude, your mom's the shit! She seems to really love you and she cooks…your mom rocks, dude."

He says dude a lot…it's kinda cute…

Then he tugged on my elbow when I turned away from him. I turned back around and his baby blue eyes were penetrating mine, "Hey, Eddie? You need to change your shirt…you've got blood on it."

Shit! My nose and my stupid arm…he probably thinks I'm a freak!

"Uh…I…" I stammered as my heart began to beat wildly.

He smiled, "C'mon, let's go to your room."

I turned away and led him up the stairs to my room. I gulped nervously before I opened the door. I walked in and he followed me.

"Damn, Eddie! Your room is the size of my whole house!" he looked around and immediately walked over to my CD collection, "Man, you've got a lot of music. I love music…it's my biggest passion. I play the guitar a little bit… "

Then he turned and smiled at my piano, "Piano, huh? That's cool, you can play for me sometime and I'll play for you."

I grabbed another long sleeve shirt and stepped inside my bathroom. I looked at the boy in the mirror and saw that he got a little sun today. I quickly changed my shirt and walked back out to my room. Jasper was lying on my bed. He was on his back and his hands were folded behind his head. His eyes were closed but he must've heard me because he said, "This is the most comfortable bed I have ever laid on. You're really lucky, Edward."

I just stood there frozen as I watched him. He was just so naturally confident and sure of himself…of course, if I was like him, I would be to.

He leaned up on his elbows and asked, "Can I use your bathroom so I can clean up my hands?"

I nodded but still seemed unable to speak. As he started to walk by me, he put his hands on my shoulders and spoke quietly, "Edward? Whenever you're ready to talk…I'll listen. But please don't feel like you have to talk." Then he dropped his hands and grinned, "I can talk enough for the both of us."

I laughed quietly as he walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

A few minutes later my mom called us for dinner. We sat around the table with Jasper sitting across from me.

My dad walked in and held his hand out to Jasper, "It's good to meet you, Jasper. I'm Edward's dad, Carlisle…but you can call me Mr. C. if that's easier," he said with a laugh. Jasper grinned and took his hand and gave it a shake, "It's good to meet you, Mr. C. Thanks for having me to dinner."

Mom had made salad, lasagna, and cheesy garlic bread. We ate and talked as Jasper dazzled my parents with stories of his childhood in Texas. He had lived on a farm with his grandma until he was 6...that's when his mom and new boyfriend showed up. He said they had moved quite a lot over the past few years but he was hoping that they'd stay put here for a little while. He talked about how he use to help his grandma with the animals just so he'd have an excuse to play with them. He loved to ride horses. We all hung on his every word and he was so charismatic and funny that you couldn't help but be completely charmed by him. His blue eyes sparkled as he spoke.

The sound of thunder pulled my mother's attention away from the dinner table. She went to the window and pulled back the blinds, "Oh honey, there's a nasty storm outside. I think we should drive you home."

He smiled a weak smile and spoke softly, "Yes, ma'am."

Lightening crashed outside and the house shook as all the lights flickered once…twice…and then darkness. Everyone was eerily quiet and then my dad spoke out through the darkness, "Hmmm…maybe we should just call his mother and see if he can stay the night. That is, if you'd like to stay, son."

I could see Jasper's wide grin even in the darkness, "Yeah I'd love too, Mr. C. If it's okay with Eddie?"

I smiled at him…even though it made me nervous as hell to have him stay the night…I didn't want him to stop being so happy. When he was happy, it sort of helped me be happy. "Yeah, Jay. That's cool."

My mom grabbed her cell phone as my dad excused himself to get some candles. "What's your phone number, honey?"

Jasper looked down at the ground and mumbled, "You really don't have to call her…she won't care if I stay."

My mom laughed, "Nonsense, Jasper. I have to call your mother."

He sighed and gave her the number. I watched as his head continued to hang low.

"Hello, Mrs. Whitlock? This is Esme, Edward's mom…"

"Edward is a friend of your son…Jasper…"

"No…I don't need to talk to him, he's here at my house eating dinner…no, I'm quite sure he's sitting here at my kitchen table…"

"Well with the storm outside, we wondered if he might be able to just stay the night tonight…ok, great…would you like to talk to him…hello?"

She flipped her phone shut and grabbed Jasper's hand, giving it a little squeeze, "Your mom was a little busy, dear but she said that you can stay."

Jasper managed a weak smile, "Thanks."

Dad brought some candles and mom got us all some ice cream and we ate. Jasper was a little quieter but still held a polite conversation with my parents. It turns out that he turned 13 last month so we would be starting school together. That thought delighted and terrified me all at the same time. I liked having Jasper around…at times I almost felt normal. I would laugh or smile and not worry to death about it. So the thought of going to school with him and him seeing what a freak I was, was a very terrifying notion.

After we ate, we carried our dishes to the sink and my mom spoke, "Why don't you boys go get ready for bed and your dad and I will see if we can get the lights fixed. Here take some candles with you and please be careful."

Then she smiled at Jasper and said, "You can borrow some of Edward's clothes to wear tonight, dear and he can get you a new toothbrush from the cupboard. If you need anything at all, just let one of us know. Make yourself at home, Jasper."

He grinned again and I swear he blushed, "Okay, thanks Mrs. C."

We made our way upstairs and to my room. We went inside and set the candles down on my nightstand and dresser. I dug out some pajama pants and t shirts for the both of us…mine was long sleeved. I got him a toothbrush and towel. He took a candle with him to the bathroom. He quickly showered and brushed his teeth.

When he came out of the bathroom I went in and quickly showered and brushed my teeth. When I came out of the bathroom, he was in my bed curled up on his side. His eyes were wide open as I watched him watch the thunderstorm outside. I walked to the bed and grabbed a pillow, "I…um…I'll sleep on my couch…" I pointed to the couch by the window and he laughed as he threw the blanket back, "Dude, it's a king size bed…get in."

So I slowly slid under the blanket, facing away from him. I closed my eyes and silently prayed…

Dear God please don't let me screw this up…don't let me have a nightmare tonight…

"Hey Edward," Jasper whispered. "Um…yeah?" I whispered back.

He laughed quietly, "Dude, turn around so I don't have to talk to your back."

I slowly flipped over to my other side and saw him staring intently at me with clear blue eyes.

"Tell me about yourself, Eddie. You know my whole life story and all I know about you is that you have the coolest parents ever, you live in a freakin mansion, and you like music."

Oh God…I don't know what to say…he's going to think I'm retarded…say something already…

"Uh…well, um…I…" I stammered and I could feel my heart begin to race and my palms became sweaty. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack.

He leaned up on one elbow and put his hand on my shoulder, "Dude, calm down," he spoke quietly. Once again, this simple act seemed to help me settle down as I started taking deep breaths.

He sighed with a look of concern on his face, "Okay I got an idea, I'll ask you simple questions and you tell me the answer. If you don't wanna answer something, just say 'next'. Cool?"

I nodded and laid my head back down. He smiled, "Have you lived in this town your whole life?"

I shook my head.

"Okay, where else have you lived?"

I looked up at the ceiling, "Um…Chicago until I was 10."

He nodded, "Favorite color?"

I looked at him and smiled, "Blue. What's yours?"

He smiled back at me, "Green. Favorite candy?"

"Um…skittles. What's yours?"

He answered quickly, "M&M's."

The night continued much like this. He'd ask a question and sometimes I would ask one back. We found out each other's favorite movies, bands, and video games. As I became more comfortable, his questions grew more personal.

"Do you remember your birth parents?"

I shook my head and looked at the ceiling, "Um…not really. I can remember voices and smells and sounds but I can't picture their faces."

He was leaning on his elbow on his side staring at me, "So Mr. and Mrs. C. adopted you when you were 8...so where were you from the time in between your birth parents and your adopted ones?"

I shook my head, "Next."

He let out a small sigh and then spoke again, "Why were you crying today before I met you?"

I looked over at him in surprise. He had never mentioned it so I thought he hadn't noticed. "Next."

He let out an exasperated sigh and ran his hand through his blonde curls, "C'mon, dude. It might make you feel better to talk about it. Maybe it's something I can help you with…"

I closed my eyes and shook my head again, "Next."

He sat up and faced me sitting Indian style on the bed. He reached over, grabbed my arm and before I could react he yanked my sleeve up. I tried to struggle and break free but his grip tightened and he spoke over and over again in a whisper, "It's okay, Edward…calm down, everything's okay…"

After a minute of struggling, I lost it and began sobbing like a damn baby. He let go of my arm and I quickly yanked my sleeve down and wrapped my arms around myself. I felt the bed shift as he stood up and went to the bathroom.

A minute later he came back with a glass of water and a wet washcloth. He sat back down on the bed and sat the water on the nightstand. Then he handed me the washcloth so I could wipe my face off.

After a few minutes, I started to calm down. I looked up at him expecting the worst. I was pretty sure that after tonight, he would never want to talk to me again…except maybe to make fun of me.

Instead I was met with tortured blue eyes that glistened from tears that threatened to fall. He took a breath and said, "Why do you do that to yourself?"

I just shook my head, unable to say anything. He ran his hand through his hair and then threw his shirt over his head and to the ground.

I gasped as I saw his chest was covered in scars. He began pointing each one out and telling me how he had got them. My tears still fell but his never did. He had been given some of them when was one his mom's boyfriend's got mad and threw him against a china cabinet causing it to fall and the glass to shatter all over him. Another scar was when he asked his mom for something to drink and she launched a coffee mug at him so hard that it broke. He got burned from the coffee but that has since healed. He had been 7 at the time.

Most of them were from various boyfriend's of his mother's. He said that's why they moved a lot…either his mom would find a new man to run off with or the school's would start to ask questions and she would get scared and leave town. His mom had basically kidnapped him from his grandma when he was six. She snuck into his room in the middle of the night and carried him from his bed to some man's car that was waiting outside. He never saw his grandma again but his mom told him that she had died a couple of years ago.

Once he was done with his story, he gently took my arm and pushed up the sleeve again, "So now are you gonna tell me why you did this to yourself?"

He had just trusted me with the most private details of his life…I felt like I had to share mine with him.

I sighed, "It helps to…relieve the pressure, I guess. I'm always so nervous and…I'm always just freaking out about stuff. When I do this…it helps take away my focus from whatever's going on in my head."

"What happened with your parents? Why were you adopted?"

I ran my hand through my hair and flopped backwards onto my pillow. I shut my eyes and took a deep breath, "Um…I don't really remember much about them. I remember being scared and I wasn't ever allowed to speak. They were horribly abusive, from what I've been told but I really only remember our last night together. My dad was messed up in the head and my mom was too scared of him to leave. He…um…one night he was having some schizo episode and thought my mom was trying to leave him…so he grabbed a kitchen knife and…he slaughtered her in front of me. He looked over at me and said that he was the devil and he was taking us both to hell with him. He threw me in the trunk of his car and drove me to the woods. When we got there, he beat the shit out of me. Then his mood switched and he started holding me and rubbing my hair, telling me how much he loved me. He wanted to show me how much he loved me…"

I shuddered at the memory of whiskey laced breath on my neck and manic ramblings of love followed by mind numbing pain.

Jasper's eyes shut and I saw a few tears slide down his cheek.

"I blacked out shortly after that but I was told that some hunters found us and saw what he was doing…they shot him. I don't remember all of the details of everything that followed but I went to a children's home and began intense counseling, treatments…that was after I got out of the hospital. Anyway, it was really hard because I barely knew how to speak. I stayed there for almost three years until Carlisle and Esme adopted me. Countless couples had been interested in me until they learned of my past…then they realized I was too damaged and they didn't want that kind of problem."

He looked up into my eyes and sniffled, "Is that why you were crying today?"

At this point I might as well tell him everything…

I shook my head, "No…um…you see, the story made the papers all over the country. And soon, the kids at school had found out and they started messing with me. Carlisle and Esme moved us here to get away from the bullying but things are even worse for me here. The kids tease me about being adopted…and they learned about my past. Some of the kids are relentless. I have no friends…everybody hates me. They think I'm a freak. Today I was trying to make my mom happy because I overhead them talking about how the school is starting to worry about my anti-social behavior. I don't want to go to another hospital or treatment center. So I went to the park and a couple of the boys hit me in the face with a basketball and started calling me names in front of everyone. That's when I went into the woods and stumbled across you."

Jasper put his shirt back on and he reached across the bed and pulled me into a hug. I was stiff at first but soon felt completely relaxed and safe.

He pulled away and I could see the blue in his eyes darken. He said, "Edward, everyone is fucked up…it's just that some people are better at hiding it than others. I've been in ten different schools in the last six years and the first four were horrible. By the fifth, I had found ways to change my image…make people think that there's nothing wrong with me. My mom says I'm a master bullshitter. I think it's more of a survival mechanism. By the 7th school, I knew how to easily manipulate everyone around me. I'm gonna help you, Edward. I'm gonna teach you how to hide it. By the end of the summer, you're gonna be the coolest kid in this stupid little town."

I furrowed my brows, "Why would you do that?"

He frowned, "Well, like I said, Eddie, I can show you how to appear to fit in but I can't actually make you fit in…it will be an act. And I don't know about you…but it would be really nice to have one friend that I didn't have to pretend around. Someone who actually knows the real me."

I couldn't help the grin that spread across my face, "You really want to be friends with me?"

He smiled with that wide grin, "Yeah. Best friends, dude. Now, first things first. Tomorrow we're gonna go to the park and you're gonna point out the assholes that messed with you today. Then I'm gonna show you how we handle jerks like that in Texas…"

I got worried, "Jay, there's usually three of them and I don't know how to fight."

He laughed, "Dude, trust me. You don't have to be the strongest or fastest to win a fight…you just have to be the smartest. My Marine daddy taught me good. Don't worry, Eddie, things are gonna start getting a whole lot better for you. I promise."

And something in his smile convinced me that he was telling the truth.

We talked for a little while longer before falling asleep. I slept like a baby.

The next morning I woke up first but when I got out of the bed, he started stirring. We went down and ate breakfast and he kept complimenting my mom on her cooking. He sure did know how to manipulate people because he had her eating out of the palm of his hand.

After breakfast we went upstairs to get dressed. I told him he could borrow some clothes and he started going through my closet. He was much pickier about his clothes than me. Finally he pulled out a baby blue polo and said, "How much do you like this shirt?"

I shrugged, "I've only worn it once. Why?"

He threw off his t shirt and pulled on the polo, "Because it's probably gonna get messed up today."

I looked over at him, "Then why don't you just wear a t shirt or something?"

He laughed, "Because you always gotta look good, Edward. I want all eyes on me when I whoop them boys asses." He pulled out a green button up shirt and threw it at me, "Here, put this on."

I pulled a white long sleeved t-shirt on and left the green shirt unbuttoned. I threw on a pair of jeans and thanked God that it was a little overcast and cool today.

Jasper had pulled on some jean shorts. We both walked in the bathroom and brushed our hair.

Then we told my mom that we were going to go to the park and she was beyond happy.

When I closed the front door behind me he asked me if we had a basketball. I found one in the garage that had never been used. We started walking to the park and he was having me practice dribbling.

He started walking backwards in front of me, "Look at me, Eddie. The ground ain't gonna disappear when you're not looking."

I lifted my eyes and tried to focus on him as I continued dribbling. He smiled, "See? You're doing great, dude. You gotta quit staring at the ground all the time. You've got amazing eyes, Edward…you need to use them to your advantage."

I just laughed and we kept walking. Once we rounded the corner, he was standing next to me again. I heard Mike yell out, "Hey look! Cullen's got a new boyfriend!" Then laughter.

Jasper looked at me, "Those three?"

I nodded and he said, "Alright, give me the basketball."

I gave him the ball and he tucked it under his arm as he started walking over to them. Tyler, Mike, and Eric stood in the middle of the basketball court now and everyone's heads turned as Jasper walked up. As he was walking Tyler yelled, "Aww…he's coming to defend his…" And then Jasper launched the ball at his face.

It smacked him hard and sent him to the ground. While Mike and Eric looked at their friend in shock…everyone started chanting "Fight! Fight!"

Jasper quickly leapt across the remaining distance between him and the other two and landed a sucker punch to Eric's jaw, sending him to the ground. Mike threw a wild punch at him, which he easily dodged to the left and then came back with a left hook.

The three boys lay on the ground bleeding and everyone around us was in awe. Jasper bent down over Mike and grabbed him by the shirt. He growled, "If you or any of your little pussy friends ever so much as think about fucking with me or Edward again…I'm coming after you. If you or your friends get your older brothers to come after me or you get a wild hair up your ass and decide to jump me…I'm coming after you. So you better keep your friend's in check or it's your ass. If you think you got balls enough…then fuckin test me and find out that I mean every word I say. Do you understand me?"

Mike nodded as fresh tears went down his cheek. Jasper smirked and grabbed my basketball. He bent over and used Tyler's shirt to wipe the blood off then stood up and walked over to me, "C'mon, Eddie."

The girls around us were giggling and whispering. As we started to walk away, Lauren called out, "Hey…what's your name?"

Jasper handed me the ball and whispered, "Watch and learn…"

He turned around with a grin on his face as we walked over to her. He reached up and ran his finger down her jaw and drawled out, "Well, pretty girl, you wanna know my name? Guess."

She bit her lip, "Guess? But…"

He shrugged and turned away, "If you don't wanna know who I am enough to guess…"

She shouted, "Wait! Um…uh…David?"

He smirked, "Sorry darlin. You can try again tomorrow if you want."

Then he turned and walked away. Once he reached me, we started walking and I whispered, "Jay! Those girls wanted to talk to you…why didn't you…"

He put his arm around my shoulder and whispered in my ear, "Always leave them wanting more, dude."

As I heard the whispers and giggling as we walked away, I knew without a doubt that Jasper was right when he said that things were going to get a whole lot better for me.