VI Rescue Unit
by VeekaIzhanez

This is my first fics of Transformers ROTF. And it based from my dream two weeks ago for 4 days. VeekaIzhanez myself as Sam in this story..

AUTOBOTS: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Mudflap, Skids, Sideswipe, Arcee, Wheelie,
HUMANS: Sam, Mikaela, Leo, Simmons,
MY OC: Captain Nadera, Captain Madrisa, Rauzi, Micci, Zaen, Kadda, Prof. Annahita, Dr. Dyclipline. Dovvatrion, Axoderon.

Admitter: English is my second language and I have a Beta and I got a highest marks in English so don't tell me that my English is very bad, okay?

Whatever, Enjoy!

At one unknown island at the Pasific region, there is one ship arrive there, and the door is open. Then, a few jeeps are moving out from that ship, rolling to the forest of the island. Then, three jeeps stop at the end of the road, all tourists are walking out from the vehicle also the captain of that ship. Captain Nadera.
"Okay, based from the map..." said Captain Nadera. "We're arrive at the one waterfall and it is the entrance door of one cave inside,"
"Amazing!" said the first tourist.
"I can't wait to see the beauty of the cave," said the second tourist.
"And we need to across the river if we want to go there,"
All of them are walking across the river by stepping each floating rock there and walking carefully. Suddenly....
"Hey, what's that?" asked the third tourist, shocked.
They're see one big wave will hitting them....
SPLASH! That wave had take them away from the supposed path and they're drown.
"What's going on?" asked the third tourist.
"We'll get drown!"
Captain Nadera is screaming for help...but no one hears it. Finally, all of them are disppeared in a water....

Meanwhile, Captain Nadera's daughter, Zaen is playing with her hair, looking over the blue sea. She heard of her father's screaming thus she looking over the forest and running over there.
"Daddy!!" screamed Zaen. She is running there to rescue her father. But...
She looking over the sea. The ship that they're taken before is taken away to the sea slowly thus she is running after it but she failed, falling on the sand.
"No!!! It couldn't be!!!"
She is looking over the forest again, she thinks her father is dead.

Hour 1330, At one college...
Sam is intently reading one book. The book about seas. Leo is teasing him.
"Hey, bro!" said Leo. "What are you reading? Are you supposed to read the other one?" He is holding one book of astronomy.
"I don't have much time," said Sam. "I've got one project that I need to solve one week from now."
"The project of what?"
"I got the project with the themes of 'how the astronomy is related with the marines',"
"Oh... I see... But why don't you asking our friends for help?"
"Who do you mentioned for?"
Leo is pulling Sam's hand and drag him out from the library. There is one yellow-black Camaro car arrive there.
"Bumblebee, what are you doing here? I don't much time to..." said Sam.
"We're don't have much time, bro!" Leo is pushing him into the car, following with himself. The car is lefting the college into one place located 5 kilometre from the college.

At one place....
The car is arrive there. Sam and Leo are moving out from the car. All the Autobots (Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, Mudflap, Skids, Sideswipe, Arcee, Wheelie,) are waiting for them for an hour. Not forget Mikaela and Simmons.
"Why are we standing there?" asked Sam.
"Hello, Sam We have one important task to solve for," said Optimus Prime.
"About what? Any the rest of AllSpark lefted somewhere?"
"No..but more than that...."
"Like what?" asked Leo.
"See, they're curious," said Mudflap.
"Now, they're want to know before us," said Skids.
"But why are they want to know what are our task?"
"Okay, okay, can you keep quiet?" asked Sam. All of them mute for a while.
"Actually, what are our task that we need to solve?" asked Mikaela.
"We let him talk first," said Sam.
Then, Simmons is take out one map and a piece of newspaper that written of the missing tourist at one island at Pasific region.
"Listen here. Actually, our task are rescuing a group of tourists which they're lost there since 48 hours ago," said Simmons.
"Wait the minute! If our task are rescuing missing tourists, why are you involved?" asked Leo.
"Actually, kid. At that island. There is one Transformers live there and I think it will 'eat' that tourists,"
"Wait! You've read the newspaper of a group of tourists disappeared in one island at the Pasific region and you want us to rescue them?" asked Sam.
"At least..." said Simmons.
"Oh, no! I think they'll in big trouble. We need to save them," said Mikaela.
"We need to rescue them," said Sam.
"You're right, Sam. Humans are creatures that they want to stay alive and stay away from being harmed," said Optimus Prime.
"Maybe we need to think twice before we do this," said Ironhide.
"But it's looking nice, right?" asked Wheelie.
"Maybe..." said Ratchet.
"Maybe we'll facing the challenging life then," said Mikaela.
"Is it interesting?' asked Sideswipe.
"Of course yes, why not?" said Arcee.
"But where is that place that you mentioned?" asked Sam.
"It located 540 kilometre from west United States," said Simmons.
"If you say like that, we can start our journey tomorrow," said Optimus Prime.
"Okay, robots. I'll call the ship department to rent one ship that specialised for us to go there,"

At the next day, at one jetty.
All the Autobots with vehicle mode arrive there, transforming into the robot mode. All humans are walking there and they're see one ship nearby.
"I think we can go to the island with that ship," said Bumblebee, laying his finger toward one white ship.
"Best looking, Bumblebee. We can go to the island with that ship," said Optimus Prime.
"How much longn we need to arrive to the island?" asked Sam.
"Maybe 5-7 hours," said Simmons.
"How long that time! How are we can survive?" asked Leo.
"Don't talking too much, kid or something will happen to you,"
"Okay, I'm decide for not going there,"
"Okay, you can stay here and waiting for us until we're finishing the task," said Sam, then he and Mikaela are walking into the ship then Leo is running after them after he realised something.
The Autobots are transforming into the vehicle mode to move into that ship one by one and transforming into the robot mode after that. The ship is start to left the jetty.

A few hours later, the ship is on the way to the island. Sam and Leo are looking over Simmons which he is examinating something with his laptop.
"What are you doing?" asked Sam.
"Can you get yourself away from here? This result will be ruined if you inteferent my business," said Simmons.
"Okay..." Then, Sam is lefting the scene ,following by Leo.
"I want to ask you, how much long I want to take this?" asked Leo.
"Can you get yourself away from my mind?" scolded Sam, then he looked pale when he see something.
"Hey, pal! What was happen to you?"
Then, Mikaela is walking there, shocked of what does she see.
"Sam ,what are you looking for?" asked Mikaela. Sam is mutes for a while.
"Hey, what are you staring for, kid?" asked Simmons.
"Can you hear us?" asked Leo.
Then, Sam isheard of something.
"That dolphins! What does it mean!!" screamed Sam suddenly.
"What's wrong with you?" asked Leo.
"That dolphin....that mystery Transformers! It will take us to the island!!"
"So, where is that dolphins?" asked Simmons.
"It's gone,"
"Did you mean that you want to find that mystery Transformers that you mentioned?"
"Yeah, what else, kid?"
Sam mutes for a while. Then, he is lefting the scene, following by Leo.
"Hey, why are you sulked? You say you want to find the material for your task," said Leo.
"Can you not to tease my mind? I can't focus if I..' scolded Sam, then he feel of something.
"Hey, pal. What's wrong?" Leo is trying to make Sam realised but he still there....then he running toward Mikaela and telling her what was happen to Sam. They're running there and trying to wake Sam up. After that, the Autobots are rushing there and trying to wake him up. A few minutes later, Sam return to the normal.
"Hey, why are you looking over me?" asked Sam.

"I'm not lying! I saw one ship that mentioned as the tourist's ship which they're went and disappeared in that island, it moved from the north to the south...and it disappeared," Sam is telling them a story when he saw that ship that makes him mermerized.
"Can you explain us is that ship is related in our task?" asked Mikaela.
"Yeah,...that ship.....and I heard of one dolphin makes me stay there while I saw that ship,"
"Listen here, are you talking about the ship or the dolphin?" asked Simmons.
"I say, I saw the ship and I heard the dolphin sounding, jumped out and dived into the sea..."
"Maybe he got hallucination," said Mikaela.
"So, what are we gonna do now?" asked Leo.
"Maybe we need to get recharge if we want to keep ourselves allright," said Optimus Prime.
"Yeah, at least we heven't some bad dreams," said Mudflap.
"But if it fated, what are want to do?" said Skids.
Then, Bumblebee is walking toward Sam and...talking with the radio communication""
"I'm okay, Bee," said Sam. "Mikaela's right. Maybe I got a hallucination for keep my mind for solving the task. Maybe I'm supposed to follow you and the others , right, Bee?"
Bumblebee mutes for a while. The radio communication is disconnected.
That makes Sam thinking of something. Why am I feel like this? Does anything will happen to me?

At the third hour in the way to the island.
Sam is looking over the sea. Mikaela is walking toward him, tapping his shoulder to notice him.
"Have you get the mind away from yours?" asked Mikaela.
"Maybe yes, maybe not..." said Sam. "I don't know how am I want to tell you that something will happen to me. Since I got the task and following you here, I feel that I'll get something. Like previously, I saw the ship and heard of one dolphin's sound. But anyone don't trust me,"
"But I trust you, Sam,"
"But I want to ask you, how do you can see that ship?"
"I don't know,"
"But I know a bit," said Optimus Prime.
"You know it? Tell me what is that?" said Sam.
"Actually, there is something that we need to face on....but you need to get calm after we arrive there,"
"What do you mean, Optimus? I don't understand,"
"Hey, pallas! Look there and check this out!!" Leo is running over them and they're staring over the sea, they're see much dolphins are swimming. and some ships are sailing.
"What does it mean?" asked Mudflap.
"Maybe they want to welcome us here," said Skids.
"But I tell the truth,"
"Wait the minute! I feel something. It getting closer...and closer...." said Sam, closing his eyes and thinking of something.
"What are you..." said Leo.
"Look out! There is one creatures will hit us. We need to back to the ship!"
All of the Autobots and humans are running into the inner ship and keep themselves together.
"Can you tell me what's going on?" scolded Leo.
"You better not to run out there! Maybe..." said Simmons.
Leo is running out to the deck and he see something thus he running back to the inner ship and hugging Sam.
"Pal, you must help me. I saw there is one unknown monster is come over this ship and it will ruin it!"
Then, Optimus Prime and Ironhide are rushing out to the deck to attack that monster following Bumblebee and Ratchet. But....
"So, where is that monster?" asked Ironhide.
"Maybe something had tricked us," said Optimus Prime.
"What do you mean?" asked Ratchet.
Then, all the humans are rushing there.
"Where is that monster that you saw recently?" asked Mikaela.
"I saw, it was there. And now, it's gone," said Leo.
"Don't be too much ,kid. I know that you're just begging for mercy," said Simmons.
"But I doesn't mean like that!"
"We should not to keep arguing like this," said Optimus Prime thus makes them stop fighting. "We need to know what does the thing that we saw,"
"I feel something!" said Sam.
"What do you see?" asked Sideswipe.
"There!!" Then, they're shocked when they're see one monster (like previous scene) appear from the sea and transforming into the robot mode and attacking the ship. It destroying some of the parts of that ship while the humans are running themselves and the Autobots are attacking it.
"Is it you called 'hallucination', kid?" asked Simmons.
"This time, it's a real," said Sam.
Then, Mikaela and Wheelie are rushing into the control panel of that ship and pressing one button that makes that ship moving faster. Finally, that ship is moving faster and lefting that monster away.

A few miles later....All of them are relieved as they haven't been disturbed by that monster....
"It seems our journey become more difficult as what we saw recently,' said Optimus Prime.
"Maybe we need to get out from here," said Leo.
"It's too late. We've been here for hours and far away from our place. We cannot turn back before we successfully arrive at that island," said Sam.
"But it doesn't mean, our ship need to get repaired," said Ironhide.
"Check all the equipment there. Maybe there is something that we need to do," said Optimus Prime, giving an order.
Then, they're see the sky is turning darker. Sam is looking over the map that Simmons bring there. He is checking over it and...
"I think we're not supposed to go to the island..." said Sam.
Then, there is one wierd phenomenon that makes them panic. They're don't know what will happen to them.
"Optimus, you know what is going on?" asked Sam.
"I think it not related with your 'sixth sense', Sam," said Optimus Prime.
The ship is inserting into one bright light in front of it.
"What is that light bring us to go?" asked Leo.
"Maybe we're been sucked into the parallel time," said Simmons.
The ship had been enter into that light, makes all of them closing their eyes and opticals and fainted. The light disappeared after the ship insert into that light.....

A few days later..
Sam is waking up slowly, he see the Autobots and his friends are still fainted. He looks dizzled, walking toward the deck and he see something....he shocked!
"Hey, that ship! I saw it!" screamed Sam, makes all of them are wake up. They're shocked after they're heard of his scream.
"Sam, that ship....Hey, that's a touist's ship that this paper mentioned!" screamed Leo.
"But...something will happen...." said Optimus Prime.

The tornado is arrive in front of them. The ship is failed to control and move to another direction. Thus it moving up following the flow of the tornado.
"What happen to us?" asked Ironhide.
"We got a big trouble. We need to rescue ourselves!" said Optimus Prime.
The ship is falling down to the sea. Mudflap, Skids and Wheelie are diving down to the sea and they're drowned. Sideswipe and Arcee are holding the deck to prevent from falling into the sea. Optimus Prime, Ratchet, Ironhide, and Leo are holding something themselves in inner ship. Sam is cannot control himself to move, rolling down to the sea, Simmons grabs his hand, and Sam is almost grabbing the map. But it torn into the half thus Sam will drown. But wait the minute! Bumblebee is rushing over him but he failed as the ship had been ruined into the half.
"SAM!!!" screamed Bumblebee, his hand is almost closer to him.
"BUMBLEBEE!!!" screamed Sam, he trying to grab his finger but he is sliding down to the sea and he'll falling down.
And suddenly, something had grabbing him.
"Mikaela, save me!!" screamed Sam.
The water flow become more faster. They're can't take of the saltness of the sea-water that makes them cannot open their eyes. The one half of that ship had been ruined and....

Sam is gone!!!
"SAM!!!" screamed Mikaela, she is crying.
The another half of that ship had been ruined. All of them are drown into the water. Nothing that can save them....

In the deep blue sea....
Sam is still drown...but he is still alive.....
I don't know what was happen to me. Previously, I saw the ship that mentioned as the ship that taken the tourist to one island in Pasific region before they're missing. I also heard one dolphin like talking to me that something will happen to me and the others. And everything was right! There was one monster then it transformed into the robot mode and attacked us. Luckily we're safe. Then, I felt that we'll inserted into the parallel time as Simmons said. And I don't know where am I...and they're disappeared after the tornado happen to least, I knew that that tornado had ruined the ship and seperated me from the others....

Then, something that taken Sam up and....