They exchange information and Marian leaves the pub. Nathan goes upstairs to meet with the team. He comes into the apartment and Eliot is cooking in the kitchen. Hardison is working on something on his computer. Parker and Sophie are out.

Nathan: "Hey guys."

Hardison: "Oh hey Nate. The girls just stepped out for a few. They'll be back shortly."

Nathan: "Good. I have a case for us."

He preps Hardison for the briefing while they wait for Sophie and Parker to return. About 15 minutes go by and they come back carrying groceries.

Sophie: "I got the stuff you wanted for that Chicken Parmesan your making."

She sets her bag on the empty counter and Parker sets hers on the other counter.

Eliot: "Thanks. I really appreciate you two going out to the store for me."

Parker: "It's not a problem. I like being your gopher girl."

She smiles at him and goes and sits on the couch next to Hardison and Nathan.

Parker: "What are you two up to?"

Nathan: "Well, I have a case for us. I was waiting for you two to get here so we could go over it."

Sophie: "Is that the case about the daughter whose mother is sick?"

Nathan: "Yes. Roll it, Hardison."

Hardison hits the little clicker.

Hardison: "Meet Esther and Marian Hobbs. Esther is 66 years old and suffers from diabetes. Marian has been taking care of Esther for the past 15 years. Esther has been a healthy lady all of her adult life. She hardly needed an aspirin for headache or anything. Then suddenly, out of the blue Esther was diagnosed with diabetes after an unexplained stroke causing her to go into full diabetes after recovery. The doctors never explained why she had the stroke. The doctors never diagnosed her with diabetes before or even told her she was at risk for it. She was in Dr. Luster's office not 24 hours prior to the stroke. Dr. Luster never saw anything wrong with Esther and she went home as usual. Later, her daughter found her in her bed contorting and her eyes were dilated. She was rushed to the hospital and kept for 3 days."

The slide show changes to Dr. Luster.

Hardison: "Meet Dr. Janeen Luster MD. She's been a licensed medial doctor for 35 years. She graduated head of her class from USC Medical School and has many degrees in medicine. She specializes in Diabetic patients and heart patients. Now, Dr. Luster was assigned as Esther's Primary Care Physician through Talbort Medical Group."

The slide changes to Talbort Medical Group.

Hardison: "Talbort Medical Group is a Primary Physician Care group. They are in charge of assigning doctors and hospitals to patients. The Insurance Company assigns patients to Talbort Medical Group. In this case, Blue Cross assigned Esther's case to Talbort Medical Group and they chose Dr. Luster as the best Primary Care Physician for Esther."

The slide changes to Blue Cross.

Hardison: "Blue Cross is a huge medical insurance network with thousands of patients who are covered through thousands of jobs. Nothing gets approved or denied without someone from Blue Cross seeing it first. They review your case and decide what medical group you go to and who your doctors are depending on what hospital they work at."

Eliot: "Am I the only one getting confused here? How is this our case?"

Nathan: "It's our case because Marian is at the end of her wits and I know a little about the medical insurance people screwing you over for money and getting no positive results."

Parker: "I'm glad we don't have medical insurance. All this doctor stuff is confusing."

Nathan: "So we need to steal a doctor's office."

Sophie: "Put this Dr. Luster out of business before she hurts another innocent family."

Nathan: "Exactly."